Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison hit the red carpet: she’s a robot, right?

This is just a brief very shocking palate cleanse from the Critics Choice fashion. It’s like someone smeared wasabi on your glass when you were expecting to taste a nice cabernet.

What would you do if you saw these people in person? Like, assume you’re not a gossip follower and you had no idea who they were. You would stare and think these people were in costume, or that you were looking at a hooker and her pimp – or at the very least an adult film star, right? I’m somewhat sorry for running these photos, I do feel a small amount of guilt about it, but I freaking cannot look away. They’re fascinating. Look at Courtney’s insane mound of fake frizzy yellow hair. Check out her tighter than tight, shorter than short dress with her plastic tits on prominent display. Look at her cartoonish makeup and freakishly big lips. Then look toward her daddy husband to the left, all decked out in black and looking like a creeper with that dippy gold necklace. These people are not real, they’re caricatures.

These photos are from the “Markus + Indrani Icons book launch party” in Beverly Hills last night. It was hosted by Carmen Electra, with proceeds to go to the Trevor Project, a very good cause. Our photo agency also had some pictures of Carmen there, and I ended up feeling sorry for her. She’s trying to hustle and still get hosting gigs, and she got overshadowed by an 18 year-old wannabe reality “star” and her washed-up 52 year-old husband. This new generation of “famous” people has me very concerned for humanity, but I’m still watching/staring. I can’t help it!

It looks like Carmen had something serious done to her face, doesn’t it? It’s hard to tell from these photos as they’re a little blurry. I think Courtney broke the camera. Here’s another recent photo of Carmen, from December. She looks way different to me than she used to. It could be worse. See above.

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. T.Fanty says:

    On the plus side, she is quite obviously wearing underwear, so that already puts her in a higher class than Anne Hathaway.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Gosh is that how we are judging class now?

    • Kaye says:

      One accidental/deliberate flash (your choice) by Anne Hathaway, one of the premier actors of her generation, and she’s lower class than Courtney Stoddard? Wow. Your standards are really . . . high.

      • Jules says:

        Ok, let’s put both of them in the same class. I lost all respect for Hathaway with that flash.

      • Rachel says:

        It’s underwear! You have to be a dolt to not wear them – celebrity or not. However, because so many celebrities have been caught commando, you would think the rest would have learned a lesson. Nope. Anne Hathaway flashing her hoo hoo to everyone just proved how stupid she is. As for everyone else… Don’t be dirty. Wear panties.

    • says:

      So who would be higher class between this blow up doll and Lohan? It’s a tough one…

  2. smartyparty says:

    HOW is she even shaped like that? She is so thin it is disturbing. I always feel like she is going to topple right over, actually I am surprised she has never hit the floor when the cameras are rolling yet. I predict we will see her hit the floor some time when the intricate balance of lucite heels and plastic boobs is thrown off!

    • fabgrrl says:

      I don’t think she is actually *that* thin. I mean, yes, she is tiny, as teenage girls often are. But I don’t think she would look so odd if it weren’t for her gigantic fakies and weird posture.

      • Lem says:

        fakies ? She’s rill. Her hair is rill. Her boobs are rill.
        Oh sweet Lord. That ‘dress’ is so so short. There is literally no way she walked in that. Must be why she has on panties. On the one hand I’d really love to see video. On the other hand. Ick.Nast.

      • deehunny says:

        @fabhrrl + @lem— everything you both said. Completely read my mind.

    • Trashaddict says:

      How is she shaped like that? I think it’s pneumatic tits and her spine has been surgically altered to push them forward and her butt back.

      • TheHeat says:

        I was thinking that she may have also had a couple of ribs removed.
        It’s not only gross, but sad for this kid.

  3. Miss Kiki says:

    Euggh I do not like myself for this but I’m fascinated Courtney and her Husdad. I.Can’t.Not.Stare.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      I know! I feel so ashamed, but I am rubbernecking this train wreck.

    • Minnie says:

      Me too! My sister got me hooked with her hilarious “don’t put it on me” video!!!!

    • akua says:

      I saw some pics of her before all the various plastic body parts/fake hair crap and couldn’t believe it was even the same person! She just looked like a teenager, and not .. well… whatever awful thing you can insert here!

  4. DeltaJuliet says:

    Wow….If you had’t said that was Carmen Electra I never would have known.

  5. arock says:

    hes such a gross old queen. if i ran into those people in a grocery store, i would literally think he kidnapped her from a truck stop for her wig, put her in a pillowcase, beat it on the side of a building, then let her totter in to help him pick out tomatoes.
    ick. i can literally smell the jovan white musk and neosporin from here.

  6. brin says:

    We need to put them in a time capsule so when people open it up in a hundred years they can see for themselves what a strange world we live in.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Ha ha..seriously, Brin. Although no guarantees that in 100 years we’ll be any better than we are now.

      But yeah-she and her “daddy” freak me the f*ck out.

    • Evelyn says:

      All that’d be left would be two implants and her godawful beehive. It’s looks like she did it herself in a dark, mirror less wind tunnel

  7. SolitaryAngel says:

    The girl looks seriously undernourished. Poor Carmen is right. She should look at that bottom picture and realize that bras are her friends. Crooked bewbs are not kewl, besides whatever crazy thing is going on with her face. Yikes.

    • Zoid says:

      She usually does wear a bra, it’s the padding that make her boobs look so large. I’ve seen her Santa pictures on another site where she’s topless – she’s probably a B cup honestly. She even pads the bikini photos.

  8. aims says:

    Through out the few years that we’ve had the pleasure of knowing this lovely couple. The countless photos of the boobs up to the eyeball, stripper heels, make up that would make Tammy Faye say “you gotta tone it down!” Those photos take the cake. Holly sh**!!! There are no words. Wait, i lied. Cheap, cheesy looking bar fly hooker. Trash!!!

  9. Dirtnap says:

    Doug’s face is flush with fatherly pride in that third photo.

    • T.Fanty says:

      Okay, that made me vomit a little.

    • says:

      LOL! So true. And so revolting.

    • lurker says:

      He has the smirk of a pedophile who knows he got away with it. Few people make me feel as queasy as he does. I don’t get how most men would be charged (appropriately) with having sex with an underage girl…yet this guy gets to marry one and parade her around like that. She is a sad victim of the adults in her life.

  10. bella says:

    carmen electra is one of the most beautiful women i’ve EVER seen. just breathtaking.
    WHY would she do anything to that face?
    i agree. she doesn’t look the same.

    as far as this child courtney goes…
    it is too disturbing and disgusting.
    and i agree, celebitchy.
    sadly society’s fascination with the likes of her is most likely the future of humanity.
    let’s hope that it’s short-lived.

  11. fabgrrl says:

    If I didn’t know who they were, I would think: mail-order Russian whore-bride and pathetic, smarmy loser.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Russian mail order brides/ whores ( as you put it) are far far more gorgeous even without any make up.
      Courtney, unfortunately, is the product of America all the way right down to her bone dry peroxide roots. Ugh. Vulger. Vulger. Vulger.

  12. grabbyhands says:

    What would I do if I saw them in person? I’d assume they got lost on their way to the big porn convention.

  13. dorothy says:

    I would quickly snap a pic. You could get laughs out of that photo for years to come.

  14. teehee says:

    That looks like the body shaper I wear UNDER my dresses….. not AS a dress…
    Heck I have ot hand it toher, she has got the makeup tricks down, not that I would ever want to wear that much makeup for anythign besides a photoshoot. But shes using it to the full potential for sure. You know she looks like someone else without it all.

  15. ZigZagZoey says:

    Well….At least he’s not wearing that sad hat! It’s truly amazing how disgusting they are.

    Carmen Electra looks like Jenny McCarthy now….Cheek implants?

  16. Blondie says:

    Wait a minute, they walked the red carpet?
    Do you mean the one at the Super 8, or was it the one at the holiday inn?

  17. MsLib says:

    Good lord!
    He is 34 years older and nothing to swoon over. She is/was a beautiful young girl until all of the work done on her body. Too bad…do you think she feels good about herself at all? Poor dear.

  18. Cam S says:

    Is this the Z-list red carpet? What the heck event are they attending? As soon as I saw these two goofballs there, I’d high tail it the other way

  19. cmc says:

    Were these pictures taken with a cell phone??

  20. HotPockets says:

    I still think her boobs are real. I remember checking out Nik Richie’s site when he was promoting the show he was on, “Couple’s therapy” and he also alleged her boobs were “rill.” He said that Playboy wouldn’t hire her because they were too saggy. That girl has a 5 inch thick padding with push up bra on at all times, that’s why I think they have to be real. You can still be tiny with large real breasts, believe me, that’s my body type as well.

    • judyjudy says:

      I agree. I saw her “naked” Santa pics and she looked like a B cup. She’s all padding.

      • Jaxx says:

        A B Cup? In what bra line? I’d say she’s a full C, heading toward D and I sure can’t see any padding in that shiny red satin bra top. Don’t know if they are real or not, but they are plenty big.

    • Stuart Horseley says:

      Completely fake. Tear-drop implants. Too far apart. Too many pictures in circulation of her flat chest (and not that much time had elapsed between being flat and bursting onto the scene with her “act”). Also, the whole world saw her implants on Dr. Drew. Did you not see the look on her face when they actually saw them? They had to spare her the embarrassment because it was THAT pathetic, by saying “mmmuummm, could be a bone …?” Oh, spare me.

  21. Agnes says:


  22. Ginger says:

    First thought…those photos are the worst! Poor lighting and blurry???!! Really?! UGH!!!! If I saw Courtney and her husband/daddy and did not know who they were I would honestly assume that she was a prostitute/stripper and he the “client”.

  23. WendyNerd says:

    I’m going to repeat what I said before: She’s not plastic, she’s styrofoam.

    They are made of ick. She doesn’t even look like a real person. She looks like Frankenhooker’s blond sister. Has she EVER worn an outfit that covers more than 40% of her body?

    What, exactly, is the point of all this? You’d think at this point she’d try something else, considering she can’t even get her own reality show. Does she even have her own record deal? And by that, a deal with someone other than Stodden/Hutchison Productions. I mean, yes, she’s gotten attention, but at the same time made herself unemployable and ruined her husband’s career. How are they able to afford anything?

    • Susie Q says:

      I read somewhere they live in a third floor walk up apartment, I don’t think they have any money. Look how long it took her to get a new pair of shoes. I wish they would just stop trying to make her ‘happen’. She sold her soul marrying Doug thinking it would be a spring board to fame. They are both gross, she knew exactly what she was doing marrying him.

      • WendyNerd says:

        And that’s what gets me. They are gaining NOTHING through this act and just losing things. He has no career left to speak of, she never had one in the first place. Doesn’t she realize this sex kitten thing she’s trying to put out isn’t working? After a while, once she’s old enough to not have any Lolita points left, they’re not even going to have the meager amount of attention they have now. So what do they think is going to happen?

      • Victoria says:

        I totally agree. He made one movie 25 years ago! She should get a more original sexpot look – I’m tired of this stripper look. She presents herself as an Arab sheik’s fantasy. Perhaps that is the objective?

  24. Sapphire says:

    I saw those “nude” pics, too and teh Stod is a B at best. It’s all padding and the really weird posture that will undoubtedly give her back problems. With the ratty, plastic hair combed down, you can’t see her signature plastic bra straps.

  25. Happy21 says:

    Good lord!

    She looks like a cartoon character. You know 15 years ago we used to see photos of Pam Anderson all dolled up and lookin’ cheap and we should whoa, what a trashy looking woman. I can honestly now say, that Pam Anderson never, ever – like EVER – looked this awful. If it was possible, she even looked classy compared to Courtney Stodden…

    Haha, just thinkin’, isn’t she the same age as Harry Stiles and Justin Bieber? (Or supposed to be!?)

    • Justyna says:

      +1 Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. They both were once the synonym of the low class celebrity. Now I regret thinking anything bad about them. Look at Carmen and then look at Courtney. Even in this low-cut dress Carmen still manages to look like a modest governess in comparison.

  26. Julie says:

    Do you think they love eachother?

  27. Jel says:

    I’m all for “sexin’ it up” and “flaunt it if ya got it”…. But she has taken it to blow-up doll extreme. And that’s sooooo. Not. Hot.

  28. s says:

    he is wearing a leather vest.

  29. Jel says:

    Ahhh!!! Nooo!!! I did it! I googled her! She’s making more shitty music!!!

    Did anyone actually BUY (or even illegally download?) her first few crap-ass songs???
    Please stop!!! Please stop !!!

  30. elo33 says:

    She looks like a skanky fraggle

  31. Memphis says:

    How much of an event could it be if you have poppa Doug, his tiny hooker and a badly aged Carmen Electra walking your “red carpet”. Where was it held, a trailer park?

  32. JL says:

    She looks like a either a little girl that got into her moms makeup or Dolly Parton on Drugs.
    As for Husdad – gross.

  33. Madriani's Girl says:

    I wonder how many muskrats died to make that wig?

  34. RobN says:

    This has gotten so bad that I’m actually starting to feel sorry for her. It’s just all really disturbing.

  35. Kittypants says:

    I keep expecting these two to throw their hands in the air and admit that it has all been some weird performance art project that has fallen spectacularly flat. Unfortunately I think the truth is a lot stranger.

  36. tabasco says:

    every photo of them is a PSA for the importance of mental health care

  37. Sam says:

    I actually owned a dress like that at one point. I used to wear it with tights and a wrap though. I used to get mad at my husband for calling it the “skanky dress,” but seeing it on somebody else sorta makes me regret wearing it now.

  38. Sam says:

    I actually owned a dress like that at one point. I used to wear it with tights and a wrap though. I used to get mad at my husband for calling it the “skanky dress,” but seeing it on somebody else sorta makes me regret wearing it now.

  39. Legend says:

    Can somebody explain to my why the obviously unstable girl gets all the heat while the creepy pedophile and his accomplice (her mother) escape unscathed?

    • Kittypants says:

      After watching an interview with Hutchison on YouTube, I’m pretty much 100% percent sure that he is gay, not a paedophile. It’s so screamingly obvious. This so-called ‘couple’ are all about the money and media attention. Nothing more.

  40. KCO says:

    I did run into them at a beauty store on Larchmont in LA, and upon seeing them on first glance, I was like, “Eeeek. What the f is this tiny little girl wearing, with her 15 stands of hair, and this strange man holding onto her arm guiding her around?” (as one would do with someone blind). Then I realized who the hell they were, and I made an effort to NOT notice them. He was literally holding onto her arm to keep her on display. She walked so zombie slow, and looked so vacant, something in me felt really sorry for her. I felt so uncomfortable being in the same room as them.

    • eva says:

      that is a sad description 🙁
      I feel bad for her. I can see why his mom dumped him. Sad and gross.

  41. Gistine says:

    He looks like a butt plug and she looks like a tampon. No offense to butt plugs and tampons.

    Now excuse me while I scrub my corneas.

  42. Linda says:

    That couple proves once again that it is not illegal to be stupid.

  43. Victoria says:

    She throws every sexpot archetype in her getup. At least MMonroe had a unique look. How long before we get tired of this plastic Barbie look?

  44. NeNe says:

    I hope her parents are proud of the prostitution wh*re she has become!

  45. Holden says:

    She is so tragic, that hair is absolutely awful and her style decisions are horrendous.

  46. Pandy says:

    Amazing what dreams of being a “stah” can do to a person. Start your porn career already. It’s inevitable.

  47. bondbabe says:

    Did a squirrel style her hair?!!! Did she trap one under her head and while it was trying to escape, produce that mess, and when she looked in the mirror, pronounce it was good?

    And has anyone noticed her sensually sexual while slithering ceremoniously with sequins soliloquies have come to a halt?

  48. mk says:

    The husband is so ugly and creepy looking that he totally distracts me from his wife. She just disappears in the photos when she is standing next to that.

  49. Belle Epoch says:

    “It’s like someone smeared wasabi on your glass when you were expecting to taste a nice cabernet.”


    Description of zombie Courtney actually makes me a little sad. The mother pulled her out of school in 6th grade! Anybody know what her academic problems were? She probably still has the brain of a 6th grader, since she never had a normal social life or dating life. Especially if they are keeping her all drugged up.

  50. TXCinderella says:

    That Courtney is a nasty piece of trash. She is just disgusting.

  51. Asdfg says:

    LMAO! THAT is not a dress!! She is so shameless but interesting.. xP In a sad way, I want her to succeed in Hollywood…

    Is it just me or is her hair looking healthier? It looks fuller! Extensions maybe? And I don’t even understand what’s going on with the rats nest in the back… What the….

  52. Sonia says:

    She sort of looks like Lady Ga Ga

  53. lucy2 says:

    If I saw them, I’d assume I had somehow time traveled to Halloween.

    I actually feel sorry for her. I bet she’s been used and abused and so messed up in the head by her parents.

  54. Kosmos says:

    Of course, she’s always going for shock value, folks…is this a sociopathic personality? It’s extreme, for sure, and her husband is definitely creepy, too. The more shock, the better, is probably what’s she’s thinking when she dresses up LOL…

  55. shewolf says:

    I think this is her attempt at looking more “natural.” Remember when she first came out and she was all in black and boots and dark makeup and strange blond hair? Now she’s all about white, sandles, bleach and neutral but thickly applied makeup. Poor girl.

  56. MrsBPitt says:

    If I saw these two, I would think that she was a transvestite and he was her gay lover!!!

  57. Sparkly says:

    Oh, wow. She doesn’t look even remotely the same anymore (CS, not Carmen – I didn’t really see much difference in her). That second picture really got me. It looks like her eyes are pleading for help. Did she finally wake up and realize what’s happened to her? Breaks my heart.

  58. Victoria says:

    This gurl’s approach, identity and basic MO is SEX SEX AND MORE SEX. Sex sells and that about sums it up.

  59. Nicolette says:

    I’ve always thought Carmen was gorgeous. I never really understood why Pam Anderson always seemed to get top billing out of the two. Carmen still looks good, but she’s human, she’s aging.

    As for the cheap hooker standing next to her creepy pimp. Disgusting, just disgusting. And yes, it is troubling when these two, are considered “famous”. Says a lot, and it’s not good.

  60. Jill says:

    😛 blehhhh no interested in either of these women.
    One looks like a cheap, anorexic hooker and the other has creepy eyes.

  61. Madpoe says:

    Austin Powers’ left over fembot and her pimp big whoop

  62. lola lola says:

    She’s not wearing underwear. Its a belly chain. She’s wearing jewelry under her clothes. Why would you EVER think someone like that would pass up the chance to flash herself if she could? There is no bottom this couple will not scrape.

  63. forex says:

    Felix Homogratus, Dimitri Chavkerov Rules! You pay us we post good about us!!