TMZ: Gabriel Aubry was ‘instigator’ of the fight, he has ‘ongoing anger issues’

Ugh. TMZ has yet another pro-Halle story/anti-Gabriel story this morning, based on statements from unnamed LAPD sources. While I don’t doubt that TMZ has many solid sources within the LAPD and the City Attorney’s Office, and while I don’t doubt that money changes hands for much of this information, I still think TMZ is tweaking the information. Like, TMZ is saying that for sure (!!) Gabriel started the fight with Olivier, and while I might be able to believe that, that piece of information is fluffed up to make it sound like Gabriel has “ongoing anger issues” and that Halle and Olivier are super-innocent victims.

The verdict is in as far as cops are concerned … Gabriel Aubry was clearly the instigator of the Thanksgiving Day brawl at Halle Berry’s house

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … detectives are now clear on what they believe happened — Gabriel committed two batteries on Olivier Martinez before Olivier lifted a finger to defend himself.

As TMZ first reported, as Gabriel deposited Nahla at Halle’s house Olivier walked out and said, “We have to talk.”

Based on interviewing the principles and witnesses, detectives have concluded Gabriel then pushed Olivier (battery #1) and swung at his face, making contact with his shoulder (battery #2).

Cops say at that point, Olivier responded in self defense with 3 quick punches to the face.

What’s more, law enforcement sources tell us they are “concerned” about what they believe are “Gabriel’s ongoing anger issues.”

As one law enforcement source put it, “It seems he’s still having a hard time getting over his break up with Halle.”

But here’s the good news for Gabriel — we’ve learned Halle and Olivier have both told detectives and prosecutors they do not want Gabriel charged with a crime because they do not believe it would be in Nahla’s best interests.

Law enforcement sources tell us the case will be set for an informal hearing at the city attorney’s office. The likely outcome is that Gabriel will agree to take anger management classes, although the hearing officer could decide to just drop the entire matter after hearing both sides.

[From TMZ]

There are several points I truly don’t understand. One, if this was REALLY what went down and the LAPD is super-concerned that Gabriel is a violent menace and that Olivier was merely defending himself, why did Halle’s lawyers negotiate with Gabriel and why did she end up giving in to Gabriel? And if Gabriel was so sure that HE was in the right and that he did nothing wrong, why didn’t he follow through and make sure his side got out in even greater detail? The truth is that all of the parties did something wrong, I think. And I’d also like to see someone (someone official) address the issue of Halle’s boxer-fiancé disrupting Nahla’s handoff. Isn’t it against the set-in-stone rules of “the handoff” for the mother’s lover to interject himself into the drama?

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  1. mimifarrow says:

    Not to downplay anger issues, but um, if I was GA I would probably be pretty pissed off too.

    • Jaxx says:

      No kidding. I’m a pretty laid back person but if someone tried to take my kid from me I’d have BIG anger issues too.

      Martinez had no business coming out there in the first place. He started it just by BEING there. And no way he had to beat on Gabriel like that to end things. No one will ever convince me he didn’t want to beat Gabriel to a pulp because he prevented them from going back to France. He wanted to, he did, and he’s not paying for it. California law enforcement is worthless.

    • Aileen says:

      This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about! This guy has anger issues. And despite what the LAPD found, he is still being empathized with. It’s like watching a lifetime movie where they guy dating the daughter is a creep, but no one refuses to believe it because he is “so nice”. Ugh! I’m not saying Halle is an innocent person, I don’t know. But I’m NOT going to back this explosive man just because he looks good in paparazzi photos with his daughter.

      No. It’s is not a set up. You can’t set up people like this. GA and Halle need help. She needs to stop picking crazy losers and he needs anger help. He also needs to get over Halle.

      The bias against women on this site needs to be called out and addressed. Every story with a man and a woman involved, paints the woman and the crazy aggressor and the man as the innocent victim. It is SO incredible gross and misogynistic. I mean, we even have facts based on the a police investigation and people are making up excuses. It’s like Beyonce’s pregnancy. She could have video of her vagina during birth and someone would say it is special effects. OMG people!!

      • emmie_a says:

        Aileen: He dumped Halle so I don’t think he has to get over her. And what proof do you have that GA is “explosive”?? And just because the LAPD (some of whom are employed by Halle) says something doesn’t make it true. Maybe read more than TMZ before forming your opinions.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Erm, you don’t have “facts based on a police investigation”. You have TMZ. There are no charges, the only police info leaked was from the officer at the scene at the very beginning, when Aubrey had a concussion and a broken rib and was unlikely to be saying much at all, Radaronline’s reports – which she has not challenged via TMZ, I note – say Berry agreed to pay all his legal and medical expenses plus drop all suits plus immediately reinstate his contact with his child (and photos show that to be true) and the only court decisions we know 100% for sure (you know – a court, where a judge has actually heard the full story from both sides, and a slew of experts, instead of relying on TMZ) on Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey have found in his favour every single time. He has 50% custody, her accusations were ruled groundless in order for him to be awarded that, and she was refused consent to move to France as that was not in Nahla’s best interests. You got that? A judge has repeatedly ruled that what Berry keeps asking for are things that are not in the best interests of her child. Classy.

        As for “this site always sides with the man!” tell that to Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods, Chris Brown, Jesse James and Charlie Sheen.

        Halle Berry’s actions regarding Nahla have been found, time and time again, to go against her best interests. The law has forced her to behave other than as she wishes, to protect Nahla. There is a HUGE amount of evidence that indicates Aubrey was jumped at that house, and that she is paying up and shutting up in civil court in recognition of that fact. You can say what you want, of course, but if TMA (aka “Halle Spin Central”) is your best source of supporting info, you really aren’t in a strong position, really.

        And no, I doubt Aubrey is a saint. I don’t think it matters if he is or not, as long as he isn’t an aggressive or actively unpleasant person – most people aren’t saints. I do think he is trying to remain in his child’s life. That’s laudable, in and of itself. I don’t really see how anyone can argue otherwise – actually they can’t, unless they point to spin Berry has planted in a friendly gossip site, and use that as a basis.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        It’s too early in the late afternoon for me to think about some lady crowning.

      • Jenna says:

        The cops said that Oliver quickly punched Gabriel 3 times in the face and that’s all. How does that even begin to explain his broken rib? Obviously Oliver kicked him while he was down, self defense my ass!

      • Ailine says:

        How do you know he dumped Halle? Did he ask you out afterwards? Gossip. That’s all it is. Doesn’t sound like dumped Halle if he’s pushing people in her driveway. Sounds like sour grapes.

      • manly says:

        truth from ur great grandma,if gabby start the fight……….vids are allover the net.

  2. GossipG says:

    HALE, COME ON girl….you won, why call the paps with these stories?You dont want them stalking you,you want to move because of them..But for this you call them up?Shame shame shame.

    • Belle says:

      Actually, I don’t think she won anything… thankfully.

      • MW says:

        This twisted TMZ story makes Halle think she won partially, and was justified. Which shows she has not reached anything close to an amicable resolution. So bullheadedly indignant. I also think Halle has paid Gabriel-hating posters posting on TMZ to try to sway the public into thinking the public is starting to side with her! The public is not buying this version of the story. They are still rabidly in favor of logic, and thus, GA. SHE STILL SCARES ME FOR GA.

  3. OhDear says:

    Open message to Halle Berry:

    Please, just stop. Drop this incident already (we all know that it was a set-up, no matter how vehemently you and Martinez deny it or how many tabloid stories you plant) and for the first time in your life, think about the best interests of your child.

    • V4Real says:

      It was a set-up no matter what TMZ reports. Olivier had not right to walk out the house after Gabe insisting that they talk. He’s not Nahla’s stepfather yet. Why didn’t he just let Gabe leave in peace.

      If Olivier was legit in wanting to talk to Gabe then perhaps he should have called him on the phone and made plans to meet on neutral ground(In a public place of course)away from Nahla.

      • Belle says:

        ^^^ This. Even if GA pushed Oliver and supposedly threw the first punch (don’t believe anything other than maybe he shoved Oliver when he got in his face… for all we know, he was trying to get back into his car), Oliver still instigated this whole thing BY BEING THERE!!

      • Liv says:

        I don’t believe it. Ridiculous story.

        IF Gabriel threw the first punch or pushed him, whatever – why had Olivier to beat him to a pulp? If he’s a trained boxer he could have defend himself by just one punch or no punch at all.

        IF Gabriel threw the first punch, Halle would have tried to get full custody, that’s for sure. She agreed to a settlement, that’s the biggest sign we get that it wasn’t Gabriel’s fault.

        It doesn’t make sense. People like Halle are so easy to see through. She suddenly opted for the settlement because it came out that it was her/Olivier’s fault.

      • KellyinSeattle says:

        Yep; and even if he was Nahla’s stepfather, he still had no right being in Gabriel’s face.
        Gave has ongoing anger issues; maybe, but look at his FACE! Olivier doesn’t?!

    • Alexis says:

      I’m Team Nahla. I think all three adults have issues, OM/HB more that GA.

      This being a “set-up” and GA having anger issues are not mutually exclusive. I don’t think it’s acceptable behavior to start swinging at or speaking aggressively to your ex’s bf because of his “mere presence.” People who do that have rage issues, point blank. GA couldn’t be set-up unless HB/OM could anticipate that he would snap.

      OM may have verbally instigated, but GA took the bait and retaliated, either verbally, physically, or (probably) both. The reason why OM and HB could have anticipated that GA would take the bait is because GA probably does have some anger issues. GA’s face does not prove that both men weren’t getting physical. It only proves that OM was the better fighter and went further than he needed to go.

      I still think GA is committed to being a good father and should definitely be in his daughter’s life, but I just don’t think it makes any sense to absolve him of any responsibility for the incident. The story doesn’t add up unless he has a temper.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        I don’t think it’s acceptable behavior to start swinging at or speaking aggressively to your ex’s bf because of his “mere presence.” People who do that have rage issues, point blank. GA couldn’t be set-up unless HB/OM could anticipate that he would snap.

        Yeah, if that’s what happened, I agree with you. I really don’t go with the idea that Aubrey had no option but to be violent simply because someone he hated said something he didn’t like, let alone that a woman can make two grown men fight (the latter really makes my eyes roll. Sexist as hell.) My main problem with the scenario is that Berry is plainly not telling the truth over those cameras. If Aubrey had begun this, they’d happily hand them over, because their position would be vindicated. It just isn’t believable that a woman afraid of stalkers would leave a huge blind spot in the main access point to her home – especially if she claims her ex is this scary, aggressive character, and he’s due to meet their child at that spot very regularly indeed, and she’s made claims he shoved her nanny before. Just doesn’t fly with me.

    • Turtle Dove says:


      Oh Dear is oh, so right.

      This whole situation stinks, and I’m glad that Kaiser isn’t falling for it. Go on any website and read the comments. Most people are on Gabriel’s side.

  4. stefni says:

    I guess we’re not going to even going to consider the possibility that Halle’s not a loon and Gabriel has real issues he needs to work on.

    Not as sexy as ‘Halle’s a vindictive crazo’ but the truth rarely ever is.

    • V4Real says:

      I’ve always said that Gabe’s hands are not clean but Halle is definetely a loon. Just go back and review all her other crazy antics.

      Just because TMZ reports that Gabe instigated the fight doesn’t mean it’s true.

      The article says that Olivier walked out the house after Gabe; why did Olivier interject himself into the handoff of that little girl. Why did he feel this pressing need to talk to Gabe? Perhaps Gabe does have anger issues and that’s what Oli was banking on. Oli most likely wanted Gabe to make the first move so he could cry it was self-defense.

      According to TMZ, Gabe pushed Oli and after the push he swung at him. Why didn’t Oli just walk away after the push; at that moment he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with the man. Oli knew what he was doing and he and Halle instigated the whole thing.

    • Joanna says:

      We’ve considered it and dismissed it, as there have been no confirmed incidents that indicate Gabe is anything but a loving father who wants to see his daughter. So it is a bit mystifying as to why a sane woman would not be happy to have her baby’s daddy in her baby’s life? esp since she did nothing but sing his praises the 4-5 years they were together. and also, did you hear of any incidents of violence by Gabe in the years they were together?

      • jaye says:

        First let me say that I DO believe that Halle has issues. But, it’s totally possible that while Gabriel IS a great dad, he MAY also have anger issues. To say that this incident was a set up is giving both Halle and Olivier too much credit. I don’t think either is that smart. Was it good judgement on Olivier’s part to confront a man who supposedly has anger issues and possible animosity stemming from his break up with the mother of his child? Nope. But for them to plan something like this with Nahla in such close proximity? I don’t know…I don’t believe even Halle Berry is that obtuse.

      • V4Real says:


        Halle: I’m so freakin mad that the judge didn’t allow me to take my daughter to Paris. I could kick the shit out of Gabe right now.

        Olivier: Hey honey I have an idea, let me kick the shit out of him. Your ex has anger issues so why don’t I piss him off and make him take a swing at me.

        Halle: But you might get hurt.

        Olivier: Baby be for real; I’m a trained boxer and he’s a pretty boy model. I can anticipate his every move. When the cops come we can say it was self defense and he will be the one who gets arrested and people will say he started the fight.

        Halle; Then the judge will see that I’m right. Good plan; let’s reposition the cameras first.

        Seriously it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to concoct a plan like that.

      • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

        Thank you Joanna!!!! “We’ve considered it and dismissed it” I LOVE Celebitchy because at least commentators are not ridiculous knuckle dragging racist like on other sites which means the moderators do an excellent job keeping such loons of the board. Anyway we on CB may gossip but we do it with class and smarts.

        That said, TMZ continues to stir the pot. I assume with HB’s camp’s blessing. An amicable agreement does not seem to extend to continually bashing your ex via the tabloids.

        RHETORICAL QUESTIONS: Who benefits from keeping this story about GA’s issues going? And that he started the fight at the setup? Why are we EVEN entertaining GA being an angry beast anymore? Just cuz you keep repeating a lie doesn’t make it true. Ask yourself who really has rage issues HB or GA? Yeah his side allegedly alleges she has left numerous nasty texts and voicemails. If the shoe were on the foot HB would have released them to make certain he’d lose joint custody.

        REAL QUESTION: If GA IS such an ANGRY ANIMAL, would we have have seen proof of it especially with those obnoxious/annoying paparazzi & videorazzi? I do not believe the LAPD, HB or OM. Do I think LAPD was a part of the obvious setup of GA? No. However they are infamously corrupt and incompetent. The perfect ingredient to a perfect set up.

    • QQ says:

      THIS Stefni

      Is like Ok, since she has a shitty track record she couldnt possibly be even a little right about Gabriel Aubry’s behavior

      • Naye in VA says:

        What irks me most about these comments is the assumption based off some pictures that Aubry’s love for his daughter means he could do no wrong; like Halle doesnt also love her daughter. The world of parenting isnt that black and white. My daughters father loves her a whole heck of a lot. But he and I cant have a civil conversation and not for my lack of trying. And I would NEVER have bad mouthed him when we were together, because WHY? And when we broke up I tried amicably to work out visitation and child support. And over the course of a year he’s gotten nastier and nastier because he cant control me anymore, to the point of threatening me, and calling me out of my name everytime we speak. Im a REALLLLY nice person. I cant imagine how a less nice person would go about getting an asshole out of her life. Probably by filing for full custody and moving to France.

      • Naye in VA says:

        Dont get me wrong, this isnt to say that Halle isnt a bitch, but i dont think everything she does is and evil conspiracy against the saintly Aubry

      • emmie_a says:

        Naye: I don’t think anyone has said that Gabriel can do no wrong. People sympathize with him because quite simply the facts don’t add up. And due to her history with him, it’s not hard to believe that Halle is behind all this manipulation.

      • vvvoid says:

        Her possible/minimal rightness was long ago eclipsed by her exasperating wrongness. It doesn’t matter anymore if Gabe has “anger issues”…Olivier has “violent angry life-threatening issues” and she’s just a pea in his pod right now so I don’t care what minor character flaws Gabe might have. He’s a good dad and she tried to literally strip him of all custodial rights by moving to France. That’s an ANGRY thing to do. She let drunken Frenchy step in the middle of the custodial hand-off, WHICH was only happening that day because “Furious Gabe” was gracious enough to let his shrew of an ex have her daughter a day early and thus eat Thanksgiving dinner with her. Yeah, that sounds angry and controlling of him. If he were some angry control freak he’d be too busy gloating over his court win to be considerate like that, he’d soak up her dismay over the fact that Nahla was with him for Thanksgiving even though he’s Canadian and probably doesn’t give a crap anyway, he’d be eager to get Halle back for daring challenge him and let her know what it feels like to be powerless, even for that night. Alternatively, if the early hand-off were to be seen through the lens of Gabe, a preening control freak, enjoying the idea of Halle begging to have Nahla back early for Thanksgiving, enjoying the power of being able to make that decision: in that state of mind he would not have been instigating a fight, he’d have been to busy in his “glory” role of benevolent dictator, giving Nahla back early.
        I think he got pissed because he was trying to do something nice and instead gets Halle’s drunk, presumptuous jerk of a boyfriend all up in his face when he’s just trying to let Nahla have Thanksgiving with her mommy.
        I see no evidence of him being a control freak.

      • Josephina says:


        So…Gabriel bit off more than he could chew and got his a$$ waxed.

        In other words, the judge said “Have several seats Gabe as you do not have a leg to stand on. And if you behave in court today, I will resume your visiting rights with Nahla.” That also explains why Halle and Olivier were not present; charges were dropped and all that was left to talk about was Gabe’s aggression.

        I agree with you. TMZ is only reiterating what the cops AND detectives have concluded after talking to Gabriel, Halle and Olivier. Some bloggers feel they can better assess a physical altercation between two men from a computer than the tenured, skilled professionals (police AND detectives) who arrived on the scene and spoke directly to the parties involved.

        It is unfortunate but again, Gabriel got his ass beat after starting a fight. It was a one-on-one fight and he simply lost. (I wish someone would spend wasteful time commenting on how I defended myself when I was not the aggressor, especially if he/she took a swing at me. Nothing but foolery.) Tsk, task. SMH.

        He may love his daughter, but he clearly was upset as has happened before (meaning having conflict with Halle), but this time, he got his ass beat. No need to press charges. The ass whooping was enough.

      • Feebee says:

        @ Naye in VA. Your ex’s behaviour sounds a lot like Halle Berry’s. Would you like us now to keep suggesting that your hands can’t be clean in all this, you must have some issues otherwise your ex wouldn’t be doing that to you?

        No. I’ll believe you’re a really nice person and your ex is just a prick. Plus I’m sorry you’re in that situation, it sounds horrible. Hang in there.

      • LAK says:

        People forget that Gabriel started getting himself papped with Nahla because Halle was saying his anger issues were so bad that Nahla was afraid of him.

        Every time Halle is papped with Nahla, it ia ALWAYS because something is about to happen [or in this case has happened] and she needs the public to remember her as mother earth who wants what is best for her daughter.

        I should imagine this mess has drawn the paps to her like bears to honey and yet there she is strolling along, smiling unlike the other times when she was deliberately losing her cool so it could be documented for her ‘move to France’ court case

        Funny that as soon as kate was papped in France, that line changed to she didn’t want Nahla growing up in a celeb fishbowl thinking she is special etc….

    • Liv says:

      Since when is TMZ considered a serious news outlet?

      • Mmmmm says:

        celebitchy :



  5. Kat says:

    That story is probably the worst bs TMZ has publisehd lately, and they’re missing the part when Gabe commits suicide because he can’t stand Berry doesn’t love him anymore…

    • CG says:

      Whenever I see TMZ run a story on Halle or the Kardashians, I just automatically skip it because I know it’s going to be so over-the-top pro-them. I wish they’d be a little less obvious about who pays them money to act as a PR service.

    • DreamyK says:

      I totally laughed at the TMZ report, too. Who is Halle getting off/paying off to have that story published LOL

      Seriously? Gabe is jealous over Halle and still pissed at the break-up? LMFAO

      Biggest BS story of the year. Gabe wants zero to do with Halle and her good china. It’s all about Nahla.

  6. Kim says:

    Message for Gabriel get a job,start dating and move on with your life.

    • Enny says:

      I’m sure he’d love to. But his life does now, and always must, include Nahla.

    • Joanna says:

      so his hugo boss campaign doesn’t count as work? and he has been dating. remember his date with kim k? and how everything went to hell after that? everything was fine with halle, nahla and him until he was spotted with kim k.

    • SusieQ2 says:

      Um, Gabriel does have a job – several paid contracts with top fashion houses. He actually cut back on his work to be with his daughter.

      And I’m sure he’d love to find a girlfriend and move on, but it appears he’s too busy trying to deal with the shit Halle Berry keeps throwing his way.

    • LAK says:

      people don’t give the troll oxygen.

      this Kim person has said this every thread and has been told about GA’s work contracts etc ad nauseum.

      At this point in time, kim is just posting to get you all riled up.

    • V4Real says:

      @ Kim

      blah blah blah blah blah and blah blah.

    • Mazunte says:

      For sure, he should move on with his life, which… includes his daughter.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    these are three psychos…Gabriel, Halle and Oliver. Nahla should be taken from all of them.

    • Tiffany27 says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!!
      I don’t think this poor child is safe with ANY of them.

    • vvvoid says:

      Here’s a scenario for pro-Halle supporters to consider, even though it’s a little different:
      When I was 6, my mother was going back and forth between my father and another man [happened to be French btw]. One day as she was bathing me, we heard commotion outside. The French guy, Yves, had the nerve to come to my father’s [her husband] property looking for her. He was drunk. He was not being violent, but simply prancing onto my father’s property looking for my father’s wife he was intermittently sleeping with was instigation alone. My father beat the crap out of him. I witnessed it because my mother and I came out of the bathroom to see what was happening. Now, it’s kind of the opposite with Gabe, since Olivier’s actions in inserting himself and presuming to talk about Nahla’s well-being was instigation and Gabe was the one to take the beatdown, so I never blamed my dad for getting that angry even though I was fond of my soon to be step-father [Yves]. My father has some anger issues, but my mother was driving him insane with her cat and mouse game. She had also tried to obtain custody even though she was clearly unstable. I would consider my father’s reaction to Yves to be reasonable and understandable, I’d never consider him “psycho” for what he did like a poster above described Gabe. If he was testy when Olivier approached him, how is that psycho? It’s within reasonable standards of human behavior. What is not reasonable? Trying to move to France where the father of your child would have no access to her. Beating the pulp out of the father of your girlfriend’s child when you should have known better than to get involved in the first place. Gabe getting pissed at the boyfriend having the nerve to say a damned word to him after fully supporting Halle’s attempt to strip him, the father, of custodial rights is not evidence of him being “psycho”. Everyone has their limits. Kicking a man in the ribs after beating him senseless is evidence of a total lack of compassion. Staying with a man who did that to the father of your child after he was kind enough, despite your attempts to destroy him, to give your daughter back a day early because Thanksgiving with her meant a lot to you is evidence of crazy, uncaring behavior and poor judgment. And as far as anything in the past said about Gabe’s character by Halle…totally unsubstantiated and contradicted by what we do know to be facts about his behavior. I am just as dismayed as the next person to find out Halle is a vindictive nutso. I always held her in high esteem before this. But I will not give into the temptation to make irrational excuses for her like some of you [the minority] seem eager to do. B*tch is cray. And she seems to play the same kinds of games like my own mother [who despite it all, I love dearly] when it comes to custody. She tried to set my dad up to get arrested by playing on his kindness toward her, repeatedly [I still wonder if she was responsible for Yves showing up at my dad’s house that day, hoping to get my father arrested in hopes of getting herself increased custodial rights…especially since she once kidnapped me, and once set my father up, who always carries a gun, by coming to him saying she had gotten pregnant from one of her affairs and wanted an abortion and then told the people in the office that he forced her there at gunpoint which she felt would be backed up by the presence of a handgun on his person]. I have not been poisoned against my mother and my father’s family STILL treats her like their own child no matter what and always assured me she loved me no matter what, these things I’m accusing her of are just fact. And later on, she had Yves deported by ratting him out for smoking weed even though she smoked crack, to eliminate him from my half-brother’s life, even though Yves was an ultimately loving father and step-father. I can smell this manipulation and selfishness on certain women and Halle reeks of it. Remain in denial if you’d like, but take it from me, this woman is at the core of this whole mess and probably has Olivier snowed into believing the evil things she accuses Gabe of.

  8. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    Lets see TMZ ran out of Lindsay Stories so they jump back on the second best pony named Halle Barry and try to ride it again……..Got to earn that asassination fee from Halle Barry the one she paid to TMZ to murder Gab Audry reputation……
    Look at those photos of his face and tell me who has Anger issues !!!! he got the living shyt beat out of him by professional…..that was a beatdown by someone who know what he was doing…..
    Gabe may have pushed the man but I am 100% sure Oliver is the instigrater of the fight….He got up in his face and insulted him until the man couldnt take it and shoveled him back…
    Halle is still pounding away at this poor man …she will never let up….
    She back off of that whole fight mess last week cause she found out she was going to lose again in court and cut a deal….Gabe must have had enough against her and Oliver to prove it was deliberate….
    All because he just wants to have a part of raising his child……

    • G says:

      Lindsay is not the first best anything, anywhere. TMZ is just a hangout for a dozen Blohan regulars that rack up the posts. She’s almost over.

    • Ailine says:

      Tmz isn’t murdering anything. All I hear anyone talk about is how Halle is crazy bitch and Gabriel is a good dad. If anything Halle is the underdog here.

  9. Jess says:

    Olivier was at the handoff, so that right there almost proves that Gabriel didn’t instigate the fight. They instigated it by putting the boyfriend in the handoff position. Shame on Halle.

    • Beatrice Sparkplug says:

      Finally, some facts. Inevitably, in an already bitter custody situation, they had a designated hand-off/interlocutor. Olivier should not have been present, it was inappropriate to say the least. Anyone who posits Olivier was justified in being there, or was there in the interest of a conflict-free custody hand-off, is not thinking with their head. I’d love to hear some ‘rationales’ for his unsolicited presence during the hand-off of Nahla. I’ll make some popcorn.

    • Feebee says:

      This is what I’ve said a couple of times. Martinez was the instigator by being there in the first place. He knew exactly what he was doing.

    • Anon says:

      Only a corpse or someone unconscious doesn’t get hand bruises defending their face and body during a fight or a beat-down. It’s instinctive to raise your arms and hands and take the blows to your arms and hands or move your head to the side. So I should believe GA not only started the fight but then just laid down on the concrete with his arms and hands to the side, while OM punched his face over and over. This is not a movie, HB + OM attempted murder.

  10. Tifygodess24 says:

    Come on this is the same state that wont lock Lohan up , I don’t think they would know or see the truth if it hit them upside the face. ( no pun intended lol ) Because yes let’s believe everyONE on Hallies payroll that conviently were the only witnesses. Because people never lie to the police right? Lol.

  11. chloe says:

    Is Gabriel mad, most likely, he wants to see his daughter and be a part of her life, the mother of his child is doing everything in her power and finances to prevent that, along with bad-mouthing him and claiming he’s abusive and racist. Plus throw in the angry French boyfriend that decided to involve himself in a situation that’s none of his business, I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t be angry if that was their child. I say with all of Halle’s money and sneakiness if Gabe was guilty of this she would have video and audio proof, if Gabe started this fight I’m betting the video would have suddenly appeared and there is no way she would have dropped charges so quickly. Gabe obviously does not want all this drama, Halle knew she didn’t have a leg to stand on with the T-day throw down, so she quickly decided to settle, but of course now that Gabe agreed to this settlement Halle using it as ammo saying he agreed to it because he has guilt. Yeah Gabe is guilty, of being naive to Halle’s antics, Gabe make sure you always have a witness & web cam on hand when dealing with her.

  12. Green Is Good says:

    Yeah, sure GA was the instigator. And isn’t it convenient that it wasn’t captured on Halle’s CCTV? Please.

    GA should pursue his restraining order against Squinty Martinez. Deport his ass back to France.

    EDIT: THere ought to be an investigation in the LAPD. Clearly there’s bribery and other sheningans going on. Like Halle’s police escort the day after the Thanksgiving mayhem. What, because she won an undeserved Oscar, she’s worthy of police protection? Hire your own security, Scary Berry.

    • SusieQ2 says:

      You know, I’m starting to believe you’re right about the cops. There should be a law that no serving police officers are allowed to be on the payroll of a celebrity or a cult (yeah, I’m looking at you CO$.)

      It just stinks of conflict of interest and bribery, even if it isn’t.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        I’m pretty staggered there isn’t. I think that’s against the law over here? May be wrong, but the ethical issues are so immediately apparent.

    • Feebee says:

      Unfortunately I think one of the reasons Gabriel would face trouble with PRO or other criminal charges against Martinez is the report from the cops. Which I’m sorry say smells worse than those funny French cigarettes. I’d love to hear the LAPD explanation of how police departments need to be at least be seen to have an air of impartiality. At least TRY, LAPD. Massive fail so far.

  13. Talie says:

    Uh, yeah, all the witnesses there are connected to Halle, so what other conclusion could be drawn from their interviews. TMZ definitely tweaked this story.

  14. Helen says:

    Anyone else get really strong psycho vibes from Olivier? Other than that, I agree, all three did something wrong, but Aubry is perhaps the least responsible. I think.

    • SusieQ2 says:

      Look at that second picture of Martinez – look at the attitude. That is one scary dude…

  15. Joanna says:

    Nice try, but i’m not buying it. Yeah, gabe was SOOO mad nahla wasn’t going to france that he decided to attack OM. he might be a model, but he’d have to be a blooming idiot to start a fight after he just won in court. there was provocation from OM and not just “WE HAVE TO TALK.” does tmz/halle think we are that stupid? halle needs to give it up, stop puting out bs stories to the press and work with gabe to make sure nahla is happy. GIVE IT UP HALLE! YOU’RE JUST MAKING YOURSELF LOOK WORSE! WHAT A DRAMA QUEEN! GIVE IT UP DRAMA QUEEN.

  16. Gwen says:

    Please. I don’t doubt he has anger-issues and that’s not a good thing, but he’s certainly not the only one who does and considering the very obvious result of Olivier’s anger issues, I think TMZ and Hally should STFU. He used Gabriel as a puching bag! That’s as least as bad – or worse even – than loosing your temper IMO.

  17. Eleonor says:

    Bitch please, the one with anger issues is Oliver.
    For the record: I would have anger issues too, if I had to deal with Halle crazy Berry.

  18. Chatcat says:

    First off, TMZ is such garbage that it is insulting to garbage. Second, whackjob Halle is paying them to report what she wants spewed out there. Hopefully the judge isn’t a douchebag who watches or pays attention to shit.

    • SusieQ2 says:

      ‘TMZ is such garbage that it is insulting to garbage.’

      LOL!! Love that Chatcat!!

    • Miss M says:

      Chatcat, I loved your comment!
      I used to laugh a lot watching tmz, but they became so biased in certain topics…

  19. PleaseICU says:

    Law enforcement sources = Halle’s off duty cop security team (aka sources also on her payroll)

    If not guys from her security team who play cop during the day, then her publicist or someone. Anyone can be law enforcement sources. Could be the janitor or someone visiting someone at the police station.

    GA wins at court so he has no reason to be mad or to fight anyone, has no offensive wounds whatsoever to back up any version of halle/olivier’s story, was gracious enough to give up his day with Nahla because it was important to Halle and Nahla and even drove the baby over to Halle’s house instead of forcing Halle or the Nanny to come to him on their holiday…and gets jumped and the beatdown of his life, including broken ribs and a concussion. And he’s somehow the bad guy.

  20. notpretentious says:

    MAYBE Halle agreed to call a truce because she DOES want Gabriel to have a part in their daughter’s life. If you are accusing TMZ to be pro Halle, this site is Pro Gabriel. Geez!

    • Jess says:

      Have you been following this story at all? I mean, AT ALL? Lol…

      • notpretentious says:

        Of course I have, are you kidding me? The main opinions here are that Halle is a villain, when you have outside sources verifying that Gabriel is also at fault. It is all excused away, on this site, come on!!

      • LAK says:

        @notpretentious – Actually, if you had been following this story ON THIS SITE in the past year, you would know that in the beginning most people, if not all, were either on the fence or prepared to give Halle the benefit of the doubt.

        With each new incident, it became increasingly clear what Halle was doing and that’s what GRADUALLY turned everyone.

        That said, people on this site are generally fair. If Gabriel behaved in any way like Halle, they would be down on him too. This site is an equal opportunity hater/lover.

      • Jess says:

        She’s been trying to take the kid to France and battling him for custody, claiming he’s angry and racist. She doesn’t want him in Nahla’s life. She’s doing everything in her power to get rid of him. This whole thing reeked of a setup.

      • jaye says:

        @LAK…I’ve been reading this site since the drama first started between HB and GA and to say that “most people were on the fence” on this site is a bit revisionist. From the beginning there has been an overwhelming number of “crazy Halle, poor Gabriel” posts and comments. Let’s not switch it up now that someone is actually pointing it out.

      • LAK says:

        Jaye – i am not being revisionist.

        The threads were full of arguments for both sides many tempered with benefit of the doubt for the situation. That benefit of the doubt is what i am mean by sitting on the fence.

        Over time people got off that fence, stopped giving Halle any benefit of the doubt and thus site is now overwhelmingly in Gabriel’s corner.

    • Joanna says:

      yeah, that’s why she tried to take nahla to france. to make it easier for gabe to see her. gmab

      • notpretentious says:

        That would be paying him $20K a month so he can book a flight. He already speaks French, yes??

      • G says:

        If a person observes how this played out and looks at Gabe;s face and is still “pro Halle” they are being paid.

        The pro halle sources for TMZ are in that category. Paid.

      • LAK says:

        @G – i think they feel safe to come out now to start the dissembling……

      • Kate says:

        Notpretentious, he has 50% custody. If he tried to remove Nahla to the far north-east of Canada, saying Berry could fly over and visit sometimes from LA, would you find that acceptable on his part? When it is quite clear that that would involve a huge loss to the strength and intimacy of her relationship with her mother? If not, why is the reverse fine? Removing a loving, present and involved parent from a child’s day-to-day life is a huge step. It will damage that child, and that relationship: no way around that fact. So why so casual about it?

        And you’re also missing the main point: NAHLA doesn’t speak French. She’s a tiny kid who has had huge upset and disruption in her short life already. Why should she be taken away from all she’s ever known, moved to a different continent, home, school, culture and language, away from her father, and her own and her mother’s wider support structures, just because the guy her mother is currently dating (Halle’s never had relationships last that long, has she) is French, and wants to live there? What about what’s best for Nahla? Why should she have to have her needs, and her father’s needs, disregarded in favour of Berry’s current boyfriend? What happens when Berry and Martinez break up? Will Berry want to stay in France, or move somewhere else? How would that affect Nahla? And that’s even leaving out the strong circumstantial indications, given the history, that this is just part of an ongoing campaign of attempted parental alienation. Even looked at purely on its own merits, the move to France could not be argued to be in Nahla’s best interests.

      • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

        Can we all come together and agree to ignore notpretentious? :)~

      • Liv says:

        …and Jospehina 😉

      • LAK says:

        ….and Kim 🙂

    • vvvoid says:

      This site is pro-critical thinking, reason, common sense, and not taking the word of the California Justice System [which has repeatedly let Lindsay Lohan back into society] as the gospel. God forbid. I don’t think most people have a dog in this fight. Sure, Gabe is conventially handsome but he has never been a big feature of Hot Guy Friday. Common sense just dictates that Halle is a histrionic narcissist at this point, and thinking people aren’t going to miss that. People come to this site because the analysis is intelligent.

  21. StormsMama says:

    Sorry but COME ON.

    GA was supposed to have Nahla for thanksgiving but said yes to Halle when she asked to spend the day with her.
    Then when GA showed up OM was there. OM should never have come in contact with GA. NEVER.
    SO…even if (and that’s a huge IF) GA “started” the fight, he was being provoked JUST BY OM APPROACHING HIM. That was an act of aggression. It’s not OMs custody case to resolve and Halle knows that. Halle wanted OM to intimidate GA. AND EVEN IF SHE DIDN’T AND SHE AND OM ARE ANGELS WITH GOOD INTENT—- GA should not have had to see OM.GA was being a stand up dad and graciously letting Halle have thanksgiving with Nahla.

    Sorry TMZ but I call bullshit on your story.
    Halle is a drama magnet and she needs serious therapy. She needs to get over herself and her ego and think about her daughter. Her daughter deserves a father.

    OM is a scumbag.

    Oh yeah and finally— why would a model (a pretty boy model) ever jeopardize his face?
    Sorry but no.


    • SusieQ2 says:

      ^^Bravo!! My thoughts exactly!

    • Sassy says:

      THIS THIS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bluhare says:

      And, according to Gabriel, Olivier was threatening him the night before. So to have Olivier come out of the house to meet him saying “we’ve got to talk” or whatever, was not exactly a conciliatory move.

    • Noi says:

      oh yea it’s not like models fight or do anything to harm their body oh please

      models are humans like the rest of us why they get a pass in your mind is just ridiculousness to me.

      how stupid can he be to get setup in such a way. just poke the bear and all went their way.

  22. emmie_a says:

    Halle is feeding these stories. She couldn’t outright *win* the legal fight & had to settle for an ‘amicable agreement’ so she continues to trash GA in the press.

    Trying to get her revenge using the media only continues to absolutely ruin Halle’s and OM’s reputations. I can’t even look at pics of OM without totally cringing.

    And my ass that Halle thinks prosecuting GA wouldn’t be in Nahla’s best interest. That is Halle’s ultimate dream and continuing to prosecute GA in the press shows that she’s only thinking about herself not Nahla

  23. littlemissnaughty says:

    I’ve never commented on this mess but gawd, the pictures of Aubry’s beaten face are just horrible. How in the world will this child not be screwed up, having to look at her dad’s mug after it was punched into a completely new shape by her mom’s fiancé??? HOW do you even deal with that as a child? You don’t. She probably loves both her parents to death, as kids should, and has no idea how to process this f*ckery. They better find a neutral third party the girl can talk to, preferably a psychologist. Jeeze.

    I don’t care who did what first btw, that is not the face of a man who was punched three times. I’ve seen a handful of dumb fights between guys, and even the one who did kickboxing never inflicted injuries like these on anyone with two or three punches.

    Also, TMZ is ridiculous.

  24. Sisi says:

    So much for moving on…

  25. Lucinda says:

    Halle is trying to control the narrative. That’s why she got her story out so soon on Thanksgiving but on this one I think she is trying to hard. But let’s assume that GA is the racist, violent, controlling pig she claims he is.

    So GA pushes to be on Nahla’s birth certificate when he realizes HB is trying to push him out because no one takes away what is his. Why didn’t HB put name him as the father in the first place? He forces himself on her when she goes to Africa and rents a place so he can be the nanny while HB works instead of forcing HB to leave Nahla in the states because it makes more sense for him, as a violent controlling person, to drop everything and work around HB’s schedule. HB agrees to this because she is afraid of him?

    Further down the road, he goes to court-ordered anger management and parenting classes even though he is violent and threatening because he wants to fool everyone into believing he is cooperative.. He threatens the nanny and is a mastermind and covering up the evidence so no one believes the nanny.

    He shows up for every court appearance and meeting to what? Show his contempt for the system and HB?

    On Thanksgiving he willingly gives up his right to keep Nahla because he’s such a control freak who’s trying to keep Nahla away from BH. Because that’s how abusers roll folks. Then when he gets beaten silly, he waits a day until his story gets out because he’s so manipulative.

    I just think you have to work really hard to believe the line HB’s selling. He might be angry. He might have a temper. But women can be angry and have tempers too and no one is calling her out on it. She’s not a victim. She just plays a better game.

    • Joanna says:

      “plays a better game” . exactly. she’s been playing the crazy game for a looong time. hard for a novice at it to beat her. really feel for gabe and admire him for his persistence in staying in his daughter’s life. most men would have given up and walked away by now.

    • Relli says:


  26. G says:

    I guess Halle can’t keep slagging Gabe, so she’s got some “source” in the LAPD doing it that does private security for her. Classy

  27. delia says:

    @Harve Levin/TMZ, bitch puleeze! GA is not having a hard time getting over Hellno Berry, (who btw looks uglier every day). He’s having a hard time getting away from her ongoing harrassment and getting the parental rights to which he is entitled.
    The corrupt police report, which Berry bought, will be dismissed because it won’t hold up even in the sleazy, bribery ridden LA court system.

    • emmie_a says:

      Yeah I was surprised they made that comment bc I thought GA dumped Halle??
      I just hope GA continues to stay quiet about all this bc Halle is creating her own circus and making herself look like a huge fool.

  28. valleymiss says:

    To quote Fran Drescher’s character in Spinal Tap, “Money talks, and bullshit walks.” Lol. For those of you who are anti-Scary Berry (and I’m definitely one of you), write Revlon a letter detailing why you won’t be using their products anymore. I’m going to this weekend. I’m also going to look around at some of the companies Gabe has modeled for (like Hugo Boss) and write them letters supporting Gabe as their “face.”

    • Lulu says:

      I LOVE that idea!

    • Bobbie says:

      I read your comment and immediately went to the Revlon site, went to contact us, and sent an email saying I was a loyal costumer (true) who would never buy another product until Halle is no longer a spokesperson (also true). I explained she is a woman trying to alienate her daughter from the daughter’s father and that is wrong and I will not support it. Thanks for the tip!

  29. Starlight says:

    I think GA was paid. End of the story. Not that he does not deserve it.

  30. valleymiss says:

    Oh, and those off-duty LAPD cops who work for celebs are often corrupt. Just ask rapper Notorious B.I.G.’s mom. Since his murder, she’s gotten nowhere with the LAPD follow-up because they protect their own.

    Halle, just SHUT UP and be glad that this is blowing over. Ugh. I can’t stand her. Poor Nahla.

  31. OXA says:

    Gabriel’s fault in this was his generousity of spirit in giving up HIS Thanksgiving day with Nahla.
    Ha Liar needed him to return the kid so she could have her current mount set him up while attempting to kill him.
    Harvey Levin lives a couple of doors down from Ha Liar so TMZ always favors her.
    Hmmm was Gabe so angry on HIS custody day that he returned kid to her muther. All while there were no surveillance cameras covering the home’s main entry.

    Yeah, Gabe set it all up, he slammed his face/skull against poor Ollie’s hand.

  32. SusieQ2 says:

    So much for Halle Berry listening to her advisors, trying to make this story go away and move on.

    What in the hell is she thinking, continuing to feed these stories to the press? She’s only going to make the public turn even more against her.

    Seriously, she better watch out, because if she carries on like this, her valuable contracts are going to disappear.

  33. madpoe says:

    Little girls loves their daddy.
    Those photos of Gabe will surely be around for Nahla to see what OM did.

    • vvvoid says:

      One time, when my father came over to her house to pick me up [he had full custody but always let me stay with her weekends and summers], my 2nd stepfather jumped my father with 2 other redneck drunks. My dad is a big man you don’t mess with so I guess Jeff knew he needed the extra help. I saw it, and then later saw photos of my dad’s horribly beaten face. My dad isn’t half the dad Gabe appears to be and I am still very disturbed by those photos, and I do spfx work for horror films and eat up every single bit of gut munching in Romero films and The Walking Dead. So I agree, these photos will be hard for Nahla to get past when older, especially since she seems to have a truly loving relationship with her daddy.

  34. Lulu says:

    How do three ‘quick punches’ to the face result in broken ribs? Does TMZ think we are frackin’ idiots?

  35. truthful says:

    no one is buying that crap, NO one.

    and the damage has been done, Ms. full of Hell Berry.

    She’d better latch on to lil man cause when Nahla sees what one of her “men” did to her dad–its not going to be pretty.

  36. Kate says:

    TMZ really need to give up. Nobody’s buying what Halle is selling anymore. There’s just too much contradictory info out there.

  37. LAK says:

    Well….that didn’t take long. Poor Gabe. only ten days respite.

    And i see Halle’s people have found CB and are now dissembling….Hi notpretentious! Hi Kim!

    to be fair to @Kim, s/he’s been trying to dissemble since the story broke but props for holding to the party line parrot fashion!!.

    ps:- has anyone noticed that the TMZ campaign doesn’t touch on OM”s obvious anger/rage issues. not a word about his broken hand etc. Are we sure Halle isn’t in the co$? He strategy is very similar ie attack! attack! attack! never defend!

    • notpretentious says:

      Thanks for the shout out, but I’ve been here for years!! I find it difficult to express an opposing view for fear of being eviscerated!!! Which is why I don’t comment on the hot ones (Halle, Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston.) I am a fan of all three. But as easily as people here make up every excuse in the book for Gabriel, we have not heard from either one of them explicitly.

      Have you noticed when someone is stating what was found from a police report, depending on which outlet reported it, it is thought to be either pro Halle or pro Gabriel? The media is pro controversy!! If Halle could sway the media, don’t you think her movies would do better? Lol!

      • Kate says:

        But if she leaks to one outlet, then they’ll play nice with her to try to persuade her to do it again. That’s just how most gossip journals operate – People are notorious for it, which is why they get so much access. In the 1990s there began to be a real media outcry at the way publicists wouldn’t let a journalist who was less than sycophantic to one of their stable have access to any of the others, for example – it stifled any chance that people might get to read less than flattering official print profiles of anyone famous.

        It isn’t realistic to compare film critics to gossip sites, either. They have completely different roles.

        having said that, I like Aniston AND Jolie! And I have no real feelings on Beyonce, but my jaw dropped slightly when people expressed outrage that she took her new baby out to a cafe – that’s what we are advised to do, over here! I avoid the Aniston/Jolie threads like the plague, so I understand your point. I’d not want to post on these threads if I really thought Berry was in the right, either. But the thing is, I really don’t understand how anyone can, by now – no offence, I just genuinely don’t get it. There seems such a wealth of evidence against her behaviour that her explanations seem implausible.

      • LAK says:

        This site is filled with thoughtful people who have more sense than to believe gossiprags as the absolute truth. The premise for this site is to point out just how silly this whole media game is. Until of course it turns serious and then people look at the sources and bring their own professional expert knowledge to guide the conversation.

        No one is going to eviscerate you for having an opposing opinion if that opinion is grounded in fact and or shows logical reasoning.

        No one is going to eviscerate you. period. we are not that kind of community on this site.

        As for the TMZ vs Radaronline brand of cheerleading, they have been pretty transparent and open about their preferred candidate.

        With regards Halle’s movies. i think you are being deliberately obtuse. If tabloids could sway the public into buying movie tickets, all the film studios would market their product that way, and Jennifer Aniston would be the biggest movie star on the planet because her tabloid coverage is second to none. I give her the edge over Brangelina on that one.

        Edit: i concurr with you on the Jen/Brangelina/Beyonce threads. we’ve given those up to their ‘fans’. i occasionally post there but i think it’s best avoided.

      • jaye says:

        @LAK…but upthread you seem to dismiss notpretentious’ comments as being that of an HB fan hiding behind a false user id. So, people with opposing views won’t be eviscerated…they’ll just be called a liar?

      • LAK says:

        @Jaye – Who is being revisionist now??

        upthread i asked them to look into the history of these threads before making a snap judgement. That doesn’t make them a liar. That just means they made a snap judgement based upon limited information.

        They later said they were afraid of posting opposing views because of potential hostility to that view.

        And i defended this community because the implication is that we don’t welcome people with different views and treat them abominably.

  38. Isa says:

    Good job girl, how much are you paying TMZ?!?!
    I call it bullshit. Why in the world would Gabriel ask the police to get the video tapes if he started the fight? He is a model, and he went after a boxer? RIGHT! And I saw Santa last night flying above my window….

  39. Starlight says:

    If it was GA’s fault, he wouldn’t ask for Halle’s tape remember? I think they paid him so that Halle and Olivier would not look bad to the public.

  40. andy says:

    Halle is a loon.

    Mr. Rochester wouldn’t even let this crazy bitch stay in his attic.

    • Liv says:

      Mr. Rochester! 😉

      Ha! Though she could have lived with his crazy wife together in the attic – maybe easier to care for? 🙂

  41. Ellie66 says:

    All three need to just stop all the bullshit! Poor Nahla ! Halle needs to let her daughter see her father and the French guy needs to butt the heck out! I think Gabe was set up, but I’m sure he is not all Mr. Innocent either but how far has she pushed him?

    • emmie_a says:

      Why are people lumping Halle, OM & GA into the same category and commenting that all three of them have to stop the bullshit or all three of them are psycho, etc… They are not all fighting the same war, are not all willing participants in this chaos and cannot be lumped together with the same behaviors.

  42. paranormalgirl says:

    According to someone I know who is a photographer and has come into contact with Gabriel many times, he is a pretty quiet mellow guy whose only “anger issues” come from his ex’s machinations with regard to his child.

    • CandyKay says:

      Sounds credible, and a good match with his conduct throughout this ridiculous custody fight. Hallie probably mistook “mellow” for “doormat.”

    • LAK says:

      i have seen pap videos of him and on the red carpet where they are being provocative and he deals with it very calmly. obviously we aren’t monitoring his behaviour 24/7 so we don’t know but he certainly doesn’t appear to be someone with ‘anger issues’ ready to erupt.

  43. Toniko says:

    ‘..TMZ reporting from Hally Berry’s ass exclusively’

    • CandyKay says:

      I read a great article once – wish I had kept the link- about people who are paid to comment on sites like this one.

      Basically, they get a list of talking points, ie “Gabe has anger issues” “Gabe started a fight he couldn’t finish” “Gabe is taking $20,000 a month in child support money from Halle Berry instead of working” – and then they go on multiple sites under multiple names and try to advance their points. Sometimes they try to cover their tracks by shading their arguments – ie “They’re all crazy, Gabe too.”

      I’ve noticed a lot of these types of talking points posters in the Halle Berry case, specifically since the Thanksgiving events.

      Who could be paying them? I suggest we follow the money: who has the most money, and who has the most to lose? Who would be most likely to tell PR people to “fix” all that negative sentiment out there on the Internet?

      • Lulu says:

        Hmmm, let me think really really hard about that…..

      • Ducky la Rue says:

        @CandyKay – I’ve noticed the same pattern in comments, plus the fact that some of them continually repeat the same talking points over and over, even after it’s been shown to be wrong and corrected by other posters (e.g., Gabe should get a job, men shouldn’t get child support, etc).

        I thought they were just being deliberately obtuse, but maybe they are just paid shills.

      • BeesKnees says:

        I haven’t commented on any of these Halle Berry posts (I actually like Halle) but I HATE HATE HATE the “he started a fight he couldn’t finish” argument. If Gabriel pushed or took a swing at Olivier then he was wrong. That being said Olivier should have either been the bigger man and walked inside the house or restrained Gabriel. Beating him to a pulp and breaking ribs shows a lack of self control. I saw someone upthread bashing Gabe (paid minion, idk) saying if someone took a swing or tried to push her, she’d beat their a$$. To me, that is so crass. Unless Gabriel was threatening his life, Olivier should have shown restraint. I just don’t understand that argument and I find the “he got his a$$ beat by a better fighter” excuse pretty low class.

      • emmie_a says:

        CandyKay: I’m glad you pointed this out. Halle’s PR team must have their damage control team out in full force today because you’d think there would be more sympathy for Halle right after the incident occurred ( when GA looked totally guilty) but there are definitely more defenders today. Just proves that her reputation has taken a huge hit.

  44. Dap says:

    This is why some people (including me) think GA is not very bright. This “peace settlement” was a huge mistake which allows HB to outplay him once again.
    As always, she chose where, when and how to fight and he is one war late: she decided to launch a legal war on thanksgiving. It took him 5 days to put his file in order with his lawyer (because he could not have foreseen anything like that happening…too bad, he is not reading this site: he would have known better), then of course, HB suddenly gives up the legal war for a truce. And now that he agreed, here come the low scale vicious media war…in which he has no or very few means to defend himself.
    Because, don’t fool yourself, outside the small world a gossip blogs, people will just believe whatever BS TMZ and the tabloids are feedind them (just see how many people are convinced GA is a racist or has no job)
    That guy needs a new girl by his side. And a cunning one.

    • emmie_a says:

      But Dap what is more important: winning the media game or parenting your child? Gabriel chose to do what was best for Nahla. Halle is choosing to do what (she thinks) makes HER look best. Who looks brighter now?

      • Dap says:

        My concern is will he be able to keep on parenting his child if she manages to make everybody believed he is a bad father? What if the judge change? What if she drives him out of job? More important, why should he have to put up with all that crap? It certainly doesn’t do Nahla any good .

    • Feebee says:

      He does have a new girl by his side. Her name is Shawn Holley. From all accounts she is cunning and a hell of a lawyer. I’m pretty sure he took some legal advice before coming to the decision to sign on the the “amicable” agreement.

      As for a new girlfriend, maybe he does have one and they’re both sensible enough to not be public with it.

    • Kate says:

      The courts keep on finding in his favour. And sure, nobody knew her accusations against him as a parent were now so comprehensively disbelieved by the courts that he’s gone from supervised visitation with no overnights to 50% care – but he got it, and Halle wasn’t allowed to move to France. The outcome of the legal action over Thanksgiving, according to Radaronline (and that has never been denied by Berry’s camp) is that Berry had to pay all his legal and medical expenses. And we can all see how quickly he saw Nahla thereafter, too.

      One day Nahla will be able to Google, and the judge in family court will also take into account which parent is most concerned with shielding her from media spin, because that affects her emotional wellbeing. And in any event, Berry’s story isn’t believed by the overwhelming majority anymore – I don’t think the posters here are that unrepresentative of anywhere else, given the comments under Radar and TMZ are similar.

      Aubrey has bigger problems than Berry’s spin – namely, having his relationship with his child protected by the courts. Good for him for not losing sight of that.

    • Joanna says:

      I would be glad to offer my services to Gabe *wink* *wink*

  45. Starlight says:

    @Dap You are right. GA needs a nice girlfriend and one that is decent and smart as well as pretty and tall.

  46. Nan209 says:

    If you ever had to deal with a sociopath (and I have) you start to see their finger prints all over a situation.

    They are master manipulators, isolate people and use their feelings to keep them in check. They don’t have attachments to people but they do like to use your attachment toward their benefit. Everything is about how things look on the surface. They are ALWAYS the victim. They find your weakness and will pick at it until you react to it. They turn everything around and make you at fault. They do horrible things and then blame you for it. They absolutely use the system to harass and badger the object of their focus. Children are a tool or a weapon to be used on the other parent. There very good at getting people to do what they want. They have no self awareness about this in themselves. They are just instinctually this way. They eat up everything around them because they are a black hole where emotions go to die.

    You won’t see them for who they are until you are knee deep in their sh*t.

    While I can’t say HB is a sociopath there are red flags that make me think that most people would be better off keeping her at arms length because there is always a trail of damage behind her.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Exactly. Berry’s pattern is very familiar to anyone who’s watched one of these people operate.

  47. Feebee says:

    So when do TMZ and Halle get sued for slander, or is it libel since it’s in print? This is getting ridiculous.

    I understand and totally hold a journalist’s source privacy code thingy in high regard but with the internet blogosphere there needs to be some defining here. TMZ could make something up and just say they got the information from a “source”. They are in no way obligated to independently verify like say the NYT might.

  48. Debra says:

    way to go LAPD, when your only witnesses are Halle Berry, Ferret Martinez, and an employee of Halle’s, of course none of them have a motive to lie, of course not!!

    The reason this was settled quietly is probably because Halle’s lawyer told her that Gabriel had a good chance of getting his restraining order keeping OM away from Nahla and possibly bringing criminal charges against OM , too.

    No way Halle gives up this prime opportunity to cut Gabriel out, if there wasn’t a chance of her losing, no way!
    And I think Gabriel agreed because he wants everything settled so he can get back to some kind of normal life, not centered around the next crazy thing Halle Berry is going to pull out of her hat.

    I just hope Gabriel is smarter from now on.. If I were him, I would wear a wire every time I had to come in contact with HB or even the in my car and have someone with me at handoffs

    I wouldn’t trust HB or OM for a second

  49. skuddles says:

    I see Berry’s camp is in full-throttle damage control mode – trying to spin, yet again, the idea that Aubry is a violent guy with anger issues. Someone has anger issues alright, but it’s not Aubry…

    And as for them not charging him because it would not be in Nahla’s best interest – bullshit. All Berry cares about is Berry, and if she really had a solid case against Gabe you can be sure she would have pursued it to the nth degree.

  50. G says:

    TMZ just needs to stop already.

    Martinez came to Aubry with “We need to talk”. I’m thinking its possible he didn’t say it quite like that. Furthermore, where I’m from that’s instigating the fight by putting your nose in business that isn’t yours. That’s his daughter not Oliver’s so there’s nothing to talk about Oliver wanted to punk him.

    You would think Oliver would be man enough to know his role in this and the love for Nahla should have stopped him from getting into it with her dad. Instead he wanted to prove he’s tougher.

    This is BS and TMZ knows it.

  51. Jane says:

    First off, it seems TMZ is drinking the same Kool Aid as the National Enquirer. Secondly, you mean to tell me GA actually told the police he was having a hard time getting over HB? Really?

    Or is this some trash talk coming from HB and her posse? Spin much?

    OM inserts himself into a very delicate situation between his main squeeze (for now) and her ex and HB didn’t expect anything to happen because of that? She knew there was going to be drama because she planned it. She asks GA to change his plans and bring Nahla to her house for Thanksgiving. She has her nanny, her boyfriend and maybe some guests there. All friends or her’s. Then, she lets or send her boyfriend out to confront her ex about a child that isn’t OM’s.

    And the cops are worried about GA’s temper? What about the judgement of the mother? None of this would have happened if HB had told her boyfriend to stand down, she is not your daughter.

  52. vvvoid says:

    SMH that anyone commenting would actually consider what Olivier did to be a simple case of self defense.

    • lostlucy says:

      How wouldn’t that be self defense? If someone is pushing you repeatedly and you knock them flat out, you are well within your right. It isn’t Oliver’s faults his punches carried more power than Gabriel’s. Losing a fight doesn’t make you a victim. It makes you an idiot for starting something you couldn’t finish.

      • bluhare says:

        LostLucy, if I accept your statement and agree that punching Gabriel in the face was self defense, how would you determine a broken rib was inflicted?

      • BeesKnees says:

        @bluhare… you can’t determine it because unlike lostlucy, we clearly see it wasn’t self defense. If someone is pushing you in your own driveway, you can walk inside the house or if need be restrain them or land one punch to knock them out. Olivier went way too far and showed a lack of self control. He sounds like he may also have serious anger issues. Gabriel shouldn’t have touched him and Olivier had every right to defend himself but Gabe’s injuries don’t show self defense, they show that Olivier continued to pummel him while he was down. Honestly unless you think someone is about to kill you, that is in no way self defense.

      • vvvoid says:

        After the first punch OM threw, he could easily have determined Gabe was not a match for him. He continued. Any man of integrity would think “I had no business approaching him, I will now restrain him or walk away…” Instead he beat his face into goulash. I guess Treyvon Martin was asking to be shot after he got pissed at the guy who for no good reason aside from racial profiling chased him down and ordered him to freeze. At least in that case Zimmerman did have signs of significant injury. OM used whatever temper Gabe displayed as an excuse to deliver the beatdown he and Halle failed to deliver in court. I don’t even buy that Gabe did anything more than shove OM, though. And I bet OM was jumping for joy if/when that happened.

  53. lostlucy says:

    Ugh. Another ass kissing write up about Gabriel.

    I don’t know why you make a point in talking about TMZ being Team Halle(which they are not.) It is like you are almost throwing shade at them for picking a side. Which is laughable seeing as how you have no problem doing the same. i.e. the vomit inducing post about the talentless Katie Holmes. FYI, Harvey, along with the guy with dreads, said they think it is wrong for Halle to try to move all the way to France with Nahla. They are also the ones who came out with that ‘Gabriel repeatedly told the cops to get the video’ story. I don’t understand why you overlook stories that don’t go along with your opinions.

    TMZ is only reporting what their sources are telling them. The LAPD drew their conclusions based on what WITNESSES told them. They have no reason to be team anybody seeing as how they don’t know these people.

    • bluhare says:

      LostLucy, there weren’t any witnesses, that’s the problem. The only people there were involved in the situation. They are not “witnesses”. They are participants.

      And the only reason ass kissing posts about Gabriel are here is because his story has held up best under scrutiny.

    • amurph says:

      What Bluhare said as well as take into the consideration that, according to the “sources” (because the LAPD is such a great investigative resource and the witnesses were, basically, Halle, Olivier, and Halle’s nanny), it was a 1-2-3 punch to the face. How did he get the gravel markings on his face? How about the broken rib? How about the lack of any offensive wounds/swelling on his hands?

    • BeesKnees says:

      I will give you that this site is clearly pro Gabe but you can’t, with a straight face, say TMZ isn’t pro Halle. Harvey pays for exclusives by siding with certain celebs, so do a lot of gossips sites (Perez (gag) and Lainey obviously have biases too). I don’t doubt Gabriel pushed Olivier either but Olivier went way too far. All three of them have issues they need to work on for the sake of Nahla.

    • LAK says:

      @Lostlucy – TMZ is pro Halle just as Radaronline is pro Gabriel.

      This isn’t a recent thing. It’s been the case for the past year. Any Halle story that appears in TMZ almost always receives a Gabriel rebuttal on radaronline.

      And for the record, it was radaronline that reported the cameras first.

      TMZ was pushing the original Halle story HARD immediately after the fight happened until THOSE PICTURES came out.

      No one can spin those pictures. TMZ played sympathetic/neutral until THIS update from Halle. You can tell it’s an update because it’s gone back to spinning in an insidious way the accusations that they were making earlier in the year until a court shut them down [investigation, anger management classes etc].

      If those accusations, that do not have specifics but remain vague at best, had any truth to them, the court and Halle would have acted accordingly. And made damn sure we knew about it. Just like she acted immediately after the incident.

    • Ailine says:

      Haters gonna hate. There is no proof regarding Halle’s supposed crazy behavior. There is no evidence with any of this stuff with the exception of the police department’s investigation. I don’t know why this site is vehemently against Halle Berry, but it’s not based on objective facts, just opinions.

      • vvvoid says:

        She pulled the d**ck move of trying to steal away with Nahla off to France where she’d have no father. That is fact enough. If you can’t infer anything else from the nuances of her antics, fine. I used to love Halle. Sigh.

  54. tabasco says:

    The cherry on top is the bit about GA is still upset about splitting with Halle. Of course. He’s just acting out b/c he’s lovesick over this incredible example of womanhood.

    • Ailine says:

      People do fall in love and get hurt you know. It’s not because she’s the ultimate example of anything.

  55. southernbell317 says:

    I think the truth is probably some where in the middle… both sides gave in… I have a feeling maybe Oliver walked out to talk to Gabe, started being a douche and Gabe told him he was done talking, tried to walk away and Oliver got in the way so Gabe pushed him & all hell broke loose… I DO NOT for one minute believe all that damage was done to Gabes face by 3 quick punches… they is a LOT of damage and it’s all over, both eyes, his forehead, the side of head… I do think Halle and Oliver had a blow out planned.. I just think it got more out of hand than they had planned so they are dropping everything and giving Gabe whatever he wanted as long as he’d drop the restraining order & any possible charges he was pursuing.. JMO

  56. Sue says:

    And why is Halle walking around with a big stupid grin on her face? She loves this drama. Her man fighting for her honor, what a bunch of crap. She still can’t move to France, so laughs on you, Halle!

  57. Michelle says:

    TMZ is in Halle’s back pocket and has been for a long, long time

  58. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Wow, The New Triangle has emerged! Jen Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina can now hold hands and walk off into the sunset.

    The Berry stories sure do bring the crazy, huh?

    BTW, Berry was involved in a HIT-AND-RUN, people and she has always struck me as rather insufferable and self-involved. That being said, NONE of these adults are innocent. NONE. To paint any one of the three as victim is so silly. They should ALL know better and should all be concerened about that little girl who needs a role model, and stop worrying about their petty shit.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Not just one hit-and-run: TWO.

      • vvvoid says:

        Oooooh, the hit and runs, I forgot about those. That screams “ME FIRST! I DO NOT DESERVE TO GET IN TROUBLE! I AM THE VICTIM ALWAYS AND FOREVER! I MUST HAVE MY WAY AND I BET THE COPS WON’T GIVE ME MY WAY.” But she’s an actress, a good one, so people let her slide on that, including me…she did a good job on those talk shows. Spin queen. This is why I think substance abuse has entered the picture, her game is slipping.

  59. lena80 says:

    The conspiracy theories just keep coming don’t they? All three need to grow up. GA has had court ordered anger management before shortly after the nanny situation was dismissed supposedly for insufficient evidence. OM needs to stay in his lane and mind his business and stop instigating fights by sh** talking and GA needs to get his temper under control. And not for nothing, but if the story read police sources say OM swung first, the majority of comments would not be claiming paid sources by HB etc. ..what are people going to say IF a story leaks saying he has to take anger managemnt again after this incident? HB paid the judge the to rule it? Both men could have went for charges, GA for attacking and OM for excessive force, it was in BOTH of their interests to drop pursuit since they are here on visas and charges filed could possibly get them deported.

    And let me add this note. I’m a team no one.

  60. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    Does anyone posting here–or writing for Celebitchy–know Gabriel’s dating history prior to his hooking up with Halle Berry? Was he ever in a long-term relationship? Who are his past girlfriends in Canada? Unfortunately, Google is stuck on current events with Aubry’s name.

  61. LilDebbie says:

    I will NEVER AGAIN watch a movie with Halle Berry or Olivier Martinez in it.

  62. Loulou says:

    Flagging…a…dead…horse, TMZ.

  63. Jenna says:

    I blame Halle if anything happens to Nahla, because she knows this guy is unstable and still she dropped the charges against him.
    is Halle going to wait until he harms her daughter – Put Gabriel in jail.

  64. Jenna says:

    Gabe, Halle is with someone else, she doesn’t want you so stop being an angry stalker..just stop.

    • Lexy says:

      See … the angry stalker… as I said somewhere else this is the next move to destroy Aubry, but sorry to say that THIS SOUNDS REALLY STUPID! Who is stalking WHO?

  65. Kosmos says:

    So Gabe has anger issues…maybe Olivier does, too, but Olivier should not be exchanging the child with Gabriel anyway. This is between Halle and Gabriel, not Olivier, so when Olivier steps in to “talk” with Gabe, Gabe probably wanted to slap him. Well, he should not have let his temper run away because he’s fighting a custody battle here. He should have just walked away. I also have issue with how Olivier needlessly beat him like that, also fracturing ribs, so he didn’t have to do that either. They should ask Olivier to step out since he is not legally one of the child’s parents.

  66. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    They’re all dumb, this is boring.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      Yeah, it really does.

      What I don’t understand about this case is why, after 2 years of huge battles and an attempt to remove the child from the jurisdiction, she has no independent court-appointed legal representation, and why no Guardian ad Litem has been appointed, either? That would be a no-brainer in this country by now, on both scores. And given all the accusations leveled at Aubrey earlier on – which meant he was restricted to supervised visitation only, with no overnight stays, until the judge had a chance to hold a proper finding-of-fact hearing in liaison with the social workers, and then has to have decided that the claims against Aubrey were groundless, for 50% custody to be re-awarded – surely psychiatric/psychological testing of him would have been automatic, at that point? Again, they would be here, as a background of the finding-of-fact hearing/CAFCASS report. Berry no, as Aubrey wasn’t levelling accusations at her, but such reports on him, with accusations such as that at issue? Absolutely.

      Bellaluna has said she can’t fathom why there’s no Guardian here either. I’m wondering whether there might be, but that hasn’t leaked? Because it defies belief that nobody involved is there purely to keep an eye on what’s best for Nahla in all this. That’s what the Guardian ad Litem role is designed for. Does anyone know anything about this? I’d be really interested to hear how it works over there.

      • Dap says:

        I remember that Nahla had a court-appointed lawyer at some point of the custody battle, but I don’t know if he is still in place

  67. Issa says:

    If someone, other than the parent, was trying to come in-between me and my future child anger issues wouldn’t even describe my feelings. Think rage would be a better word for it. BtW…who has their hands around Harvey’s balz at TMZ? They’re definitely biased in their gossip.

    • vvvoid says:

      Right?! Gabe knows Olivier was the impetus for Halle trying to run away with his little girl across the Atlantic ocean, everyone knows that, he’s the very LAST person who needs to be stepping to Gabe regarding Nahla or anything else for that matter. Gabe had every right to be pissy, and I’m imagining his “pissy” to be pretty tame. But even if he totally chimped out and shoved Olivier, that was within reasonable behavior given the situation and Olivier inserting himself so fully into the whole affair. Olivier tried to beat the pretty out of him. He failed, his face is going to heal just fine, and everyone feels bad for Gabe and thinks Halle and Olivier are monsters. Plus they had to payout more money and stfu. They must be so bitter.

  68. Lexy says:

    And here is Gabe answer:

    The war is not over, anyway a dumb move trying to follow OM because he wants to go back to his country, maybe the dude will go back all alone, after all nothing good for him from this battle.

    • Lexy says:

      Radar Online i.e. Gabe, says also that : Aubry and Berry now share custody and neither party is allowed to move out of Los Angeles County with Nahla without explicit permission from the judge.

      I see HB in the corner, maybe that’s why her side is using old stories to draw the attention from the truth: she is under scrutiny of the law as well as Gabe. Not a pleasant situation, I suppose.

  69. Shy says:

    I wonder what “has anger issues” mean. It’s like when Olivier and Halle will trash talk Gabriel in his face every time and then he pushed Olivier and he beat him like crazy. That is not “anger issues”. That means “I can’t with those two crazies anymore”.

    How hilarious will it be when Olivier will be tired of all Halle’s dramas and will dump her and move to France. Here he was actor with some name recognition. Minding his own business. Then met pretty Halle and begin dating her. And now he is in this crazy drama. Every day gets pupped when he is with Halle. He has to go through all those courts and lawyers. And then finally that public embarrassment with Gabriel. And when those pictures surfaced – public finally unleashed their hate on him. Because he beat up pretty and nice guy who was weaker then him…. Now in the eyes of public Olivier is monster who beats up weaker fathers who love their daughters.

    I’m sure that was not what Olivier signed for when he met Halle and decided to date her. He will have it enough one day and will dump Halle and return to France where there will be no those dramas. And that would be hilarious for Halle. And he can’t even truly love Nahla. Because one day they will split with Halle and he will never see Nahla. Because he has no rights. He can’t love Nahla like his own daughter.

    Those kind of situations are sad. I wonder if Sandra Bullock sees Jesse’s kids. They were living together for years. She loved them. They loved her. And then Sandra and Jesse split and they vanished for each others lives.

  70. d says:

    This “As one law enforcement source put it, “It seems he’s still having a hard time getting over his break up with Halle.”” is right there a s***-disturbing quote if there ever was one and ridiculous to boot, given how Aubry’s reputation has been trashed over and over again.
    Really, if either parent wanted what was best for their child, they would shut down ANY commenting in ANY media AND put out word to any employee that commenting on their situation would not be tolerated.
    THAT would be better for Halle’s image. Because at this point, any continued comment in public only fans the flames. If anyone on whatever side really cared about doing what’s best, they’d shut it down across the board. Doing otherwise calls into question their motives and integrity. IMO.

  71. Miss M says:

    I am so over Halle’s drama.

    Her team needs to stop leaking stuff to TMZ. TMZ needs to stop a*s kissing her.

    Isn’t she tired? I am and I am not even involved (Thank God!). It seems she really wants to destroy his reputation, neither he will have a career nor a personal life.

    That’s serious vengeance. *Shiver*

  72. Springtime says:

    Boy, I hate to see what will happen when Gabriel find love and get serious with another woman. I wonder if Halle will be so accepting of his new woman like Gabriel was about Olivier. She most likely will come up with another stupid reason to take the poor guy to court because she doesn’t want another woman around her daughter, but don’t man parading her daughter around another man who is not Nahla’s father.

    She’s a piece of work.

  73. Simple Red says:

    Well I will say this I am team Nahla only as usual..

    I don’t know something happened that may have showed that all the adults were at fault in some kind way. Some may have been at fault more than others. Some how both sides were probably like everyone is at fault in some way.

  74. Guest says:

    GA should get a steady paying job; he had to have shown the court hardship issues and proof of Halle contributing to his 20,000 monthly lifestyle. He is taking away from his daughter’s inheritance. He should get a job already. For all those who want to see Halle ruined financially; you do not give a @@@@ for her 4 year daughter.

    • LAK says:

      Halle Berry’s actions regarding Nahla have been found, time and time again, to go against her best interests. The law has forced her to behave other than as she wishes, to protect Nahla so clearly she’s not thinking of her daughter too.

    • Dap says:

      And spending 3 millions dollars trying to cut your daughter’s father of her life is of course a very smart way to spend your money and insure the financial and emotional well-being of your child…
      P.S: Aubry alone is making 10 times (700 000$) a year what my husband and I are making and I can assure you that our children have enough to eat and don’t go naked to school

    • jwoolman says:

      Aubrey does have a well-paying job, although he takes less work now to stay close to Nahla and deal with all the court hassles. He only applied for child support (a pittance relative to his income) because Halle tried to argue for full custody since his lifestyle wasn’t as pricey as hers. California uses a formula to decide child support in 50-50 custody situations based on the discrepancy between incomes. The idea is for the child to have a similar standard of living in both homes. Aubrey got a fancier place with the money, specifically to deal with Halle’s expectations. I’m sure he was quite happy where he was and it was hardly a hovel.

  75. lena80 says:

    Does anyone know what HB plans were for custody arrangements if she were allowed to move France? Was she going for 100% or was it going to be a significant decrease in GA time with Nahla?

    • Just K says:

      Significantly less time to see his child. Halle’s argument was that he had plenty of free-time between jobs so he could fly to France when he wanted to see Nahla.