Is Katie Holmes a Stepford wife? (update: nose job)

The National Enquirer’s recent cover story claims that Katie Holmes is a shadow of her former self and has all aspects of her life controlled by her pint-sized cult-loving husband, Tom Cruise. They say he limits her phone calls to fifteen minutes, controls her extracurricular activities, and makes sure she approves all of her outfits before she is permitted to leave the house.

Pals of the 28 year-old actress are terrified that Tom and his fellow church members have virtually taken over eager-to-please Katie’s life, reducing an independent and free-spirited young woman to a submissive shell of her former self. Some insiders have even started calling her “The Stepford Wife” behind her back.

“It is like she obeys him like a pet or robot,” said a family insider. “It’s really creepy…”

Raised Catholic, she’s now dutifully following Tom’s lead and has immersed herself in Scientology, severing nearly all ties with her past.

“Any friends that Katie calls, and there are very few left since she hooked up with Tom, are cleared by him,” claims the insider.

Whats more, she spends only about 15 minutes per phone call, even when she’s speaking with family members….

Tom also approves his wife’s wardrobe, banning anything he considers too sexy.

“Tom doesn’t want Katie wearing anything flashy – and nothing too revealing either,” added the insider. “He’s very specific about what she wears – and if it’s not to his liking, she changes before leaving the house.”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, January 29, 2007]

To me, this sounds like a re-tread of an In Touch story from two weeks ago, in which they basically said the same thing about Katie. In fact, this Enquirer story even went on to repeat the anecdote about Tom overhearing Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom invite Kate to Hyde and putting the kibosh on their plans.

There’s not much new information in that Enquirer story, and it seems likely that the insider is just a person who read the In Touch story and filled in some more details. Of course it ‘s probably true that Katie doesn’t have a lot of freedom under the evil watch of the Scientology cult, but she could also just be tired or worn out from being a mom or whatever.

A jucier story is the one that Tom and Katie were seen celebrating what looked like little Suri’s birthday while out at a restaurant recently. The catch is that it’s January, and they claimed Suri was born in April of last year. This lends some credence to all those “conspiracy theories” about Suri not being Toms or being older than they claim. It’s not a conspiracy if it’s true.

Here’s Katie at the opening of Georgio Armani’s shop in Paris yesterday with Victoria Beckham. She dresses a bit frumpy, and maybe that’s why The Enquirer is saying Tom approves her outfits, but it could just be her style. She looks pretty happy and normal here.

Update: Oh No They Didn’t! has before and after photographs that suggest that Katie Holmes had a recent nose job. It looks like it to me.

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  1. 777 says:

    Poor Katie she should have escaped she doesn’t seem to be happy. At least she’s pretty will give her that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Her nose looks like Nicole Kidman’s.

    Did Nicole have her nose re-done as well?

  3. van says:

    Are those tatoos inside Posh’s wrists? Never figured her for a tatoo kinda gal.

  4. Alice says:

    Stepford wife or not, Katie looks beautiful and old school glamourous in these shots – not frumpy at all.

  5. lady garden says:

    hey Van-Posh has quitea few tatoos-the “best” begins at the neck and extends down the back-i would have thought a spiders web on the face would have suited but i’m being (celeb)itchy

  6. Keri says:

    I agree with the comments on the other site — Katie definitely had a nose job, and it looks to me like she’s had other cosmetic surgery as well. Someone suggested cheek implants, and that’s exactly what I was thinking.

    It’s sad.

  7. Jenna says:

    Was it just me, or did it seem like Katie had an abnormally long pregnancy? Maybe it was all the media hype, but it certainly seemed longer than 9 months….it wouldn’t surprise me if the conspiracy rumors are true. Tom’s gone off the deep end, Katie should have run when she had the chance.

  8. van says:

    She looks beautiful, but how old is this girl? Like 24?? Looks much older. Nose job for sure, maybe something to her eyes? They seemed to droop before. Either way, she’s gorgeous.

  9. Action says:

    She’s beautiful but I liked her old nose better–much more natural and young looking. The new one just looks pinched!

  10. mimosa says:

    She looks great in these photos. Very elegant.

  11. ceres says:

    what really starts to bug me is the way she dresses. don’t get me wrong – the things per se look quite dashing most of the time, but it doesn’t seem to me a style particulary made for a 27/28/29-year old. i know – it’s a free world and everybody should wear what he/she wants to, but Katie somehow looks like a doll, made up by a slightly disturbed person.

  12. KIM says:

    Her outfit is sort of mother-of-the-bride attire- I agree ceres- she dresses like a geriatric when she is still so young.

  13. Binky says:

    I so agree, she looks a bit like Nicole Kidman-
    The nose, the new smile.

    It looks to me like cheek implants, eye-lift, lower-lip plump, and nose.

  14. anonnymous says:

    she looks like sandra bullock or however you spell it

  15. frewtloop says:

    Yeah she’s definitely had the tip of her nose altered and not for the better – it looks crooked and unnatural. For fuck’s sake, what would possess her to do that? It’s bloody ridiculous, I just lost any respect and empathy I might have had for her.

  16. alexi says:

    oh my gosh, she looks horrible. Before very cute – now honestly (I am sure she is five years older than whatever her pr person says btw) she makes nicole kidman look like a teenager. The nose is a ski slope, her eyes are cat like due to botox and the clothing is super matronly. She should go for a more Jennifer Aniston style – simple, elegant, versus the librarian look armani are not. Katie is looking like the riddler in these pics. She gladly signed up for all of this due to the flash of the cameras and the big fat cash.

  17. alexi says:

    PS agreed also the NOSE is the same know as nic’s.

  18. Fabiola says:

    She certainly does not look the same as she did two years ago. It seems to me she’s had a ton of work done. And she didn’t need it! She used to be cute and adorable now she looks like a plastic dowager.
    When it was announced in October of 2005 that she was three months pregnant she looked more like 5 months pregnant. The last two months or so of her pregnancy her bump kept changing size and shape. I think there is something to those conspiracy theories, i.e., she was already pregnant when she met him.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i think that these pictures were photoshopped. seriously, look at them again, in the pictures, the bridge of her nose is kind of fuzzy or hazy.
    i dont know what the hell is going on behind the scenes….actually i kind of think that dressing in a conservative, classy way is kind of refreshing and nice to see. … but the best buddies thing with posh is really weird.
    i agree with the poster above who said that the baby’s bio papa could be katies ex.

  20. Ginny says:

    I won’t say she looks bad, but she doesn’t look like Katie Holmes at all anymore. I wouldn’t have known it was her if I had just seen the picture. She also looks way too old, part of that being that she dresses like an attractive woman in her forties or fifties, not someone in their twenties.

  21. Ginny says:

    She also looks like Renee Zellweger in several of those pictures.

  22. Miss Mya says:

    I instantly thought of Nicole when I saw that dress so maybe he does pick what she wears. Poor girl. She looks so much older than she is but still she looks classic and elegant.

  23. dud says:

    I wish she would have tacked her dumbo ears instead. Her nose was the least of her problems.

  24. yjl says:

    I think she has definitely had a nosejob, and it’s made her look about 10 years older. Not worse, necessarily, but definitely more mature. I wonder why? Her old nose fit her face and was really cute.

  25. priscilla says:

    scientologist are agianst surgery why would she have an all natural silent birth andthen get plastic surgery tom would never have that its anti scientology and break so many rules

  26. Chris says:

    Sounds like Tom has mixed in a little fanatical Islam here. What’s next, burquas?