Selma Blair looks very thin after breakup: normal but no excuse for that outfit?

These photos recently came out of actress Selma Blair over the weekend in which her sweater was popping open and showing her bony chest area. Selma gets papped a lot for some reason which doesn’t seem proportional to her level of fame, so she possibly didn’t know she would be photographed here before she stepped out for a walk. She’s shown with her absolutely adorable 16 month-old son, Arthur. That baby is precious! These are some very gorgeous candids of that little boy, and you can see on Selma’s face that she’s playing along but didn’t expect to see paparazzi. Selma was wearing sweatpants, some Uggs, and an oversized cardigan with nothing on under it. A weight-sleuth consulted by Radar says Selma is underweight and points out that she lost weight after breaking up with her baby’s father in September. They estimate her weight at just 80 pounds or less, which sounds inaccurate to me but I’m not a decent judge of weight. Here’s part of Radar’s story, with more at the source:

“She looks extremely malnourished and at 5’3″ can only weigh 75 to 80 pounds,” nutritionist and The Hamptons Diet author, Dr. Fred Pescatore, who has not treated the star, told in an exclusive interview.

As we previously reported, Blair, 40, and fashion designer Jason Bleick, 42, broke up in September after reportedly “fighting non-stop” and have since strived hard to be amicable for the sake of their 16-month-old son, Arthur, but the stress has made her a shadow of her former bubbly, healthy looking self.

“I’d say she’s definitely a thin person now, and does look gaunt and sunken-in,” Jackie Keller, CEO of NutriFit and author of Body After Baby exclusively revealed to Radar, explaining how heartbreak can have a devastating affect on someone’s eating habits.

“Splitting up a home is one of the most traumatic experiences one can go through, even if it is something that both people want to do. It’s not unusual to your lose appetite and it is very common to forgo eating since it can seem like more of a chore than a necessity,” she explained.

“Additionally, sleep can be very disrupted (thus causing bags under the eyes and a haggard look), as you try to adjust to a new normal, which can also lead to weight fluctuations.

“Coincidentally, statistics show that as many women gain weight as lose it after divorce, so it’s very individual,” added Keller.

[From Radar Online]

Just among people I know, I’ve seen more weight loss like this after a breakup than weight gain, so it’s interesting for me to hear that just as many people gain weight. Selma is probably going through some stress and lost more weight than she intended. I don’t think we should concern troll her over it. If we didn’t see her chest area she wouldn’t look as thin.

As for her outfit she looks like a tired mom who wanted to take her kid out to play and didn’t expect someone there with a camera. Still, I would have thrown on a t-shirt or cami under that sweater and would have worn jeans with it. That’s just me. I’m not a sweatpants kind of person, but I’ve also lived in Europe for years and over there you don’t even wear your gym clothes outside of the gym. I like how casual it is in America, though, it feels really freeing to me that I don’t have to get all made up to leave the house. It’s not like I ever have to worry about getting papped, though.

That is one happy toddler. These pictures scream “good mom” to me more than anything else. Look at how she’s running with that little push car. I miss that time. I’ve been hugging and kissing my kid a lot more lately. Every time I turn on the news I’ve been crying my eyes out.

photo credit: Cad/FameFlynet Pictures

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  1. Astrid says:

    I’m a gaining type of girl. I don’t understand how people loose weight in a break up

    • Amelia says:

      I remember feeling like I got punched in the gut and just didn’t feel like eating. It doesn’t really help that crying makes me feel nauseous too (for whatever reason).
      Very cute kid :)

      • Lucky says:

        Yeah- stress and anxiety just make me nauseous and who wants to eat when you feel sick all the time…

    • Jess says:

      I can’t keep food down in times of stress. If I eat a full meal when I’m really stressed out, I almost always vomit it up. I remember my mom brought me Wendys before my SAT’s, and I threw it up in her car. I get nauseated to the point of ridiculousness. Nothing stays down.

    • emmie_a says:

      Astrid: I gain too. Love my comfort food (until I am feeling better & realize the damage)!!

    • cmc says:

      Yup, same here. I’ve recently split with my ex (we were together 3 years) and have definitely gained about 15 lbs in the last few months. I’m finally venturing out into the world again, so I’ve been working out and can’t wait to say goodbye to my breakup pudge!

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Yes. I get fatter but my nerves make my hair fall out. Yeah!

      • Happymom says:

        I’m the same-and I already have thin hair, so it’s not good. When we did a cross country move a few years ago, my hair was falling out in clumps. And I eat when I’m anxious. So I was chubby and balding. Not pretty.

      • Victoria1 says:

        Me too in addition to acne. Gross :(

    • YuYa says:

      I’m going through a pretty painful divorce and I have lost a ton of weight. I just cannot eat. Nothing tastes good.

    • Issa says:

      I’m a can’t eat person when I get overstressed. I actually eat more when I’m happy and content. Know it sounds strange but I have to force myself to eat if I’m going through a hard time in my life. I actually forget to do it as well. Most of my friends know how I operate, so they always make sure I’m eating and nag me to eat. I eventually gain my appetite but it does take time.

    • Pandy says:

      I gain too.

  2. blaugaro says:

    Seeing these photos, I was thinking about Anne Hathaway’s comments and I think they really apply here: it is a candid moment of a mother playing with his son. This is a moment in which you feel vulnerable, and not a red carpet. I find it mean to talk about her chest in this case. By the way, I like Selma even more after these photos.

    • Becky1 says:

      I completely agree. She’s out playing with her child-she’s not on a red carpet or at some type of event. There’s something about her I’ve always liked. She comes across as a genuine person.

      In terms of her weight, she’s always been a thin woman. Some of us just have bony chests. I’m a normal weight (5’6″ and 125 lbs.) but my chest still looks somewhat bony. That’s just my body build.

      • Silly Girl says:

        No way is she 80 lbs. She’s taller than me, but I weight more to begin with. If she were 80, she’d be much thinner, in the face, too. I’d say 100, 105, maybe. She looks good, though. Not too thin, by any means.

  3. Lilalis says:

    Bony chest, but her legs look pretty normal. Nowhere near 80 lbs.

    Sometimes I look like this when I take my son to daycare, I know these off days. But at least I manage to wear a bra and if I didn’t find the time to wash my hair, I cover it.

    Her son is very cute though!

  4. RN says:

    Thank goodness no one was hanging around outside my house most mornings when my kids were little. I would have been featured as a “don’t” on multiple websites.

    I can lose weight very quickly under stress. I simply cannot eat. I remember once only being able to choke down a few spoonfuls of cereal in the morning and not eating the rest I the day. It was weeks before I could eat again normally, and the weight melted off of me (which I could ill afford). Thankfully, it’s been years since that one traumatic incident and I’ve never lacked an appetite since. I hope Ms. Blair recovers quickly.

  5. Effy says:

    I always lose weight when am not happy, and when am happy, i gotta exercise to keep the weight off. hmm!
    Always a fan of Selma, her baby is cute.

    • Annie says:

      I’m naturally thin but the exact opposite – I’m ALWAYS at my thinnest when I’m happy cause I’m most secure with my looks but when I’m unhappy I’ll try to gain weight cause it helps me blend in when I’m not so confident.

      • megan says:

        Word. I overeat when I’m sad, it’s like a mix of comfort eating and self-flagellation. When I’m happy I have no need for those things.

  6. Chickenlishus says:

    I would wear that cardigan every day!

  7. Annie says:

    I’m gonna say that first shot looks either shopped or the lighting messed with to make the ribs more prominant, since her thighs look normal and she looks just fine in all the other shots.

    • Aotearovian says:

      This is one instance where I don’t think there’s anything sinister going on in terms of image manipulation. People carry weight differently and are prone to fat deposits in different areas – her upper body is likely the first area she loses from, which is the case for many of us.

  8. Faye says:

    She looks to be of normal weight — no way she is 75-80 lbs. Some people just are bonier in the chest area, even if they’re slender in a normal way elsewhere. I know from personal experience!

    It must be rough to go through a breakup with such a young child. I wish her well, and wish the press would leave her alone

    • Annie says:

      It’s rare but I actually see the odd OVERWEIGHT pear shaped woman with visible chest ribs.

      And Selma cannot be 75-80lb she would be on death’s door in hospital. I’d believe 115-120lb These dumb mags love to exaggerate shit.

    • LaBetenoir says:

      I’m exactly like this: if my legs are nice and slim, my chest looks bony. If I weigh enough that my chest looks healthy, my legs are like little sausages. And at no point do i ever have boobs. sigh.

      • NerdMomma says:

        Haha it sounds like we have the exact same body type. This made me laugh because that’s the term I use for my legs when my top half looks normal. Sausage legs.

      • Annie says:

        Well it won’t give you boobs lol but the best solution to the bottom heavy look is to try building the chest muscles. Bony chest can also be a sign of dehydration I find.

  9. Elceibeno08 says:

    What an adorable toddler. I don’t mean to be mean, but she could use to gain some weight.

  10. Ida says:

    What a load of rubbish. The woman is clearly not underweight. Her chest is simply very narrow and bony. I am quite flat chested and narrow and my ribs would protrude as well if I was running after a little kid wearing a baggy sweater. I weigh around 120 pounds by the way, so by no means underweight.

  11. k says:

    I feel dirty for looking at these candids of her with her kid. I wish paparazzi would just stick to the red carpet.

  12. Justyna says:

    I don’t know how they can estimate her weight so precisely and say she is malnourished by looking at these pictures. She is thin, that’s obvious but she wears baggy pants and cardigan and her legs and stomach might look perfectly healthy underneath. She just might have a body type like me – bony chest is a problem even when I gain weight. It all goes straight to my tighs and I’m sure my chest would be bony even if I gained 50 pounds.

    That part about Europe is so true. Maybe not about every single country but many of them. I wish we were more open but no, there is this pressure to look our best even when we are doing groceries. When I was younger I wouldn’t go out to walk my dog without changing my clothes and doing some make-up. Now I don’t care and I go in my stay-at-home-sweatpants but I know I’m judged for it. I never wear heels and I’m a fan of jeans, boots, cardigan/jacket combo but most of my female friends from the uni are always looking like they are expecting paparazzi hiding behind the bushes – full make-up, high-heels, even now in winter, always fashionable accessorries etc.

    • Aotearovian says:

      Whereabouts in Europe are you? That wasn’t my experience living in Spain, where most people seemed to dress quite casually – but then, I was in Salamanca, not Madrid or Barcelona, so maybe it’s a big-city thing? I’m certain I would be thrown out of Paris for offences against the sartorial municipal bylaws :)

      • Justyna says:

        I’m from Poland. Many older women from where I live are still very casual with their clothes and most men still don’t care what they wear, although Bieber-fever is unfortunately alive among teenage boys but young and middle-aged women in here are very fashion-oriented. I’m not saying they have a great taste, because there are as many hits as misses but the number of younger women in full make-up, wearing heels and whatever is seen as fashionable at the moment even while doing groceries or playing in parks with their children is much bigger than those in comfortable sneakers and trousers. We have very warm summers but also very cold winters but most of the new trends come from countries with warmer climate and I cringe every day right now when I see those poor fashion-victims almost freezing to death in their spring-coats, shorts/mini-skirts and sliding on ice in their 4/6-inch pumps. I see Victoria Beckham-wannabes every single day. Even my own mother is one of them. She doesn’t own a single pair of flats or jeans.

    • Nina W says:

      I’m a super casual American, California is very laid back on the dress code but I do dress to leave the house. I don’t wear sweat or yoga pants out. I may dress like a teenage boy but I do have some rules. However if I was an exhausted Mom with a little cutie, I would go to the park in sweats and feel no guilt at all.

  13. aims says:

    I wish i had that problem. I seemed to have the feed bag on after my break up. She looks fine.

    She looks like a great mom. I agree, after watching tv for the past four days. It makes you want to hold your children a little bit tighter.

  14. poppy says:

    we’re the same height and same (unfortunate) pear shape. don’t think she is near 75-80lbs, probably 95lbs. still, very small for a regular person but probably not ‘deathly’ for a screen actor.
    one thing i learn from celebrities/celebitchy is that everyone has their own idea of what proper under garments are! i’m a (mostly) naturalist top and bottom but i would find it odd to wear panties (which selma has on) but no shirt. live and learn!

  15. truthful says:

    what an adorable lil babyeee!!

    uh, yeah, I eat my comfort foods and deal with it quietly.

    I have never gained a bunch of weight, from anxiety but let’s just say, everyone told me I looked great–but inside I was dying.

  16. pikerj says:

    I’ve seen these pictures on a few websites, and while I agree that she looks ‘skinny’, I think the reason her chest area looks like that is because she’s slim and just had a baby. After pregnancy and especially after breastfeeding, your chest area just changes. I’m at a healthy weight and my chest can look pretty awkward from some angles when Im not wearing a bra, or wearing an unflattering shirt. I think its just a bad angle and a difference in how her weight is carried post-partum.

  17. Kate says:

    No earthly way she us only 80 lbs. What a stupid thing for someone to say without physically examining someone. He probably saw the one photo of her bony chest and puked out that ridiculous opinion.

  18. jasmine says:

    she doesn’t look thin. she’s just got an ugly chest

  19. Elj says:

    I’m so glad the child didn’t inherit her hairline. Her hairline is WEIRD.

  20. Eny says:

    Sorry, but in this pics she looks like Benicio Del Torro

  21. F5 says:

    What’s wrong with her “outfit”?

  22. kj says:

    Every time I go through a breakup I lose weight and interest in dolling up for awhile and every single time I think “thank god I’m not famous and have paparazzi and people online judging me.” Cause trust me I’ve looked A LOT worse. :)

  23. Claire says:

    Didn’t they pass some law in the US that said celebrities were not allowed to be photographed while doing family activities with their kids?

    I know we see the photos all the time but I thought I remembered reading it had been disallowed…?

    • Nina W says:

      You’re thinking of France, I think. We have the whole freedom of the press thing going on over here so the paps can pretty much do what they want, there’s no legal way to stop them.

  24. Violet says:

    Selma might weigh as little as 80 lbs. She’s quite short (barely over 5′ so she probably only weighs about 100 lbs normally, since the camera adds 10 lbs) plus it’s possible she’s wearing longjohns or tights under her sweatpants, adding warmth and padding.

    In any case, she looks quite gaunt and unhealthy. But she seems to be having fun with her son, which is sweet to see.

    • Nina W says:

      No way is she 5′ 3″ and 80 lbs. I’m 5′ 4″ and not overweight and I weigh 40 lbs heavier than that. I am not as slightly built as she but she is surely closer to 100 than 80. Height adds weight as a general eye ball guess-timator. If a woman is 5′ they probably weigh at least 100 lbs. Each inch adds about five pounds or so. She just looks really tired to me (naturally with all she has going on).

  25. GoodCapon says:

    Ugg boots?!? UGG.

  26. Hope says:

    Omg that kid is soooo adorable! What an angel

  27. Tinka says:

    There’s no excuse for wearing Uggs, ever.

    And as a person who loses appetite when having bigger problems, I hope her stress levels (and such) will soon settle. Gaining weight back isn’t necessarily very easy – if that is even the problem here. Kind of unfair for a doctor to go say these things about her without even knowing or meeting her. It could be just a bad angle, some women just seem to have a “bony” chest, even if they are “normal size”.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Totes agree about the loss of appetite during stress.

      But UGGS? Those are a ‘thing’ and always will be. At least from where I’m from.

      (Not those nasty, furry, E-Wok-looking things that so many poseurs wear; but the normal, de rigueur UGGs of the surfers. There IS a reason for UGGs!)

      So let us not hate on the UGGs.