Kristen Stewart covers V: ‘I’ve gotten quite comfortable with just being unafraid’

Kristen Stewart covers the new issue (Spring) of V Magazine, likely to promote On the Road, right? Her Twilight promotion is over, and On the Road is the only thing she has out these days. The V Mag photo shoot is by Inez & Vinoodh, and it… sucks. I mean, it’s very “Kristen,” but I don’t think that’s a good thing. I know Twihards are going to yell at me, so let me explain myself: I think Kristen is very photogenic, and she’s capable of working some very strong photo shoot styling. So I don’t understand this minimalist shoot in which Kristen’s hair looks super-greasy and she’s slouching and slumping her way into self-inflicted misery. You can see the full V Mag shoot here, and here are some highlights from the interview:

Kristen goes out of her way to be nice during the interview: Upon walking into this interview a few minutes behind schedule, she proffers a hug and an offer to “stay until you get everything you need.” There are no publicists, handlers, ringleaders, or beefcake bodyguards hanging around… “I really love people… You can’t not as an actor. It’s just strange meeting someone and going, Okay, you start at square one and I will try and make up for what you already think you know about me.”

She feels stronger than ever: “I have realized that you can close yourself off to life if you put walls up, but it’s a difficult thing. You can’t see over, people can’t see in, and you also can’t see out. So I’ve gotten quite comfortable with just being unafraid. I keep saying the same thing: it’s not about being fearless but really just embracing the fears and using them.”

On the Road: “I would have done anything, I would have played any part,” says Stewart. “Marylou is remarkable because she’s got a tough core. When you’re a teenager, a year can be crippling to maneuver through. You’re just out there questioning things, and so to be completely okay with that and not think that there’s anything wrong with you, that’s something I’ve recently understood. I’m 22. Marylou started this whole thing when she was 15.”

Kristen thinks being an actress is super-important: “It’s a pretty f–king odd thing to want to pretend to be another person,” she says, “and then have a lot of other people who watch you do that. You have this experience of reading something, and if you don’t bring it to life, you’re basically deleting it. Every day of shooting you’re depriving the world of having that. The responsibility is amazing.”

She’s no longer calling herself a “miserable c—t”: “Until you really get to know the woman behind the character, it’s difficult to connect the dots. I’m a contemporary, sensitive, normal girl, and it’s difficult to try and empathize with someone who seems to have a lack of empathy. She seems a bit callous in the book. She’s literally the farthest…I have never encountered a person that had their nerves so f–king close to the surface.”

Broadway Twihards? “Theater is a completely different way of working, but, yeah, I would be very much down.”

She’s up for ensemble work, especially with her girlfriends: “There are so many cool girls out there!” she says, name-checking Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, and her best friend, Dakota Fanning.

She’s not closed off anymore: “I am not closed off to anything right now,” she says, smiling. “That is what I was saying about not having any more walls up. I don’t want to deprive myself of any bit of life.”

[From V Magazine]

I think Kristen has the same issue that Anne Hathaway and many, many others have – she spends way too much time thinking about how she’s perceived and she spends way too much time trying to publicly identify her personality traits, her vibe, her essence. Part of it is pushback against preconceived notions that the public might have of a girl who spent the past five years in a deep sulk, a girl who spent years slouching, eye-rolling and lip-biting her way to this place, only to describe it now as being a run-of-the-mill “contemporary, sensitive, normal girl.” I kind of liked her better when she just acknowledged that she is, in fact, a “miserable c—t.” But maybe this IS the new Kristen. We’ll see.

Photos courtesy of V Magazine.

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  1. 'Sup? says:

    Yup, the Mini Cooper pics are evidence of her “unafraidness”…rolling my eyes…

    • RocketMerry says:

      Actually, I really think it was. I’ve expressed my opinion about this lots of times, so I won’t get into it in detail again (since people tend to yell back), but I have such a clear image of what the “totally spontaneous cheating scandal” and trashy, grown-up clothes and edgier style are doing for her career.
      It is and was all too perfectly and carefully timed and brought to the public for it NOT to be a new career and PR management move to reposition her after the inevitable end of Twilight and Bella. Just how I see it.

      And @Kaiser: “But maybe this IS the new Kristen”. Yep, totally is. Chapeau, truly. PR wise it was beautifully executed. Let’s see how they make it pay off.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        Great comment and you make some excellent points RocketMerry. Have to say that I kind of agree with you.

        (Now runs out of thread so that I don’t get yelled at by the twihards/twihaters lol)

      • Josh says:

        She is beautiful. What a great pictures. Art . Belong to MoMa. Coolest girl in the universe.

      • donna says:

        I actually disagree. I think the girl who unapologetically screwed a married man even after working with his wife and kids and who seems to think it’s okay because it came from an “honest” place is the REAL Kristen. That Kristen is used to getting her own way, was already getting edgy, promiscuous film roles, and openly looked down on other actors.

        The girl who hugs interviewers and talks about how much she loves Jennifer Lawrence? THAT’S the New Kristen who is just now realizing that her career is on the slide and she needs to fix her image FAST.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        No, it was not a stunt. She fell in love, had an affair, got caught, apologized for her bad choices and is now attempting to remake her image and move on. Miss Stewart is behaving like an adult, recognizing her mistakes and correcting them. If only her fans could do the same and quit making half assed totally ridiculous PR conspiracy excuses for her behavior. I repeat, this was not a PR stunt, she did a bad thing, you need to deal with it, because she has. Now, lets all move on shall we?

      • RocketMerry says:

        @Miss Bennett, Lol, just wanted to point out that I am not a fan of Steward, always found her too twitchy, never seen a vampire movie in my life since “Interview with the vampire” and I never read a Twilight book (I saw one in my fave book shop and could not even read the first 5 lines. It’s that bad).

        I just see a pattern here, that’s all :)
        *runs far, far away from the thread with Camille, now, before someone else starts yelling*

    • Jocelyn says:

      Yep. I tried to give this girl a chance before the minicoop incident, but I just can’t with her.

      She is the biggest poser. When you are geniune in who you are, you don’t have to try so hard to sell it. She is always trying so hard to sell how hard, edgy, uneffected, she doesn’t care bullshit.

      Guess what, she does care. She plays the same game as every other celebrity out there.

      But I guess in her mind she is so hard core and real. Barf!

      And please someone introduce this girl to some shampoo. She probably thinks not washing it makes her more real.

    • megsie says:

      Miss Bennett, I wonder if the general public might have gone easier, or at least let up sooner, had Kristen given us any indication that she did indeed fall in love? Instead we are given the impression she indulged a “momentary” infatuation, selfishly followed an emotional whim. Love earns sympathy, recklessness does not.

      To compound the issue, she and her pr team continue to sell us the tired “I do what I want, I follow my heart, damn the consequences and what other people think” defense. She may or may not have this past summer’s mess in mind while spouting such immature nonsense but she must realize the public will. Add to that her cheerful Swath2 announcement, the ‘keep them guessing’ strategy, and I could easily make a case that Kristen has done as much to keep the scandal talk brewing as anyone else. At the very least she’s making it increasingly difficult for the average joe to believe she is genuinely contrite. It seems to me more have balked at the apparent lack of regret than the indiscretion itself. To speak of being an empathetic person under these circumstances, to discuss threesomes and the possibility of loving two people at once, etc? Asking for trouble.

      • A says:

        @ Megsie. Except the loving two people and nudity/threesome stuff was in relation to her playing MaryLou and Breaking Dawn (the whole Team Jacob Edward thing). If she refused to talk about basic components of the films (stars are always asked about nude scenes and the love triangle was a big part of those craptastic films) then the journalists would probably get pissed and mention it in their articles. She was basically f’ed either way.

  2. Ameila says:

    I’m sorry, I got distracted by the teef in the second picture.
    What were you saying?

    For the record, I have nothing against big front teeth – mine are fairly rabbit-eque, but at least I know not to pose with my mouth hanging open.
    I give it a month or so until she’s back to being a whingey c_nt.

  3. gogoGorilla says:

    She’s an idiot. And these may be the worst photos I have ever seen in a magazine. Her hair looks disgustingly greasy. Ugh.

  4. Agnes says:

    They should shower her and brush her hair once in a while. Gross.

  5. Mia 4S says:

    Good lord she sounds foolish. The more someone talks about how “unafraid” they are the less I believe it. I know all actors are generally insecure but this one comes across as terrified. It’s exhausting and she’s not a strong or exciting enough performer to be worth it.

  6. stephanie says:

    this woman is not even attractive.

  7. marie says:

    wow, she looks super greasy. she can be pretty, but these photos are not.

    and I laughed so hard at the “she thinks acting is super important” answer that I snorted water through my nose, and it burned like a motha.

  8. Logan says:

    She’s become so hollywood-fied. I expect her to dye her hair blonde & buy herself a giant rack anyday now

  9. CTgirl says:

    KStew’s super-hero power is making couture look like sh*t.

  10. T.Fanty says:

    Ahh. So wise, so young.
    (*insert eye-roll here)

  11. serena says:

    Hate this photoshoot. Anyway ‘I relly loe people..’ LOOOL Seriously???


  12. deb says:

    Does she think that verbal vomit that spews out of her mouth makes any sense whatsoever? She never answers a question, she just strings meaningless phrases together in an attempt to sound “intelligent”. Guess what, it’s not working.

    And that photoshoot, fug. Girl needs to learn about soap and shampoo. Hopefully 2013 will see the end of her “career” and the end of her mug on magazines and stupid nonsensical interviews.

    • toto says:

      Thank you
      i thought my English comprehension is bad.

    • FreeSpiritedGirl says:

      1 for ‘verbal vomit’ and ‘meaningless phrases’. That’s what I’ve always thought while reading and watching her interviews. Her sentences really doesn’t make proper sense. She sounds a bit illiterate. Lacks in good vocabulary. I guess it is because she hardly spent any time in school during her teenage years as she was doing movies. Whatever… Her mouth is full of f-bombs and other derogatory words. She tries to show herself as a ‘tough core’, which she is not. She is just plain stupid.

  13. Jess says:

    I may be alone here, but I didn’t find this latest Kristen Stewart piece as insufferable as some of her previous interviews.

    And I agree that she is incredibly photogenic. She has the ability to pull off some intricate and intense editorial looks, I will give her that.

  14. Lily says:

    ‘I’ve gotten quite comfortable with just being unfaithful slut’ – good for you girl!

  15. Lulu says:

    I think she showed up her typical greasy unwashed self and they decided to go with it. Because it’s – you know – Kristen Stewart. As is the slouching, sulking and pouting. Seriously, I live in CA and the teenage girls out here all slouch terribly. I hear in the UK they actually teach posture in school, I wish they would institute something like that here.

    • Amelia says:

      Not anymore, Lulu! Maybe in the very exclusive schools, but I went to a fee-paying school and was never taught deportment, etc.
      It’s a shame, really, so many kids I knew would almost be crawling across the school campus.
      When I was little my Mum always taught me to stand tall, shoulders back and have a long stride becuase in the (very) long run it’s a little easier on the spine.
      Also I had quite a few orthopaedic problems as a kid, and good posture was an important part of learning to walk without a limp.
      As someone posted a few months ago (I don’t know how I still remember this); slouching doesn’t make you look shorter, it just makes you look slouchy.

    • booboocita says:

      I have excellent posture, but I was taught by nuns. Nothing like the prospect of an expertly wielded ruler to get a girl to pull her shoulders back.

      What’s most interesting to me, post-Twilight, is that KStew continues to make regular appearances in the tabloids and in fashion editorials while Pattinson has all but disappeared from view. I know he has several films lined up and she doesn’t, so I’m thinking that this is just more of the PR push to resurrect her career after the wanderin’ biscuit mess. I dunno. She’s pretty, if not smashingly beautiful, and she has a presence in photos and film, but she has a lot of growing up to do, and only time will tell if she can or will.

      • Jenny says:

        I agree with you completely.

        Kristen comes off as more and more desperate to save her career now. She isn’t intelligent enough to pull off a reinvention a la Angelina Jolie, and sadly KS doesn’t seem to have very smart advisors either. Not much going for her at all, at the moment, but yes she does photograph well, at least when she isn’t out of shampoo…

  16. LindyLou says:

    KStew and James Franco would make the perfect couple – both “misunderstood”, unwashed, douchebag ARTists!
    Seriously, I hope her 15 minutes are up. She is the worst actor out there. It’s ridiculous.

  17. lower-case deb says:

    while i know that the photographer directs the model on how to stand, sit, lean whatever,
    please for the love of your own bones! stand up straight!
    show me a dozen pictures of her standing up straight. that picture with the long floor-length skirt just made my spine wince in sympathy.

    take it from me, kristen. slouching is not the way to go. don’t regret it like i did.
    well, at least you’re rich enough to pay for all the painkillers and doctors visits, and all the days spent off-work because the pain is so unbearable. i guess.

  18. bns says:

    You could fry a turkey with all of that grease.

    Why does she always talk about herself and her career like she’s so brave. You’re just an actress, and a terrible one at that.

  19. sillyone says:

    Sorry I for one do not find her attractive in anyway and I am not sure how it is possible but when she talks it makes her even more unattractive.

  20. JenD says:

    Maybe she should have been 20 min late to the photoshoot so she could wash her hair. It’s really gross looking.

  21. Marianne says:

    I like the photoshoot, but at the same time I wish her hair didn’t look so greasy.

  22. Parispucker says:

    ****yaawwwn. Now go away. No one cares. At least, they shouldn’t… this girl is taking up my Oxygen

  23. geekychick says:

    IDK, her face is so stunning, I didn’t really glance at the rest.I really like her type of beauty, and it’s been awhile that they put her on a cover with a fresh face-maybe that was the focal point? IDK, IDK….
    anyway, CDAN had a blind reveal that Sparkles cheated on her the whole time(this, I’m commenting on because I can’t believe some people are still calling her s*ut in the comments-low and sexist, people, no matter if you like her or not). Then again, it’s CDAN.
    I like the interview, I really don’t find anything wrong with the quotes.

    • Annie says:

      CDAN is full of crap though. Just right before the Twilight promo he had a blind talking about how the couple was always PR anyway so they’re pretending to be hurt and getting back together for the fans but how not only were they never an item, they never even had sex or anything. And another blind had been posted talking about, again, all being PR but hinting that Kristen and Rob were really close friends, and he was the manwhore but she’s asexual, so she didn’t mind that he “cheated” because she couldn’t give him the same in a relationship.

      To be honest I do wonder why Rob took her back so quickly. Maybe he’s not as perfect and innocent as people think. Those Ashley Greene rumors have been going on for years. As have the Lindsay Lohan rumor, sadly. And his behavior has been questionable too, by first being with Nikki and then breaking her heart to be with her BFF. This is why Rob fans hate Nikki. She’s a reminder of what he’s capable of doing, and while the girl seemed clingy and desperate as hell, she didn’t do anything wrong.

      • another nina says:

        Most likely they were in open relationships, which is not a big deal when you are in your early 20s…So, there was no reason for him not to take her back…

      • geekychick says:

        Yeah, that’s why I said-it’s CDAN.Honestly, I tend to agree with Another nina on the subject, I think it is/was some kind of open relationship. Then again, who knows? That’s what I learned from 2012.-who really knows what other people do, think and feel-there are not two identical persons and reactions (perceptions, feelings, passions) on the whole Earth. (Sorry, NY resolution and you know, evaluating life makes me philosophical;)

      • No says:

        That bullshit from CDAN is complete bullshit made up by a crazy Kristen fan in the summer. She is well know to send death threaths and such to Rob and she did this list which she send to every gossip page she knows. All the stuff in there can be debunked. LiLo really? and you believe that??? LMFAO Give Rob some credit please. He just needs to be in the same room with the opposite sex and is called a cheater. I can imagine he really does love her or loves the connection he has with Kristen and they lived to the Twilight craze together. Love makes us fools!

      • geekychick says:

        TBH the fact that some rumors persist for years (before the whole scandal, like Greene)-I get the feeling that Pattinson is not so angelic his fans tend to imagine him.
        OTH, I always had a feeling that his super charming, humble, “all my girls left me and I’m a spazz, but such a cute nerdie spazz” is a modus operandi (actually, that’s a modus operandi I used to go for pre-twenty.)
        Eh, I still like to watch some of his interviews (and my god, gifs), but no matter his “true personality” there’s no chance I’ll ever pay for a ticket to see him (I tried with Cosmopolis and Remember me). Stewart I actually like in the movies (that comedy with Jesse E and the Runaways). I know, unbelievable! ;)

    • mary says:

      lmao at this faux objective BS. Your inner KStew stan screaming through, from your “I don’t know if he’s so innocent” to your slam on his acting, while propping hers up. Please. No wonder you’re so anxious to believe CDAN and trying to act like Lindsay/Ashley rumors have been going around for years. Cause uh, NO, they haven’t.

    • A says:

      @geekychick, another nina, & annie. Pretty much agree with all of your points…I think the open relationship thing is probably spot on, and explains all the strangeness in their relationship. Have to laugh a bit at the stans though below…anytime someone thinks RPattz isn’t a white knight on a horse, they seem to think it’s because they are a deranged KStew stan…when a) most deranged KStew stans seem to love RPattz and b) they don’t seem capable of realizing that people have dissenting opinions and remember previous gossip stories. There were quite a few rumors and photographs of him partying without her but with other chicks way before the scandal. There were also a lot of rumors (Ted C for one) that they were in an open relationship, again before the scandal. None of this is new stuff.

  24. oivey says:

    It could just be because I’m half asleep…but WTF is she on about?! She makes even less sense than usual.

  25. mom2two says:

    These photos do not go out of their way to project a happier image of Kristen Stewart. She looks as miserable as she always does. Can’t someone style and pose her better? Especially if she is trying to project a new happier, confident image.

  26. pinkheart says:

    she looks like a ghoul in that floor length skirt

  27. Wes says:

    Though for most here, this photo shoot doesn’t satisfy the generic mainstream ideal of HOT but I think she looks really good.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the masses don’t like the pictures. It’s not one of the PRETTY photo shoots and it doesn’t have the “only” actress allowed to be jolie -laide in photo shoot Queen Tilda.

    • Lucy says:

      I don’t get all the hate for Kristen. So she’s obviously uncomfortable and doesn’t know how to act most of the time, doesn’t mean she’s the worst person in Hollywood. She acted just the way she was supposed to in Twilight, simple and dumb. Her acting in other movies like Welcome to the Riley’s and The Runaways was spot on. I guess since she’s a girl she’s supposed to be kissing everyone’s butt and bending over backwards to please people like Anne Hathaway. It doesn’t seem fair that guys like Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, and Shia who are much worse about saying offensive things, aren’t given as much crap as Kristen gets.

  28. Perplexed says:

    I know it’s comparing apples and oranges, and a different time, and a much different promo, but from her appearance in the Vanity Fair couture photos a little over six months ago (July issue I believe)….to this.

  29. MSL says:

    She looks like the girl coming out of the well in the floor length photo. We’re all gonna die in seven days from seeing this lol

  30. Ann says:

    I wonder what was going through the stylist/photographer’s head in assembling this shoot. It’s pretty same old, same old. Since it is part of the promotion cycle for On The Road, I’d have thought they’d have done something more period appropriate. Or more in keeping with “Mary Lou” and her personality. This look seems stuck in the perception of who Kristen Stewart is.

    I really do think Kristen’s publicist is dropping the ball here. She should be working to shift Kristen’s image, not reinforce it. If, as her interview says, she’s trying harder to embrace life and not be closed off – why wouldn’t you object to a shoot that shows her to be serious, pouty and closed off? It’s a complete disconnect from the editorial. This is the publicist’s job, and she is failing at it.

  31. vixo says:

    The last pic is awful, she looks like a dude.

  32. Vee says:

    These photos are terrible. The styling, the hair, just awful. And, I think Kristen is a pretty girl.

    I wish she would stop talking though. It’s going to take years of good work and a good attitude to erase the past five years of crappy attitude and unprofessionalism.

  33. lucy2 says:

    Don’t care for the photos.

    I agree she is WAY too focused on herself, her image, and how to convey that she’s so cool she just doesn’t care. It got old a while ago.

    • pepper says:

      “I agree she is WAY too focused on herself, her image, and how to convey that she’s so cool she just doesn’t care. It got old a while ago. ”

      Agreed. If she is truly unconcerned about public perception she wouldn’t be thinking or talking about it.

      I don’t like anything about her. For the love of God, close your fvcking mouth! ARGH!!

  34. Garvels says:

    Once again less exposure is more! Hathaway and Stewart need to fire their PR teams. I do not recall The older more talented actresses like Dame Dench and Streep going on and on about nothing…….!

    • lower-case deb says:

      i am currently watching the graham norton show with dame helen mirren and emily blunt. the story about her encounter in the baggage claim place after the oscars is oddly endearing. :)

    • A says:

      This! This is actually the first time in a long time I think she has given a coherent interview, however she does not need to be giving the interview in the first place. Any decent PR person would NEVER let their client, who is known for being a grungy mess, be photographed in this manner. She needs to lay low for a while…I actually buy that she’ll be okay in the long run (look at Sienna, whose career was a total joke and she had a similar scandal….she went under the radar, and has emerged decently)…but she needs to disappear for at least six months.

      • mina says:

        thing is, Sienna was never projected to become an A+++ lister and Movie Star. Up until the scandal and for the previous year stew was pushed to become a super star. Thing is she tumbled hard with the scandal, her and her team were set back quite a bit. Time will tell with this chick… my hope is she’ll turn to Orlando Bloom 2.0

    • Nola says:

      That’s bc the Dame and Queen didn’t forge their career during the age of the 24 hr news cycle. This generation of actors are facing new challenges and rules that the previous actors haven’t. Who knows what the Dame or Queen would do with non stop coverage on there every move.
      Yes, 2012 (esp. the last six months) featured a lot of Kstew but um compared to most peers she pretty low key (which is why her dalliance became such a scandal)

  35. QQ says:

    I wish she’d get quite comfortable with showers and hairbrushes :(

  36. RN says:

    She’s unafraid? I don’t know of another actress who is so obviously uncomfortable in her own skin. She is a perfect example of someone who is filled with fear.

  37. Poppy2 says:

    She needs surgery to get her jaw shaved down.

  38. Annie says:

    I get the feeling that she doesn’t know who she is anyway. She tries so hard to define herself and convince us of who she is and when you call yourself something so many times that means you’re not that particular characteristic. Maybe the opposite. You don’t convince people with words. You do that with actions and by now people have an idea of what she’s like and it’s not pretty. So right now she’s trying to backpedal and be nice, but it’ll take a lot for people to not see her as a brat. I had been curious to see what her new interviews would be like post scandal. I do see an attempt of changing.

    If I were her PR I’d advice her to get into writing, read more books (not just novels), get a more mature and sophisticated language, drop the swearing and the tumblr wisdom. Try to sound more articulate and intelligent. Chapter 1 of growing up.

  39. another nina says:

    I hoped (not really) that she’s got some brains’ delivery over the past half a year. Nope, not happening.
    I dunno – Pattz and her were basically out of work for a year (except for promotions.) What can people do when they are out of work and they are loaded – isn’t it helpful to get some skills (well, I”m not talking about mini-coupering), to take some college classes, to read something interesting, to travel, etc?…Every interview with her sounds like a shrink’s session, and this could not be possibly remotely interesting – she is not deep, not emotional and she is just 22 – she just hasn’t had time to get any experience…
    I think she gave an interesting interview only once – when she talked about movie-making process with an industry publication. It was smart and knowledgeable, that’s what she knows and that’s what she can incorporate even in the interviews with “glamour” magazines. It’s her thing, so why not???

  40. LittleDeadGirl says:

    It’s weird, there is something about her presence and acting that is very magnetic. I also think she’s very pretty and don’t understand why people think she looks unwashed. She doesn’t to me. Still, her acting isn’t that good, but if you use her in the right away she can be good in a movie. She just isn’t leading woman material.

  41. Asdfg says:

    I see she’s rockin her signature look! Nice!

  42. Diana says:

    worst photshoot ever. Man, she used to have the best hair and now everywhere she goes all one can see is this greasy swept to the side mess. She can be so stunning in photo spreads but this isn’t it.

  43. Melissa says:

    I think Kristen knows she’s not as smart. She acts like everyone else I know that dropped out of high schhol. Always trying to hard. Where is her management team? They are failing her. Terrible pictures and she does photograph well. I wonder what she’s trying to do this year?

  44. Ruyana says:

    “I’ve gotten quite comfortable with just not being afraid”

    Is she also comfortable with having ONE facial expression? With being a sullen, bird-flippin, f-word dispensing machine? Has she noticed that she has zero talent? And, if so, is she comfortable with that too? She and Franco would make the perfect pair. They’d probably end up in puddles of goo after trying to out-angst each other.

  45. Val5 says:

    She looks like the monster-girl from “The Ring”, and she’s talking pretencious shit as usual, yawnnnn

  46. Maria says:

    I think KStew is trying very hard to be something she is not. Ever since the cheating scandal, she stopped flipping the finger and telling the paparazzi off. She still comes across as arrogant and thinks she is better than all the actresses out there but you can’t hide your real self for so long, it must be killing her not being able to behave the way she used to because she is trying to clean up her image. All that is building up inside and i can’t wait for her real self to come out, the old KStew.

    Come Kristen show us the real you. We know what you are and i can’t wait.

  47. Tig says:

    At least she’s clothed here, as opposed to the dreadful outfits of late. Not a good photo shoot.

    Agree with all here who state the obvious- be quiet for a bit and practice your interviewing skills!

  48. eileen says:

    That is some NASTYYYYY hair.

  49. Jean says:

    It’s so boring on here until Kristen shows up and then we get our “bitch” mode in high gear.

  50. honeybee says:

    “Kristen thinks being an actress is super-important: “It’s a pretty f–king odd thing to want to pretend to be another person,” she says, “and then have a lot of other people who watch you do that. You have this experience of reading something, and if you don’t bring it to life, you’re basically deleting it. Every day of shooting you’re depriving the world of having that. The responsibility is amazing.””

    I can’t even….. What does she think she is doing as an actor? Curing cancer, bringing world peace? Pretentious narcissistic bitch. Wont she just STFU already?!
    Rob should make some time to read this drivel she spouts. He will be discovering a whole new person.

    • A says:

      Please. RPattz can be just as pretentious and whiny. Did you ever read any of his interviews with the film magazines this summer? The whole thing where he pontificated about how pleased he was to be able to do true cinema and art blah blah blah, and not some big budgeted superhero film….or how when the journalist gently mentioned that his acting in Twilight had been criticized and that’s why people were surprised he was chosen for Cronenberg’s new film, and he in turn got uber defensive and blamed the directors for their direction of his acting during the Twilight films? He also pulled the whole “‘my art, my craft” schtick and then said he wanted to castrate the paps. Both of them can be pretentious as f-ck.

      • oivey says:

        This is the only thing I think A and I will agree on. Robert Pattinson is just as much as pretentious douche bag. They feel justified by their complaints in their own little world where no one gets them and they’re just too awesome to be understood. He’s a total sponge when it comes to picking up other people’s habits.

      • Mi says:

        I’ve read and watched almost all of them and I don’t know what you’re talking about.He is always funny,intelligent and honest,he’s not madia training monkey with PR-team telling him what to say.He’s honest about studio’s way of working and influence and how an actor is dependent of bunch of people saying how his role should look like.He’s just telling what other actors working with big budget movies never would have told,because they don’t have enough courage.He’s not playing diva,all his co-workers said good things about him.When he was chose to play in Cosmopolis all sh@t storm from fanboys and bloggers has started and Cronenberg had to explaining all the time why did he want him.What’s wrong with wanting to play difficult and challenging roles?He’s enough bashed because of Twilight;the most funny thing is that even Kristen is portrayed like star of the saga,while he is this ”sparkle vampire from those sh@tty movies”.It’s like his fault, because this movies became the blockbuster,and since when is it wrong?

  51. fools says:

    Twiligt fans still posting? Why? She is not your kind of girl, never was , never will. Suggest that you go back to your Nicholas Sparks novels. Waht do you know about what each photo represent ? Do you know people behind the pictures? Go advice your doctor how to diagnose AF!

  52. Bless her says:

    She is beyond beautiful here. Dramatic and raw,one of the kind woman. G-d bless her!

  53. mollination says:

    Gah…the way you guys cover this girl is so frustrating. “She thinks this whole acting thing is really important”… takeaway? She thinks acting is a strange, rewarding, rare job to have and what is important, as a person who gets paid a lot of money to make something other people appreciate, is to do a good job if you’re going to do it, and not do an injustice to the material. If she had said anything but that you would have stuck her with the whole “she thinks being an actress is such a drag, and she can’t even get over the few, tiny downsides she has to deal with to make a million dollars….I tell ya’…if I had that job I wouldn’t be complaining” stuff. She really can’t win with you guys at this point, can she? Like, basically what she said in the first block quote…about trying to move past everything people already think they know about her? And instead, the header for that quote is about how she “goes out of her way to be nice” as though it’s certainly fake or put on….is it not possible that she’s learning from her mistakes and about the way she comes off and trying to right it?

    She is 22. That’s an age where you’re learning the things you thought you had all figured out in your teens (when you were clueless) but still not realizing that there’s a long way to go in learning the things you don’t even know that you don’t know yet. You know?

    • Jess says:

      I completely agree with you, mollination!

      Whilst I am by no means a Kristen Stewart fan, I too have noticed that no matter what she says, does, or has reported by tabloids about her – it is recapped in a negative way, and commented on in the same way.

      Kristen Stewart is quite an awkward little thing most of the time. I don’t believe everything she says is meant to come across the way it does, or the way it is then interpreted.

  54. Bread and Circuses says:

    In that second photo, she looks nauseated.

  55. Ryan says:

    What a lazy and uninspired photo shoot.

  56. Asdfg says:

    I don’t get her… She doesn;t mind getting made up and dressing up for photo shoots but for everyday style she dresses like a bum? Makes no sense to me.. She’s fake…

  57. ShaCur says:

    Am I the only person that really, really despises that hair swept to the side look? Every picture I see of her, that hair…it looks like that “end of a really rough night” style when an updo falls out and you’re too drunk to find a hair tie…

  58. Janet says:

    Would it kill her to wash her hair once in a while?

  59. Lauren says:

    I cannot for the life of me understand how some of you people can say such deplorable things about this woman. She is BEAUTIFUL! Plain and simple; but I’m sure some of you ‘beauties’ out there could do better, right? I would love to see what you had to say when you were 22, and had the whole world watching your every move. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  60. manta says:

    The way the extracts are capped are a litte bit disingenuous.
    “Kristen thinks being an actress is super-important”.She just says it’s odd and emphasizes the responsability she feels towards people who wrote the stuff.
    The choice of caption makes you believe she has stated she has the most important job in the world. She hasn’t.
    Same with “She’s no longer calling herself a “miserable c—t”. The paragraph is just a way to say she’s different from Marylou, who was in fact a rebel.I have the feeling that if Stewart had gone “yes, I’m just an outcast, out of the norm like Marylou”, people would have jumped at her throat.

    Basically, this girl is generally disliked and I sometimes got the feeling everything she says is read with some negative bias.(I may be guilty of the opposite, I’ve liked her cince Adventureland and The yellow handkerchief)

    • megsie says:

      Fair enough, yes. At this point, people will jump down Kristen’s throat if she dares say the sky is blue or the grass green. Anyone with a heart will sympathize with such an awful situation. Nevertheless, anyone with a brain will acknowledge that she has placed herself in that situation. The antagonistic, contrary behavior has come back to bite her in the ass. Her HW lifestyle works against her, but at 22 there’s time yet to grow up and develop a better attitude and a kinder, more compassionate approach. Let’s cross our fingers for her.

  61. Mary Mary says:

    Her hair looks wet with some type of product on it. She is at a photo shoot they did this to her hair. Come on! I don’t care for the shoot but I am no high fashion trending expert. I like her better more natural with her hair curled then let go naturally and soft.

  62. Val5 says:

    She scared me with this photos. She’s Samara from The Ring.