Scarlett Johansson wasn’t into Justin Timberlake

Scarlett Johansson is said to have gotten Justin Timberlake’s hopes up after he dumped albatross Cameron Diaz and thought he scored a real actress. She was seen flirting with him at the Alpha Dog after party and people said they were a new item. Justin is said to have hired Scarlett to appear in an upcoming video in order to get closer to her.

She was toying with him, though, according to sources who say she’s not ready for a commitment with the arrogant singer turned actor. He was said to be too clingy and needy for her, so she got the hell away from him:

The hunky “Sexy Back” singer, who’s 25, rushed into 22-year-old Scarlett’s arms after his split with Cameron Diaz – only to discover the big-screen bombshell “just wasn’t that into him,” sources say.

“Scarlett loves male attention, but there’s no way she’s ready to settle down at her age,” a pal told The Enquirer.

“Justin was crazy about her, but Scarlett? Not so much.

“She said she was more than happy to share a fling with Justin, but then he got all clingy and wanted a commitment. That’s when Scarlett backed off…”

“She let Justin down easy, but she made it clear that she’s not looking for anything heavy. The bottom line is Scarlet just wasn’t that into him.”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, January 29, 2007]

I kind of love that the tables were turned in this relationship and that the woman was the one who wasn’t into the guy. When it’s Justin Timberlake that’s getting the brush off, it’s all the better. Maybe there’s another snotty actress he can publically humiliate. Britney is said to be out of the question, but Lohan only has a couple of crotch slips to her credit and she’s going to be sober soon.

Justin’s ex, Cameron Diaz, is rebounding in style with hot surfer Kelly Slater. Kelly’s a guy, unfortunately, or this story would be more interesting.

Scarlett’s ex, Josh Hartnett, is said to be romancing drunken Brit Sienna Miller. Yeah, I know.

Header picture of Scarlet as a harlot performing with the Pussycat Dolls is from The Superficial. It looks like she’s giving Justin the kiss off, doesn’t it?

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  1. FF says:

    CB, did you just come back from holiday or a spa or something? Your writing voice sounds different. (In a good way.)

  2. celebitchy says:

    FF this is definitely me. We do have guest columns from UrbanDK and Viv today, so just look to see who it’s written by. If it says I wrote though, I did. I’m trying to branch out more, so thanks!

  3. FF says:

    Yeah, I realised UrbanDK did the Leo one, you don’t usually talk about people’s fat heads.

    I wasn’t being sarcastic I just meant that you sounded more playful in your writing.

  4. Fabiola says:

    Apparently Scarjo’s girls are, um, “store bought,” if you know what I mean.
    Why would she want to do it with Pipsqueak anyway? His balls haven’t even descended yet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    how is Scarlett a “real” actress compared to Cameron? I can see you saying she’s a “real hottie” but I cant for the life of me figure out how her titties have hypnotized people into thinking she’s a good actress.

  6. greg says:

    Dude, JT is the shit. You deserve scarlet johansson if anyone does.