Blake Lively’s beauty tips: put your damp hair in a tight bun to make pretty waves

Blake Lively is the celebrity spokesperson for Gucci Premiere perfume. You may have seen her commercial in which she struts around in gorgeous dresses while applying perfume like she’s trying out a new vibrator. As part of her promotional duties she did a long video interview with fashion and beauty blog, Refinery 29. (You can watch the video there. I tried to embed it, but it’s auto-play.) Blake really knows how to give interesting beauty tips. I’m not sure they’d work for everyone, but Blake wants us to know that her style is “effortless” and will work for you, too. I’m sure she had a full blowout and a professional makeup application before she said this.

On her sense of style
You look at Katherine Hepburn and her pant suits or you look at Grace Kelly and her incredibly feminine gowns that look like a princess – very fittingly. I look to women like that because I always look for style and not trends.

There are two very different things. One can be iconic in any time period. I always want to wear things that my kids can look back on and say ‘mom, you look amazing.’ Not like ‘I can’t believe you wore that.’

On the paparazzi trying to get a money shot
It’s never comfortable when there are a million people with cameras that are screaming your name. A lot of them really want to get that embarrassing photo. You’re getting out of your SUV and there’s a guy on the ground trying to shoot up your dress and then it’s your fault later…

Leading up to it is never really stressful. You make it a fun process like going to a costume party.

On caring for her nieces and nephews before a premiere
The last premiere I went to I had my nieces and nephews I was babysitting them, they were at my hotel at the pool all day… I was getting dressed, I had my dress, my sister hadn’t shown up yet. She was late, so I was like ‘ok you guys you’re coming to the premiere…’ so I’m holding the babies I have them in the car with me, I walk the red carpet. I get back in the car and continue to watch them until my sister shows up and then I can continue with my night.

On her hair
I’m actually a pretty shy person by nature so it’s very much a safety net for me. I love to have my hair down and I love to have it full. I always like it to look really relaxed. [Structured hair] just makes me feel stiff and uncomfortable. If I have my hair down, there’s something romantic about it. I feel like it looks lived it… it has a story.

Her haircare tips
When I wash and dry my hair I have naturally wavy hair so I’ll dry it where it’s still a little bit wet and then I’ll put it just in a ballerina bun and then when I take it out it has a really nice natural deep wave… If you have any sort of natural bend in your hair, if you let it dry in that bun… make sure the bun is really tight then it will come out with really pretty waves.

Her beauty tips: improvise
It’s always about ‘are there any accidents that are going to happen… let’s use eyelash glue’ [to glue down a dress so it doesn't ride up]

My mom is very clever that way… always thinking of odd things in a pinch. My mom used Advil as blush once… she didn’t have blush, so she licked the Advil and took the pink off of it.

On fragrance
Fragrance for me is actually one of the most important things that I live by daily, as well as on the red carpet. I like a more natural, effortless look so I often don’t wear much makeup in my life if any, so fragrance is something that really defines you and it tells your story. It brings back so many emotions and so many memories. When you smell the smell of someone you love… the flood of emotions, the power that has is incredible.

Fragrance is something that can be your signature for life.

[Transcribed from video on Refinery 29]

I have long naturally wavy hair around Blake’s length and I doubt my hair would look cute if I put it up damp in a bun like that, but you know that I’m going to try it. I’ll probably be blowing it out again and then curling it to fix it afterwards. I don’t like my hair to look messy.

Blake also went on about how Gucci Premiere was “the perfect fragrance” because they were able to blend feminine floral notes with masculine wood notes and hints of citrus or something. This women is possibly the perfect spokesperson. She’s enjoying the hell of out that fat contract with Gucci.

I have to call bullsh*t on her “I’m actually a pretty shy person” comment. Blake is not shy. The interviewer was noticeably shy and reserved and it took her a while to warm up. Blake is always ready with an animated story about how she wrangles babies while attending move premieres and uses clever tricks to get her incredible hair and dewy skin. Blake’s brand of “shy” is anything but. She gives a great interview. She really knows how to make it all look “effortless.” Also, I got the sense that she’s looking forward to having kids soon.

These photos are from 12-12-12 and 10-9-12. Credit: FameFlynet and PRPhotos

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  1. JL says:

    I too am totally going to try the bun idea, as I recall seeing a story where Katie Holmes did that too.

    I LOVE the “applying perfume like she’s trying out a new vibrator” comment. Oh yeah, I’ve got to get me some of that.

    • Annie says:

      It totally works! But my mom told me that it helps cause migraines :/ she says this is what made her sister have awful migraines, she always tied her hair in a bun when it was still wet, so idk.

      • Erinn says:

        That shouldn’t trigger a migraine… just don’t make it J-Lo tight. I say this as someone who gets multi-day headaches at least twice a month.

        I don’t have much texture to my hair. Make sure it’s mostly dry though, otherwise it will take forever to dry wrapped in the bun. Usually I’ll blowdry mine 95% dry and wrap it while it’s still warm.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        I use a sock bon, easy, stays in all night and the sock helps dry your hair. Beautiful waves, NO heat.

        My hair is really long, I try to limit heat on it. Sock buns rule!

      • littlestar says:

        If my bun is too tight, I can get a migraine from it (but I am also prone to migraines).

    • fabgrrl says:

      I does work. But don’t do it right after you’ve washed your hair. It is too slippery. Best to wait until the evening or next day after you wash your hair. Get it damp but not WET. You want it to be totally dry by the morning. If it is still slightly damp the curls will fail. I recommend using a “sock bun” if your hair is long enough. I’ve even done it with two buns, Princess Leia style.

      • jennipurrr says:

        Please explain this “sock bun.” I have done the tight ballet bun many times but nothing with a sock. I am intrigued.

    • gee says:

      My old college roommate used to do it. She had long thick hair and it was so easy for her and looked amazing. I tried it once, looked like an electrocuted cat or something. Not a good look on everyone, sadly.

      • G. says:

        I have the natural wave too and the bun trick makes the waves really look nice. You just gotta make sure it’s tight enough, especially if you’re a fitful sleeper like me.

    • Enny says:

      That’s always my go-to hair trick when I have to go to court but I don’t have the time or energy to blow out my hair. I leave it in the bun until I’m through, and on my way home I let the waves fly. It definitely works.

    • Emma says:

      The damp bun thing totally works. I actually let mine dry fully, straighten it, and then put it up for the day in a high bun. By the evening I’ve got these full, glossy waves, but because I’ve straightened it in the morning it’s not too messy either. I call it “date hair” :)

    • j.eyre says:

      I do it with a French twist, not a ballerina bun. It works like a charm but give yourself an hour between take down and where you need to be for your hair to balance out. The sides will be straight because of the pull and the ends really curly. When the hair settles some, it really is a beautiful wave.

    • Canda says:


      I used to do this ALL the time when my hair was long… put it in updo’s while it was still damp so it was floofy when it dried. Then on my last visit to my hairdresser she was examining my hair and asked if I put my hair up while it’s we. I said, Umm… yes… why, is that bad? and she gave me a look and said it is terrible for giving breakage and she could see all the busted hairs all over my head where they had been broken off from being tied up while damp.

      So now I have Anne Hathaway-length-ish hair (different style) bc I busted all my hairs doing something stupid that Blake Lively would suggest. BEWARE!

      • Annie (Different!) says:

        Well…you should probably clarify what kind of hair you have? Because I have naturally thick/straight/processed hair (currently ombre…from naturally jet BLACK hair) lol and I can tell you that I almost always have a bun because my hair goes down past my butt! Despite that….no wreckage. I think it depends on how you twist and tie it. And I think it strange that a little bun is the cause for you going pixie short? Try taking biotin and using argan oil and shampoo without sulfates/parabens. That should help.

    • Laura says:

      Sadly this doesn’t work for me because my hair is so curly (naturally. I flatiron it straight every morning though) that even if the bun is super tight, I will have weird crinklies around my scalp. I have found that if I braid my hair and then spray the braids (not the smooth parts above the braids) with leave in conditioner until they’re damp, that works pretty well.

  2. Jayna says:

    She does dress nice for her body and height usually. I never look at her and think what a mess of an outfit. I like her.

    • brin says:

      I like her too, I’m rooting for her and Ryan.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I like her, too but:
      “I always want to wear things that my kids can look back on and say ‘mom, you look amazing.’ Not like ‘I can’t believe you wore that.”

      I am sorry, but that red leather dress is quite hideous. And she dresses like a typical starlet, sure she has the figure to pull it off, but her style is not classic like Hepburn’s or Kelly’s.

    • Pandy says:

      I didn’t have much of an opinion on her but there was something really likeable about her in this interview. Maybe it was the Advil story but she sounds like a nice person who is prepared for her spokesperson job. I’m rooting for her and Ryan too.

  3. Gabriella says:

    I do that too! My hair is very long, but thicker that Blake’s. This is a technique I’ve had ever since I was a little girl to keep all that hair in place.

  4. Sherry says:

    I usually do the bun thing when I want some loose waves. Since I wash my hair every other day, I usually do this the second day. I twist my hair on top of my head in a tight bun for my run, then shower. I let it sit on top of my head for an hour or so, then when I take it out, I have some nice waves. And my hair is usually stick straight, so beachy waves are a nice change.

    It works!

  5. emmie_a says:

    I’ve tried the bun thing and it turned out awful. My hair had some waves but it had a ton of creases / kinks from the pony tail holder and from the bobby pins i used to hold the bun. And it was still damp when I removed the bun. But my sister does the bun and it works for her so I guess it depends in your hair type (I have a ton of fine hair; my sister has super thick hair).

    • Barhey says:

      Same for me! I’ve heard a lot of women and beauty mags swear by this trick but my hair type is too fine. Trying to do the bun trick gives me really weird kinks and it looks terrible. The only thing that leaves me with wavy hair is letting it air dry and scrunching it occasionally.

      • emmie_a says:

        Same here – air drying and scrunching does the trick. And there are a few “beach” hair products out there that really seem to up the wave factor for me

    • guest says:

      I have fine hair and what works for me is scrunching it all up in a clip instead of an elastic holder. It’s still a messy bun, but because it’s being held in multiple places instead of just that one circle, it doesn’t leave noticeable indents.

  6. Stoner says:

    Who the hell refers to their hairstyle as “lived in” or claims that it “has a story” ?


    • Liv says:

      She is telling us so much bullshit. I always must laugh when celebritys, who call the paps, are complaining about them. Please, bitch.

      By the way did she have another nose job?

      • Ace says:

        She’s had two nose jobs. One before that sisterhood movie, and one somewhere around the time she did GG. You can tell by pictures, it’s very obvious.

    • Kitkerenina says:

      Goop would. Blake’s well on her way.

      How many expensive hair appts. occured before?

    • Skipper says:

      That would be sex hair. That’s all I can think of.

    • Tiffany says:

      Her comments are so fake and calculated. She is trying to come off as an easy beauty…but when you get a nose job and a boob job, clearly you are willing to go through some expense and some pain to alter what you were born looking like.

      I think surgery is fine if it makes people feel better, but I just feel like Blake is trying so hard to work a PR angle here (she uses “natural” “effortless”, etc. quite a bit in this little blurb). I find it off putting. Honey, you aren’t natural.

  7. Harpreet says:

    Celebitchy, have you seen the pics of her in Canada? She is with Ryan, who is shooting a movie in Sudbury, a small mining city.

  8. bub says:

    I do it all of the time but hair should be almost dry. sleeping in a bun on the top of your head does the same thing. if you use an elastic, put it around the middle of the bun otherwise you will get strange kinks.

  9. Amelia says:

    I have hair that ends at my hips and I tried the bun trick once – it was definitely wavey, but also very knotty. Usually when my hair is still damp I put it in a French plait, that way I get the waves but not the knots. I try to avoid really tight buns and ponytails as a rule, otherwise I end up with snap-band marks.
    Major brownie points for mentioning Katherine Hepburn – what a legend. My wardrobe’s crammed full of pant suits. The idea of getting on and off the Tube in a skirt and heels gives me nightmares.

  10. Isa says:

    My hair doesn’t hold curl well. At all. I curl it and spray a can of hairspray and it falls out. Anyway, I’ve done this. It works. It gives me soft beachy waves. You can comb some product through it before you put it up too.

  11. aims says:

    She really is stunning. I have nothing to add about the hair thing. I agree, I think she will be having a baby soon. I think she wants that very much, and Ryan has made it known that he’s always wanted kids. If he were my husband, I’d already be pregnant. Hes hot

  12. Flahoola says:

    Ah snap Blake I tried this just last night out of sheer laziness, and when I got into work I took the bun out and my hair looked like a 70′s porn star curls for a whole solid 3 minutes ha, if your hair is like mine poker straight it just falls out in an instant and your left looking like an over-used toothbrush

  13. MsAubra says:

    The sock bun…LOVE IT!!

  14. Miss Kiki says:

    Finally, I’ve been having Blake withdrawal, now if only she’d let me see that friggin wedding dress.

  15. teenydj says:

    I do this to my daughters’ hair all the time. I make two pigtails and twist each one into a bun. It’s a cute practical style that keeps their hair out of their face when they play and eat. I let them sleep in it, and then when I take it out the next morning they have gorgeous curls that last all day. Two adorable hair days out of one style!

  16. Claudia says:

    I have always done my hair like this, going on 10+ years. My hair is pretty straight with no waves so I usually do this right before I go to sleep (that way my hair really takes the shape) and then I have soft waves for the rest of the day. I never blow dry my hair, I just let it air dry.

  17. lady mary. says:

    nice to see her back in gossip, i missed her and her nonsense(now i hang my head in shame)

  18. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    If the studios brought back The Bionic woman – Blake Lively would be a perfect Jamie Summers. Can’t think of a good dude for Steve Austin as the dudes all look so pretty these days.

    • j.eyre says:

      Oh my gosh – she would be a great Jamie Summers!

      Steve… hmmm. Lee Majors was one of my first crushes so I need to not let that influence me. Channing Tatum comes to mind but he’s movies, yes? I don’t know many tv actors.

  19. GeeMoney says:

    I guess Ryan let her out of the basement for this interview and photo op.

    • mercy says:

      I guess you don’t think it’s possible for her to have a mind of her own. She’s not doing what you want, or what her husband wants, or her agent wants. She’s doing what she wants.

      • GeeMoney says:

        You obviously don’t read the gossip blogs… and you have no idea what you are talking about (and don’t get the joke I made, for that matter).

  20. ladybert62 says:

    Like this is news? That is one of the oldest tricks in the hair styling books.

  21. tracking says:

    *Katharine Hepburn

  22. Theresa says:

    you know you’re witnessing the evolution of Gwyneth Paltrow 2.0 right?

    • mercy says:

      I think a lot of people are naturally shy but work to overcome it, or at least put on a good show, because they want more out of life than being a wallflower 24/7 will generally allow or provide. Having a script and rehearsing your answers is a great way to remain calm and appear like you have it together. ;) It also gets easier the more you do it. The interviewer is probably is a writer and hasn’t had the years in front of the camera that Blake has.

      I love wavy hair. Alas, I have the super straight hair she says won’t work with the bun trick.

    • Relli says:


      Welcome to the party!!!

      • mercy says:

        Shy extroverts unite ha! I’m going by personal experience. I’m shy by nature, but I’m far from introverted or the stereotype of shy person, mostly because I like people and there’s too many things I want to do that involve interacting with them. ;) I’m compelled to make the effort, even if it means experiencing discomfort and moments of sheer terror lol. When someone tells me “You’re so calm” or words to that effect, I’m thinking “Not inside!” It gets easier with experience, but it never goes away.

  23. Dea says:

    Her and Ryan make a great couple and I love how private they are!

  24. Amanda says:

    She may not have the most beautiful face in Hollywood, but the word that comes to mind when looking at her is “fresh” and that is very appealing. She also has a sexiness that doesn’t come across so much in photos, but when I watched that godawful Green Lantern movie she was the best thing about it.

  25. TQB says:

    Wow, this is the least annoying she has ever been, and she’s trying to sell me something? Best Spokeswoman Ever.

    • Kitkerenina says:

      She’s selling ‘Goop be Gone’ I’m sold also.

      Would rather not wait for her gently waived cabbage leaf chargers for Mikasa dinner plates.

  26. Sisi says:

    This nethod with a bun on my head doesn’t work for me. My hair curls super easily, which means that the roots of my hair up until the ponytail is straight and the hair in the bun is curly, so my hair is half-half, it looks super weird.

  27. lylaooo says:

    she read it on pinterest..blahh

  28. Relli says:

    In other news water is wet…

  29. NeoCleo says:

    I think she is one of the most boring, vanilla girls in recent entertainment history. I’d even rather look at Kristen Stewart and she is an odious, talentless shrug.

    Maybe it’s the “girl next door” thing with her, but I don’t get her at all and I can’t stand to watch her on the screen–I go on auto tune OUT.

    • Mom says:

      Likewise. I hope she didn’t marry too early. I used to wash my hair about 8 in the evening, keep up in a towel,remove the towel before bed,and not comb it out. Lots of good, natural body the next morning. Now I just use a “hair changing” product.

    • B says:

      “I’d even rather look at Kristen Stewart and she is an odious, talentless shrug”.

      LOL I know what you mean.
      I liked Blake in the Sisterhood movies but after that I just couldn’t stand her. I think it’s her nasally voice & boring personality. I don’t think she has a successful career in Hollywood at all. I’m guessing she will be pregnant within a year or so.

  30. SR says:

    I have long wavy hair and I do the bun thing all the time, even when my hair was shorter. I rarely ever use a curling iron for waves. Damp hair in a bun definitely works, at least for me! It’s a must try for everyone I think!

  31. nicolastrange says:

    I will try this as soon as I have enough hair =_=.

  32. Shoe_Lover says:

    she could be shy. I am really shy and an introvert and i have to force myself to be “on”. like on the way to parties and such in my head i’m saying “you are going to be upbeat, switched on, engaging and charming” because i know that is the only way i’ll work through the intial shyness. otherwise i would be sitting alone in a corner all night. inside i’m freakinhg out but after a little while i feel calmer. most people who know me well wouldn’t thimk i’m shy but sometimes when people first meet me, if i dont go through the above routine, they think i’m a b!tch because i can be so quiet and withdrawn

  33. Jay says:

    I used to do the bun thing when my hair was waist-length. It works, but it takes aaaaaages to dry so you may have to help it along a little. Put it up then blow-dry it, maybe?

  34. Carolyn says:

    Puhlease. She’s one of the most high-maintenance people out there. Nothing natural or “done at home” with her.

    As if that beautiful hair is done by putting her hair up in a bun at night LOL. It takes a lot of work to look that natural.