Elizabeth Banks in orange McQueen at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party: kick ass or fug?

When I was covering Melissa McCarthy’s big poofy Oscar hair, I mentioned that the giant hair trend seems to be on the wane. Unfortunately Elizabeth Banks tried to make it work at last night’s Vanity Fair Party, with a kind of upward swoop Elvis thing, and ended up looking like a Q-tip. She’s so cute and happy I can’t trash her styling though, especially in this awesome dress. I know some of you won’t agree, but this orange and cream abstract watercolor Alexander McQueen gown is amazing. It’s bold, it has striking details that are not too busy or overdone (I love how the bodice is a little more cream than the skirt and is separated by that metallic and tortoise belt) and it’s somehow contemporary and classic at the same time. Those earrings seem a little goofy to me, but they’re not bad. She looks really pretty and she stands out without looking try-hard.

For some reason Elizabeth posed with Richard Gere. He looks like he’s giving her some dumb advice here.

Patricia Clarkson also went with a bright color in this crimson dress with mounds of draped fabric at the hips. I actually have a skirt like this that I bought a few years back when I was at my skinniest and this trend was at its height. It adds to the illusion that your hips are big, but I don’t think it’s unflattering. You can tell it’s the fabric and not the wearer. Maybe I’m saying that because this is Patricia Clarkson, she can wear whatever the hell she wants and wear the hell out of it.

Amy Poehler was in a fitted emerald green gown that looks like Herve Leger, although I don’t have a designer ID on it yet. Her boobs look really good in that dress, her makeup is fresh and her hair is cute. I’d love to see Amy work it a little more, she’s slouching here.

Amy’s Parks & Rec co-star Rashida Jones was in sequin Vivienne Westwood, in one of the gunmetal colors that was popular last night. I wish we had a full length photo of her – you can see one here, on Just Jared. There’s a little too much fabric going on with this dress, but the entire look is really glamorous yet a little understated. I like it, although I’d like to see her with different jewelry. The emerald cuff and ring are a little much.

photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    THAT is a fun dress. I like.

  2. ataylor says:

    Elizabeth Banks: Fug. She needs a slight tan for that orange dress to work. And better hair. It looks like the flowery red dress Mila Kunis wore a few years ago at the SAG awards. Now THAT dress was pretty.

  3. judyjudy says:

    E Banks always kicks ass. Love her!

  4. Rachel says:

    I’d love the dress without the v in the bodice.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Amy and Rashida look awesome! Go Parks & Rec girls!
    Elizabeth Banks can pull off a lot of dress I would ordinarily dislike. This is great on her and perfect for the party.
    Love the color of Patricia’s but the styling of the dress isn’t great.

  6. Samantha says:

    Elizabeth Banks looks amazing!

  7. LIVEALOT says:

    Elizabeth banks = kick ass.

    I like Amy’s understated dress. Would just add diff jewelry.

  8. Dirtnap says:

    Amy and Rashida – WOW!

  9. Hubbahun says:

    Love EB, hate the dress – orange! YUCK!!!

  10. kar says:

    Elizabeth Banks looks beautiful!!!! Love her dress, love the gold details! Hair and earrings and maybe the lipstick are off… And I disagree! She so does not need a tan! Side-note: I’m of East Indian heritage, so I’m basically tan everyday, but I’ve never understood all the hate pale gets etc from everyone…. I think her skin colour looks beautiful against that dress… I wouldn’t even think to say it would look better if she were tanner, or on someone more tan, it would just look different vs. looking better.

    Amy looks amazing! I think this is her best post-divorce-news look yet!

    Love Rashida’s look.. I think the jewellery could work (especially with her colouring, I think it kinda looks amazing against her eye colour and warm skin colour), but the red lipstick throws it off.

  11. Shira says:

    Lovely, all of them.

  12. Diana says:

    I think they all looked lovely.

  13. Aurelia says:

    Patricia looks like something the cat dragged in. Dress is a spectacular colour but far too young for her.

  14. serena says:

    I like Elisabeth Banks dress, but it’s just not occasion appropriate.
    It just doesn’t seems like a night gown -and for Oscars- LOL just no.

  15. A Fan says:

    Elizabeth Banks consistently knocks it out of the park…and nearly always chooses something a little interesting or unusual in some way.

    However, can we talk about the hair…

  16. ohiogirl says:

    Elizabeth’s orange dress really compliments her pretty fair skin. AMY LOOKS HOT!