Paris Hilton got booed by the crowd at a basketball game

When Paris and Stavros were shown on the Jumbotron at a Lakers game on Easter Sunday, she got booed by the crowd despite the fact that she was wearing a Lakers shirt:

While celebrities such as Jack Nicholson and Dyan Cannon were cheered when they were shown on the Jumbotron late in the game, Paris Hilton was loudly booed despite wearing Lakers colors. After she stopped smiling and waving for the camera, she turned to her boyfriend Stavros Niarchos III and sarcastically said, “Wow, thanks.”

Even though she went to a basketball game on Easter, Paris claims she’s deeply religious:

She tells Michael Musto for an Out magazine cover story. “I’m Catholic. Of course, they’re not going to run pictures of me in church,” she said. In the interview, which was filmed for an episode of “The Simple Life,” Hilton said of “Jealousy,” her song about Nicole Richie: “I brought her on the show, and all of a sudden she became this different person.”

It’s not very Christian to diss people publicly, is it? Of course we wouldn’t know.

Here she is with Courtney Love and her sister Nicky at the “Sober Day USA” Launch Party with The Brent Shapiro Foundation For Drug Awareness in Hollywood. Brent Shapiro was the 24 year-old son of famous attorney Robert Shapiro. He died of a drug overdose last year despite being sober for a year and a half and turning his life around. He died after drinking and taking just a half tab of ecstacy. The Brent Shapiro foundation aims to raise awareness about drug abuse and decrease the stigma associated with discussing the problem.

It looks like Courtney and Paris are exchanging numbers. No comment.

Update: Paris and Stavros have split. Again.

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    the barefaced nerve of these two;both known for their drug abuse

  2. celebitchy says:

    They will show up to anything, though! Courtney is at least clean now supposedly.