Kate Winslet’s (RockNRoll) Harper’s Bazaar UK shoot: gorgeous or tweaked?

Kate Winslet covers the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK. The photo shoot is black-and-white and it’s stunning. Kate’s face is gorgeous, her body looks great, all of it. Of course I still think she’s had some work done on her face, but we don’t have to argue about it right now. I think people are evenly split on it – half say she’s 100% all-natural, half say she’s been tweaked. It wouldn’t matter except she was always such a vocal advocate for “no tweaking”. As for the “Kate Rock N Roll” tag – yes. She’s Kate RockNRoll. She married Ned RockNRoll. I don’t know if she formally took his name or not, but GOOD GOD. Some highlights from the interview:

Going through her second divorce and her third marriage: ‘I’ve really learnt a great deal about myself, in the last four years in particular. I think I can see more clearly now – about how the pattern of past experiences has shaped who I am, and the characters I have played – and I’m grateful for that.’

The bad times: ‘I have so much more material to draw on for work – rubble, bricks – and I know I can carry it now. I’m not going to drop it, and if I do, I’ll sift through it. Does that make any sense at all? Probably not…’

On receiving a CBE from Queen Elizabeth: “Oh my God, she [the Queen] looks amazing. Beautiful skin – and wonderful thick hair. She looked really well and pretty and fresh, and she was wearing a lovely pale-yellow dress.”

On Sarah Burton taking over at McQueen: “I do think Sarah Burton is a genius. And it’s remarkable what she’s done, moving into a role like that, and really keeping it McQueen – that’s hard. I mean, that’s like taking over playing Hamlet and playing it exactly the same. It’s just incredible. She’s given it a touch of herself without taking anything away from it.”

[From The Mail & My Daily]

Did Ned RockNRoll take away Kate’s personality? Because you’d think that marrying a man who changed his name to Ned RockNRoll would mean that you could act a bit wilder. Maybe Kate is playing it safe because she knows that some people are judging her – two divorces and a third marriage and she’s only 37 years old? I mean, I get it. And I think she really believed her second marriage was going to “stick” and Sam Mendes was the one who wanted out. Also: Queen Elizabeth does look amazing!

Photos courtesy of Bazaar UK.

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  1. gee says:

    Both gorgeous and tweaked.

    • Bernie says:

      She looks Gwen Stefan-ish.

    • Eve says:

      @ Gee:

      You typed the words right out of my fingertips.

      Also, photoshop…those sunken cheeks — it’s like they photoshopped one pound off her face.

      • Jane says:

        Her photoshopping seems to have been done by the same person that did Jennifer Lawrence. She looks unrecognizeable. Too thin, jaw too sharp, skin too smooth.

        And she does look like Stefani, which is not a bad thing, except that is not who she is.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      +1 and very tweaked. I hate when people goon about how much they are against all tweaking and then they tweak away.

    • testington` says:

      super photoshopped. Remember when she used to complain about magazines giving unrealistic images of women back in the 90’s…but now she is all about being photoshopped younger, thinner and smoother.

  2. bns says:

    I love the last photo.

    • j.eyre says:

      I love them all but that first photo with just the 4 words on it, the layout, the image – I think it’s stunning.

  3. Nanz says:

    I love her, but I hate that she married a man who would change his name to RockNRoll.

  4. Really? says:

    The wonderful and amazing power of botox and photogs…not to mention a good make up artist. Beautiful, but barely recognisable.

    • vixo says:

      She looks gorgeous, the makeup artist for this photoshoot is the amazing Lisa Eldridge. Shehas done some other Kate’s red carpet and photoshoots looks.

  5. brin says:

    Now that’s a cat eye!

    • reinvent says:

      This !!! Forget the article! I want the magazine because that cat eye is giving me vapors!

  6. Shira says:

    She gets better and better. Gorgeous.

  7. Lizzie says:

    Wasn’t the rumour that Sam Mendes was having an affair with Rebecca Hall and said that he would leave Kate for her?
    Hall denied being the “other woman” for ages, but I think they are together now. Super shady.

    • T.Fanty says:

      I heard that, too. It’s when they were doing the Bridge Project together. I hope it isn’t true, because I love Rebecca Hall and want her to be as awesome IRL as she is in my head.

    • L says:

      Yup, they confirmed back in 2011 that they had been together “for some time” which I basically translated as they had a affair.

      I to think Winslet got cheated on and dumped by Mendes.

    • MaiGirl says:

      Wow. I wondered if that was true, cuz I remember reading about them as a hush hush down-low couple for a minute, but then the rumors seemed to die. If they are together now, then, hmmmmm. I love Hall’s acting, so I’m so sorry she (and Mendes) are gross.

    • May says:

      They started their affair around 2006

  8. kibbles says:

    She is Photoshopped to death so I can’t tell if she has really been tweaked or not. Why get surgery when you can have a team of Photoshop experts make you look like a supermodel? Wasn’t she against Photoshop and tweaking? And yet she has no objections with a photoshoot like this where she looks very little like her actual self. Hollywood has really changed her.

    • Agnes says:

      I totally agree! Since everyone gets photoshopped into oblivion these days, how can you tell the difference between what’s real, tweaked, and/or photoshopped?

  9. Eleonor says:

    If you hadn’t told me that is Kate I wouldn’t have recognized her.
    But the shoot is beautiful.

  10. Cam S says:

    I look at theses celebs being tweeked as just part of their jobs. Like giving a car a tune up

  11. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I am in LUV with her eye makeup in these pics. I would wear it every day. I can’t apply eye liner for the life of me tho.

  12. Jaana says:

    She is so tweaked. Thats why I cant stand her, she is always going on about “No I never has any plastic surgery”, oh please Kate. Its so obvious.

    • flor says:

      Ever since her Oscar campaign, she changed. I can’t point it out but it’s like she became more insecure.

    • Lauren says:

      In Kate’s defense, she is aging, perhaps losing the fat on her face. I have been accused of a boob job, botox and a nose job–i have never had plastic surgery or botox. Nothing. Just lots of sleep, vitamins and good sex. (my second husband). I look younger now than 12 years ago because i am loved by a loyal man.
      I am happy for Kate, and yes she is photoshopped. Still adore her. Little Children is still my favorite Kate movie.

  13. Beka says:


  14. Gwen says:

    She looks amazing but a wee bit tweaked too.

  15. Nicolette says:

    She looks amazing.

  16. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I like Kate and yes, she is stunning (and tweaked, but tweaked well) but she strikes me as being really needy and someone who hates to be alone. She’s working on her THIRD (!) marriage at only 37. I just think she has issues….

    • T.Fanty says:

      That’s how I feel. I like her as an actress, but get Kate-fatigue whenever I read an interview.

  17. trudiebell says:

    She looks like Gwen Stefani. So yeah, tweaked. Sad.

  18. Ailine says:

    Pretty. And they photoshop, but it looks good. How do you know if it’s surgery or photoshop? You’d have to see candids.

  19. Reece says:

    Photoshopped and styled to unrecognizability but gorgeous.

    • tracking says:


      • Christina says:

        Yup. The photos are completely photoshopped but it’s done in an ‘artistic’ way and Kate looks gorgeous and retains some character. So I’ll give it a pass.

        I’m still not sure if Kate has had work done. A bit of botox maybe, but not much more than that. She’s still only 37 so it’s entirely possible she’s (still) more or less plastic free.

  20. Nessa says:

    Definitely a little tweaking to her face. That last picture is stunning, though.

  21. lucy2 says:

    I can’t judge tweaked or not in magazine photos – between the lighting, makeup, & photoshop, it’s so hard to tell unless the work is drastic.
    The last time I saw her in a film, she looked natural to me. Who knows.
    I hope this marriage works out for her (despite his ridiculous name).

  22. gigig says:

    I used to think Kate was so sophisticated and “different” from all these other actresses, but after this whole RockNRoll marriage thing and a couple of recent interviews, I’m starting to wonder if it was all just a good PR team and if she is just as pompous as a lot of actresses. Shame.

  23. GossipG says:

    Is the new clothing line from H&M,the ‘Rock’n Roll’ line, courtesy from Mrs&Mr R&R

  24. lola lola says:

    I don’t think she’s tweaked lately. I just think she is well-airbrushed. Not to imply she’s not stunningly beautiful or anything but the woman does have a pore here & there and she’s not 12–both things a good airbrushing encourages. That said, I’m sorry she’s so skinny now. All that said, Go Kate!

  25. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Another example of why the covers of the 80s/90s with real supermodels were much better no botox minor airbrushing; not like today – And only a poser changes with name to rocknroll – If you have to advertise it, you aren’t it. Why do all these actresses want to be models, are they bored with acting, just famehos or both.

  26. serena says:

    She looks gorgeous but tweaked. Also, I don’t know how is she going to stick to this marriage..it’s ridiculous enough to have that surname, lol.

  27. Happy21 says:

    She looks gorgeous but we all know that she has quite the crow’s feet. Besides the lines around her eyes magically disappearing I don’t know if I could say that she was ‘tweaked’.

  28. Suze says:

    This is gorgeous CSI.

    It would have been even better if they used photographs of someone real, like Kate Winslet!

  29. Gemini08 says:

    I say she’s natural but of course the pics are airbrushed- all magazine pics are. She’s a gorgeous woman.

  30. blonde on the dock says:


  31. j.eyre says:

    Let me be perfectly clear – if I had ANY opportunity to change my name to RockNRoll I would do it in a heartbeat. I mean, I can’t now because its been done – and Mr. Rochester keeps saying no. What about MellowJazz – is that taken???

    • minime says:

      MellowJazz, now that’s a keeper! Actually the more you say it, the better it sounds. I want it!!! 😉

      • j.eyre says:

        Well, MiniMe MellowJazz just plain sounds better than Jane MellowJazz. OK, it’s yours.

        But I am totally taking YachtRock.

  32. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She’s becoming like Tom Cruise to me — the more I hear from/about her, the less I like her and the less I want to ever see her in a movie.

    Lying about the plastic surgery, and lying about the “no make-up,” is irritating because (1) it’s obviously a lie, so what she’s saying to the public is “I think you are blind and/or stupid”; and (2) it’s as if she’s saying OTHER women may need make-up and plastic surgery to look like that, but not HER because she is just so genetically superior.

    Lying about having a “natural birth” when she had a c-section. I cannot even imagine why anyone would lie about this, except, once again, to prove her (fake) superiority over other women.

    And the hugging and kissing of that child rapist Roman Polanski. Yuck.

    Marrying pretentious/ridiculous Mr. Rock’n’Roll is one of the least offensive things about her, but still . . . she’s officially outworn her welcome.

    • ??? says:

      For me, Kate’s adamant support of Polanski completely kills her appeal.

      She was likable for a while. But she seemed to change after winning her Oscar.

      I don’t think she’s had a ton of work done, but I am convinced she’s had some tweaking here and there. Her nose has definitely been done — done well, but done, nonetheless.

      And yes, she’s a big ol’ hypocrite for being an advocate of aging naturally, without plastic surgery. Just like most of her actress peers in Hollyweird.

      My favorite silver-screen “Kate” remains the one who spells her name with a “C.” I find her to be nothing short of divine.

  33. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She looks like Madonna trying to look like Gwen Stefani.

  34. dj says:

    Kate Winslet is so beautiful and talented. She will always be the most beautiful to me as “Titanic” Kate: red hair, full beautiful lips and fuller-bodied. So So beautiful.

  35. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I don’t care if the pictures are photoshopped, she looks stunning. Gorgeous photos.

  36. Dawn says:

    I would say both…but god it’s good! Wow great pictures.

  37. Miss M says:

    I’d like to believe that, in a parallel world, Jack and Rose got married.

  38. Ravensdaughter says:

    Can you say heavy makeup and Photoshop?