Blythe Danner defends her daughter’s marriage

There has been talk that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s marriage is on the rocks, sparked mostly by Chris’ attendance alone at a family funeral in October 2007, and continuing ever since. There could have been a valid reason for this, as Gwyneth might have decided to stay home with the children and not bring them to a funeral. Chris has also been touchy with journalists asking questions about his wife, and the pair is rarely seen in public together.

Blythe Danner has leapt to her daughter’s defense, saying that there is no marriage trouble.

Not so, however. I recently had a nice chat with Gwyneth’s mom, the splendid actress Blythe Danner. She was very surprised when I told her what was going on.

“They don’t take pictures together if they can avoid it. It’s a strategy. They don’t want the pandemonium.” She might have been referring to endless publicity seeking of couples like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the Beckhams, and Brangelina.

In fact, Danner says the couple are just fine, thanks. “They’re staying in England for the new year. Then coming here.” Danner didn’t confirm this rumor, but I am told that Gwyneth will be a right by Martin’s side when Coldplay goes up for numerous Grammy awards on February 8th.

Fox News

Given how aggressive the British tabloids and paparazzi can be, I’m not surprised that the couple might be trying to avoid anything to fuel the fires of fame. Except for, you know, starring in films and making albums and touring the world, and appearing at award ceremonies and just generally being public figures.

It must be hard to find the balance between courting fame and remaining private. Particularly in the case of Chris Martin, who before marrying Gwyneth wasn’t terribly famous. Gwyneth was familiar with how a celebrity couple can be more famous than their work, as she was the girlfriend and fiancé of Brad Pitt for three years.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Blythe Danner is shown on 10/16/08 on the opening night of the play “All My Sons.” Credit: Fame. Chris Martin is shown performing in London with Coldplay on 12/14/08. Credit: WENN. There are no photos of Gwyneth because there aren’t any new ones and I can’t stand her.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Is this like Guy Ritchie’s mother saying there was no truth in the rumours that Guy and Madge were having problems? Seriously, Gwynnie & Chris Martin’s marriage is so dull, I find it difficult to summon up interest either way. On the bright side, at least while they’re together, they’re keeping their coma-inducing dullness contained.

  2. Ernestine says:

    I love Blythe Danner (even at her somewhat advanced age, I still think she’s a billion times prettier than Gwyneth), but Chris Martin seems like an arrogant cocksmoke and G needed to remove the 2X4 from her ass, like, a dozen years ago.

    I do think their kids are adorable, though. If there is a split, I at least hope it’s amicable. Better to just do it now before other parties are involved.

  3. Trumiko says:

    LOVED Lauren Graham behind the old lady 😀

  4. vdantev says:

    Will she defend her daughter swapping spit with Madonna ?

  5. heddi says:

    yes — i wonder what the elegant, talented, and understated Blythe thinks of the phony, tawdry, and tacky Madonna — Gwyneth’s dearest friend.

  6. LeoLo says:

    ohhhhhhhhh yeah thats a good point.
    Blythe can be kind of nutty but she remains classy.
    You cant really say Mandona is all that classyad not giggle at the idea of her being a lady now or ever.

    Silly wack celebrities!

  7. Kaiser says:

    Haha! Next Blythe will be explaining Gwyneth’s smug sanctimony with a “She’s trying to get people to not like her because she doesn’t want to be photographed.”

  8. IMO says:

    If you trap a man by getting pregnant just so he would be committed and/or marry you- this will never work.

    G practically did everything she could to get him. She followed him when he went on tours, started to dress like him, moved to London, and when these thing didn’t work- she got prego.

    Same like Jen Garner.
    You can’t force a relationship to work, just because you got pregnant and have kids together.