LeAnn Rimes says “her body wouldn’t let her stop” having an affair with Eddie

By now you know that I’m a big fan of celebrities simply coming clean with their fans and with media. I think when celebrities attempt ham-fisted “damage control” when they’ve misbehaved or done something wrong or criminal, those PR strategies usually make them look worse. The best thing to do is almost always going to be to apologize, explain and then walk away and allow the sh-tstorm to continue, and just let people be mad at you for a while.

I think it’s safe to say that LeAnn Rimes has mishandled the PR aspects of her relationship with Eddie Cibrian since the beginning. The reason we’re still talking about it, the reason there is still this much controversy around them is because LeAnn specifically blundered her PR so badly. She has always engaged her worst critics, she’s struck a tone that was at times defiant and unapologetic (as in, her philosophy seemed to be “the ends justify the means” because in the end, she got Eddie and that’s all she cared about), and she didn’t focus on making the controversy die down in the long-term. Now, if her goal was to extend the controversy and continue to feed on the negative attention, then she succeeded.

Anyway, I was just reminded of LeAnn’s years-long disaster of public relations when I was watching the video of her Entertainment Tonight interview which we previewed yesterday. As we covered yesterday, LeAnn admits that sometimes she worries about Eddie’s wandering dong – and that he worries about her wandering beav (ha) too. But then the interview takes a weird turn to suicidal thoughts and how “her body wouldn’t let her stop” having the affair. It’s… weird.

When asked about whether or not she thought about suicide, LeAnn said: “I think any smart person would know that it is always a possibility that you could always get that sad and deep. I worried that was a possibility… but I think… I know I would never.” Thoughts? Eh. I don’t think LeAnn actually wanted to go to that line of questioning, actually. But does it make her more sympathetic?

Screencaps from the interview.

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  1. She looks extra strange in the face! What’s up with that?
    Also, ugh! Seriously? I just wish she would go away. I actually like Eddie compared to her and THAT says something!!! It’s all gross, however with this level of crazy I am hoping for a long drawn out affair when he moves on. The epic meltdown of Leanne will be – amazing!

    • Samantha says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking–she looks really different, even from how she looked a few weeks ago. Her jaw area looks different. Maybe as a result of all those “dental” surgeries she’s been having.

    • Liane says:

      I have to admit that was my only reaction to this post too … that her face looks overly tweaked. So to answer the question at the end … no, I don’t really find her more sympathetic.

    • ya says:

      It’s more like she really doesn’t look well – she looks so tired and drawn….. She used to be so cute before she met Eddie – I’m around her age, and I always thought she was so pretty when we both were teenagers, and later on she had almost a ’30s Hepburn-esque look with her hooded eyes. But it’s been all downhill from there – and the fillers/botox + weight loss is really not helping matters.

    • Helen says:

      Yes! Nailed it, sista!

  2. judyjudy says:

    Stop! Stop! Stop!

    Stop talking about your stupid affair!


    • Beverly says:

      WOW her looking for excuses is really… fascinating and disturbing at the same time. She really has some mental issues. She is like Britney 2.0.

      • Amelia says:

        Except I actually feel sorry for Britney. She seems like a sweetheart who adores her kids but is having trouble navigating her way through life. (…that came out more pretentious than I meant it to.)
        Whereas LeAnn is vindictive. I don’t really venture onto Twitter very often but from what I’ve heard, she’s prone to goading Brandi and almost seems to be doing a SWF.

    • MsAubra says:


    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Thank you.

  3. AmyB says:

    I feel sorry for her. She is a train wreck waiting to happen. I am sure she is not a mean person, but made bad mistakes, who has not? I have. But for her to say this stuff is very revealing.

    • Rita says:

      You say, “I am sure she is not a mean person”. Either you are a troll or know nothing about LeAnn.

      She has filed a lawsuit against a teacher of special needs children and who has adopted 4 such children to add to her 2 biological children. She’s suing her in hopes of ruining the woman because of an argument on twitter. Not to mention all the bullying and taunting she has done to the woman whose life was destroyed by LeAnn.

      What is your definition of a “mean person”, if LeAnn is not one of the worst?

      • AmyB says:

        I did not meant to insult….I guess I just try to see the good in people. Yeah I have read pretty shitty stuff about her. How much is true? Who knows? I know I dont. I am actually feeling sorry for her as I am someone who has suffered immensely from depression and anxiety for most of my adult life for a lot of reasons. Anyway…did not mean to insult in anyway. That whole lawsuit things is ridiculous, from what I know. But what do any of us really know?

      • Erinn says:

        And AmyB, I have also had anxiety and depression for years, and that is why I have no sympathy for her. She does NOTHING to help herself.

        Instead, she encourages her twitter followers to attack people’s character on twitter, has used a fake twitter account to do the same, she attacks a woman who is not wealthy legally over a twitter war, after of course stalking her. The whole thing is twisted. Feel sympathy, and look at the good in people, but keep in mind I highly doubt Leann would be bothered to do the same herself. And keep in mind she doesn’t do much other than fuel the fires that surround her.

    • Ang says:

      The woman she’s suing sounds like a bigger head case than she does.why did she care so damn much?

      • Little Darling says:

        I have to kind of agree here. The teacher, in both the recording and afterwards, seemed a little off as well, in the sense of engaging and actually caring enough/being vocal enough to even catch LeAnn’s attention.

        Don’t get me wrong, LeAnn is pretty vile and destructive to EVERYONE in my opinion based on what I’ve read about her, but….My thoughts are if you’re a teacher, and adoptive mother and taking care I special needs kids, aren’t there better, more interesting things than to engage in a twitter war with someone who clearly isn’t holding a full basket?

      • Sal says:

        The woman she is sueing hadn’t tweeted Leann for a long time and had had her account private for a long time, so there is no way Leann would know what the woman was saying unless she had a spy. Leann called her up out of the blue and harassed her for no reason other than she wanted the woman to like her. If you look at the facts I don’t see how you can accuse the woman being sued as being a headcase. She never did anything except make the mistake of answering her phone. I’m gobsmacked people can even think she did anything wrong.

    • kaligula says:

      I think it’s revealing too, AmyB. Wonder if she’s prepping the public for impending news of the split.

      On another note, funny how commenters have responded so angrily at you for daring to have empathy for LeAnn! Bet they all call themselves Christian, too ;)

      When I see this girl, I see someone who was unmothered as a child, and is suffering (lack of social skills, overcompensation, wounded self-image, lack of life skills) immensely because of it.

  4. marie says:

    haha, so Eddie’s body contained some weird LeAnn hump magnet? like he walked into a room and LeAnn just started humping air, and the only cure was to screw Eddie?

    ha, sorry I can’t watch the video to see what she actually says (not that I want too) but I think my scenario is better anyway

    • Lemony says:

      I was dumb enought to watch it…ugh…what is wrong w/ me? ha ha

    • Poink says:

      Hump magnet – hahaha

    • gg says:

      Eeek: My body wouldn’t let me stop.

      What a naive way to say: I was thinking with my woo-woo. Nothing new, still blaming the moonlight and everything else.

      She’s ever so bored and I wish she would find something constructive and helpful to do with her time than crawl up her own ass.

    • Bridget says:

      Marie, I can no longer watch the video because I, too, like your scenario better. Although I cringe every time that the Leann in my head does the hump motion, which is frequently because since I don’t know what Eddie c. looks like, I don’t imagine him coming around anytime soon. Hahaha

  5. Skipper says:

    She really shouldn’t part her hair in the middle.

  6. Lemony says:

    Why does she keep talking about this crap? WHY? She should’ve given one interview abt the affair & then every time she was asked abt it again she could simply have said I already spoke abt that, I have already discussed that once & would like to move on to other subjects. Obviously continuing to rehash this every other week has destroyed her career & her fanbase.

  7. Asiyah says:

    Why is she still talking about this?!!!!

    For all of those who claim Brandi and even Scheana are famewhores milking this affair for the little it’s worth (and I’m not disputing that), those two wouldn’t even be factors or blips in our radars if LeAnn didn’t continue to talk about it. If LeAnn just kept quiet and stopped talking about this for the last 4 years the other two would have shut up a long time ago.

    • brin says:

      Right? Everyone else is supposed to move on but this trick can still talk about it ad nauseum. It’s the only thing she has to talk about.

      • Asiyah says:

        It bothers me because women already get the brunt of the criticism in these situations and she’s making it even easier by constantly talking about it and putting it out there. The same goes for Brandi and Scheana (the latter obviously has spoken less about it than the other two). They get all of the nasty comments handed to them and Eddie is just there straight chilling.

    • Tiffany says:

      I found myself thinking about Dean. He left an entire state to get away from LeAnn and the shitstorm that was going to come with the 3 of them. I don’t fault Brandi for trying to hustle and find any work anyway she can. 2 kids and a ex with no income, you gotta do what you gotta. It does make me wonder what Dean from LeAnn to go away. And was money involved for him to be so quiet.

      • Asiyah says:

        That Dean guy is a real class act. Maybe he left the sh*t storm because he’s such a class act. He was already humiliated. Can’t blame him. And look now he’s happily remarried while all of these people are still dealing with the baggage. #TeamDean

      • brin says:

        I thought about Dean as well and how insensitive Leann is every time she talks about this. She was married to him for seven years and it means nothing to her. I also think she cares nothing for the two boys or she would be quiet. This will bite her in her butt.

      • Baylor says:

        Dean was given lots of money, had an apartment bought for him, and had his cooking school paid for by LeAnn. He also signed a non-disclosure agreement. He makes his little digs at her still every now and then though. So, yeah I have mixed feeling about him.

        Someone should ask his sister on twitter what she thinks of Darrell Brown.

      • Violet says:


        I don’t think any amount of money could even begin to compensate for the pain of betrayal and ongoing humiliation. LeAnn is out there — practically daily — yapping about the affair, giving her marriage of seven years about as much emotional weight as a gym membership.

        Anyway, I had to laugh — LeAnn doesn’t realize it, but she just gave Eddie a free pass to cheat. His body just won’t let him stop banging every woman he meets!

      • Arock says:

        @baylor- ok, I’ll bite. What’s that story?

  8. lem says:

    she is doing everything humanly possible to look more like Brandi. it’s so gross it’s sad at this point.

  9. Ruyana says:

    The affair is the centerpiece of her life and probably the most exciting thing that ever happened to her. She just will not stop the laser focus on it. Not satisfied with just stealing the ex-wife’s husband and trying to co-opt her sons, she continues to mock and vilify her. She won’t consider that she “won” until she destroys the ex-wife’s reputation, ties to her own sons and lifestyle.

    MeAnn seems to feed off the destruction of others, for example, her lawsuit against a teacher she also hopes to destroy.

    She’s a vile, foul person inside and out. Like some freakish vampire who feeds off misery.

  10. Mirella says:

    Why does she keep talking about this? Just stop!

  11. Maddie says:

    As long as she can keep this Eddie and I against the world drama fest the longer her marriage to him will last.

    Really who goes on about their horrible decision to have an affair,divorce your spouse and marry your affair partner?

    When celebs go this route and the shizt hits the fan they will ride it out with comments then lay low until the fan fair dies down.

    Look at Julia Roberts and Tori Spelling, the road out the negative press nd went on about their business to the point that most people wouldn’t even know that they both broke up marriages and married their affair partner.

    Rimes for some reason needs to prove to the world that she is the bomb for getting this hot guy to leave his family (when we know Brandi kicked him to the curb)

    I really think that’s the reason why she so active in putting herself out there because he didn’t leave his family by his own choice and that is why she is so insecure.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I completely agree. She was never his first choice. And now she has to live with that.

    • Liane says:

      Thanks for bringing up Roberts & Spelling.

    • Asiyah says:

      Maybe that’s what bothers her. The fact that she didn’t steal Eddie. Eddie was dumped. It had nothing to do with her “winning” him.

      • Sunny says:

        I agree with all of you guys. Especially that the only way to keep the marriage going is with the “us against the world” schtick. As soon as no one is watching them 24/7, it will be too easy for Eddie to cheat and or move on.

    • Emily says:

      Personally, I think she’s still in love with her ex-husband. It’s not about Eddie. Eddie was a fling, and deep down, she realizes he should have remained a fling. She tries to pretend they’re in love, but she no more loves Eddie than he loves her.

      No one gets this desperate unless they’re trying to convince themselves that a terrible decision they made wasn’t really terrible. She keeps talking about the affair because it’s all she and Eddie have in common. Everyone says he’ll leave her, but he won’t unless someone richer comes along. I think she will leave him once someone else comes along.

  12. Darlene says:

    I think she had good sex for the FIRST TIME EVER with Eddie and she was OBSESSED. My friends and I call it being “dickmatized”.

  13. Kat says:

    Well if her body made her do it, it’s no wonder she’s trying to starve it away.

  14. Jayna says:

    Her face is so odd now. Someone tell me what’s she done. Like some said before, her smile is odd, almost Joker-like in the way it curls. I guess fillers? Here she is right after the affair became gossip and she appeared on Regis and Kelly show for her new song. Her face looked slimmer back then and her weight was normal at that period, about the same as now. Her smile in the interview was like her smile used to be, natural. Her face moved normally and used to always have an expressive face. Is it just too much botox and fillers or what now? Her face is mask like. And she used to have a nice, soft speaking voice, like a slightly southern accent when talking. Her voice sounds hard now. What has she done? She looks her age, 27, in this clip and now three years later she looks 38. At least back then after the affair hit, LeAnn came on interviews acting normal, actually perky, not the martyr tour sobbing.

    2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj1j5hUggUw

    • claire says:

      I used to follow that “awful celebrity plastic surgery” website. Anyone remember that? Anyway, I’m kinda fascinated by trying to spot the differences. haha. This is what I think she’s done, allegedly, under the guise of dental “surgery”: Her nose used to be pointier on the end, it more prominently stuck out, gave her face balance. Now, it is more rounded on the tip, is wider rather than long and her nostrils are smooshed out more to the sides. Then I think she started doing fillers in her cheeks and lips. Her overall look of her face became very flat/rounded, compared to before. That’s when the cowardly lion comparisons started. Then her jawline changed, from more square to pointy. She very noticeably started having a more plump face from fillers, and then suddenly, again after dental surgery, had pretty prominent cheekbones with a fuller face, more prominent than when she was at her skinniest. They popped up out of nowhere. Now she’s gained some weight back and it all settles very badly. She’s lost cuteness, youthfulness and femininity that her face had. Of course, who really knows, but those would be my guesses. She should fire her “dentist.”

      • Poink says:

        She’d have to be nuts, as an extremely talented singer (I know,ugh, but it’s true), to mess with her nose. She’s risking her talent by doing that (apparently this is why Barbra Streisand never had a nose job). I hope LeAnn is smarter than that, but who knows?

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Wow. This clip. You really see how she has changed in a short 4 years. Just the way she speaks, she is so poised and you can understand her. Her face looks natural and pretty. Most of all, she is not fake or irritating at all in this interview. Being with Eddie really has ruined her. It’s obvious the change in her is not just natural aging. The rumors of pills,etc sounds like that would make sense. 4 years is not long enough for such a drastic change.

  15. Lauren says:

    Leann is financially supporting Eddie, and is worried about his wandering (unemployed) dong? Eddie is not worth the worry & controversy. This is not going to end well.

  16. oliveo says:

    I agree with everyone else… ENOUGH. STOP. I followed the Leann-Brandi-Eddie disaster for awhile because it was entertaining drama involving a bunch of crazy people, but now it’s just sad. Leann clearly will never be okay with the fact that people hate her for her affair, but homegirl’s gotta get more mental help and move on.

    • Relli says:

      That is the same point I reached yesterday after watching the short clip that was linked in the article. Not only was it a completely horrific and second-hand embarrassments for her all over the place. But then I was on Radar and saw that pap picture of her wearing a tshirt with an angelfish on it grinning like a maniac. Then I realized that she is totally loving this, she is really so simple that she doesn’t understand the difference between good attention and bad attention.

      • Sonia says:

        The angelfish shirt is sort of like when Julia Roberts whored around with the camera guy (and is now married to him) when he was married to Vera. Remember her wearing the “a low vera” shirt and catching all kinds of flack for that? She’s trash. Both of the ‘she’s’ (Julia and Meanne)

  17. Lady D says:

    Holy cheese-n-rice Leann shut up. Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP.

  18. Prinny says:

    She claimed Nancy O’dell was the first interviewer to ask her about Brandi. Didn’t she recently talk about Brandi on Leno, and on the red carpet at the ACA awards? Does she actually re-write history in her head? Blatantly lying.

    • claire says:

      I know, right? Never seen anyone, celebrity-wise, lie this much besides Lohan.

      • Relli says:

        Interesting that you bring up Lohan.

        I have been thinking for the last few weeks how similar in situation these two are (this is what I do when ESPN is on at home).

        Both child stars, who came into fame in their adolescence when they were still to young to really understand the ramifications of it. They were surrounded by handlers and managers while their parents called the shots in order to earn a paycheck. They also both moved in with their scuzzy older BF’s at a fairly young age (FEZ and Joey Donner) which, were later followed by extreme dysfunctional relationships.


        I am guessing that after years and years of being told what special, talented and supreme snowflake you are its hard to understand why anyone would see you as anything but that.

        Also based on comments I have read on previous SheMann posts, I think Dean was totally keeping her in check!

    • Relli says:

      But Prinny, she is a VERY private person!

  19. Annie says:

    LeAnn is TERRIFIED of what is coming for her. Terrified. She loses her mind at the thought of Eddie leaving her for someone else, which is inevitable. So she’s doing this whole confession thing as if she was cleansing herself from sin and asking for forgiveness to avoid the Karma coming at her. It doesn’t work that way.

  20. hoya_chick says:

    Of course she is still talking about it and rehashing it she has nothing else of note to discuss! This is all she is known for nowadays. She is a washed up country star from the 90s.

    I also think she secretly loves the attention. She is probably one of those people who thinks any attention is good attention. She is trying to refute the version of Eddie that was on RHOBH. A cheating loser, who was having sex with a 20 year old while his wife was at home pregnant with their second child! Yuck, what a catch Leann, you really won yourself a prize there.

    I noticed she tweeted a photo of a bunch of candy with some ridiculous caption like look how much we keep in the house. Lol, I am sure that had nothing to do with what Brandi said about the laxatives.

    She reads everything that is published about her and then tries to spin it. Crying and carrying on in interview after interview as if she is the victim. Her whole life is a facade trying to convince everyone she is happy and in lovE when she is in fact miserable. All the people she tweets at seem like loonies, you never see or hear about her with anyone but that redhead. She doesn’t have any friends, or semblance of the career she once had. All she has is the affair and a cheating husband.

    • pamspam says:

      If she “secretly” loves the attention, may I just say that’s like the worst kept secret EVER?! :)

  21. Rita says:

    I think this is LeAnn’s way of holding a knife to Eddie’s…junk. As long as she keeps this alive, he is almost complelled to stay. When it goes quiet, he can slink off into the darkness.

  22. Kcarp says:

    OMG!!! So many people have affairs and the poeple get over it. Look at David Letterman, Bill Clinton, etc…If you just STFU and quit having Dysentery of the mouth this would have gone away.

    Famous people have been having affairs forever and no one really cares. So what they have bad morals so does the rest of the worl.They are famous no one expects them to have great morals.

    Leann Get That Jaw Wired Shut for awhile you can drop some more weight and learn to shut up.

  23. Cecada says:

    She just radiates crazy.

  24. JH says:

    This headline made me nauseous. Shudder…yuck.

  25. Jayna says:

    I always still had a fondness for pre 2011 LeAnn, when I first noticed all her bizzareness and behavior, and famewhoring. I still consider them two separate persons so enjoy the songs I love of hers.

    But something she said in that interview last night made me call it quits as far as any redeeming quality about LeAnn as a person. First of all, I’m over the sad LeAnn. Bubbly LeAnn is gone and it’s tiresome this LeAnn.

    But, most importantly, she talked about the twitter digs being one-sided, on Brandi’s side, and how she’s above it, made very pointed comments in the interview. She truly believes that she has done nothing hateful on twitter with her passive aggressive posting back when and even pretty recently, not so much lately. I believe she truly believes what she’s saying. It’s truly delusional behavior and shows me she hasn’t grown in the least coming out on the other end of this. Not that she has to admit it publically, but if she really was horrified by her past behavior on twitter, and just made a comment whatever I contributed to in the past on twitter I have recognized and changed and it will be one-sided now.

    Because Brandi has been ratching it up on twitter for months, true, and it’s tiresome and obviously gearing up to sell books. But to pretend she herself was never a problem on twitter and so above it is laughable. Bang that victim drum, LeAnn. How’s it working for ya?

    • Asiyah says:

      I think she was always like this. It’s just that Dean wasn’t Eddie. He doesn’t like attention. Maybe that’s why she got bored with him and “fell” for Eddie. I personally don’t think she loves him as I feel she is incapable of genuinely loving anyone but herself, like most narcissists. Eddie doesn’t really care since he’s a sociopath so all of that just slides off. I seem like some overly analytical prick who diagnoses everyone with a disorder. I know lol. But I’m really not like that. I just call a spade a spade!

  26. Rita says:

    Her body wouldn’t let her stop f-cking Eddie?

    So she’s addicted to Eddie and laxatives. I guess they’re pretty much the same thing.

  27. Asiyah says:

    I’m sorry if I seem so emotionally invested in this hag lol but I majored in Psychology and she’s a PERFECT example of someone with a severe personality disorder. So I see this from that POV. Unfortunately, most people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder don’t get treatment and feel like there is nothing wrong with them. So frustrating…and sad!

    • Quinn says:

      And as a therapist, I can tell you that there’s no truly successful treatment for personality disorders. They are the DSM’s nice way of saying, “You are going to be a real pain in the ass to others”. You cannot medicate away a personality disorder, and most people with BPD or NPD never resolve their issues. They are very difficult to work with in therapy, as they tend to have no insight into why they behave as they do…it’s everybody else’s fault. (For example…LEANN RIMES) :)

      • Asiyah says:

        It sucks because someone I love is Borderline. He’s improved but I know he’ll never fully recover. The fact that he’s trying is progress, though.

      • Deanne says:

        That’s the thing that I notice most about LeAnn Rimes. That she can say she’s learned and grown from what she’s been through, but yet her continuing need to play the victim, shows her to be a person with zero self awareness. It’s actually staggering. She seems to just lie and lie and lie. I think that she’s so deluded she believes her own lies at this point. Being surrounded by enablers who view her as a giant wallet, can’t be helping. Do personality disorders get worse as people age? Hers certainly seems to be escalating.

      • nomorerimes says:

        So in other words she will always be like this?? Intervention with family and paid friends won’t help? She seriously needs mental and emotional help and no one close to her dares tell her that or they would lose the money she pays them. She does have a pretty pathetic life if all there is in it is paid-for friends and family. I don’t feel sorry for her as she made her life what it is but still to have no one to want to help her makes them just as sick as she is.

      • Lulu says:

        Do you know if there is any research going on about the etiology of BPD or NPD? So fascinating! Having a family member who suffers from it, I can tell you it is NO. PICNIC. Complete severence of all relations was my only hope at survival after several attempts to find work arounds. To make it worse, this person got their LCSW license which they felt gave them, well, ‘license’ to diagnose everyone else’s disorders when they couldn’t deal with him/her. Insufferable. :o

  28. Passingby says:

    This poor girl is just really, really dumb. People are just shocked by what she says because she used to sing songs written by other people, and because of those songs, everyone believed for a while that she had a brain…

    • smartyparty says:

      I agree, I think the majority of the problem is that she is highly emotional with very little intellectual ability. The way she answered those questions… she’s just kinda dumb! Makes me laugh…

  29. AmyB says:

    Why is her ex husband so quiet? No word ever from him. Class…maybe she should take a lesson from that. He did not even comment on that song she released recently which is heartbreaking.

    • Sapphire says:

      General opinion is he signed a non-disclosure agreement as a part of the divorce. The divorce went through in record time and he ended up with a lot of cash. He’s also a pretty nice guy, has a new carrer, remarried and doesn’t need the drama.

  30. Quinn says:

    Number one..how pitiful that this trick cannot SHUT UP about what most rational people would be embarrassed to discuss at ALL…infidelity and poor character.

    Taking a married man does NOT mean you are irresistable, awesome, totally meant to be, or any of the STOOPID things that Rimes must associate with her affair. Eddie surely likes the “money for nothing” deal he has with her…As for LeAnn, she is getting nothing but a need for STD tests each month. And, a clear need for psychotropic meds.

    Last…girl needs some mascara. That is all.

  31. MonicaQ says:

    Sweet chocolate covered gator, why is this lady STILL talking? If she’s trying to gain sympathy, she’s doing it wrong. If she’s just trying to stay in the news, all she needs to do is look at Paris Hilton and see that type of stuff dies down quick.

    And then Eddie will bolt faster than a 16 year old past curfew.

  32. Mari says:

    I ABSOLUTELY cannot stand that she laughs when asked “was there a better way to handle the affair.” She laughs and says, “Yea, we should have gotten out of our marriages first.” NOT FUNNY! Spoiled rotten bia!! I don’t normally rant like this but GAHHH!! She grates on a nerve for sure!

  33. Celeste says:

    Can you imagine what would happen if Ed gets one of his mistresses pregnant?

  34. TG says:

    @AmyB – I think you are being honest and trying to see the good in everyone but in this SheMan’s case all you have to do is look at her twitterfeed. That is all her not made up lies by the media. And I too have suffered from serious anxiety and depression at least since going off to college so that is for about 18 years and I am not mean like that. Suffering from those conditions does not make one mean.

    I intrepreted her comment about her not letting her body stop the affair as meaning that even though she wasn’t anorexic and stick thin with fake boobs, meaning in her mind ugly and not worthy, she was still going to have an affair with an extremely hot guy.

  35. Leek says:

    She’s lucky, at least the physical part of the affair felt good. My body won’t let me stop dry heaving every time I have to read one of her quotes or look at that increasingly ridiculous face.

  36. paranormalgirl says:

    my body usually just won’t let me not eat a brownie…

  37. TheTruthHurts says:

    Thanks LeAnn, Eddie made you horny and Dean didn’t. We get it. It was idiotic of Nancy O’Dell to even ask her a suicide question, seriously. More importantly, who is LeAnn’s new hair/makeup person and why has she had this terrible fake bake bronzed look in her past couple interviews? And the dark hair is horrible on her. Is she going dark because she is trying to get pregnant like the tabloids say? Whatever it is, it is not working. Does anyone know the truth behind the Eddie vasectomy rumors? Was he the blind that CDAN published months ago?

  38. Madriani's Girl says:

    Dear LeAnn:

    Shut up.

    Us Non Crap-Giving People

  39. charity says:

    Oh No NO. my body wants what it wants and to he** with 2 little boys and their mom. It’s about me and my needs. bet the waitress had the same attitude. think waitress, Leann and Eddies other conquests should have show called NEED ME SOME EDDIE subtitled “Brain Gone, only body needs remain’

  40. Bella says:

    She needs to go away.We dont care,we know the nasty truth, and sleize factor.
    Takea long vacation since you both dont work!! Eddie-poo has in made in the shade!

  41. Paige says:

    I actually think LeAnn has been given a bad rap. Sure she’s made some mistakes but not enough to deserve the kind of comments I see posted on these threads.

    • Iyanla says:

      You are right.

      Leann’s hair color is the color of my puppy’s poop after too many table scraps (yes he is spoiled!).

      And the middle part makes her look like a Neanderthal.

      For that, I blame her incompetent hair stylist.

      For her part in the destruction of a family and Mason and Jake’s childhoods? And all the problems she whines about in these interviews? I will blame her for those issues. What a nasty spiteful little thing she is.

      a daughter of a hair stylist and barber

  42. Isabel says:

    We all know she doesn’t listen to her body, since she puts silicones and fillers and botox in it, and of course doesn’t eat.
    Seems plausible Leann.. -.-

  43. qtpi says:

    The music they play during the interview is annoying.

  44. KellyinSeattle says:

    I saw the interview, and wow – tonight is the exclusive about LeAnn’s sex life. For real. Yuck

    • smartyparty says:

      WHAT?! WHY is her sex life news? Leanne is totally bizarre, and the fact that the media really wants to ask her questions about her sex life is equally bizarre. Bizarre I tell you.

  45. MsAubra says:

    That’s “Taylor Thirsty for a man Swift” in about 10 years….

  46. erika says:


    SHUT YOUR YAPPER! My God! is it just me or is this the most excruciating case of infidelity in the history or mankind?

    maybe she might be able to move on if she would just shut the Hell up about it. It happened! divorce happens! People cheat and sometimes they’ll cheat again…that’s the price we all pay for falling in love.

    if you can’t handle the heat get the Hell outta the kitchen! my God woman…

    Leanne…get a diary. Put all your thoughts down in a diary, lock it up and hide the key.

    • Iyanla says:

      I agree.

      She is disclosing some serious doubts about the longevity and fidelity of her marriage to Eddie. Why share that with Nancy O’dell from some tabloid news show? Strange.

      She is like the crazy lady that you meet on public transportation and she decides to overshare her life story. You are stuck listening to her talk about her double ovaries, horrible childhood, whatEVER and you are her captive audience til your stop comes. Ya know what I mean peeps that live in big cities?! There is always THAT person. Ugh.

      She sure doesn’t sound like she believes her marriage will last, that Eddie would have properly divorced Brandi first in order to date Leann (we all know and so does Leann, that Eddie wanted to stay married to Brandi and had dumped Leann to work things out with Brandi), and doesn’t sound convinced Eddie wants to be faithful. The way she talks about their relationship is so juvenile, it sounds like she’s in highschool. You are married to the dang guy for years now, and you have to have conversations with him NOW to assure yourself that he thinks it is important to be FAITHFULL to you?! Shouldn’t you have established that after a few weeks of DATING?!

      I love how she plays the victim, “I do not put myself in that situation (to talk to Brandi)”. Get off your high horse, quit with the holier-than-thou cheater act. HAHA she’s scared of Brandi!

      • anonimouse8319 says:

        She wouldn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell of staying in the media without sites like this and posters like us, right?

  47. Jayna says:

    Ha-ha, The Talk just discussed the LeAnn clip about cheating. Sharon said I love LeAnn, she’s a sweet girl, talented, but I’ve had it up to here and motioned to her throat. She said I’ve sick of hearing about it, about them. Someone said focus on your career, move on. Sharon said, stop whining. Enough. People have affairs, get remarried. It’s all anyone is going to think of you for, talking about him, instead of your great voice. A lot was said.

    People are over her three year sob story. Alicia Keys had an affair, broke up a marriage that had a baby. She writes some defiant love songs, but other than that lives her life and is not some crying, whiny person on every interview show. And Alicia had tons of bad things written about her on twitter in the beginning and even now. She doesn’t engage on twitter with it all. She actually lives her life moving forward and it doesn’t define her. She certainly didn’t become a bikini internet wannabe and pose in a bikini mocking the wife in the same pose or use twitter aliases or sue a twitterer.

    • Loira says:

      Even Britney with all her issues when she got with and married her dancer was classier than this cray. I never heard she badmouthed or mocked the mother of Federline’s first children, she was not shy about it, but thankfully, twitter was not an issue years ago.

  48. Jaana says:

    I think we should give Eddie Cibrian a lot of credit for marrying a singer with down’s syndrome.

  49. Snowpea says:

    Wow. I just watched the clip and I am SHOCKED by how depressed and lifeless Rimes seems. She stammers and backtracks, she’s obviously making it up as she goes along, she’s inarticulate and nonsensical.

    Eddie has totally sucked the life out of her.

    I clicked on the link Jayna posted upthread and the Rimes in the Kelly + Regis interview is like a whole different person. She positively sparkles with personality, she’s confident and, even comes across as humble and self deprecating.

    WTF happened? How does someone go from being a consummate professional, an amazingly pitch perfect singer and a pretty and cute, sparkling, charming girl to a plastic surgery addict who stammers and struggles her way through an interview?

    Eddie has totally decimated her EVERYTHING. He has erased everything that made her attractive. Rimes lives with fear and anxiety daily but she hasn’t yet worked out that Eddie is the root cause.

    What a f*cked up situation.

    • Emily says:

      Eddie = part dementor?

    • Jayna says:

      Spot on, SnowPea.

      And talking about pitch perfect, this is an astounding vocal performance, just effortlessly sung, and it’s only a YouTube video from a fan at one of her concerts pre-Eddie. Chills. She’s better live than her own album. What a waste of tremendous vocal talent.

      Live – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYA0zf1qyII

    • candigirl says:

      Drugs. Booze.

    • candigirl says:

      Eddie didn’t do this to her, Leann did it to herself.

      She is a narcissist/BPD whacko who got bored in her marriage and dwindling career and needed a drama fix. Eddie was the right loser at the right time for her, if it wasn’t him it would’ve been some other guy. She’s just psyched she hit the jackpot with a married actor so she can capitalize on the famewhore aspect of the whole affair for 15 more minutes.

  50. lisa2 says:

    OK.. my take. I’m not a fan or hater. Leanne doesn’t make me insane.

    Leanne seems like she has a hard time accepting the public perception of her and her relationship. She seems to want/need people to really like her. I mean before the scandal Leanne was not getting negative press to my limited knowledge. She seems to be bothered by all the talk. Eddie like many men is keeping quite. So regardless of the talk, I see the harshest comments directed at Leanne despite the fact that Eddie has a long history of cheating. I agree that Leanne should just STOP talking and live her life. She made a mistake. But so has millions of others.

    Brandi to me is also a big problem. She too looks to be stuck in ONE gear. She is on the housewives show and it seem that she talks about Eddie and Leanne all the time. I don’t know if she has another job outside the hw shows; and without talking about her ex she doesn’t look to have much going on.

    I’m just tired of hearing both these women. How amazing would it be if they both STFU and just lived their lives.

  51. icravefreshbrains says:

    as my favorite Rep Todd Akin likes to say, and I paraphrase, “the body has ways to shut that shit down.”

    • irishserra says:

      LOL. Comment of the day. For sure.

    • Emily says:

      He was claiming a woman could not get pregnant from being raped. I hope you were being sarcastic when you called him your “favorite” representative. Because he’s one of the most despicable wastes of flesh ever to draw breath.

    • ravencurls says:

      I thought of the same thing (the Akin quote) when I read Leann’s remark. Maybe in an alternate reality (or on another planet) Akin and Rimes would be writing a book together on their bizarre insights into how a woman’s body works. But in this reality, Leann now looks like someone who is losing a battle with mental illness.

  52. irishserra says:

    I hadn’t before paid enough attention to her to notice just how inept she is at expression and communication. Oh my!

  53. Memphis says:

    Where did my comment go? Maybe the capitalized use of Cee U Next Tesday in reference to Leann was a bit of much for some ;)

    I’ll try again…

    So what new version of her truth are we hearing this time? It started out with the the trumpet call of “no regrets” and now we’re onto “my body made me do it” Yuck.. Quit over sharing!!

    She wants everyone else to shut up and move on while she gives interview after interview, makes an album about borrowed peen, tweeting passive aggressive digs at Brandi and even pats herself on the back for Brandi having a career.

    Leann you are a liar, you are delusional, you are a bully and Eddie is only with you because you have money. Period. You can tell as many lies as you have to to help you get through your day but in the end we know- and you know- its the truth.

    • claire says:

      I don’t think she’ll ever shut up. Her first strategy was to justify the affair by trying to demonize Brandi. Her, her fans, her employees spent quite a bit of time bullying Brandi and trying to get people to see her in a negative light, hoping they’d see Leann as some kind of meant-to-be/savior of Eddie from this horrible wife of his. That backfired, was tacky and mean as hell, and got her more haters. So the new strategy is to be a victim, lay on thick the poor-me, she’s misunderstood, she’s suicidal, bullied, blah blah. Because she’s crazy, and has a demand for people to like her and buy her narrative, she’ll keep going, looking for a strategy that sticks. Her mental state doesn’t make room for getting that this just makes things worse, and all these interviews are just making it more clear just how unlikeable she really is. Wonder what the next strategy will be? I predict she’ll have a new angle by the time Brandi’s book comes out. ;)

  54. Grace says:

    Eddie better watch out.

    Leann is going to go all Jodi Arias on him when they break up. Good luck with that dude!

    For reference, Jodi Arias is the pretty soft spoken crazy girl who was dickmatized by her ex boyfriend and eventually murdered him when he started dating other women.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Oh pray that doesn’t happen! And especially pray that nothing happens to those two little boys! They need to be kept away from LR. If she couldn’t control her body–she sure can’t control her emotions and her mind! SCARY!

  55. dorothy says:

    Oh gawd, is she STILL talking about the affair. I guess when thats all your known for you gotta keep stoking the fire. Pathetic!

  56. nomorerimes says:


    Wake up! People are LAUGHING AT YOU! You are making a fool out of yourself! Get help!

  57. Emily says:

    Miss Manners once wrote that this is what etiquette has to say about having an affair: be discreet, and do not drag other people into it.

    LeAnne Rimes is trying to drag the whole nation into her affair. Well, she torpedoed her own marriage, she’s gotta justify it somehow. (She did not torpedo Eddie’s marriage, that was all him.) And she did it for a toerag. I do feel sorry for her, but she really needs to shut up.

  58. cryptkeeper13 says:

    With all the continued drama, I see why LeAnn is constantly asked about the affair and subsequent marriage and feels her need to explain. It’s been a few years now; it seems like they’re ok together. I hope they live the rest of their lives happily, and she goes back to giving the world her music! I hope Brandi can move on too, and this will all be in the past.

  59. Jaded says:

    She’s scared, plain and simple.

    She’s scared of her psychological issues and the control they have over her.

    She’s scared that the world hates her.

    She’s scared that what she did by snagging a married man with little kids will come back on her in some horrible karmic way.

    She’s scared that Eddie is screwing around and will dump her for someone more beautiful, younger, richer, less screwed up.

    And when people are scared the first thing they do is go into defense mode, any way they can. Lying and going on the attack is typical, followed by some sudden “illness or mental/emotional issue” to garner sympathy. She’s been in serious defense mode for so long it’s become debilitating. Hence the dramatic change in the way she looks, talks, and presents herself.

    She just needs to STFU, go away for a very long time and sort herself out. To hell with Eddie, the best thing she could do is dump him.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head when you say she’s scared. LR can insist she’s happy all she wants, but appearances don’t lie. She looks terribly unhappy.

      For anyone else who reads the Eyes for Lies blog, don’t you think LeAnn is displaying micro-expressions (and some macros too!) of disgust, contempt, sadness and anger when she talks about the affair?

      I saw the sobriquet “troubled singer” applied to LeAnn recently. I think we’ll see her called that more and more. She is just a spectacular example of being one’s own worst enemy.

    • Ming says:

      This times a million!

  60. Grace says:

    Where is this girl’s family? She obviously needs to be in a locked facility in a quiet place. This is going to end up escalating into something very,very bad.

    If she’s going on record saying that she had no mental control over sleeping with Eddie(to the point of entering rehab) she may use the same excuse when she murders him for cheating. I think people are underestimating the level of crazy in LeAnn

  61. why? says:

    It’s like Leann is testing the media, seeing how much they are going to let her get away with. I am still baffled that these media outlets, ET included, are still insisting that Leann spent 30 days in “rehab” which is contradicted by Leann’s own tweets and exclusive interviews. Major media outlets fell for Leann’s “swarmed at the airport” story, and now she is back again playing the victim with a twist and being even more insensitive towards Brandi by what she reveals about the her affair with Eddie.

  62. nina says:


    did you see this one yet? wow that was a really nuts thing to do… cover this kaiser, pls! :)

    • Cirque28 says:

      Really nuts. To my mind, this is the t-shirt you wear if, for instance, the President calls you an angelfish. As a way to say, “An important person said this but my friends and I are totes laughing about it.” But WHY would you act like your husband’s ex-wife’s opinion is something you even pay attention to? She is way overly invested in Brandi.

      LR should follow Don Draper’s advice: “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” Although I doubt it will happen.

  63. AustinMJ says:

    Im so sick of her. Does she even sing anymore?

  64. Chrissy says:


  65. Rae says:

    Oh Crikey, gross. Just gross. Her body wouldn’t LET her stop?! She has a classic case of Histrionic Personality Disorder with a touch of skank. GROSSSSSS.

  66. Shira says:

    This site has taught me to hate her so bad, and I’m kinda struggling right now. I actually feel sorry for her, she seems nice in the video.


  67. AmyB says:

    Some people here criticized for me for feeling sorry for LeAnn. I know she did not spend time in a rehab. I have. For depression and anorexia. You dont leave weekends. You dont get phone calls or your cell phone. You are there…you are there for therapy and to get better for whatever addiction you have. For as long as they want to keep you there.

    I feel sorry for her cause she is lost and is a train wreck waiting to happen aka Lindsay Lohan. That’s all I what I was trying to say. I am not a mean person and I feel bad when bad things happen to people. Or see sick people pretend that they are not. That is all.

    • april says:

      You are a very sweet soul. We need more people like you in today’s world.

    • Rita says:

      Honey, sometimes the tone of our comments seem to be harsh when in fact they are just trying to be informative if not blunt because of the lack of space. We all need to read your input here because you seem a gentle soul and God knows the world needs more of that.

      There is a lot of frustration with many of us with people who want to find an excuse or reason for people who behave like LeAnn. The fact is, she’s been priviledged all her life and doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself.

      We all wish we could find a cure for bad people in this world but sooner or later we have to admit that bad people are just that.

      You take good care honey.

    • Lulu says:

      Who’s being mean to you? Where? Let me at ‘em! Seriously, I know what you mean. I tend to be a sympathetic soul too, and seeing as how this is a gossip site and kind of set up for ragging on people, the comments can get pretty harsh. Like you, I don’t feel the need to ‘save’ my compassion for someone more deserving. I have plenty to go around. And who am I to decide who is deserving in the first place? That’s just my take on it.

      • Sugar says:

        I am quilty of conflicting feelings toward the likes of LeAnn. I cocider myself a person of compassion & have had to learn not every one is deserving of it but that’s how God made me so I try to just be me and find the good in everyone (not easy @ times). I work in the mental health field & am around suffering all day 40 hrs a week . At times I come home & cry myself because my heart is heavy & yet there are times I do some serious eye rolling because I see it every day at work those who truly have these personality disorders & they really expect people to bow to them. Ugh it’s exhausting sometimes.
        Back to LeAnn I do have sympathy for her because she needs help but I don’t think she deserves the awful hatred spewed at her day in & day out like on that certain twitter site.
        I don’t know it’s late and I’m tired but I always try to live by the golden rule tho I’m guilty myself of being pretty bitchy @ times:/ we are after all only human

  68. april says:

    I don’t even think that Eddie is good looking.

    I believe in the “He or she is just not that into you.” If Eddie was into Brandi he would have stayed with her. Same with Brad Pitt. If he was into Jennifer he would have stayed with her. If Justin was into Heidi he would have stayed with her. Everyone stays or leaves of their own free will. Even Brandi said that to Sheana.

    In the Star magazine this past week they showed 10 celebrities who had affairs with their current spouses. One was Tom Hanks. I didn’t know that about him. The others were Julia Roberts, etc.

    I say get over the hate for these people.

  69. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Give the woman enough rope … sadly

  70. Dana B. says:

    She looks like a man. Like she is taking steroids. Hard, masculine looking. The more she says in these interviews the bigger fool she is making of herself. Why does she not realize that? She contradicts herself over and over.. Then the “my body wouldn’t let me stop” OMG Who says that??? This girl is seriously mentally ill and needs some help.

  71. Christin says:

    As tired as I get of this ongoing drama, I tend to agree about the lack of parenting/guidance that may be a part of her problem. I predict the “I was a childhood star” line is the next public sympathy attempt she may increasingly use in the coming weeks and months.

    When she was much younger, I detected a hint of arrogance about her, but never dreamed her life would evolve into this circus! Now, she is like a composite of several extreme personality types I have worked with or known in life that will simply wear you out if you have to be around them very long. It’s like they never emotionally mature, but will not do anything about it (after all, everyone else is wrong and they are ALWAYS right). Throw passive-aggressive vindictiveness into the mix, and it’s something to avoid if at all possible.

    I have tried to avoid making negative comments about her looks. However, I do agree that she’s changed. She looked a lot better during the Dean years. Maybe Dean wasn’t good enough for her body’s yearnings or whatever, but there is something to be said for contentment. Hope she enjoys the roller coaster ride SHE chose!

  72. nomorerimes says:

    Lordy, I just heard that LR is going to be on ET for a third night! Why? What more can this dumb broad say–what more can she add to this play for pity??

    • brin says:

      The more she yaps the worse she looks (if that’s possible).
      Brandi will get more book sales so there is an up side.

  73. Jane says:

    This woman needs to get a life. I am utterly sick and tired of her belly-aching when there are people seriously struggling in this world. I am thinking of my building who is still collecting money for the Hurricane Sandy victims and praying for the lost lives and souls in that school in Connecticut. Those people deserve our pity-not Leann. She could care less that other people have serious issues. She is going to spend the rest of her life claiming that she hurts more deeply. God, I do not know who is more narcissistic her or Lance Armstrong. Really, can someone make up a poll to have her on the Dr. Phil show? He needs to put a stop to this woman once and for all. She needs an intervention-immediately. She is utterly out of control.

    • AmyB says:

      Exactly there are people who starve, who don’t have homes and are physically and emotionally abused….and pick them selves up and overcome addictions such as anorexia and depression and move on. And live adult lives. Don’t go on vacation all the time, have a full time job and are a single mother. OK yes I am speaking of me but it is all the truth. You can overcome the shit in your life and not by going to a “30″ day rehab for like three weeks with breaks in between. So insulting to people that did it. When I went I could not to TALK to my six year old daughter on Christmas……cause they would not let me. She needs a reality check. And needs to be honest with herself.

  74. J7 says:

    As much as this pains me to say this, I think EC is just gorgeous. What he sees in this ugly mess is just beyond me. Smh

    • Jane says:

      Dollar bills, hon. He sees lots of dollar bills when he looks at her. He sees his cash cow, and he is milking her for all she is worth.

  75. Sal says:

    Her *body* wouldn’t let her stop? What about her heart, or her soul (yes I know, she doesn’t have a heart or a soul)? It sounds to me like it was LUST, rather than love if it was all about ‘body’.

  76. Cinnamon says:

    whenever i feel sorry for leann, she says something like “my body wouldnt let me stop sleeping with a married man” and it makes me think “bitch you deserve ALLL you get and then some”

    let karma sort her out. im done trying to have sympathy

    • Sugar says:

      I always appreciate the “snap out of it” reality checks I get from reading other comments-it’s a true sign of master manipulators to make people like me feel sorry for them people like LeAnn & LILO are pros. I need you guys to slap me up side the head when I go all ahhh poor girl on the likes of them.

  77. missiecoco says:

    this was years ago now, why is anyone including her, still talking about it? Her music sucks, she does nothing else with her life expect tweet all day. Even when she was at the peak of her career, she wasn’t THAT huge so I will never understand why she still gets headlines now.