Jennifer Lawrence in Valentino for pre-Globes events: stunning or try-hard?

There were about a dozen big events in LA last night, all of them pre-Globes industry parties for all of the nominees in town. If we’re judging people’s Oscar campaigns and how badly they want awards from the number of costume changes and events undertaken, I’d say that Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lawrence are the frontrunners. Jennifer wore this black & sparkly Altuzarra dress to the BAFTA tea party yesterday… I like it. It’s okay. It’s better than some of the stuff she wears, but it does make her look pregnant. And then she wore the yellow Valentino to the LA Film Critics Awards. I’m not a huge fan of that one, and I think her hairstyle is tragic. By the way, these were her first public appearances since she sort-of announced her split from Nicholas Hoult. Bedhead thinks Harvey is going to try to make J-Law and Bradley Cooper stick, but I say no – he’s so weird about women, I can’t see him going for it.

I’m really sorry, but Marion Cotillard looks like she’s wearing 1970s wallpaper. She’s beautiful but she tries too hard to wear unusual things. The dress is Erdem – meaning that Duchess Kate would totally wear this.

Here’s Nicole Kidman at the G’Day event last night. I just CAN’T with this pink party dress by Elie Saab. It belongs on a girl for her Sweet Sixteen party. In 1956.

Speaking Sweet Sixteen parties, check out Sienna Miller’s BAFTA party dress by Valentino. She comes close to pulling it off, but it’s still too… saccharine.

Dev Patel & Freida Pinto are still together, and still very cute. Freida’s dress is Cue by Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna.

Halle Berry at the BET Honors. Her gown is Monique Lhuillier Fall 2012. It looks like the Narciso Rodriguez designs that Michelle Obama was always wearing.

Helena Bonham Carter looked great at the LA Film Critics Awards!

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Riana says:

    No Jennifer, no! Bad dress(es)! Bad!

    • RocketMerry says:

      “Stop the Peplum petiton! Sign here for a stop the Peplum petition! Wanna help us stop the Peplum?”
      That’s me, screaming inside my head.

      On a brighter note, HBC is gorgeous, as usual.

    • Liv says:

      I actually like the dress! Definitely an improvement to her recent dresses.

      What the fuck is Sienna wearing? Ugh!

    • mari says:

      And horrible forced fake-happy smile. She’s almost to Britneys level of smiling and wanting to die inside. Ugh.

      • Luxe says:

        LOL, I notice the same thing when I look at her pics. My niece does that. Tell her (my niece) to smile for a pic and it’s the stiffest smile ever. But when you catch her off guard or she laughs at a joke, her face lights up. Jennifer is probably the same way. I believe I read an article around the time of the THG that she has to practice the “red carpet smiling.”

        As to the dress. I dunno, I kind of like it…on her. I generally hate the peplum look, but this dress isn’t too bad.

  2. Lisle Von Rhuman says:

    All these Valentino’s gowns look so ’80. I hope it’s not a new trend.

  3. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    Halle Berry looks 2002. Good, but 2002.

    • Hoya_chick says:

      I was just about to say that! She looks so dated!

      • V4Real says:

        I also agree that cray cray looks the best.
        JLaw looks okay but I have to say as much as she claims she was happy when she was curvier I’m starting to believe that she is actually enjoying her thinner frame.

        Nicole Kidman; please just stop and drop the Stepford Wife look.

    • andrea says:

      I agree! But compared to everyone else in this set of pics, she’s the only one who looks really good to me. The woman is crazy but she’s still smokin’ hot and she knows how to make an impact… in that very 2002 slit-cleavage-and-strappies kind of way.

  4. Amelia says:

    Ah, if Marion’s dress ended at the knee then I’d call that a win, but it’s far too long IMO.
    Jennifer hasn’t been doing well recently style-wise, here’s hoping she finds something like that red dress for the Oscars.

    • Lucija says:

      I love her dress. I wish she wore a different hairstyle and a clutch, that purse ruins everything.

    • marie says:

      I think she needs a new stylist maybe? I seem to remember her Hunger Games tour wardrobe as being pretty bad too right? They’ll put her in a pretty dress and the f’up her hair, or great hair bad dress. She deserves better..

      And for a moment there, I thought Sienna Miller was Elle Fanning, don’t think that’s the look she’s going for?

  5. Christina says:

    Marian looks good. Jenniffer looks like a refugee from a John Hughes film. Nicole? Dress is OK but she looks scary. Halle may be a bitch from hell but she looks fabulous. As for Helana…. that whole gothic look is getting very old.

    • Schnauzers!!! says:

      Nicole Kidman looks like one of those scary psycho women in the foreign horror flicks. I expect her to have a meat cleaver and part of Keith Urban hidden on her somewhere….

  6. skipper says:

    Jennifer should.just not smile. And no, HBC does not look good.

    • Christina says:

      Agreed. I think because some of us love HBC’s eccentricity and ‘quirky’ red carpet style, our knee-jerk reaction is to say she looks great, even when she doesn’t. She seems to wear the same black Vivienne Westwood dress to every event, and she’s clearly had work done.

  7. Jenny says:

    Jennifer is in her 20s and dresses like she is in her 40s. Berry is beautiful, Kidman looks liks someone frightened her or yelled boo in her ear right before the photo and she is wearing a 50s cocktail dress. Bonham Carter–well what can you say.

  8. Belle Epoch says:

    More of me hating on Nicole. Here she looks EXACTLY like one of those plastic ballerinas that turns around when you open the lid of the music box. Come on.

  9. Miss so and so says:

    JLaw in the yellow dress… her hair makes her look like the SWISS MISS… she she yodel?
    LOVE HBC … she is a hot mess most of the time, but stunning here

  10. Mira says:

    I actually like Jennifer’s yellow dress except for the way she wears it. The way she has lifted the dress on one side and pinned it up is fugly. We keep talking of Anne wanting it bad, Jennifer is not far behind. Girl wants it all.

    • T.C. says:

      She was at the festival to pick up her LAFCA award. She and the old lady from amour tied for the best actress win.

  11. Fatkid says:

    Halle’s dress looks like something JLaw should wear for the next round of The Hunger Games promos…very girl on fire. I’m actually disappointed that Halle’s wore it first, since dresses are rarely repeated in Hollywood.

  12. another nina says:

    I love Sienna’s look except for neckline.

    • Christina says:

      I like Sienna’s dress too but her hair looks like mine on a day I can’t be bothered doing anything with it (ie awful). And someone needs to tell her that there is this wonderful new invention known as face powder!

  13. Lilo says:

    Oh Nicole, get over it. I hate the way she dresses like a young girl in the post-war times.

  14. valleymiss says:

    Jennifer’s first dress…ugh! Peplum, a side tie that HAS TASSLES? It’s just so busy. The yellow dress would be decent if the hemline was straight across. Halle looks gorgeous, damn her.

  15. Mila says:

    Someone older should wear this dresses. Anyway, at “W” magazine’s Pre-golden Globe party she wore beautiful blue Victoria Beckam dress. Party was held at Chateau Marmont. And at AFI awards a Prabal Gurung
    dress. She looked beautiful. But this Valentino makes her look older than she is. Lay off Valentino and go for Dior or Calvin Klein please!

  16. lisa2 says:

    I like Freida’s dress and that is pretty much it. On the fence about Halle’s dress, but she seems to look the same all the time on RCs.

    It is a shame that Jennifer has had so many misses during awards time. I don’t like most of what she has worn. I think this proves my point, her people don’t know how to market her. Her cloths choices on the RCs are all over the place. She has not found her SIGNATURE STYLE. She is not an edgy girl and dressing edgy doesn’t work for her. I don’t know much about her to even get a sense of who she is. Thus the problem on the carpets.

  17. keats says:

    What Amelia said. If Marions dress was cocktail length, I would love it.
    Also, I like Jennifers yellow dress, but milkmaid braids are a NO.

  18. Christina says:

    Do these people look in the mirror before they leave the house?? Seriously. So many fugly dresses in one post. Both JLaws dresses are hideous. The yellow one being the most hideous. Nicole looks plastic and the dress is cute, like it was said for a 16 year old. Sienna Millers dress looks like shiny pepto bismol vomit. Marion is so pretty…why with the ugly curtain dress? It looks like she got swallowed by it. Freida and Dev are adorable and her dress is fine. It looks like she bought it on sale at Old Navy, but it’s fine. Halle’s body looks amazing, but the dress is out of style and a little trashy looking. As for Helena, I think she looks awesome. I love her and she often goes over the top quirky, when this time she reigned it in a bit but it’s still very her.

  19. Twin says:

    Frida and Dev are the real life Katnis and Pita, with Hollywood representing the Capitol. They have to keep the relationship going if they want the odds of having a career to stay ever in their favor.

    • lisa2 says:

      I don’t know.. them being together doesn’t really help or hurt their careers. They are not the kind of couple to generate much public interest; positive or negative.

  20. Ms Kay says:

    Noooooo why oh why Marion Cotillard?!? I’m almost heart-bleeding here with that awful Swiss chocolate-wrap thing of a dress 🙁

  21. j.eyre says:

    Hmm, I am running just outside popular opinion here:
    I quite like JLaw’s first dress. I wish there were no peplum, but it is less offensive than some. I am not wild about the yellow dress but the hemline is interesting to me.
    I love Halle’s look.
    The problem I am having with Nicole is not so much her outfits as her hair. Is she taking styling advice from her daughters?
    I do think Freida Pinto is a real beauty. I always have.

  22. Shaj says:

    You should upload the dress she wore to the AFI awards, Jennifer looked really good and the blue dress she wore to the Bafta’s afternoon tea shindig didnt look bad either

  23. Amy625 says:

    I like Jennifer’s yellow dress but hate the braid. I don’t know why people think it’s cute.

    Nicole’s dress isn’t so bad but the color is horrible. She shouldn’t wear that color of pink because of her skin color. It really washes her out.

    I think Halle looks great. I know she’s hated but she rarely gets it wrong.

  24. erika says:

    i dont know what it is about her but her hair is always , yeah, tragic looking! it’s not even like she had her hair done up in a ‘do’ and it accidentially came apart…

    i assume she doesn’t like to flatten her hair all over but here you would think she could have gone straight down the midle with her bangs sta

  25. Rae says:

    I do not understand the hate shown at braids, I think they are cute when done well. I remember Sienna getting critiqued harshly for wearing a similar style a good few years back. I loved both their hairstyles, I just wish I had the talent to do my own hair like that.

  26. mia girl says:

    Jennifer hasn’t really pulled off a good look yet on the red carpet. IMO her styling at the AFI Awards is the only one that comes close.

  27. Irishae says:

    Am I the only one that’s mildly horrified by Jennifer’s eyebrow situation? They look ragged and badly dyed or penciled or something. Intervention time.

  28. LAK says:

    I feel bad that JLaw and Nicholas Hoult split. They were living a few streets away from me in London. So cute in that young love sort of way.

    Marion’s dress would have been better knee length.

    Also, I thought both JLaw and Marion are contracted to DIOR. Clearly clothing isn’t part of the contract. Shame because the current collection is cute.

    I wish Nicole would own her height and proportions. I always feel like she dresses apologetically. I want to see her in 4inch strappy sandals that really showcase those long legs, and something long and fluid. All these cutesy outfits just look wrong on her. Her MOULIN ROUGE press tour clothing was awesome despite the obvious heartbreak.

    Frieda always looks like Dev’s older sister to me.

    Sienna needs completely different hair. Beach hair doesn’t go with that outfit, and neither do sleeves.

    • Irishae says:

      “…she dresses apologetically.”

      That’s a really great way to describe it. All those years of height-shaming from a hobbit will do that to you, I suppose. I agree that her Moulin Rouge style was lovely, she looked incredibly beautiful during that time period.

  29. Diana says:

    I think J-Law looked good in both outfits. The yellow one I didn’t like that thing on the leg but she looked good and I do like the hairstyle.

    Helena, as lovely as ever; I love that woman.

  30. Julio Jimenez says:

    Jennifer: Valentino was very nice to send you all those dresses free of charge, but honey they don’t seem to be age appropriate for you. You are a young girl and those designs are made for ladies in their thirties.

  31. cs says:

    I think they all look worse for wear. Halle is gorgeous with a great body so, even on her off- nights she looks better than most in HW. Nicole K needs to lay-off on whatever she’s doing to her face. She is just scary looking.
    ITA, Jennifer L. needs to fire her stylist. She’s only 22 years old but could pass for a 32 years old. I can’t believe she’s only 2 years older than Selena Gomez and a year younger than Taylor Swift.

  32. Baskingshark says:

    Jesus GOD Nicole Kidman, STOP injecting shit into your damn face! It looks like that updo is hiding some sort of twist-bolt thing that Keith Urban gives a few turns to tighten up her face before they leave the house.

  33. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    HBC is the only one who looks good here, imo. All the rest = damn awful.

  34. Bijlee says:

    Wow I think she looks stunning in the first dress, but the combo of the yellow one and the hair Blegh. Honestly I like the black dress here better than the one everyone here loved on her a few days ago.

  35. Jayna says:

    I watched Hemingway and Gellhorn on HBO the other night, and what I was struck by was Nicole’s lack of fillers. Her face was thin and no puffy cheeks. I hadn’t seen her like that in a long time and realized she always usually has some fillers in her face. Only one part in the middle did I see her lip overdone and maybe some fillers, but she was laying down, so hard to tell. It was refreshing to see her naturally thin face, not all plumped up.

    The movie was very uneven in places, especially the first 30 minutes, but I never knew who Gellhorn was, his third wife, and became interested in her life.

    Clive Owen, even overweight for the role with a big mustache, I still find so sexy. They did full nude scenes in the movie, though you didn’t see them frontally below the waist. Their sex scene was the most authentic I have seen in a long time. Maybe because they were nude. I love Clive Owen and Nicole did an excellent job. Nicole’s boob job is good. I didn’t even notice in her nude scenes until one scene was she was fuller on the side.

    Nicole does look older here in these photos posted and odd. She really didn’t in the movie where she was actually age appropriate but so pretty.

    The dress is awful. The hair is so unflattering. I would have looked in the mirror and refused to leave and would have started over head to toe.

  36. TheVoice says:

    Frida and Dev look so cute together and Frida is still a knockout. They look a little casual compared to the rest, no? HBC looks fantastic but a little boring – I scrolled down hoping to see two different colored shoes. Disappointed she was in head-to-toe black save for the red lipstick. Halle Berry still looks fantastic but I agree with other people – we’ve seen this look before. But maybe she’s smart to stick to a look that works for her. Better than looking horrid like the others. Never been a fan of shiny materials, especially floral ones! Yuck.

  37. TheVoice says:

    P.S. JLaw should channel her red dress look from the Oscars when she was nominated for Winters Bone. She was amazingly hot that night!!

  38. lucy2 says:

    I would love Nicole’s…on a twelve year old. Maybe the girl from Mad Men.
    I almost like Jennifer’s first one, but not quite. Freida’s is cute. Halle just needs to get over herself.
    Oh Marion. I usually give her a pass, but not this time.

  39. Pnnylne says:

    HBC can do no wrong. I actually liked Nicole Kidman’s dress and I would’ve raised the hemline on Marion Cotillard’s dress.

  40. MisJes says:

    Kaiser, you should have covered some flattering dresses she has worn recently as well!

    She wore a beautiful Victoria Beckham dress to the Dom Perignon/W Magazine party, and she looked amazing in Prabal Gurung at the AFI Awards.

    I like the Altuzarra dress, it’s appropriate for the event and I disagree that it makes her look pregnant, you can clearly see her figure where the dress tapers at her waist.

    I don’t find the yellow Valentino is as horrendous as people seem to. The hairstyle is not my favourite on her, but overall she looks well groomed and put together.

    I really hope she wins the Golden Globe today! xx

  41. Danielle says:

    I thought she looked great in both of her looks!

  42. J Law is still finding her asthetic. Nicole’s dress would be so great on Elle Fanning not Nicole. Helena looks fantastic. Halle I am over. I feel like I have seen these dress already. Now are we going to start bagging on her like Jolie for “the leg?”

  43. Bronwyn says:

    HBC looks amazing! She is one of my most beloved gals. I love her at her craziest, but it’s nice to see her in something a bit more ‘polished’ but still true to her style.

  44. Gilmore says:

    I love Jen, but bless her heart, she needs to hire a new stylist because this isn’t love or flattering in anyway. Her hair in the second pic looks nice though.

    Ps. So sad about her and Nick breaking up. I have a feeling though their gonna do a ERW/Jamie Bell thing and just get back at it again after some time apart.

  45. Tracy says:

    I love that Dev Patel & Freida Pinto are still together! So cute!

  46. Janet says:

    Cotillard’s dress is the only good one in the lot.

    The red dress Lawrence wore at the GG’s was stunning.

  47. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Thank the lord that Helena Bonham Carter manages to look fantastic but still look like herself and have some wacky style.

    JLaw needs to fire her stylist. She is a very earthy person and older than her age. She needs to be wearing dresses that reflect that and it will be stunning.

  48. Sue says:

    Nicole Kidmans needs to hear this::
    ‘stop w the plastic surgery!!!!!!’