Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris got married at the Playboy Mansion on NYE

Well, they said they would do it and now they did it. Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris got married last night at the Playboy Mansion in LA. Crystal came back to Hef a few months after she dumped him and broke off their engagement just a few days before they were supposed to be married the first time, in 2011. She came back and they got re-engaged and now, I suppose, everybody is happy. Sure. Okay.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are on their way to happily ever after! The Playboy founder, 86, and his model girlfriend, 26, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on New Year’s Eve at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, a mansion source tells Us Weekly.

Originally announcing her engagement to Hefner in December 2010, Harris called off her first wedding in June 2011 just days before the ceremony.

One year later, Harris confirmed via Twitter that she had reconciled with her ex. The couple cemented their plans to walk down the aisle once more in early December when they obtained a marriage license in Beverly Hills and Harris proudly debuted her new engagement ring. (She auctioned off her first ring — worth an estimated $90,000! — at NYC auction house Christie’s in October 2011.)

Taking special care to keep her second ceremony private, Harris — who recently opened her own lingerie store, Femme Fatale, in Studio City, Calif. — says her renewed bond with Hefner is solid.

“When the wedding didn’t work out the first time, it was because of me. I needed to explore out there and take the time away [from Hef and the Mansion]. The time away really helped make me realize that where I’m meant to be is here with Hef,” Harris tells Us Weekly. “Our relationship is better than it ever has been before. I’m very happy and Hef’s very happy and we’re excited.”

Former Girls Next Door star Harris is the Playboy mogul’s third wife. He married Mildred Williams in 1949 and the couple had two children together — Christie and David — before calling it quits in 1959. Hefner married Kimberley Conrad, the mother of his sons Marston and Cooper, in 1989 and filed for divorce in 2009 after an 11 year separation. Previous girlfriends of Hefner’s include Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt and Brande Roderick.

[From Us Weekly]

My sources – Crystal’s Twitter and Hef’s Twitter feeds – say that they definitely went through with it. Both Crystal and Hef tweeted photos after the wedding, and Crystal already changed her Twitter name to “Crystal Hefner”. Do you think she’ll start tweeting sh-t about #getthatmoney or #honeymoonbaby or #golddigger4eva? Anyway, congrats to the happy couple. I hope they served soup at the wedding reception!! GET HEF SOME SOUP.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Hugh’s Twitter.

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  1. brin says:

    True love can overcome any obstacle. *eyeroll*

  2. Jules says:

    What a sham. These 2 asshats make a mockery of marriage, and gays still cannot enjoy marriage equality throughout the country.

    • teenydj says:

      In all fairness, it’s not that hard to make a lifelong commitment when you only expect your partner to live another few years.

    • teenydj says:

      In all fairness, it’s not that hard to make a life long commitment when you only expect your partner to live another few years.

      • Isa says:

        I fully expect them to stay married until death do they part. Sure they got married for reasons other than love- she is his trophy wife and she wants the money. But I take less issue with this marriage than I do with Britney’s 3 day marriage or Kim K’s 72 day one.

  3. Sandy says:

    She’s 26?

    • JenD says:

      She’s 26 like I’m 29.

    • Gabriella says:

      I don’t understand why do these girls – Crystal, Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Stodden – look so old!!! Is it the tanning? Is it the dried out platinum hair? Is it a result from cosmetic surgery?

    • Abby says:

      Totally doesn’t look 26. Maybe 30… 32?

    • Sassy says:

      One thing! She doesn’t have those horribly puffed up lips. Looks like a pretty girl used to look, pre lip plumping. I say “yes” on this fact alone. A face that has not been plumped is such a rarity today. Hey, I’d marry Hugh!

  4. Jewbitch says:

    She looks older than 26!

  5. Jewbitch says:


    • stinky says:

      still photogenic & cute tho….
      in a nasty-girl kinda way.
      she really does look ruff – like she’d cut-a-bitch (or a jewbitch!)

  6. lexy says:

    meh… Theyre both getting something they want. Power to them. Enjoy marriage!

  7. Nola says:

    He’s probably lonely and wants companionship. She just happened to be the re at the right time.

  8. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    If that old coot Hef wasn’t smart enough to get a prenup, then I hope Mrs. Gold digger gets him for all he’s got! No 26 year old (cough, cough) would marry this creep keeper without money being involved.

  9. Alita says:

    Got to second the ’26? Really?’ comments.

    Age is a fact. Own it! I’d rather be a brilliant looking 40 than a wreck of a 28.

    LiLo, this conversation doesn’t apply to you.

  10. Sapphire says:


  11. Sugarrbunny says:

    26? Not!! 46? Maybe

  12. Kimbob says:

    Oh good Gawd! Yeah, hope they served soup, and the entree’s were pureed!

    How can anyone reporting on this farcical “wedding” do such w/a straight face?

  13. Mandy says:

    Off subject, I know, but I am really digging that gawdy necklace Crystal is wearing and I hate myself for that.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    That implant ridge is tragic!

  15. Green_Eyes says:

    All I can think of is that Celebitchy blog about Kendall’s book & how things are @ the PBM & am grossed out… Just all kinds of gross. But she’s old enough…& if she’s 26, I’m 36. 🙂

  16. Rita says:

    In that last picture, Hef looks like the Viagra is giving him cramps. (Take only as directed).

  17. Ms Kay says:

    So… what’s the point of such a marriage: she inherits, or so? Don’t think so. Pre-nup Pin-up!

    I guess Heff wanted to get married one last time eh… But why didn’t he marry Holly?

    • Abby says:

      I’m sure she’s getting paid for simply going through with the marriage. That was the arrangement this first time – she said so in her interview with Howard Stern after she’d skipped out. I think she said she was to be paid $1 million.

      I have no doubt she’s under a very strict contract that involves a curfew and when she’s allowed to leave.

      I won’t hate, cause she’s earning her money… to commit to a life like that. She must have decided it was worth it after all.

  18. Just Me says:

    He only initially got engaged to her to get back at Holly. When Holly moved on and got pregnant, I think he thought…”Oh well. Why not?” It’s not like his gross ass is getting any younger.

    • Ms Kay says:

      Well that is just sad, so Heff married to spite her… Holly actually cared about him at some degree.

      He must be really lonely to resort to such, no matter how many play bunnies he may have in his mansion.

    • Veronica says:

      Holly is just pregnant as of 2012, so marrying Crystal came up well before her getting pregnant

      • Just Me says:

        This is their 2nd try at the altar, remember? Crystal left him redfaced days before their wedding last time.

        Hef got engaged to Crystal very quickly after Holly left him. He wouldn’t marry Holly, but he’ll jump into marriage with the next tart that comes along? Please. That was spite. Once he saw Holly had truly moved on, what other option did he have? He’s OLD. Despite that, Holly actually loved him. i’ll never know why, but she did. He missed out. Good for Holly for getting out of that cray cray.

  19. lisa2 says:

    The wedding looks budget

    I swear the first time I saw that picture I thought it was Jessica’s Simpson’s Dad Joe marrying them. Funny how the eyes play tricks.

    All I can think about when I see her is how she talked about him on The Howard Stern Show. She is a piece of work, and I don’t understand how his children or people around him let this person get her hooks into him, especially after what she said in the press.

    I actually feel a bit sorry for him. That he is reduced to this.

  20. dcypher1 says:

    Her face looks botoxy or shes had sum work done.

  21. MrsBPitt says:

    These two crazy kids!!! I’ll bet the honeymoon was wild!!! Hef probably stayed up until 8:30, had a glass of warm milk, took his teeth out, and had the new wifey change his depends…who says romance is dead!!!

  22. sauvage says:

    I second all the age comments. This woman is my age (32) or older.

    Something is bothering me: Wasn’t she supposedly 19 (!) when they talked about marriage the first time A YEAR AGO? Hollywood sure DOES age you quickly, doesn’t it?

    • Bijlee says:

      I also remember her being like 22 possibly 23 when the news was first announced back in 2011.

  23. Relli says:

    Oh now i sure they have a lot in common, talking and not talking and of course, soup!

  24. Celt Lady says:

    Poor Hef, I am beginning to think that dementia has a grip on him. That biotch said horrible things about him and yet he forgave her. Why? She is gross and obviously a user. Holly appeared to really love the man. Hef, shoulda married Holly, old mate.

  25. truetalk says:

    Hef may be an old creep but he’s not stupid. I’m sure he has an iron-clad prenup. This whole marriage thing is probably just for a little bit of media attention.

    • Violet says:

      I seem to recall that when they first got engaged — before she left him to “explore” — that he wasn’t planning on a prenup. But maybe he’s changed his mind since then. (I don’t think he’s got dementia, though. I’m sure his kids would’ve gotten lawyers involved to stop the marriage if that was the case.)

      Crystal definitely works hard for the money; I can’t even begin to imagine having sex with Hef. He’s so feeble it’s like he has to lean on her to stay upright.

  26. lizbet says:

    I don’t get it. Why? She can’t even fake liking him in pictures; everything about her body language screams that she hopes his lack of collagen isn’t contagious.

  27. stinky says:

    time for a sage-ceremony at the old mansion…. clear out those freaky-creepy-spirits, ugh! just looking at that wedding pic in front of that old wooden staircase gave me the willies!
    the place is decrepit… in a weird, bad way.

  28. J7 says:

    Divorce in 3,2,1…….

  29. KellyinSeattle says:

    Awww, what a sweet fairytale wedding. In the last photo, it looks like Hef is holding onto her for dear life. The bridesmaids probably made out during the service; how sweet.

  30. Trashaddict says:

    I think she had second thoughts originally because she wasn’t sure he would kick the bucket soon. Now he
    looks more like he’s on his way to the Great Beyond.
    One night of real sex (if she could stomach it) might accomplish that goal….

  31. booboocita says:

    Hef’s expression in all of the photos is identical. Is he even aware of his surroundings? Where is Christie, or another of his adult children, that they don’t stop this?

  32. Annie says:

    What a silly old man. The man who broke so many hearts and became the ultimate Playboy ended up being made a fool by one of the worst women he ever dated, in the twilight of his life. Nothing lasts forever! He was always into fiery independent women who ended up dumping him because of his lifestyle, but he had been so good to them that in the end it didn’t matter if he cheated so much because they all are, to this day, close friends with him. Even his first wife. Probably not the second wife…

    So sad to see someone fall from grace at this age. This woman humiliated him, mocked him openly on the radio and tabloids and he still marries her? Holly actually respected him. Gold digging or no gold digging, Holly was good to him. She got to know him well. She seemed to care. This girl is beyond evil and he fell for it. Of course there’s a pre-nup but she deserves nothing.

    • judyjudy says:

      I haven’t followed this story…what did she say about him? How did she mock him? It’s all so strange. And gross.

  33. Carolyn says:

    I just can’t take this seriously. The myth of presenting Hef as a randy old man able to pick up “hot” chicks is nauseating.

    Playboy passed its useby date a few decades ago. When Hef does pass away his children will have a hard time making this business work. Their target market is getting their kicks from other competitors and has well and truly moved on.

  34. Kitten says:

    “we definitely wanted a private wedding”… ok sure thing, toots. *eyeroll*

  35. LMB says:

    Her parents must be so proud!

  36. Danielle says:

    Leave them alone!!! They obviously have their reasons for being together although this relationships is clearly a mutually beneficial symbiotic union. Anyway, lot’s of happiness and love to you Hef and Crystal:)))

  37. xoxokaligrl says:

    le yawn

  38. lizbet says:

    Is she preggers?! Look at her stomach in the wedding pic!

  39. Jolene says:

    26 my ass. I’m 28 and look 10 years younger than her.

  40. kristiner says:

    He must feel the end is near because that’s the only excuse. He wants to go to his Playboy Mansion in the sky being married to a “hot” blond.

  41. me says:

    He must be very immature emotionally, and very insecure. And the girls are clearly using him for fame/fortune. If it were random, I might think it was real, but habitual marriages of the older pervert to the younger gold diggers tells the tale clearly. They all need help.

  42. me says:

    Not to be mean, but I have to wonder how much he paid for this bride? I really think she must have come with a price tag and she will pay a price herself just being with him in all his wrinkled glory.

  43. mommak918 says:

    Cocaine and not eating…
    Makes you age.

    I’m 26…married with two babies. I do look my age (for now). But my baby fat, plump-ness helps combat wrinkles and lines.

    Regardless, this is all sad and a gross mockery.

    Le Blah!

    • sauvage says:

      mommak918: Congratulations on your babies! 🙂

      I have a hard time believing that at 26 you would have any wrinkles, baby fat or not.

  44. MrsPatton says:

    “till death us do part ” – well, that won’t be long now will it? Old softcock won’t be around much longer and then his 26???!!! Year old wife will get her contracted money.

    What on earth could they have in common? He is at least 60 years older than her?
    Imagine going to bed with him, yuck!

  45. stinky says:

    (and people said Isabella Canalis looks like a dude)

  46. Diana says:

    26, my ass; she looks at least 40. That old fart should have married Holly when he got the chance. That girl cared for him and he just wouldn’t commit and two seconds later got engaged to this twat. Dumb man.

  47. martha says:

    it’s nice to see he has a lot of depth when it comes to women