“Miss USA Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe last night” links

Miss USA Olivia Culpo won Miss Universe last night! She’s pretty. [Bitten & Bound]
I didn’t realize The Olive Garden was trying to dodge Obamacare. So this makes me really happy – this is what you get for treating your staff like crap. [Gawker]
I don’t who this woman is, but her body is crazy. [Yeeeah]
Debra Messing without makeup and with a really fug hat. [Celebslam]
Celine Dion + KISS = Magic! [OMG Blog]
Did Tamar Braxton talk smack about Beyonce’s fake bump? [Bossip]
Trailer for The Heat, staring Sandy Bullock & Melissa McCarthy. [ICYDK]
Lisa Vanderpump was a Miss Universe judge. [Reality Tea]
Melissa Gorga got a book deal. [CDAN]
Taylor Swift went with Harry Styles to the tattoo parlor. [Amy Grindhouse]
Samuel Jackson talks about the first time he met Quentin Tarantino. [Seriously OMG WTF]
LOL, Taylor Swift’s Honey Boo Boo hair. [CityRag]
The Year of Taylor Swift’s Crazy Girlfriend Moves. [The Frisky]
More pics of Kate Moss in her unflattering bikini. [INFDaily]
Chris Pratt looked so hot when he was buff. [PopBytes]
Jay-Z gave Rihanna a Porsche for Christmas. [Limelife]
Joanna Krupa in a bikini and I still don’t who she is. [Hollywood Rag]

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  1. marie says:

    I’m just gonna put it out there, it was soo rigged. I think the Philippines did a way better job. Don’t get me wrong, Miss USA is beautiful and bubbly, but I feel like they gave it to her (don’t judge, there was nothing on tv last night)

    next question, is Jay Z adopting? I feel the need for a new car..

    • T.C. says:


      Miss USA had a bad dress with her boobs almost falling out, she tripped walking in her evening gown and her answer to the question at the end was just so-so. I’m American and saying she didn’t deserve to win.

      Miss Philippines was great on every count. The dress, her walk, pose, beauty and she had the best answer of ANY beauty show contestant I have ever head. I was watching with 4 other people and we all called it for her. It was crystal clear she won. Trump rigged this contest. Miss USA hasn’t won since 1997 and he rigged it so this girl could win. No offense to her but she was #3 behind Miss Australia and Miss Philippines. What do you expect from a Donald Trump outfit but shady behavior.

      • marie says:

        I could not agree more. There was too little fabric up top and too much on bottom. I was shocked Miss Australia placed lower than her. To me it should have been Miss Philippines,then Miss Australia with the other 3 spots up for grabs.

      • I love boobees says:

        Whenever I see side boob, it’s always from the side, but this woman managed to show both side boob and UNDER boob from the middle. Great groodies.

      • val says:

        ITAWU, Miss Philippines won fair and square. Most people called it. She had such confidence walking on that stage. And the way she answered her question, she is clearly more than just a pretty face. Personally, I don’t think Miss USA was even going to make the top 5, top 10 yes, not 5. She is pretty but….

      • ture says:

        i think the best answer given by any beauty contestant ever was by Miss Nigeria during the 2001 or 2002 miss world pageant.nothing beats that…….signed, proud Nigerian

    • bros says:

      me too! they could have used an asian winner. usa was so boring and tripped and had an ugly dress with a cheap seam down the middle.

    • Vesper Lynd says:

      Marie: you’re right, these pageants are always rigged and used for political gain mainly. Look at Miss Universe back in 1991, Lupita Jones was the Mexican contestant and right after she won Mexico agreed to sign the Free Commerce Treaty with the USA and Canada. Mexico had been reluctant to sign the treaty until then. Well, this was a lesson learned at a Foreing Politics class in college.

  2. Annie says:

    I’m not just saying this to be a bitch but because I’m genuinely puzzled – I’d have guessed her age early 30’s if I didn’t know. Not that that isn’t still young, but I never see any 20 year olds with such mature features in real life. Is there something in the water she’s drinking or what?

    • MollyB says:

      It’s the buckets of make-up. The Daily Fail had some candid picks of her and she looks like a typical, albeit very cute, college kid.

  3. Fofototto says:

    Her look last night wasn’t her best. She should’ve repeated what she wore to win Miss USA. That high bun gives me a headache just looking at it..

  4. Apples says:

    She is really cute and pretty.
    I saw a magazine layout on her after she won Miss America. Having said that, these pictures from last night don’t really do her justice.

  5. badrockandroll says:

    Tom and Lorenzo have a scathingly funny three parter about the “national costume” segment of Mis Universe on their blog.

  6. Mari says:

    I’m so over all these beauty pageants. Half of them are getting arrested for drunk driving, cocaine, substance abuse, etc. The majority are nasty, catty and not good role models.

  7. V4Real says:

    I’m not a fan of these fixed beauty pageants. That being said she is an attractive girl but then again they all are.

    Donald Trump looks hideous.

  8. Shad says:

    I hate her dress and Trump looks like a major douche.

  9. Sweet Dee says:

    I know most people think they’re rigged, like me.

    Does anyone else think you have to bone or beej the Trump to win? I so do.


    The Olive Garden thing is hilarious. Die, Olive Garden!

    • I love boobees says:

      The last woman who said they were rigged had to pay a $5 million fine.


      • Sweet Dee says:

        I know! Because the girl who was backing her up took the payout.

        Just because she can’t prove it doesn’t make it false. I believe her that it was rigged.

        Not to mention, all of the contestants were from EARTH. How is anyone else in the universe supposed to win?

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Let’s play a game called blow or bang. John Travolta, Donald Trump and David Hasslehoff. Would you rather bang or blow? FYI throwing yourself off a cliff isn’t an option.

      • marie says:

        haha, gross.. is stepping in front of traffic an option?

      • Miss Kiki says:

        No of course not! I’d bang Travolta and just stare at his Wiglet of Doom the whole time.

      • j.eyre says:

        Oh – I love this game!

        Travolta: BLOW – kisses as I pass by

        Trump: BANG – his head repeatedly into a wall until he promises to never open his mouth again

        Hasslehoff: BLOW – all the money I took from his wallet at the craps table as he lies in a drunken puddle of his own filth.

      • marie says:

        hahaha, does that count? awesome answers by the way..

      • Miss Kiki says:

        J you’re a wiley one I’ll give you that. If I was sure that Marie wasn’t still monitoring how freely I spread my lady love, I would totally snog Mr Rochester to punish you for tricking me.

        On a serious note though, is it me or is Miss America not that amazing looking?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        J.eyre-Amazing. Thank you for making me laugh my ass off 🙂

      • Sweet Dee says:

        LOL You gals are hilarious.

        Miss Kiki, as long as we are allowed to force them to wear a condom or two, I’d say bang to all three. Because then I don’t have to smell ball sweat, just face sweat and the odor of alcohol seeping from one’s pores.

        I think I need to vom.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        Eughh ball sweat. Do you reckon JT has a rug where his pubes should be? Actually I wonder if Trump has a comb over/wiglet. OMG would you be Trump’s official pube- wiglet comber for the Miss Universe crown?

      • marie says:

        which way would you need to part it?

      • Sweet Dee says:

        Miss Kiki you’re too much. I’ll bet once you want something from The Donald it gets real weird.

        Unofficial Trump Quote:
        “One of you will style the pube wiglet and one shall style the top wiglet. After I put it in you both I can decide who to fire. I’m going to have my son help me out on this project…”

    • MsGoblin says:

      Sweet Dee, that’s exactly what I thought…bone or beej was the price.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        Yeah, MsGoblin, and from her wide-open face in that third picture we can assume in her case it was beej. Poor thing. Probably just got stuck that way.

  10. bub says:

    Can’t hate, she’s from my state!

  11. lisa2 says:

    That high bun is for the crown. The crown always looks better displayed that way then when the winner’s hair is down.

    I stopped watching the show too many years ago to count. I remember when I was young my whole household watched and it was fun to guess the winner.

    Does anyone recall the Seinfeld episode where Kramer coaches a girl. This made me recall that episode.

    I hate when women get flack for going make up free. The comment about Debra Messing is just ugly. I just went to grab a pizza for lunch. Wore my cap and hoodie. No makeup. I had a guy ask me for my number. Turned him down (I have a guy), but it felt very nice that someone saw ME

  12. Lipsy says:

    USA is pretty, but I was swooning over Australia and Venezuela! They were jaw-dropping gorgeous!!!

  13. Hipocricy says:

    She is pretty and cute but doesn’t have this out of this world charisma, hevenly grace, extreme feminine poise and jaw dropping beauty i would expect a Miss Universe to have.

  14. Jenna says:

    Too bad Jay-Z can’t Rhianna some damn common sense for Christmas.

  15. chia says:

    Uh, Chris Pratt is still hot.

  16. j says:

    Olivia is actually a really cool, genuine person. I’m a photographer from the Boston area and worked with her twice before she went to compete in the pageant. She is very intelligent and down-to-earth and I am not a huge fan of pageants, but I’m really glad that she won both. She is not the stereotypical beauty queen, and I love that. She’s also kind of a band geek and played cello forever. 😉 Can’t stand DT though.

  17. val says:

    Oh and her dress is fugly, fugly fugly. She looks like she borrowed it from a hoochie Mrs. Clauss.

  18. april says:

    She is beautiful and confident but she gave the worst answer when they had to answer a question. I watched the Miss USA and this pageant and she didn’t look very surprised when they announced her name as the winner.

    I do think it was rigged and Donald Trump looks so lecherous.

  19. Thiajoka says:

    If ya’ll haven’t seen Samuel and Anne’s Funny Or Die Christmas video yet, please go check it out–it’s hilarious. Do not watch, however, if you’re easily offended by bad language.

  20. j.eyre says:

    My Gawd but I do need a crown like that…

  21. Samigirl says:

    Darden has always treated their employees like crap. I gave 3 years of my life to that place and was miserable every day. I made good money, but it wasn’t worth it.

  22. Jessica says:

    I thought Miss Israel was GORGEOUS! (Lina Makhuli)

  23. Esmom says:

    If having to stand so close to Donald Trump comes with winning, I’d think most of the ladies were happy to lose!

  24. Sumodo1 says:

    Finally! We have a Miss Universe who knows what a quahog is!

  25. CAP says:

    Its not beauty competition,
    its language test,
    miss usa she dont deserve to be even from the top 10

  26. Ron says:

    Slutty Holiday Barbie won?

  27. Dea says:

    Miss USA won just because its USA and the judges were mostly Americans. The answer to question asked was awful and there were others prettier than her. Even she knows that she did not deserve to win.

  28. Kelly says:

    And we still have these outdated beauty competitions why?

  29. Adrien says:

    Who was Planet Jupiter’s contestant this year? Kidding.

    I thought Miss Philippines or Miss Australia wuz robbed. Miss USA is a beauty but she’s too safe and look at her gown, that’s ‘MET Gala circa 1985’ Barbie.
    I was rooting for Venezuela but she fumbled in the Q and A. Miss USA gave a confusing, “white people problems” answer. Philippines should have been MU but Don Don won’t let it be. I remember he was vocally and visibly disappointed when Miss Japan, Riyo Mori won the crown? Yeah, that’s Don Don, he’s a Scrooge.

  30. FirstTimer says:

    Such a shame. Miss Philippines should’ve won.