Blake Lively’s wedding photos are amazing… if you like photos of food

Blake Lively’s wedding photos are awesome if you like photos of food. Which I do, so this is a big “score” for me. Unfortunately for all of us, we also like photos of wedding gowns and jewelry and newly married couples eating cake, and there are NO photos of that kind of thing in the January issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Many of us have been very excited to see the photos, and we’ve been patiently waiting for months now after Blake totally pwned People Magazine, Us Weekly, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and Drew Barrymore by acting like she (Blake) would never be so gauche and famewhore-y as to sell her wedding pics to a weekly tabloid.

The story is that Blake and Ryan’s South Carolina wedding was styled/planned/organized by Martha Stewart’s team, and in exchange for the work, the magazine got to use photos from the wedding. Personally, I had been dying to see Blake’s Marchesa wedding gown, because I felt sure that it was going to be a disaster. But we’ll still never know. Because, as the magazine says, “They wanted to celebrate in privacy – and in style. And while they remain protective of images of them on their most heartfelt occasion, they graciously let us share pictures of the elements we created together.” Blake Lively just mindf—ked EVERYBODY.

You can see the wedding slideshow here at Martha Stewart Weddings online. The photos are AMAZING. But I’m saying that as someone who loves to look at photos of food and talk about food and imagine what the food tasted like. Random thoughts: I think Blake’s bouquet looks too fussy and big… LOVE the “dessert table” for a wedding… those s’mores bars look incredible… God, Blake really does have a sweet tooth, right? And here’s the closest thing we get to a money shot of her dress:

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, dress shot courtesy of Guy Aroch/Martha Stewart Weddings.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I am rather relieved I don’t have to see the entirety of what I’m sure is a Marchesa catastrophy of a dress!

  2. cmc says:

    WHAT??? I didn’t even realize I cared about this trick until just this moment, when I experienced actual disappointment in missing out on her wedding photos. Well played, Blake Lively. Also, b***h move, you *know* we only wanted to see your silly dress.

  3. Mia 4S says:

    Hahahahahaha! This is the dumbest thing ever, I love it. I wondered how a famewhore and a “wouldn’t even be seen holding hands in public with my first wife” would compromise. Not bad!

    When she pulls a Scarlet and gets bored, this marriage is doomed.

    • True..Dat says:

      For how long will the Scarlett fans repeat this mantra?

      • Mia 4S says:

        What mantra? What Scarlett fan? I didn’t mean it as a complement to Scarlett. If Blake wants to be famous happy homemaker instead of an actress, that’s cool. I’m not convinced that’s what she wants though…

  4. Lizzie says:

    Way to ruin Christmas, Blake! Damn you and your bait and switch!
    Yummy desert table though.

  5. Lindsey says:

    They are really trying to get me to go out and buy an issue (or at least peruse)to see pics of the actual wedding, aren’t they?

    Anyway, Kaiser, did you see that promo video she did for Gucci where she rambles on and on and on and on and about love pouring out of food?? It’s terribly incoherent. What is her food thing about anyway? Is she trying to convince us she’s Nigella Lawson?

  6. Bubbling says:

    Can’t hate, the food looks yummy but I can only imagine how over the top their pictures are. I wonder how Scarlet sees this hole Disney&Marta S. foolery?

  7. Nya says:

    Why would anyone be excited for photos of the nuptials of Mr. and Mrs. White Bread Bland Boring?

  8. Vic says:

    This whole narrative of her playing everyone is completely hilarious and fabricated by Lainey. If I were her I would have sold the photos as that’s the only way she’ll stay relevant at the moment.. No films coming up, nothing to promote etc..

    however I don’t think she did it strategically to show she’s classy, I actually believe she doesn’t want to share the wedding and is happy with her privacy right now

    • Nya says:

      Seriously, what am I missing? Who did she “play”? How is being in some magazine that only middle aged housewives read somehow better than being in People or US Weekly?

    • andy says:

      I don’t get it either. Lainey even tried to claim that Blake was the reason Eddie Redmayne got hired for Les Miserables.

      • Julia says:

        Eddie himself said that about Blake. He was shooting a movie with her and she encouraged him to audition to the part.

      • Feisty says:

        Lainey’s whole thing is pointing out how Lively gets name-dropped in random things (like the casting of Les Miserables) and controls her media message.

        Lively doesn’t do much for me as an actress (and honestly she hasn’t had many chances), yet she is somehow presenting herself as a GOOP successor. And I’m starting to buy it, or at least be intrigued enough to care.

      • andy says:

        Eddie himself said that about Blake. He was shooting a movie with her and she encouraged him to audition to the part.

        Yes, she encouraged him to audition. She was not the reason he got the part though. Lainey made it sound like she influenced the casting decision.

      • Julia says:

        Yes, sure.
        Lainey has a weird obsession with everything Blake.

      • Liv says:

        So true!! In every post about Lively Lainey is gushing about her! I can’t hear it anymore! She probably didn’t sell her wedding to people because Ryan was against it.

        Blake is a famewhore. She calls the paps. No respect for that.

  9. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    I love Martha Stewart! Or rather her designs and color palates.

    Why does Blake wear body glitter? Is that a red carpet thing for the cameras?

  10. stellalovejoydiver says:

    Ugh, I have a sweet tooth as well, but I am currently on a pre christmas diet, sucks.

    • True..Dat says:

      The food looks gorgeous don’t it.
      I’m on an Xmas diet too!!!!!!!

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        Stay strong :) . Also if this is only the dessert table, I wonder what they had for dinner and entrée, food fantasies…

      • Liv says:

        It looks so delicious! I’d have wanted to join their wedding just because of the food! When I go to celebrations I always hope the food is good and often it’s not. Especially desserts. So this looks just perfect!

  11. Tiffany27 says:

    Those smores and those strawberry shortcake things look AMAZING!!! I would have made a “to go” plate for sure.

  12. KWM says:

    We only get to see desserts! Is that all they served?

  13. bns says:

    Oh, please. If you’re going to famewhore go all the way.

  14. Talie says:

    This sounds more like a Ryan move than a Blake one… there wasn’t even one photo of his wedding to ScarJo.

  15. Nev says:

    For a so-called fashion girl. This. Is. Lame.

  16. goodquestion says:

    Can we talk about Rose McGowan in the “featured links” photo?
    How could someone who was once so gorgeous disfigure herself to look like this? And the albino hair only makes it worse. Man, is Hollywood an unhealthy place for women. In 20 years, Rose will make the current Joan Rivers look like a natural beauty.

    • HotPockets says:

      Rose McGowan’s face makes me really sad because she use to be so beautiful and now she looks freaky.

      • Jo says:

        Did you guys miss the part where Rose was basically disfigured in a car accident where the impact drove her eyeglasses into her face? There’s no way those cuts wouldn’t have left scars without additional cosmetic surgeries which led to what she looks now. It’s unfortunate but at least it wasn’t gratuitous as some make it seem.

      • andy says:

        I didn’t know about the car accident. I feel bad now about making catty comments about her face. Thanks for the info.

      • bns says:


        What do lip injections and botox have to do with scarring under the eye? Her face looked fine in 2007 after the accident, but she’s had additional work since.

        Here she is in 2008, a year after the accident and she looks great

      • Jo says:

        Letting aside your cynicism but hello, they’re vain about their looks and if a little wrinkle puts them on a botox rampage, it’s not a hard leap of imagination to think that glass shards slicing her face even though superficially, would cause even more excessive and unnecessary “cosmetic adjustments”. It might be irrational but she’s bashed around more than other actresses who pull around the same stunts and at least she has a reason. Irrational or not.

  17. only1shmoo says:

    Umm, pictures of food, YES PLEASE!

  18. Starlight says:

    I can’t wait.

  19. ramona says:

    Her ring looks like it’s from Claire’s.

  20. TheOriginalKitten says:

    That dessert table spread blew my mind. First of all the desserts alone (min straw shortcakes????) looked amazing and I loved the weather table and decor they used. Really really pretty.

    • j.eyre says:

      I concur. I think the photos are gorgeous and with the weathered table and the few exteriors we saw after the wedding, I think that bouquet fits into the feel of the rest – but then, I like ‘messy’ flower arrangements.

      All the desserts look beautiful alone and as a group. I love the fruit jellies. I just tried to make some of those and I failed miserably.

  21. Elena says:

    I wanted to see wedding photos of the bride, but stopped caring the minute I laid eyes on the food. Now that’s what I really like!

  22. True..Dat says:

    Good luck to them.
    Some of her peers (Elizabeth O, Teresa Palmer, etc) have been in back to back flops and still work so I don’t buy the hater narrative that Blake has no offers.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again her getting married at the age of 25 (waay too soon IMO) in such a competitive profession where availability/sex appeal is a key component means she has made a choice to cut back IMO. Strange choice though.

  23. Nya says:

    Looking at all the pictures, it’s like whoever planned this thing just spent hours trolling pinterest and etsy.

    • Belle says:

      Probably because much of what you see on pinterest and etsy is either photos of work by these type of designers or people copying what they have seen in photos from these type of designers.

  24. FirstTimer says:

    I love looking at pictures of food. So I’ll like this slideshow. LOL!

  25. lower-case deb says:

    Baby Jeebus! All those food! ALL. THOSE. SUGAR-LADEN. CRAFTED. FOOD. DESSERT. omg.

    damn you food photographer!

  26. lisa2 says:

    I think Blake played Lainey.. I mean I can’t think of anyone I know that was waiting for this issue. I wasn’t. I like celebrity wedding pics. I don’t need to see the whole wedding. I like a picture or two released of the couple together and the dress. I don’t really care that much for Blake/Ryan. I don’t see them as the couple that the world is talking about. Lainey is the one obsessed with Blake and she needs or wants everyone else to be too. She is forever trying to MAKE someone. She does it with Goop and countless others. She misses the mark.

    I’m sure their wedding was beautiful and all they wanted. that is after all what matters. not the public participation.

    Looking at the slide show the pictures are pretty but boring. all sweets. what about the decorations. What about the actual dinner of buffet. I don’t see much that would inspire me as a bride to be.

    • True..Dat says:

      Are you a bride to be? If so BIG congratulations.
      I have 2 back to back weddings this weekend (hence the X-mas diet)so I’m feeling teary on hearing of any future brides.

      • lisa2 says:

        No I’m not.. LOL but thanks anyway. When I typed that I thought it sounded that way but had to go and didn’t change it. I only cried once and it was during the Father/Daughter dance. I lost my father some years ago and that always makes me sad when I see that.

        Funny I was in a wedding last weekend and will be attending one on Saturday too. It is the season of LOVE. The one last weekend was simple and very lovely. The wedding part. The reception was decorated in Red/White so beautiful.

        I’m just attending the one on Saturday so I’m looking forward to just being a guest. I like looking at the decorations and details; even more then the actual dresses.

      • mercy says:

        Jealous of you both! This photo spread has left me with a terrible craving for wedding cake and to see a wedding dress or three. ; )

    • mercy says:

      Lainey did it to herself. She wants Blake to be this person she (Lainey) created because it’s “good for gossip” and brings traffic to her site. With all the talk about “famewhores,” I’m always surprised by the lack of scrutiny the people who make a living off the backs of these “famewhores” receive. Who buys the papparazzi pics that create the demand for them in the first place?

      Kaiser, the arrangement you refer to has been implied by Lainey, but in the article with the photo spread it sounds like that was not the case. I’m not saying there wasn’t a wedding- planning-services-for-photos exchange because I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound like it. Martha is their friend, they can afford Tara, and these aren’t the kind of photos that scream big payday.

      • andy says:

        “Lainey did it to herself. She wants Blake to be this person she (Lainey) created because it’s “good for gossip and brings traffic to her site. With all the talk about “famewhores,” I’m always surprised by the lack of scrutiny the people who make a living off the backs of these “famewhores” receive. Who buys the papparazzi pics that create the demand in the first place?”

        But why? Do you think Blake’s PR team has made a deal w/Lainey? It makes no sense how she was bashing her and then became her biggest fan.I do think she(and others) have agreements with certain stars.

        I’ve always wondered if some of the “sources” for gossip writers are celebrities themselves who exchange information for good press.

      • True..Dat says:

        Its not much of a conspiracy.
        Blake brings hits to Lainey sites.
        Hits means money. Simple As.
        Lainey has also been wrong about Blake on so many things in the past (Ryan R /Leo not been interested, no movies in the works in 2011) that she’s just hedging now. That’s why pointless pictures of Blake on the GG site just roaming about is apparently a sign of her brilliant manipulative strategy.
        A game.
        I personally don’t see her write ups as complementary. But when she likely finds a new target blonde next year she’ll quit Blake.

      • mercy says:

        +1, TD

        andy, I have no doubt the arrangements you describe exist, but constantly harping on Blake’s “game” is not a compliment.

        Blake’s PR isn’t that different from most other young stars, but Lainey often looks the other way when it comes to the maneuvers and machinations of her favourites. With Blake, almost every picture comes under close scrutiny and is reduced to one motive: “famewhore,” or the kinder-sounding-but-same-meaning “girl’s got game!”

        Lainey and bloggers like her make their money off ads. She takes the stars of the moment and creates narratives she thinks fit and will play to her audience. If her audience responds, the cast keep getting parts.

        When Lainey is proven wrong, she adjusts her tune and babbles on about Blake’s incredible, famewhorry “game.” But it’s Lainey’s game. Blake doesn’t need to play along with her, much less pay her. She has cultivated her own little power base in spite of people like Lainey.

      • BeesKnees says:

        When Lainey got a hold of this magazine and found out there were no pictures of the dress, I hope she sh!t herself lol. All that buildup for some desserts. Lainey got played big time on this one!

    • Belle says:

      Yes, it seemed to be a slide show mainly of a dessert table. Don’t get me wrong, I have a sweet tooth myself, and thought it looked fabulous… but I’m assuming they might have a bit more variety in the actual magazine?

  27. Riana says:

    Hilarious. First thing she’s done that I’ve approved of.

    I do like photos of food though, so best link ever.

    What I don’t get is why people were excited to see her dress/wedding. Picture the most dull vanilla ceremony you can…then double it. Voila.

    I do have to give her props for baiting people, now if she does release them I’m sure folks will be rushing over in herds.

  28. The Original Mia says:

    Over-hyped wedding issue is over-hyped like the actress involved.

    The desserts look scrumptious, but this pictorial also looks no different than one you’d see on Pinterest or Instagram.

    • oliveo says:

      I immediately thought “Pinterest wedding,” too! I hope Blake will sell out the wedding pics for her anniversary or something once people lose interest in her… but of course then we won’t be interested anymore… booooo what a tease

  29. Belle says:

    Not much of a Blake fan… though I don’t hate the girl. Unlike many here, I do like Ryan. I also usually really like Martha Stewart designs, and would have been thrilled to have her designers ‘style’ my own wedding (umpteen years ago). So, My guess is I would have probably thought their wedding was beautiful(;

    I was in the ‘not all that worried about seeing Blake’s dress’ camp, but of course now I want to see it… LOL Call me a sap, but I think the one photo that shows a tiny peek at the dress…. and the hand-holding is very sweet!

  30. andrea says:

    About Lainey’s analysis of Blake, I happen to agree to some extent. This is just the beginning of Blake’s long-term plan. A few months ago she did a photo shoot, honestly don’t remember/care for which magazine now, but I do remember the tone was pitch-perfect for her new message: she was in some countryside setting with little kids, wearing semi-sexy (but more pretty/ethereal) clothing, all sunshiney and sweet but still, of course, “hot.” That’s what she’s going for. Pretty, classy (ha), aspirational. You may be laughing or not caring now, but give it another year or two, and you’ll see it all unfold.

    Think a transformation of Drew Barrymore magnitude, but with more strategic and thorough media management. Somehow, if all goes as she plans, the booby, mumbling blonde in the tightest, sluttiest dresses is going to become something else entirely, something a la Goopster. Many of us will find it pretentious (like Goopy), but many more people will end up buying into it. Ugh, Blake is going to be insufferable.

  31. the original bellaluna says:

    Chocolate apricots and Earl Grey Buttercreams…YUM!

    That bouquet did look a little big. I had a Lavender Point Rose bouquet (Mom grows them) and they were LOVELY.

  32. Alyce says:

    The pics are nice; I like the old fashioned, shabby chic look. Maybe a party guest will “accidentally” have their photos be “stolen” soon…I really just want 1 dress pic! And I never care about this stuff – I think I just want it bc they won’t share it.

  33. Claudia says:

    I find pictures of desserts to be boring. I’ve had such an excess of sweets this holiday season that even the idea of something sugary gets me nauseous. What I want to see is what they served for dinner! And the reception area.

  34. akua says:

    Yum, I want all those desserts!

  35. BeesKnees says:

    Those desserts look delicious, especially the s’mores bars! But, I too, am confused as to why there were only pictures of the desserts and not any of the other food. I am wondering if the actual magazine has more pictures of the decor and food.

  36. midnightmoon says:

    I saw a pic of the dress online somewhere. It’s EPICALLY bad! I will try to find the link but have trouble with copy and paste on this phone…

  37. LAK says:

    My thing about weddings, celeb or otherwise, is the bridal bouquet.

    I love the language of flowers and always look out for what message the bridal bouquet translates in to.

    If the bouquet on the cover and in DM is really her wedding bouquet, then OMG.

    She’s got Pink Roses, Jasmine, Andromeda [which is a type of rosemary], hydrangea, and miller all of which combined gives out this message*:

    “Blake’s youth, energy and full of the joy of life is eternally grateful for being understood whilst bringing eternal and unconditional love and remembrace”

    I hope he feels the same way.

  38. Shy says:

    Yeah. The biggest victim here is LaineyGossip. I almost feel sorry for her. She waited so much for those stupid pictures, for months she was writing those stories how Blake played everyone and then – no freaking pictures!!! Poor thing.

    And then she couldn’t admit it and was again on her favorite song: “Blake is such genius. She played everyone once again, bla-bla-bla…” Who she played? That was a spit in the face of few of her fans (like Lainey) who waited for those stupid pictures. Nobody besides bloggers really cared. And they cared only because it’s gossip and their job.

    Blake is a C-list with no present and no future career. She has no movies lined up. Nobody hires her. And her 15 minutes of red-carpet fame are up. She was relevant few years ago. Now nobody cares about her. I love LaineyGossip site. But her weird obsession with Blake is crazy. Sometimes I’m embarrassed for Lainey, like today when she went to praise Blake again. What Blake won? Ask people what magazine will they buy – the one with Timberlake and other celebrities with dress or Blake’s with no dress. 10 out of 10 will buy magazine with pictures of dress.

    Well everybody has shame crush. Mila has Ashton, Lainey has Blake… And it’s not only that Blake let down her fans – Martha Stewart Weddings lied to her viewers. They promised those pictures for months. And then people buy magazine, open it and found out that they were played and were lied to and there are no pictures.

    • @shy says:

      You keep trying.

      “Nobody besides bloggers really cared about the stupid pictures”.
      Which is why the wedding was front page of almost every celeb mag, blog site and was trending on twitter.
      Your rage filled rant also shows you obviously care. To a worrying extent actually

      “Blake is a C-list with no present and no future career. She has no movies lined up. Nobody hires her. And her 15 minutes of red-carpet fame are up”

      But like a an A lister she has you to stalk and follow her movements and declare career prospects always.
      Never mind Sodebergh has stated he still wants to work with her. She also gave Allure and Elle magazine their biggest sales of the year (there must be an audience somewhere)and she was personally invited to present at the 12-12-12 concert with other ‘nobodies’ so I’m sure some in the industry still think she’s relevant.

      “Martha Stewart Weddings lied to her viewers.
      a spit in the face of few of her fans”

      OMG Kill Martha, Bring back the guillotine
      Martha’s viewers whom you obviously know so well like the industry ‘insiders’ have clearly contacted you to vent their frustration.

      “And then people buy magazine, open it and found out that they were played and were lied to and there are no pictures”.
      People like you? Although according to you as Blake has such few fans why would anyone care enough to attack poor Martha who ‘spat’ on them?
      Hilarious. Haters are often the most pressed, we need to break out the Midol.

      • Shy says:

        I really don’t care about Blake. I love LaineyGossip site and agree with her opinion on celebrities maybe on 95%. I don’t care about Mariah Carey and Gwyneth Paltrow so I usually don’t open their articles. And I don’t open Blake’s articles because she is nobody. Just a person who occasionally shows up at events or magazines. I can’t even call her actress. I never watched Gossip Girl so don’t know her from there.

        But Lainey keeps screaming in her titles to articles how Blake played everyone bla-bla, and I WAS reading articles when she was dating DiCaprio. So sometimes I open them for fun. Like literally. I know that whole article will be like: “Oh she is so smart and genius. She played everyone once again. How did she do that?”. And I scratch my head like: “What? Who she played? WHAT she won? She tried to be this Next Big Thing few years ago, she managed to date A-list. And where is she now? No movies line up at IMDB. She was not working for a year since Savages were shot in 2011. Only that Gossip Girl thing that finally died.”.

        Lainey made me hate Blake with her ridiculous praise :)

        She married Ryan. But he is B-list. He was supporting actor next to A-Listers like Sandra Bullock. They tried to make him leading man with Green Lantern but if failed. He returned to his supporting status. It’s not like Blake is Kate Winslet or Portman who can take 2 years off and then return with brilliant role. Once Blake vanished from public – some other untalented fame hungry chicks will replace her. It doesn’t matter what director said. They kiss everybody in words. They will praise Lohan too. Look at IMDB – no movies signed on for a year.

        Do you know that Charles Barkley gave SNL amazing ratings? Does it mean that he is superstar now? No. That was reference to Allure and Elle magazine sales.

    • A says:

      Eh. I kinda agree that Blake is the master at the fame game. As pointed out above, Teresa Palmer has been in numerous total flops and Elizabeth Olsen had something like five movies flop in a row. One of those movies was a mainstream horror flick that should not have flopped that poorly. Even Ashley fucking Greene still gets offers…If Blake wanted a role, she would have one. I think she just wants to take a break from the game. If not, she’d be out snatching Amber Heard’s roles and others. Maybe she’s turning down roles because she has unrealistic expectations, but still….

      I find the bitching about Lainey funny. Most of you guys that don ‘t like her base on the fact that she likes certain celebs this website loves to bash. People just have different opinions.

    • mercy says:

      Martha didn’t “promise” squat. I knew there wouldn’t be pictures of the dress or personal pictures in the magazine and have said so several times on this very site. I knew because I read what she said instead of assuming.

  39. poppy says:

    Lainey has the love because Blake is goop 2.0. Same recreational drugs. Wannabe model. Can’t act. Even boned Ben freaking afflack.

  40. Jub-Jub says:

    That engagement ring!!! So beautiful.

  41. moxie says:

    People sure are passionate about Blake lively. If she gets Reynolds into Canadian politics, i might start buying this mastermind story.

  42. tigerblood says:

    Ke$ha’s cleaner twin sister XD

  43. Ginger says:

    Those espresso beans looked fantastic!