Britney takes her arm-waving act to Japan

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Britney Spears is getting slammed in the press for recycling her same old “Womanizer” routine over and over again. Brit’s been performing on television shows around the globe in an attempt to promote her newest CD and prove the world that she’s back. But her inability to show even the slightest creativity means her routine is getting super dull. Why would fans want to watch the same old thing over and over again?

Britney recently performed on the Japanese TV shows “Hey! Hey! Hey!” and “Best Music Artist” – and of course stuck to the same old routine. She did mix it up a tiny bit, with a vaguely different outfit on one show and a fake tattoo of a heart on her cheek. Exciting.

The pop star performed her hit Womanizer in a black and gold bra, white top hat and black satin hotpants on a Japanese TV show. Her choice of outfit was clearly a bid to spice up her repeatedly recycled Womanizer routine, which she has performed identically in four countries. Even in the Far East, where fans are known to enjoy wacky and extrovert routines, her costume raised eyebrows.

Joining Britney on stage were her troupe of dancers, dressed in a circus costumes to reflect the title of her new album Circus, which hit No.1 in the U.S. charts last week. After her set, Britney chatted to the Japanese hosts of the show, with a translator standing close by talking to her in English. She wished her Japanese fans ‘have a happy Christmas’, despite a majority of the country being Buddhists or Shintoists. In recent weeks, Britney has performed an identical routine to Womanizer in France, Germany, the U.S. and on Britain’s X Factor.

During her whirlwind trip to Japan, Britney has embracing the local culture and enjoyed an evening eating sushi at a traditional Japanese restaurant with her father Jamie Spears, assistant Brett and manager Larry Rudolph. In regular updates on her blog, Britney enthused about her love for the Asian nation. She said: ‘I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute.

‘I enjoyed a walk in a botanical garden and got to see a Japanese wedding. Then Brett and I went shopping… We just visited the oldest Buddhist temple. It was so beautiful.’

[From the Daily Mail]

I don’t expect someone like Britney Spears to have much knowledge about every country she visits, so the dumb comments don’t really surprise me. However the woman is a performer. That’s the only thing she does. She’s not a good singer. She’s done a great job establishing that she can’t act. All she has to do is put on an interesting costume, lip sync, and dance. It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to mix it up a bit and have more the one routine for the one song she performs.

It’s not like she’s in concert where she has an entirely new audience every night and no television cameras. Since she’s on TV, people around the world are watching, and everyone has noticed that Britney Spears has got nothing new. Several websites have even wondered if she really is ready for a comeback. If nothing else, Brit needs to hire some very good people to keep her routine fresh, or no one’s going to be interested in her for much longer.

Here’s Britney’s Japanese performance. Header photo is from Britney’s “Good Morning America” performance on December 2nd. Image thanks to WENN.

Britney Spears performed on the Japanese

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  1. Lilou says:

    JayBrid, you are a little unfair!! If you take other performers, they always have the same routine for the same song (beyonce, single ladies???), so it’s logical that she has a routine for womanizer and she is sticking to it… and it’s not even the same performance (the clothes, the beggining, the fire, some moves, the remix)

    And I am always suprised to hear that she does’nt dance enough. It’s obvious that she dances less than she used to. BUT, she still dances more than any of other perfomers. Take Rihanna: it’s mostly just walking, and you don’t critize her (rihanna is also a perfomer). Or even Madonna: people think she dances, but if you look closely, her dance routine is pretty simple and it’s the dancers who do the show…

    But, once again, when it comes to Britney Spears, it’s always double standards!!!!

    I was also disapointed when I saw her performances. But I think we have too much expectations (that we don’t have for others performers)…

    And give her some time! Don’t forget where she was 10 months ago!!!! It’s already a miracle that she is alive (how many thought she was over and the next step was OD??). Not a lot of people could be in a psychitric hospital one day and 8 months later perfoming on stage!!!

    Stop asking her too much, too soon. People always asked her more and more, and see how that went??? It’s like everything she does is never enough.

    Give her time, and (mark my word) in a couple of months, her dancing will be back…

  2. lanette says:

    you can talk about beyonce but she sings….britney God bless her but she always lip syncs….

    beyonce does not perform the same way all over of the place and she has a ton of different songs that she sings…! umm does britney have a grammy that i don’t know about?

  3. viper says:

    Britney Spears is washed up. She should take the hint already and invest her time at finding other ways to survive now. Why she hasn’t taken the hint that beauty is the most diminishing gift is beyond me. She’s far too dependant on it. It will be her downfall.

  4. Sleepy says:

    I’m not a fan but I think people are being too hard on her for not mixing up her performances. Not many performers do that and when they do they don’t by much unless it’s for a big show (Grammy’s, AMA’s, VMA’s, etc.). However, Britney does deserve all the criticism she gets for miming her songs. That is not something new she is doing to ease herself back in, she has ALWAYS done that. I remember several years ago she had a Milli moment and her own fans protested and demanded money back (just one example of many). So saying it is part of her comeback to help her is a lie. I wish her well in life, but I don’t think she is the great talent some people try to make her. It’s her team that deserves a lot of her credit for where/what she is. She did use to be a great dancer though. That is where she has the most talent IMO. I liked the idea of her teaching dance to kids. I think she would be very good at that.

  5. gaby says:

    Ok Lilou the big difference is that Rihanna and Beyonce actually SING during their performances. SO if someone is going to stand up there and lip sync they better at least be doing amazing choreography and dancing.

  6. gaby says:

    By the way does anyone else notice that her abs are sprayed on in the 1st pic? lol

  7. Trillion says:

    Everything has to be staged to the second in a show like hers, where she is using pre-recorded tracks all the time. There’s not room for anything spontaneous to happen. Cheesy and boring. Hate that top hat look. Tacky and not fresh at all.

  8. Aspen says:

    Honestly, I don’t get the hubbub over her doing the same act over and over. It’s what they DO. They have an act and they go on tour performing that same act at every venue without straying far from the planned routines.

    I’ve never understood how anyone could sing and dance at the same time…and, frankly, when I see artists TRYING to sing during live performances while they dance, I feel a bit cheated because all you can hear is the huffing and puffing of their breathing. The vocals suffer when the artist is being aerobic while singing. I’ve never had an issue with lip syncing during a show. Now…if the artist sits at a piano or on a stool in front of a mic while singing…I expect the real deal.

    I guess…I just don’t get it.

  9. Christina X says:

    I don’t mind Britney Spears, so this may be a little bit of bias on my side, but…she’s lost weight.

    I know that people love to tell themselves that every single photo of her and every piece of footage she’s in is edited, but she’s thin. I know a bunch of people really want her to stay “fat”, but this is silly. If you dislike her, find flaws that are actually THERE to harp off at, instead of making things up that cannot be proven otherwise.

    Re article: I think every pop star has a cliched routine. About six years ago, this would have been okay.

  10. Mairead says:

    It wouldn’t matter if the routine was good – or specifically her part of it. All the really does is lift her leg and stomp around the stage with the grace of a trucker. It makes sense that the singer does less complicated moves as theoretically it’s nigh on impossible to stop the movement affecting your voice. The routine worked better on the French show as it was a smaller stage and more suited to the circus theme, on a big stage like the X Factor, it was very poor indeed. Still, it’s better than the laughable moves in the video.

    I’m telling thee, she should have stayed away from that jail-bait-peddling gimp Larry Randolph and begged her old choreographer to come back. This home-made approach is just not working.

    I do love the makeup on the dancers in the header photo though.

  11. Megan says:

    The routine sucks, the song sucks, she doesn’t sing it live. What’s the point then? Just go away Britney, you were a bad pop act that should have disappeared years ago, it’s only because of your ‘mental meltdown’ that we’re still hearing about you.

  12. sam says:

    Abs are almost always sprayed on. Plenty of singers mime – or atleast have a backing track INCLUDING Beyonce and Rihana – and I have heard Britney actually singing over the backing track in parts of her songs.

    Just accept her for what she is and for what she isnt. If you dont like her then ignore her.

    Its just like Paris Hilton who everyone says they hate and yet they follow everything she does. SWITCH OFF!

  13. Anonandonandon says:



    One of the great things about the internet is that we can all voice our opinions about our crap celebrities. If it weren’t for sites like this then the nation, even the entire world, would think that everyone adored Parisite Hilton as much she says that we do. As for Britney, she’s had a music career handed to her and she has no business being in the industry. Every time she is featured on television, in a magazine or on an internet news site it takes a spot away from singers with real talent. Believe it or not, she is responsible for her own actions. She has had years to get vocal training, an education or even a clue. She chose to remain stagnant. How long was this act supposed to be cute? Her dancing is just an excuse to have her microphone turned off. Now she barely even dances. What’s her excuse now?

    PS. Telling people to “leave so and so alone” no matter how you paraphrase it has never worked. My switch remains on.

  14. Anonandonandon says:

    Is anyone else cracking up at the “Britney Spears IQ is 125. Are you smarter than her?” ad?