Heather Mills-Gold Digging 101

Gold Digger Heather Mills has been busy this week. There was a false news story “leaked” to the news media that Sir Paul McCarthy agreed to a $62 million cash and property payoff to end their horrible D-I-V-O-R-C-E. I’m not saying she had anything to do with the false story but based on her past antics, you fill in the blanks.

Heather-the-gold-digger-Mills, 39, has been dragging Sir Paul through the mud in the media since their split. McCartney has been accused by Heather of verbal and physical abuse during their marriage.

CASH…the real love of Heather’s life, is at the center of everything. Sir Paul is estimated to be worth over $1.5 billion and she’s going to make sure that she gets as much gold as she can dig from his fortune.

It’s sad to see Paul McCartney, an icon to the world of music and great talent, get his reputation smeared by a bimbo like Heather.

For all you tramps and gold diggers out there, Heather is truly an inspiration. I don’t think she’ll be happy until she gets at least 30% of the fortune. Anyone care to wager?

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  1. Pecarrie says:

    OMG she has no right to that! Just for being next to him for a short while, it doesnt mean she deserves his money HE EARNED it, not her. He can give her ‘sympathy settlement’, you know, enough to get back on her own two —-err, one– feet and then take care of HERSELF again. I think thats the only fair route.

  2. Pecarrie says:

    Also, cant she rely on her ole’ acting skills to make enough for herself?

  3. cici says:

    Actually, legally, she does deserve it. The moral of the story: sign a pre-nup. Paul is the idiot.

    You might think she is a golddigger, but the law is the law, and the law is an ass.

  4. Jenna says:

    Didn’t they have a prenup?

    The only person Heather is hurting is Heather, since nobody believes the false stories she puts out. This kind of behavior doesn’t look good in front of a judge either.

  5. neelyo says:

    I agree with Cici, the law is an ass. She didn’t do anything to earn his money and yet she has rights to it?!? Pre-nup or not, that’s bullshit. There was a horrible special on VH1 (what other kind are there?), one of those ‘Fabulous Life’ things, where they featured celebrity divorces and it was disgusting. Spouses who become accustomed to a certain lifestyle believe that they are entitled to that way of living even if the only reason they had it is because they were married to the right person, NOT because they had brought anything to the table themselves. Truly despicable.

  6. kailie2 says:

    I’d agree that she’d be entitled to a bigger chunk of his fortune if they were married for 20 years but their marriage was short (though she was clever enough to produce a child). I don’t know the UK laws on this but many US states go by the length of marriage as the No. 1 factor in determining who gets what. Of course there is always a fight if one side was rich to begin with, but the basic principle is: you were not there when he (or she) earned it, forget about getting 50%. Most people get a chunk of what the other spouse made during the marriage and some protection for the child, house or two, trust fund, education etc., if the ex is rich. Heather is overreaching but she could just wear him out and maybe that’s what’s she’s counting on. I’d say $10 million should be enough for her. Greedy bitch.

  7. methinks says:

    30% of his fortune?? my ass … apparently she doesnt deserve a percent of it considering Paul accumulated his wealth way b4 he met this bimbo…..

  8. estelitom says:

    She doesn’t have to deny that she’s a fucking gold digger. “GOLD DIGGER” will now be her official name from now on. So let’s start referring to he as The GOLD DIGGER from now on. GOLD DIGGER!!!