Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony try to quell breakup rumors

Yesterday the news came out that J.Lo and Marc Anthony were inevitably having trouble in their four year marriage. I was surprised they lasted as long as they have. They do seem to have a mutual love of living the high life and acting smug, so maybe that bonded them in a way that lasted for several years. Now that Lopez’s career is in the tubes, though, she’s said to be blaming Anthony and wanting out of the marriage, her third and Anthony’s second. Lopez was photographed at the premiere of Benjamin Button on December 8 without her wedding ring. US Weekly has a cover story this week that suggests it goes deeper than that, and they use the somewhat convincing “multiple sources” argument to site problems in the relationship, including Marc’s controlling nature:

Multiple sources confirm to to Us Weekly their marriage is at a breaking point.

“They both didn’t wear their rings on purpose,” a mutual pal of the married couple of four years (who renewed their vows in October) tells Us. “Nothing Jennifer does is without purpose.”

While Anthony’s rep insists to Us, “They are doing great,” a source tells Us deep trouble has been brewing.

“He’s very, very controlling of her,” a close Anthony pal tells Us. “The skirts aren’t as short. You don’t see so much of that booty anymore.” The new Us Weekly also reports that Anthony also picks out Lopez’s clothes and keeps tabs on her phone calls.

But Lopez — who once claimed she “loved getting his opinions” — has become less interested in his approval since the birth of their 10-month-old twins, Max and Emme.

“She walks in from work, washes her hands and grabs the babies,” a longtime friend tells Us. “With him, it’s almost like, ‘Ugh, they’re crying again?'”

Another problem: Lopez — who once commanded $15 million per film — “blames Marc for her career going down the tubes,” says a mutual pal, adding that she’s bitter about the failure of their 2006 drama, El Cantante, which only grossed $7.5 million. (Her 2002 flick Maid in Manhattan earned over $94 million.)

“Jennifer looked around and said, ‘This is my life now? I’m a Long Island housewife?'” a pal says. “She hates that everything she worked for went down the tubes.”

Lopez isn’t the only one with growing resentment toward her husband. Her best friend, Leah Remini, also can’t stand him.

[From US Magazine]

Anthony and Lopez were seen out to dinner at Luau restaurant in LA on Tuesday, and given the rumors they surely invited the paps to document their outing. Madonna and Guy used that tactic frequently too, and they managed to hang in there for months if not years after the first rumors of rifts in their relationship. Makes you wonder if maybe these rumors about Lopez and Anthony are true, and how much they’re each motivated to make it work. If they do get divorced, I hope we get to hear all the details. Anthony had that issue with not being able to pay his state taxes and it was rumored that they pocketed the baby photo money for that reason. I would bet that they live above their means and that money is a real stressor for them despite how much they seem to have.

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  1. mel says:

    If they’re rumors, they’re probably true. I really believe that after she married him, her popularity went down. You dont see the pappos trying to get photos of them and the babies anymore. We havent seen them in the media for months. Stay tuned.

  2. Roma says:

    I think I mentioned this on the site before; there have been rumours about them not paying the contractors that worked on their home – they just kept switching to a new company instead of paying. They are apparently almost broke, but keep spending like sailors on shore leave. No wonder there is marital strife.

  3. UrbanRube says:

    Ha! “They do seem to have a mutual love of living the high life and acting smug, so maybe that bonded them…” Love that line. But it’s “cite,” not “site.”

  4. Hellary says:

    Malignant narcissists can never stay in love because it means they have to treat someone just as importantly as they treat themselves…which J Ho obviously can’t do.

  5. A.J. says:

    I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long. It can’t be easy to be married to Jennifer Lopez and her massive ego.

  6. elisha says:

    Didn’t they date and break up a long time ago? And this go-round is their second?

  7. Valerie says:

    Hellary, I LOVE that comment about “malignant narcissists” – so true. But what other personality type would be able to deal with her? It certainly didn’t work with husbands number 1 and 2, or with Affleck. Both of them are ugly, ugly people.

  8. Granger says:

    She *has* changed a lot since she hooked up with him, and it’s not just the lack of booty and short skirts. She always seems to be two steps behind him, never doing anything on her own anymore — which is completely at odds with the woman she used to be, a fierce workaholic and unfazedly determined to do *everything* — sing, dance, write, act, design. You could argue that he’s mellowed her out and made her realize there’s more to life than work, but the change was SO radical and quick that it seems odd.

  9. trollydolly says:

    There have been rumours he’s a bit fisty-cuffy too.

  10. Christina says:

    almost 100% of marriages in hollywood end in divorce… so one can just start a rumor and it’ll inevitably be true… BOOORIIINNGGG…

    the one thing i’m not buying about this article is the whole “walks in from work” bit… makes it sound like she has a 9-5 job… she hasn’t really been in anything recently so i don’t see what she’d be walking in from…

  11. yadira says:

    Me thinks she rushed into it with skeletor so she wouldn’t be outdone by Affleck after he dumped her.

    Her ego is ridiculous as is her ex’s P-Diddy. Has anyone seen his dumb cologne commercial “I am king”? Riding a jet ski in a tux? Pa-lease…we all know you have money, no need to rub it in our pretty little faces

  12. Christina says:

    yeah p-diddy pisses me off too… now there’s a guy who doesn’t exhibit any shade of humilty…

  13. drm says:

    Its funny I was thinking that those pictures of her in the white dress are the best I’ve seen in a while. She has gotten really matronly looking…sort of like how Katie Holmes has looked awful since she married Tom Cruise (and I don’t have strong opinions on Tom either way, don’t watch his movies I just think he’s boring, but Katie does look terrible).

    Remember when JLo came out with “On the 6”? It was amazing, she was everywhere and that CD can still get me up and dancing…

    Would not be at all surprised to find out this is accurate..

  14. viper says:

    This is why I stay out of relationships. I noticed that for soe reason women start to slowly deterorate emotionally, and physically when they get into relationships. Liek for ex myself: I broke out into acne when I was with my ex and gained weight. I have never had acne my whole life and Ive been in martial arst since I was 9. When he cheated on me and eventually left me the acne went away, I lost all the gained weight and I literally transformed into a completely diff woman. I’m actualy far more happier single than I EVER was when I was taken.

  15. RaraAvis says:

    Somewhere south of here a former Miss Universe is laughing her head off…

  16. morgs says:

    Wasn’t there a blind item awhile ago talking about a famous singer and her partner. Covering her bruises and always laughing about what a klutz she is…I thought it was J and Beyonce, but I could see him as a man who wants his woman to be subordinate. She was one of the first of the MTV TRL princesses (Brit,Jess,Mariah) to become a chariacature (sp?) of herself. She always seemed really really needy. Maybe she’s grown out of that and when they do divorce she can emotionally stand on her own two feet.

    I bet he sucked her financially dry. I’d resent him for it as well.

  17. raven says:

    I virtually never heard of him before she got involved with him. And she does very little anymore. I agree that she jumped on him after she and Affleck split up so she would look less like a loser.

  18. h00bydice says:

    RaraAvis says…Somewhere south of here a former Miss Universe is laughing her head off…

    LOL…that’s funny, RaraAvis, and just what I was thinking! That was a contract made in HELL, and it could only have turned out badly. They both cheated with each other on everybody they ever dated or married. I heard that was why Affleck ran for the hills.

  19. carmen says:

    J-lo has looked depressed ever since marrying marc. If u look at her pics with ben and diddy she was full of life and her eyes sparkled . Body language says a lot. Marc looks like he has some kind of substance abuse prob as well.

  20. Yvette says:

    I truly believe that what goes around comes around. How can you expect them to be happy, when Jennifer was the cause of his first marriage breakup. And,yes if I were Miss Universe, I would be laughing my head off, as well………..

  21. el wadifa says:

    My brother (4 real) worked with both JLo and Marc Anthony, when they performed a one-off with the San Antonio symphony a few years back. He said JLo was very sweet and incredibly beautiful in person but that Marc Anthony was a jerk and a control freak.