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16 Responses to “Brad Pitt understandably annoyed at paparazzi”

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  1. Bex says:

    Gosh people, is there no respect in the world?

  2. Action says:

    I don’t much care about the Brad Pitt thing, but I think it’s horrible that they are still on top of Jolie during this time of grief.

  3. Mr. T says:

    They are eager to have the camera’s come out when they want the publicity, however, they can’t stand the heat then they should leave the celebrity kitchen. Me-thinks they want their cake and eat it too. Too bad. Get over it.

  4. vj says:

    they have a right to grieve in private.

  5. kailie2 says:

    I’ve never seen them overly eager to mug for the cameras in the first place, but even if it was Paris Hilton, I’d say to leave her alone at this time. AJ’s mother isn’t even buried yet. Why can’t people show some compassion, it doesn’t cost anything.

  6. MadamX says:

    I think he handled it well. How any celeb has all those flashes going on around them without throwing a brain seizure is beyond me. Not to mention Brad had to navigate stairs. I don’t think the photogs were disrespectful. Unfortunately, Brad’s high profile, very popular, and this is an extraordinary day in his personal life, but an ordinary day with the press is every day when you’re a media star. I would be less kind if it were Angelina walking down those steps and if the photogs were being disrespectful.

  7. frewtloop says:

    Asshole paps – do we really need another picture of Pitt or Jolie this week? Can’t they freaking give them a break.

  8. Gigohead says:

    My question is is her mom was at death’s door what was Angie doing at the Golden Globes? Maybe it’s just me, if my momma was a death’s door. I would not go anywhere.

  9. gavin says:

    Following them around at this time is SICK> Plain Sick. These are human beings, I don’t care if angie and brad are public figures, noone should be followed around at a time like this.

  10. aneurysm says:

    i wonder if she will run into her estranged papa at the funeral. hopefully, she will be able to be an adult & respect his grief as well.

  11. kailie2 says:

    Her mother could have felt well two weeks ago–only a month ago Angelina was telling Larry King that her mom was doing well. With cancer things can change very quickly-I’ve heard of people going out one day and dying the next. Nobody knows how she felt around the time of the Golden Globes so why assume AJ is an uncaring daughter? If I were in her mother’s place, I’d want my children to go out and live their lives instead of holding my hand for 7 years.

  12. whatever says:

    leave people alone. nuf said!!!!!

  13. countrybabe says:

    You’re right Mr. T. It does seem since “family” is so important to her these days she would have been closer, gigohead.
    Any woman with Brad seems to get this attention, but Angie seems to like itmost of the time, so she can promote whatever she wants to promote that week. So I guess you have to deal with it all the weeks.

  14. dark faith says:

    country babe and all those who agree with you you are a bastard, leurn how to be more human you and the rest of those haters who talk about the death of a person and talk bad about their children.

  15. N says:


  16. N says:

    aneurysm- none of us know what went done with her and her dad… Every family has a secret!!!!