Kelly Clarkson just knew she had a future with her fiance – when he was married

Is anyone else starting to get a little worried about Kelly Clarkson or is it just me? Kelly is talking up her fiance so much, and it’s so uncharacteristic of her, that it bothers me a little. It just seems like something Drew Barrymore would do, not Kelly. Maybe Kelly is so overwhelmingly happy and enthusiastic about her new relationship, and the feeling is so new to her, that she can’t help gushing about it.

Anyway Kelly took the cover of People Magazine this week, which is excellent! So I get why she’s being more open, since she wants to give us some juicy details that she hasn’t revealed before. In her People interview, Kelly revealed something controversial, especially for her. She admitted that she fell for her new man when he was married, and that she was so comfortable with him at the time that she just knew she would end up with him! There’s no cheating involved, though, this isn’t some Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton type situation. Supposedly Kelly’s fiance, Brandon Blackstock, was divorced for a year before they found each other again and ended up together. That’s kind of romantic. Here’s more:

Kelly Clarkson has admitted she fell for fiancé Brandon Blackstock when he was still married, six years before they eventually got together, claiming it was love at first sight.

The ‘Breakaway’ star became engaged to Brandon in December less than a year after they began dating, though the American Idol winner claims she’d fancied him for a lot longer.

Referring to their first meeting, she told People magazine: ”This guy walks by and I said, ‘Like that guy – hot, normal, funny, because he was making everybody laugh. I said, I’m gonna end up with him, I know it.’ ”

“For the next six years I’d go on dates and be like, ‘Man I didn’t get that feeling I got that first time with Brandon.”

The couple met up at last year’s Super Bowl and with Brandon now divorced, love blossomed.

“He’d been divorced for a year and it was kind of like ‘Is this too soon?’ But it just worked,” she explained. ”He is everything I ever wanted in a guy.”

Kelly insisted that she won’t be a Bridezilla when it comes to tying the knot, joking that she’s probably the opposite of a normal bride.

She said: “I’m going to be like, ‘Oh, the cake fell off the porch, that’s fine. Cool, something’s on fire, cool, whatever, we’ll move it. We’ll get married over there.’ I’m going to be that girl.”

But will the star slim down for the wedding like so many brides? She has certainly been flaunting a slimmer figure of late.

[From Entertainmentwise]

There’s more on People’s website, including a nice video with Kelly. You can see her giant engagement ring too! I love that someone as likable and down-to-earth as Kelly scored the cover of People, and that it’s a happy “I found love” story instead of a weight loss one, you know? Hopefully this People issue will be a high seller for them. Sometimes the non-controversial celebrities don’t get as much publicity and it’s a shame. We’re just as guilty of it as anyone, since I knew that what she said about just “knowing” she would be with her man, when he was married, would be the most comment-worthy. Is there something a little wrong with that, to think that a married guy will be with you someday? Or is that just hindsight for Kelly and not how she really felt? When I was single and met an attractive married guy I would think it was a shame, but I never held out hope that he would be mine someday. In those cases you just kind of shrug, think his wife is a lucky bitch, and move on.

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  1. MsAubra says:

    No cheating involved, but that’s still not something to put out there! Give your marriage a fighting chance before tainting it with your words! LOL

  2. Lucinda says:

    They way I read it, he walked by and she thought that from a distance. She may not have even known him or that he was married at the time. Nonetheless, I think those words may come back to bite her which is unfortunate.

  3. RHONYC says:

    i love, love, LOVE HER RING!!!

    i am in love with gemstone / colored stone engagement rings.

    super original. :-D

    • hoya_chick says:

      LOL! I said the complete opposite below in my post! I don’t like colored stones. I don’t like Halle’s ring, or Jessica Simpson’s either. I think they look cheap and tacky. They don’t look like engagement rings more like costume jewelry. I don’t like the generic looking regular diamonds either. Maybe something in between those two extremes? Not generic but not too crazy, for me anyway. Maybe something vintage.

      I love your avatar by the way. Super cute!

      • RHONYC says:


        i’m a nontraditionalista too!

        Kelly’s ring reminds me of the Paloma Picasso Tiffany rings and i like that it doesn’t look typical.

        i have a really modern-meets-femme engagement ring…but i’ve been eyeing the new ‘rose gold / chocolate diamond’ movement and mommy likey very much! ;-)

      • judyjudy says:

        Chocolate diamond? Oooooooooooh….off to Google….

      • j.eyre says:

        @RHONYC – I love your avatar too. ‘Been meaning to tell you that.

      • RHONYC says:

        say, thanx & …”slaaave to the rhythm!” 8)

  4. Lakemom says:

    I think Kelly is more effusive than normal because she’s simply giddy with happiness. As for her fiance, sometimes when you meet someone, you just know they are the one for you. That’s how it was when I met my husband.

  5. annabelle says:

    I think her only fault is that she’s just being a little too honest, given that she reaches millions with her story. It opens her up to snark.

    I’ve had that happen to me. Where I’ve had a connection with someone who wasn’t available at that time, but I knew in my gut we’d have our moment, then later on when we crossed paths again the timing was right. Haven’t most people? That’s life and part of what makes romance and love so amazing.

    • good_as_gold says:

      No, that is being quite predatory about it, and secretly wishing bad luck on the wife whom the man is already with. Sisterhood is also about knowing who is off limits, and not to fantasise about people in that category.

  6. Redheadwriter says:

    I think (hope?) she meant her comments in a more generalized term. Like she wanted to end up with someone similar to him and how she enjoyed him but not necessarily HIM directly. Although that’s the way it worked out.

  7. Doublesteff says:

    Love her!!! She’s a fellow Texan which makes me love her all the more.

  8. hoya_chick says:

    It’s a weird thing to say in a national magazine that’s for sure. She didn’t do anything wrong per say, but the whole thou shall not covet they neighbor’s husband is kinda in the back of my head. I think he even has a kid too right? With his ex wife? It’s a little tacky but since there was no cheating I am mad about it. I don’t like her ring, I don’t like the color or shape but she seems happy. Good for her.

  9. JL says:

    Not the best thing to put out there, even though it sounds like a harmless, haphazard meeting with nothing between them those 6 years.

    Ok, place your bets:
    How long before someone claims:

    - She was sleeping with him the whole time.
    - The ex comes out of the woodwork
    - She gets called on “knowing he was mine”
    - Someone makes the LeAnne / MeAnne analogy

    You nailed it, if the man is married show some respecet and move it elsewhere bitch. I don’t care how a man looks or acts, if he’s married then I respect that and appreciate the same from other women.

    It also makes me wonder about this guy, she reacated that way – what about him? Did he respond to that and how? If he was married I sure hope he respected that marriage and wife at the time…

  10. Kiki says:

    Didn’t this guy cheat on his wife with another woman too? I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to find out. I could be mistaking him with someone else.

  11. Riana says:

    Mhmmm, I don’t think her comment will make too many married women happy, brings up the Kristin Stewart and LeAnn Rimes imagery.

    Yes, no cheating on her part thankfully, but that fear that married men can’t be around other women because they’re secretly gunning for your husband. It sounds like it was innocent on her part but…mhmm.

  12. Lem says:

    I’m happy she’s happy (or whatever) and maybe it was the Drew reference but I feel as though Kelly has made her stand on being comfortable in her own skin and being single is ok.
    Which are wonderful/fabulous/genuine stands to take as a young woman. Especially in the ‘role model’ category. As Kelly is more fodder for my daughter’s age bracket than mine; I certainly hope she shortly eases up on the ‘lost weight for love’ ‘now I’m complete’ PR. Promote good strong healthy sense of self, yes! Don’t chuck it all over a boy. That’d be like Pink turning into idk Jennifer Love Hewitt.
    Hopefully that was/is the real Kelly and she’ll shine on. Her quotes about wedding stressors give me hope she’s just been sidetracked. The PR lately though… Sigh
    Sense of self and a happy marriage. Do both!

  13. Lulu says:

    Yikes. Certainly very insensitive of her to make that comment public.

  14. Annie says:

    Have we seen her previous boyfriends? I feel like she’s never introdoced anyone to the public~.

    • Cinderella says:

      I was thinking the same thing. This engagement seemed to pop out of nowhere. And there were whispers…..

  15. SimpleRed says:

    Although innocently made- that was one comment she shouldn’t have made…
    I like KC and she finds happiness…

    I hope her comment doesn’t come back to bite her

  16. Tazina says:

    She can have those thoughts but should keep them to herself. It’s insensitive to his previous wife.

    • Jayna says:

      The way she said it in a different interview was she met him and thought he was perfect, great, and then found out he was married and thought, oh, well. Then she said at the Superbowl she ran into him a year after his divorce and sparks flew. She didn’t say in that interview she thought about him again after first meeting him, so sounded better.

      His ex-wife is already remarried.

  17. hatsumomo says:

    I love Kelly and think she’s super cool, but girl that blonde has to go! I saw it yesterday inthe checkout lines and it makes her look like she’s balding and has thinning hair. Go back to honey brown stat! And Im a bit suspicious of all these new interviews of her being so super loved up. Its great she finally found someone, keep it to yourself until you know for sure though!

  18. Audrey says:

    That happened to me. Met a married man and fell in love instantly. We started dating right after he divorced, we got engaged, and we just broke up.

    There was a reason he got divorced the first time and it’s that same reason we didn’t work out. He has issues and he didn’t have time between the divorce and “us” to work on them. Tread carefully, Kelly!

  19. Happymom says:

    Holy horrible cover shoot! Who did she piss off at People to end up with this?? Jeez-her hair! She’s a cute girl and this makes her look awful!

  20. MST says:

    I have loved Denzel for years and he’s married . . . but I know in my heart we will be together someday, he just needs to lift that restraining order :-0

  21. LittleMissy says:

    not nice to say that Kelly, I think she might have hang out w/ this guy and maybe even flirted w/ him at the time. nobody gets those feelings from just looking at a guy….hope she doesnt get bad karma, but congrats if she’s happy

  22. aston martin says:

    “Everyone has been asking about my engagement ring, so here it is,” she wrote. “It’s a yellow canary diamond with diamonds around it and Brandon designed it with Johnathon Arndt! They did an amazing job!”

    I am over the yellow diamond thing. I don’t know why? I mean I know they are rare and pricey… I just don’t think I’d want something THAT yellow on my finger forever. Same with Jessica Simpson’s ruby.

    I am nuts over Blake’s pink diamond/rose gold rings. I love Angelina’s “you can’t even SEE the settings” ring (THAT THING IS SO RAD. Never, ever seen anything like it). I think I just prefer lighter colored stones. My own ring is a pale blue square cut topaz bordered with tiny white diamonds. It’s juuuuuust enough color. I generally like white diamond rings a lot, especially in classic or super modern settings, and, lately, especially in gold.

    • Hoya_chick says:

      I agree. I said something similar above about JS and colored stones. I love Blake’s ring! The band looks a lil flimsy but other than that it’s great. I wouldn’t turn down something similar :) it would be a bit smaller though since i’m not an ostentatious person. It’s just pink enough. I could never walk around with a giant yellow diamond. I don’t get it.

  23. j.eyre says:

    Going off topic here, apologies…

    In that issue of People, they have a photo spread of Oscar nominees in formal attire doing everyday/household stuff. I really liked it. I suggest a leafing through if you happen to be in line at the grocery.

  24. Jayna says:

    She’s just madly in love and engaged and he is her first real love, so excited. I worry for her. Engaged after ten months together. He is successful. He represents Blake Shelton. But he was a cheater (not with her). Although, his wife did marry very soon after the divorce. I read she left him over another affair of his. Though, maybe she got fed up and found her own affair and left him; hence, a marriage rebound for the wife.

  25. truthful says:

    I’ll give her a pass, he is divorced, so he’s free game.

    Is she still w/Clive thedevil Davis??

    he is gonna get her for saying that.

    love her ring, I love amber colored gemstones.

    I hope it works out for her, she deserves some luv

  26. Baylor says:

    Don’t like her ring.
    Her feeling that way and his history of cheating make me side-eye the dude.
    Hope it all works out for her.

  27. Kim says:

    This guy was not a stranger that,she saw six years ago never to see again until Superbowl..Brandon is her manager’s son so Im sure she saw him in between the first time and superbowl when he was still married.Maybe no cheating but she should have kept her lusting/longing for Mr Perfect to herself

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    Don’t like the ring at all, but hope she’ll be very happy. She does seem like a sweetheart.

  29. Violet says:

    ”This guy walks by and I said, ‘Like that guy – hot, normal, funny, because he was making everybody laugh. I said, I’m gonna end up with him, I know it.’ ”

    Ha ha, she must’ve also sensed that he’s not the kind of guy that could make a marriage work, since she assumed that he’d be free to date her down the line ;-)

    In all seriousness, I think she’s rushing into things, getting engaged after less than a year. I hope she takes her time before walking down the aisle.

  30. emma says:

    go Kelly! a sweet story!

  31. Grace says:

    Uh oh. I hope this guy is the faithful type.

  32. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Kelly, do you remember when I put you on that ‘Blondes Who Should Not Be Blondes’ List? I didn’t even bother reading the article, fiance stories are boring and almost always obnoxious, but the blonde situation was enough to make me comment into the darkness: end the blonde, it’s beyond horrible.

    • kay says:

      Why should she listen to a stranger? if you listen to her songs, she doesn’t give a crap about fitting into ideals and stereotypes. Let people look the way they want. Next, you’ll say she should be 5 lbs skinnier. Blonde is her natural color. she likes it. So what?

      • skuddles says:

        I doubt this is about stereotypes as much as it’s about that particular color just not looking good on Kelly. It’s too orange/brassy/fake looking. I doubt her natural blonde looks anything like this. ITA she should change it and go with something more flattering to her skin tone. She’s a well known artist and people pay attention to her appearance – so why not look good instead of… not?

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        From one stranger to another: it’s a colour. It’s an awful colour, but a colour nonetheless and I haven’t dispensed enough information for an adequate psychic reading to be performed. Weight, well, that’s a far more contentious issue and one that I didn’t introduce. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, so I can’t take the credit if a thread about Clarkson’s weight starts up, which it won’t because it’s a moot point and immaterial to mine.

  33. Green_Eyes says:

    I undserstand what she means. My spouse and I have been together 18 years, but I was married before. At that time I did NOT know my now spouse but he knew me, fell for me first tine he saw me & knew I was “The one”. The day he decided he was going to ask me out to dinner he got up to approach me (I had stopped by my sisters restaurant to show her the photo of the wedding dress I had picked for my up coming wedding), he stopped overhearing this conversation & knew in his heart that one day time would be right & I would be his wife. It would be fate. Life went on, I got married after 8 years of marriage (multiple operations and a round of ovarian cancer later) my ex left me due to health reasons & I moved back to my home town to be near family. I accidentally ran into the said gentleman that knew 10 years prior I was the one while visiting family at the military hospital. He saw no ring, asked if I was still married & when the answer was no..he knew this was his time..even if I wasn’t ready for a relationship..he was my best friend & before I knew it I realized he had my heart. I think their story is simular. They may have “seen” each other.. He may have known who she is due to Reba’s friendship.. But may have never socialized or officially met til later. If it could happen to me, why not her?:)

  34. Itwillrain says:

    Something is off w her story. Because of her close relationship w Reba she must’ve known about Brandon and the details of his marital status well before she met him (since she says she met him 6 yrs ago). So he couldn’t have been just some random guy walking by the first time she met him.

    • good_as_gold says:


      +1. agreed. There is something Kelly is hiding, that’s for sure. I think she kept in contact with the guy and probably “met up” quite a few times before the marriage ended.

  35. Brenn says:

    Poor thing. Always looks like she is smelling something. Fat. Needs a good nose job and stylist. Seriously. Disgusting.

  36. Brenn says:

    Poor thing. Always looks like she is smelling something. Fat. Needs a good nose job and stylist. Seriously.

    • good_as_gold says:

      “fat” and “needs a nose job” ? Are u being for real??! The girl is happy with herself and good for her. What are you? Made of plastic?

  37. BC says:

    Funny looking, fat, big nose.