Pete Doherty burst an artery shooting up in the studio

Pete Doherty at the Monarch pub in London

Pete Doherty’s arm exploded! Or something pretty close to it. Last weekend Pete was in the recording studio, doing the only thing you’d do there. No, not recording music. What a stupid idea. Pete was shooting heroin into his exhausted veins. At this point they’re pretty much shriveled up like a long line of raisins. Which is probably what Pete thinks his veins really are. While trying to shoot heroin into his arm, the artery burst.

It’s been a while since the corpse in a pork pie hat, Pete Doherty, did something worthy of being in the news, but this week he’s come up with a CRACKER.

Old Pete was in a recording studio last weekend, apparently not just walking around as if he was in a Tim Burton cartoon, but actually recording some of that shit music again (five seconds of hook stretched out over three and a half minutes of sonic torture – hey, daddio, get with it!) and while the paps are away the mouse will play.

Well, if you consider jacking a load of horse into your arm ‘playing’ that is. Pete’s arm was so fed up with being used as indie’s voodoo doll it decided to give up the ghost and, erm, burst (“Too much heroin and a burst artery or something – Apparenty.” – Dr. HM).

Anyway, it EXPLODED while he was there and the private doctor’s speed dial was rung. Problem is, by the time the doctor arrived, the drugs had kicked in on dusty Pete and he kept running away from the doctor. So in some form of opiate Benny Hill tribute they had to chase him around the room before finally manhandling him to hospital.

[From Holy Moly]

That is incredibly gross. And I believe every word of it. If the line of thought goes that a part of Pete’s body was so exhausted from being treated badly that it exploded, I don’t understand why his head hasn’t shot right off by now. Really, every vein in the man’s body – and every organ too – ought to have burst into flames by now.

Pete’s lucky this is the first time that happened. And I have no idea how a doctor repairs such a thing, but I hope it involved some kind of crazy and disgusting surgery that had to be performed right then and there.

I would never be so foolish as to tell Pete Doherty to give up drugs. It’s not like Amy Winehouse, where you still hope there’s a teeny, tiny chance of sobriety. Clearly this guy is going to shoot, snort, and imbibe every single substance on this earth until it kills him.

But if he did have a shot of something being so upsetting (and in this case, gross) that it made him see the light, I’m pretty sure it would be an exploding arm.

Here’s Pete arriving for his gig at The Monarch pub in Camden, London with a sore nose and carrying a laptop on November 7th. Images thanks to Splash.

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  1. mojoman says:

    Grim reaper himself is shaking in disbelief!!

  2. Dubdub2000 says:

    How is this guy still alive? Scientists should study him. Seriously.

  3. Anna says:

    Ouch. I love them calling his lifestyle being like he’s “walking around in a Tim Burton cartoon”, that was so funny and so true!

    I’m just glad he didn’t try to shoot up his cat and have the poor thing explode.

    Personally, I don’t understand how one can even get to the point that he is at. For starters, I have an extreme needle phobia and wouldn’t be capable of shooting anything up my arms, even if I wanted to. But seriously, how does one ruin it for themselves like Pete does? All that success and money, you’d think that somewhere down the line, it’d make a difference and help people make healthier choices. If only to keep being able to be successful.

  4. Steve says:

    My god people will you just shut up? I mean honestly if not for the paparazzi no-one would know or care. I mean lets look down the list of people down the decades that near freely used drugs without this much hassle to ‘aid’ their music and i could of gone on and on and a lot of these people, the public think are great for their music or just ‘forget’ their past

    Peter Green – Fleetwood Mac
    James Taylor
    David Bowie!
    Miles Davis
    Arthur Lee
    Elvis Presley (still considered ‘the king’ even after all his drug abuse)
    George Clinton
    Alexander Spence – Moby
    Rick James
    Keith Moon – The Who
    John Frusciante – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Julian Cope
    Ike Turner
    Liza Minnelli
    Kevin Rowland – Dexys Midnight Runners
    Syd Barrett – Pink Floyd
    Sly Stone
    Whitney Houston
    Brian Wilson – Beach Boys

    and yes i am a fan of this mans music and his lyrics, no i don’t like the fact he’s on drugs but he’s not going to stop so let it drop already

  5. Orangejulius says:

    I think there at least a few on that list who are questionable…Liza Minnelli, Whitney Houston? I swear Whitney Houston could snort all the snow off my roof…

    As for Pete, the sight of him makes me want to stick him in the shower and scrub and disinfect him.

  6. Codzilla says:

    OJ: Agreed. Brian Wilson, too. I mean, the man took a Howard Hughes style dive into madness and just barely clawed his way back. I saw him perform a few years ago and he was still pretty whacked out.

    As for Pete, his coke bugs alone are enough to make a girl barf.

  7. mamafogle says:

    I personally have always thought that guy was pretty gross. But unfortunately, they probably didn’t have to do all that much to fix his arm past using a vein from the other arm to do a bypass. My mom had an injury to her leg artery and that’s what they did to repair it. Maybe he’ll be so uncomfortable from the surgery on his arms that he won’t be able to shoot himself up for a few days.

  8. vdantev says:

    Pity it wasn’t the right one.

  9. L says:

    Well said Steve – always been my argument when I get a ribbing for being a pete fan! Nobody would even know if it was for trash sites and papers! Also with regards to others comments about how is he still alive – he is a user but I highly doubt he is out of it 24/7, when would he write/perform?!

  10. bizzibee says:

    i’m disappointed in pete.

    i’d have thought an experienced junkie like him would at least try veins in other parts of his body aside from his arms.

    he obviously lacks imagination!


  11. mark says:

    This guy is this generation’s Keith Richards…except he has no talent.

  12. gg says:

    … a long line of raisins! rotfl!

    And ah, the telltale sore under the nose. He must enjoy screwing up every route of drug entry on his body.

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