Judge rules Jodie Sweetin can’t be alone with her baby

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Today a judge ordered that Jodie Sweetin cannot be alone with her 8-month-old daughter Zoie. Sweetin abruptly left her husband Cody Herpin in November, taking Zoie with her. Cody filed for an emergency hearing in family court, saying he was worried Jodie had fallen off the wagon and might be using drugs or alcohol again, which resulted in the decision.

Full House alum Jodie Sweetin is not allowed to see her 8-month-old daughter without supervision, an Orange County, Calif., judge ruled during an emergency custody hearing Wednesday. The ruling came after Sweetin’s estranged husband Cody Herpin accused her of being an unfit mother — and allegedly that she once drove intoxicated with their daughter Zoie in the car, TMZ.com reports.

A doctor who took the stand also claimed that Sweetin, 26 — a former meth addict and alcoholic who lives with her parents — had relapsed but has been in touch with her sponsor and is attending AA meetings. The doctor said she does not believe the baby is at risk at the moment.

Sweetin will now not be allowed to be with the child unless one of her parents is present, the judge said. A judge ordered both Sweetin and Herpin to submit to drug tests before the next hearing. The couple announced their split in November after a year together. She is seeking joint legal and physical custody of Zoie.

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People says that the main concern was that Jodie was drinking again, but they’re also worried about meth.

“It’s primarily alcohol [abuse] but there’s also concern regarding methamphetamines,” Robert Benavente, the lawyer for her ex Cody Herpin, tells PEOPLE.

Sweetin’s lawyer strongly denies the claims. “Jodie absolutely has not relapsed into using meth,” Wilma Presley tells PEOPLE. “She merely confessed to having several glasses of wine over dinner recently and felt guilty about that. She is currently in a 12-step program and is working hard on her sobriety. She wants to be clean and sober from everything.”

[From People]

Obviously a few glasses of wine can be a problem for anyone with an addictive personality, and it’s a slippery slope. While Jodie did take Zoie with her when she left Cody, she’s been living with her parents so having them around probably won’t be hard. This sounds like it’s going to be one dramatic divorce case. It’s unlikely Cody is going for Jodie’s money, since their home is in foreclosure and she’s stated that all of their bills are past due. Hopefully that was a one-time slip for Jodie and she’ll be able to pass the drug test and move on to better things.

Here’s Jodie at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles Gala on October 30th. Images thanks to WENN.

big brother sister 311008

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15 Responses to “Judge rules Jodie Sweetin can’t be alone with her baby”

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  1. M.E. says:

    well pin a rose on your nose

  2. Judy says:

    So another actress who is dumping a husband who wants custody because he wants alimony and child support, Joide better find a job because this guy refuses to work and and she is the bread winner..sound familiar?? Brit went thru this same thing. He wont work but she is the unfit one for having a few glassesd of wine??

  3. WTF?!?! says:

    I vote for meth. She’s lost a lot of weight pretty quickly.
    Judy– now he won’t have to work, he can pull a K-Fed.

  4. Exiled2Colorado says:

    I don’t think she’s rolling in the dough Judy. Her 15 minutes of fame was almost 20yrs ago.

  5. Aspen says:

    I want to know what HE did. I’m not interested in her drinking a couple glasses of wine. I want to know why she left.

  6. Obligatory “how rude!” post.

  7. Bodhi says:

    The judge made the right decision. Who’s to say that he did anything? She is an addict who admittedly fell off the wagon, no judge in their right mind would let her have custody. Given her admission, she could have been drunk & flipped out on him.

    “A few glasses of wine” is nothing to most people, but not to alcoholics. Alcoholics can not drink. At all. Period. That is why they are alcoholics. I know a lot of alcoholics ( most of them family) and I’ve been through substance abuse counseling myself. There is no such thing as a “recovered” addict

  8. Aspen says:

    Bodhi, I’m sorry if it sounded like I was minimizing the wine drinking. I didn’t mean to. Damn the internet and it’s inability to communicate tone. I understand that it was a very stupid and very dangerous choice for her to drink given her addict status. I truly do, and for the safety of the child, I am very glad she’s been given parameters by the court.

    I just can’t believe this was all her. The way it happened wasn’t typical of a relapse from my experience in watching them. I fully realize that I could be 180 degrees wrong about this, but a drunk or drugged out episode doesn’t typically look like a woman escaping a hostile situation. It usually looks like a drunk or drugged out woman driving the streets with no plan and putting everyone in danger.

    This sounds more like she PLANNED to leave with some money and some secrecy to buy herself time to get legal help.

    Planning is not the forte of someone under the influence. So that’s what I mean when I say I want to know what HIS part in this is.

  9. Anon says:


    All i can say is HE did nothing but take good care of her and the baby. Didn’t you read all her blogs about how well he was treating her and how he did everything for her. If you ask me I think she is cheating on him and doesn’t want to admit it. One reason a girl leaves so suddely is because there is someone else! I do feel bad for her only in the sense that i know she could be a great mother if she just stopped thinking of herself and put that little girl first like her husband is. I hope the new guy she is with doesn’t expect her to stay longer than a year!

  10. Anon says:

    p.s they have no money and have been broke for some time

  11. Whitey Fisk says:

    Yep, Aspen I agree. In this type of situation, rarely (dare I say never) is one person 100% innocent and the other 100% guilty.

    P.S. Very funny JaundiceMachine!

  12. Bodhi says:

    Aspen, I just don’t see a hostile situation at all. I see a an addict stuggling with sobriety, newly re-kindled fame, & an infant. I don’t see any evidence that he did anything wrong at all

  13. Rougelatete says:

    Well, I guess I was right in my last post on this subject (patting self on the back). Everybody was blaming Cody for spousal abuse, but I mentioned a relapse. Hmmm…I certainly hope not but I think it’s more likely than not. Get well, Jodie!

  14. aleach says:

    gah, wheres kimmy gibbler when you need her?

    (i dont know that this really makes sense, i just miss gibbler!)haha

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