Elisabeth Hasselbeck kicked off ‘The View’ for being ‘too extreme & right wing’

Thursday night, media outlets reported that Joy Behar was finally leaving The View. Even though I don’t watch that trainwreck of a talk show, I’ll admit that I kind of like Joy. She’s got that shticky comedy that is so old-school, it’s actually kind of cool. At the time, I didn’t think Joy’s departure was any big deal – she’d been on the show for more than 16 years, and who knows? Maybe she just ran out of things to talk about (I would). But now it seems like Joy’s departure is part of entire revamp of The View. Not only is Joy leaving (seemingly of her own accord, but who knows?), but now comes word that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been axed. Fascinating:

The people have spoken. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one of the five cohorts of ABC’s daytime talk show The View, will not be returning to the couch next season, following hot on the footsteps of fellow cohost Joy Behar, a source tells Us Weekly.

According to the source, the show’s resident conservative voice is being ousted after market research revealed that she isn’t popular with TV audiences.

“The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing,” the insider tells Us. “People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed.”

When reached for comment, a rep for the show told Us in a statement: “Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of The View and has a long term contract.”

Hasselbeck, 35, joined the cast of the daytime talk show in November 2003 after guest-hosting the show following Lisa Ling’s departure in 2002.

Throughout the course of her time on The View, she has gotten into numerous arguments with her cohosts, including a heated argument with Rosie O’Donnell in 2007 over the War in Afghanistan and with Barbara Walters over Mitt Romney in 2012.

Earlier this week, Behar, 70, announced her own departure from the show after 16 1/2 years.

“You can’t stay forever on a show,” she told Good Morning America. “I am graciously exiting stage left. I’ve put in 16 1/2 years and felt the time was right. I want to explore other opportunities.”

Adds the source to Us: “Joy says it just felt … tired and like work. She was over it.”

Behar has been with the talk show since its inception in 1997, and currently hosts Joy Behar: Say Anything! on Current TV.

[From Us Weekly]

I’m not trying to create a political flame-war with this, I’m really not. My interest in this story is mostly as media-watcher, like it will be interesting to see who Barbara Walters brings in to replace these two, and whether the show will survive. Do I personally think Hasselbeck was “too extreme and right-wing”? Yeah, I did, but I’m pretty liberal. What bugged me wasn’t so much that Elisabeth was super-conservative, it was that I thought she was an awful spokeswoman for her politics. Like, I really don’t like Ann Coulter (at all), but Coulter is able to coherently and (dare I say) intellectually explain her positions, which is something Hasselbeck rarely did (in my opinion). Coulter is extreme and right-wing, but she’s a good and effective spokeswoman for her politics, whereas Hasselbeck… just was not.

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  1. kixendawn says:

    I dont agree with elizabeth’s views but isnt that that the point? To have different women who bring different views to the table? The show will be VERY boring if everyone just agrees.

    • Lisa says:

      To each their own. I don’t like watching people argue. I think the show would be better if they got along. It was painful watching her have shouting matches with Rosie O’Donnell. I haven’t watched the show in years. Granted, I work when it’s on, but I would at least record it if I liked the people. Lisa Ling was a little boring but I actually liked her.

    • Dutch says:

      Looks like a move to pull the whole show to the center as far as political voices go. Joy always seemed like the champion on the left and Hasselbeck voiced the right. With Joy gone there’s no need to have Hasselbeck around any more.

      • Eileen says:

        I respectfully disagree-Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg are liberal but I’ve seen Goldberg try to listen to other opinions which Behar and Walters don’t. I disliked Elizabeth because she is a total airhead. She would try to push her conservative view and 99% of time be rudely shouted down-I prefer The Talk on CBS, and no I don’t watch Fox News for my news.

    • heyhellohiwhatsup says:

      I agree to an extent. Her conservative views border on ignorance, and there is a dire need to move culture (and the collective conversation, as it were) forward, beyond Fox News minutia. She represents a faction in the U.S. that remains uneducated, emotion based and fearful. I’m not interested in listening to the musings and reasonings of someone who is close-minded.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I don’t watch that show. I can’t stand Rosie O’Donnell so whenever she is on a show, I stop watching it.

        However, I thought your comment about Elisabeth was exactly the point of Elisabeth: she is representative of a large number of people and I daresay a lot of that kind of person watches the View.

        None of these women are intellectual heavy weights and from what little I’ve seen in the period once Rosie was added and removed, Elisabeth and Joy were good counterpoints to each other: neither very bright and both very extreme.

        My question is are they trying to skew to the center or will the bring in more intelligent, articulate women to represent the far right and the far left.

        I have heard rumors that Joy was also “let go” so who knows.

        I do think Elisabeth would be a much better choice for Fox than Sarah Palin was – not that I ever saw that show but it didn’t last so it must have been horrid.

      • Lucinda says:

        While I don’t disagree with your assessment of Elisabeth, maybe I’m misreading your comment. She may represent a group of people who are emotional and ignorant, but there are factions on both sides who are ignorant, emotional and fear-based in their arguments. It seems to be either “your politic are leading the country into moral decay” or “your politic are racist and elitist”. Very frustrating. I find most commentary shows add to this extremism.

      • heyhellohiwhatsup says:

        Listen. If culture kept around close-minded bigots to express their “views,” women would not be able to vote, African Americans would still be lynched by the hundreds and so on.

        There is absolutely no room for extreme or even misinformed moderate right reps to enter into the conversation. They’re being elbowed out — for good reason: they live in 1951 in their brains. The liberals on the show are at least moving culture forward, not back.

      • jensational says:

        “I am not interested in listening to the views of someone so closed minded”

        Yet, HeyHello, with your statements, you are as closed minded as the very people you despise.

      • Inconceivable! says:

        People that claim EH’s views border on ignorance do not realize that the exact same claims (but on the liberal end of the spectrum) can be made of Barbara, Whoopi, Joy, and even Sherri at times.

    • Inconceivable! says:

      Kixendawn – exactly! I thought the show was about different views. I’ve read a whole lot of opinions for people that are thrilled Elisabeth is leaving because they hate her views, or think she is too extreme, that she belongs on Fox, etc. Not very accepting of diverse points of views, huh? Whoopi & Sherri are just as politically extreme as Joy & Elisabeth. Perhaps only conservative views are not welcome on the show. At least Elisabeth never walked off the stage while interviewing a guest she disagreed with, unlike Joy & Whoopi. If extreme views are enough to have someone let go – Joy & Whoopi should have been asked to leave years ago.

      • Lisa says:

        Whoopi and Sherri are comedians. Elisabeth isn’t funny, entertaining, or even a very good interviewer. It seems like a guest would be telling a good story and she would stop them in the middle of it just to get the one question on her list in. The show is better off without her.

    • debisis says:

      agreed, i see myself as unemployed cleaning lady with MA in something obviously useless while moonlighted “unlicensed” masseuse (hee hee) not watching it next season.

    • Bubbaang says:

      I agree! There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion. Please do not criticize my “right or left or in btwn leanings”!

      Celebitchy is just that, bitching about celebrities, and celebs bitching!

    • Kay V says:

      Amen! I was thinking the same thing. As for the idiots that fired her. it’s the SHOW that SUCKS, not Hasselbeck.

    • Str8Shooter says:

      You can have a co-host with a different viewpoint without having to have some shrill, rabid, right-wing nutjob to fill the role. Especially one who just says completely ridiculous, untrue statements and tows the Fox News company line.

      It would be equally as bad to hire back that shrew from the other end of the spectrum, Rosie O’Donnell.

  2. Ailine says:

    It’s about time. She is so annoying. She’ll probably get a talk show on Fox News. I don’t think she was very good at having her own views. She mostly regurgitated what other conservatives said. There are some conservatives that don’t come across a crazy and unyielding. I don’t know where the right hides them, but they should maybe select someone more moderate. Or a fiscal conservative.

    • claire says:

      Regurgitating is one problem. But then she didn’t seem to understand what it was she was actually regurgitating.

      I have a hard time with the “People have spoken” line. I mean, people have disliked her from the beginning. There’s gotta be more to the story.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Uhh… I totally agree. She seemed lost in her own views and would resort to yelling to prove her point.

      “. . .she was an awful spokeswoman for her politics.”

      I couldn’t agree more. I too stopped watching this show years ago because she’s so insufferable (and insufferably conservative).

      Good riddance as far as I’m concerned.

      • Layal says:

        I agree with you, and I consider myself conservative on many issues (though you won’t ever catch me watching Fox news–ugh!). I guess I am conservative on mostly fiscal issues, since I am not against abortion rights or gay rights. Anyway, it bothered me that Elisabeth resorted to yelling. I couldn’t watch because I can’t stand watching people yell at each other.

  3. tangoecho5 says:

    I think the View wanted conservative lite otherwise they could’ve gone with any number of women who were better spokeswomen for conservative causes. Elizabeth is pro gay marriage which makes her not as conservative as many. Even so, she didn’t really articulate her beliefs in a smart engaging way. So unless The View plans on replacing her with another conservative woman who can articulate those beliefs in a better way, the show should be retitled “One View”.

    • Emma13 says:

      “one view” yeah I completely agree. They have to bring on someone else with a differing view or else don’t they lose the premise of their show? I’ve never watched the show, but everything I’ve heard about Elisabeth indicates she’s just not a good talk show host. As Kaiser mentioned they need to find someone who is articulate and can hold her own against the other women, but still be respectful.

    • Me Three says:

      I was in my early 20’s when The View started and, when I was home, I watched it. Their table began with Lisa Ling in Hasselback’s seat. That “chair” wasn’t set aside for conservative or liberal hosts back then; it was supposed to represent the views of younger women. Once Hasselback joined, they lost most of their young viewers.

      She was argumentative and the views she holds do not represent the views of most 20 or 30 somethings. I think that’s why they finally dropped her.

      They would’ve been eviscerated by the right wing media machine during their heyday in the 2000’s when most Americans slept thru the war mongering policies that almost bankrupted this country. Today, thankfully, we are starting to wake up and Elizabeth can safely be dropped because ABC realized, her views don’t represent the majority. Think they’ll replace her with a younger, less conservative person a d just maybe, get some new viewers!

      • CandyKay says:

        The “war-mongering policies that almost bankrupted this country” are safely in the hands of President Obama and his drone war program now.

        Maybe they’ll get an intelligent young leftist/progressive woman to make that point.

        The show certainly doesn’t need another Obama apologist.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        How long have they been on? I had totally forgotten the views of younger women which I was at that time. I remember Debbie Matenopoulos in that chair. She was about my age and even though they didn’t like her I did. I liked Lisa Ling too. I remember Elisabeth as the host of an affordable fashion show on E or Style or one of the minor cable channels around the same time. I liked Elisabeth back then because she looked like a normal girl and had no political opinion either way on that show.

        On the View which I only watch if I’m home sick and not sleeping – well I like her more than Rosie and Whoopi butI think that applies to 99% of humanity.

        I’ve disliked Rosie since she was “straight” and had a huge “crush” on Tom Cruise and Whoopi talking about “rape-rape” in the Polanski case turned me off.

        If they want to be representative of age groups again, they need more non-baby boomer women. The oldest members of Gen X turned 48 this year and I think all of Gen Y are adults now.

  4. Aiobhan says:

    Elizabeth just came off as an empty-headed mouth piece for the worst part of the Republican party. But I think this is a little suspect because she has been on this show for a while now and they are just now doing an opinion poll. I wonder if this has more to do with ratings than her being “too extreme”.

    If they are going to revamp the show they also need to get rid of Sheri. She has added nothing of value to that show since they hired her.

    • Laura says:

      100% agree: “she was an empty-headed mouth piece for the worst part of the Republican party.” She was never able to back-up her views, and she never sound assertive in them. She’s always ‘uh, wait you guys, isn’t….[insert illogical conservative headline]. The polls were right, I didn’t watch because of her and….

      I would PAY to help her Sherri off the show. She is STUPID! It hurts me, I cringe about it, apologize for it. There are so many other smarter [black too] women out there! I’d like to see Aisha Tyler (poach her), Kelly Hu, America Ferrera and Sarah Shahi on the show has hosts, even just to change it up. I know nothing of their views, but I’ve seen enough to know that they aren’t stupid women!

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        Aisha Tyler – excellent choice 🙂

      • Molly says:

        America Ferrera is black?

      • pwal says:

        Personally, I hope Aisha stays on The Talk; it’s rare that there’s a talk show format that allow two Black women to participate, much less one in which the two Black women are so different. Oh wait… The View has Whoopi and Sherri… well, they have Whoopi, who is good for some clever observation and commentary.

        I hope Aisha and Sheryl stay put because there’s a lot of intelligence and wit between the two of them.

      • Sandip says:

        Trust me Sherri is an embarassment to all black women. example of dumb, When she asked the girl with riding boots (flat) if they were comfortable. I look forward to the change.

      • cs says:

        No, when Sherri didn’t know whether the earth was flat or round. I remember Whoopi looking at her like WTF..I was thinking what a dumb A**.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        @Molly Kelly Hu is not black either. I don’t know who Sarah is. I support Aisha and Kelly – both are my age and beautiful. Yes, I want that Lisa Ling seat back now that someone reminded me of the Gen X seat.

        Oh and I support America for the Gen Y seat. Still don’t know who Sarah is.

    • Midnight says:

      And the congregation says “Amen”!

  5. sunny says:

    I can’t believe someone thinks Ann Coulter is an effective spokesperson for the right. I *really* try to watch conservative news stations from time to time just to make sure I’m not being bias, but the few times I’ve watched Ann I found her to be an awful representation of her party, women, pretty much anything. Aside from spewing hatred and ignorance, I find no value in her as a human being….calling Obama the r-word sealed everything for me. I’d take elizabeth anyday over Ann.

    • Dirtnap says:

      +1000, @Sunny. Ann Coulter in no way represents me. And ANYONE who uses the r-word about someone else is immediately branded as unintelligent and not enlightened, IMO. And don’t get me started on the outfits she selects to wear for her book covers …

      • Lulu says:

        Totally agree.

      • sunny says:

        Or her outfits in general…the same black spaghetti strap dress and messy hair…it looks like she just woke up after an all-nighter. The lack of professionalism, the embracing of ugly female stereotypes, its almost as if she is proud to use her body as a tool. I cannot believe she is so blind as to her image, its too carefully crafted…and that is the disgusting part. I highly doubt she would have been given a platform (by anyone) if she did not dress that way…that’s horrifying.

    • Me Three says:

      +2000@Sunny! Ann C represents the worst of right wing media in my opinion as well. She basically lobs extremist stuff out there so she can continue selling her ridiculous books….it’s actually the same book with different names inserted depending on who the right wing hates at any given time.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree – most of the stuff Coulter says is SO extreme and hateful, I’m fairly convinced she does that to get media attention and promote herself. In no way do I think she is a good spokesperson for anything. There are plenty of intelligent, informed, and well spoken conservative women out there, let’s not hold up an attention hungry wackadoo as an example of one.

    • Greenieweenie says:

      Oh lord, no. My basic criteria for an informed view is that it at least matches my level of knowledge. If I consistently know more than you about a topic, then you’re just not informed because it doesn’t take that much to have one up on me (especially if you’re supposed to be an expert, like Coulter is). Plus, the way she communicates is just repulsive.

      You know, this is why the right lacks a viable intellectual base. This is why it has so many internal contradictions–because ppl spend their time trying to be inflammatory and not contributing anything remotely intellectual to the conversation. There IS an intelligent conservative position to be had, it’s just been so damn long since anyone’s heard it.

      • Nymeria says:

        “You know, this is why the right lacks a viable intellectual base.”

        The left isn’t exactly a bastion of intellect these days, either.

        “This is why it has so many internal contradictions–because ppl spend their time trying to be inflammatory and not contributing anything remotely intellectual to the conversation.”

        Except the left is equally contradictory in its positions. Obama has broken his campaign promises multiple times, and people on the left seem totally fine with that.

        “There IS an intelligent conservative position to be had, it’s just been so damn long since anyone’s heard it.”

        I’ll agree wholeheartedly on this one. The pundits on both sides are airheads. However, it doesn’t help things at all that the media tends to swing left pretty hard, burying stories that contradict Obama’s saintliness. Drones and tanks on American soil? What the hell? Bush started this crap, but Obama has enthusiastically continued eroding the Constitution.

      • El says:

        Except, Nymeria that there is statistically significant data showing that there is a very high correlation between higher level of education and leftist views. So in that way the left would be a bastion of intellect.

      • Trillion says:

        Nymeria, I listen to progressive talk radio (yes, it actually exists, but barely) and there are tons and tons of incredibly articulate progressives. The problem is, they are not inflammatory. Their delivery is calm and measured. This does not make ratings or garner news clips and sound bites. This may be why you’ve never heard them. Seek and ye shall find.

      • Greenieweenie says:

        Sorry, won’t get into it in great detail but if “disbelief” in climate change is a party platform, that party is simply completely divorced from how public policy is made…not just in the US but in all G20 countries at the very least.

        This is the party, after all, that saturates us with their views on rape and birth control while simultaneously promising to label China a “currency manipulator” on day 1–something that WOULD NOT happen for the same reason that Bush did not make abortion illegal even though he ran opposed to it. With so little of value to bring to the table (apart from their manufactured coalition of social and economic conservatives–two factions that do not naturally belong together), they’ve nothing better to do than get mired in the mud.

        The right isn’t doing politics. It’s doing stupidity and ignorance. I welcome a return to intelligent conversation from them…it has been too damn long.

    • Janet says:

      Ann Coulter on the widows of 9/11: “These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis. I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.”

      Anybody who makes such a despicable statement is not an effective spokesperson for anything.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      That dessicated corn husk of a woman is about as good at being a spokesperson for any topic as would blue is a good spokesman for the topic on orange.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      IKR – I’m not even a Democrat anymore but Ann Coulter is up there with Rosie O’Donnell on the list of women I have never liked. And WTF is up with her mini-skirts.

    • Sugarrbunny says:

      Brava Sunny. Ann Coulter is not intelligent or able to put together a thoughtful sentence. Anyone who repeats the idea women shouldn’t be allowed to vote (which she says often) is just ridiculous. And anyone who takes her seriously or thinks her opinions are intelligently arrived at clearly are not very well informed. Ann Coulter is a hack & Hasslebeck was just a republican talking point

  6. Maria says:

    most people dont get that shows run a lot better with a person lots of people dont like. i’ve read about a lot of shows that went downhill after they misinterpreted the survey results.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      I agree Maria. Elizabeth isn’t the one who bothered me on the view. I actually enjoyed watching her personify the backwards stupidity that is the republican party. I thought it was funny…and her rows with Rosie O’donnell were epic IMO.
      I stopped watching because of Sherri Shephard. She is a disgrace. I get so embarrassed for her it’s uncomfortable to watch. I don’t even bother to DVR it (then delete it!) anymore because Sherri is just so painfully dumb.

    • Nina W says:

      I agree but I think Hasselbeck is stale at this point. She never was the greatest at her role and she is annoying even if you agree with her. They need to mix it up and get someone new in there.

  7. Kaboom says:

    Reducing the number of opinions is the best way to make a talk show more popular. That’s why Heinz only sells one flavor of ketchup. /sarc

  8. Sarah says:

    It’s a shame if this will be spun as she was axed for being “too extreme” or “too conservative” because that’s not really the case. Her views are not really the issue, it’s the fact that’s she too shrill, immature, inarticulate and unyielding in those views in her role on the show to have a productive conversation with others on the panel. Too many times Elisabeth has derailed the show with her crying, tearing up cue cards, temper tantrum childish behavior because she didn’t agree with the topic being discussed. Often, she seemed to just parrot her talking points and shut down when asked to defend her views or engage in calm discussion. I’m glad to see her go, I just wonder why it took so long.

    I’m not a regular viewer; in fact, I hardly watch the show anymore, but there was a time when I would tune in because there would be intelligent discussion on the panel.

    • lw says:

      I agree. The problem is not her conservative beliefs, but the way she expresses them. Elizabeth is the personification of SHRILL, and it is a turn off. I actually do watch the View, and just think she is much better suited to fashion stuff. I loved her on that old show, “The Look For Less”. I predict she will continue her fashion stuff and her gluten free stuff, and will do just fine. Going to Fox News would be a mistake.

    • Jayna says:

      I agree with your post, but, though I haven’t watched it much, the last two years I found her improved, a little more likeable and less stringent and judgmental. I would have understood sacking her for the reasons you stated two years ago. She seems to have calmed down, but I have missed most episodes. So maybe I’m wrong.

    • Lily25 says:

      I agree. I don’t consistantly watch The View but Elizabeth is just annoying and dumb not too conservative. She seems a lot more shrill now than when she was first on the show. Eventhough she occasionally goes on Fox News, I don’t think they are dumb enough to hire her full time. She’s the dumb version of Sarah Palin and that says a lot.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree too – I’ve only watched a bit here and there, but from what I could tell, it was her, not her views, that were the problem.

      They should have people of differing beliefs on, but only those capable of a mature, reasonable discussion.

  9. Victoria1 says:

    How long was this research conducted? She’s (Elizabeth) been annoying as long as she’s been on.

    • DreamyK says:

      Screechy and Preachy.

      Also? What the hell is wrong with her face? She looks so different.

      Liz can always go back to hawking her crap on QVC. Hmm..maybe not. All the items she stamped her name on are clearance or “as is”. Bummer for her.

  10. lisa2 says:

    The View lost it View a long time ago. I don’t agree with most of what Elizebeth says. I just find her annoying. I think that is the problem. She is the ONLY conservative and it must be a battle when you are the only one. But she is annoying, and shrill.

    I’m surprised they are keeping Sherri. the most ignorant and uninformed person on the panel. She should have gotten the boot a long time ago. I know she was suppose to be the neutral one. she floats back and forth. I actually can’t stand her nor her views on women and “girlfriends”.

    Joy has said some questionable things and that to me could be a part of her leaving besides her wanting her own show to be successful.

    Barbara should leave too. She is a kiss ass and will support anyone just to have them on the show. Which is funny because they don’t really get the BIG A listers on the show anymore. Beside they are all hypocrites. They talk shit about celebrities, but if they are their friends then all is forgiven. Hate that about this show and one of the reasons I stopped watching.

    Don’t care if the show is around or not.

    • Jayna says:

      Sherri was hysterical when she was guest hosting (when they were trying out people). I think they hired her off of how funny she was, a real wise-cracker with one-liners. Then she comes on and it was like the funny went out of her.

      I tend to watch The Talk, because they don’t talk over each other.

      Barbara is the one that needed to go most. I find it stilted when she is on and she is really dragging down the show a lot, asking stupid questions, like, Are you a virgin? They seem to be more free-flowing when not having Barbara there to defer to.

      • CandyKay says:

        Agree – Barbara has had her day.

      • Lucy94 says:

        I totally agree! As usual, the two that I really didn’t care about either way were let go, but Babs and Sherri are still there. That’s why I haven’t watched in years. Sherri is a total idiot and Babs doesn’t know what she’s talking about until someone off stage yells in her ear piece. I quit watching after old Babs pulled herself off her death bed when Obama was on since she would never let the other hens do it without her!

    • pwal says:


      To me, the best years of The View was when Meredith, Star, Joy and Lisa sat at the table. Back then, they didn’t talk over each other, therefore you can actually hear their views. Actual grown women’s views. But then, after the way they got rid of Star, the high school clique mentality set in, making it nearly impossible to watch. Mind you, Whoopi was the only bright spot, since she was upfront about her weariness towards Barbara. Whenever Barbara asked a question to the guest, it was fun watching Whoopi because she would fidget as if to stifle ‘Woman, just ask the damn question!!!’

      Anyway, I prefer The Talk now, although I don’t much chance to watch it.

    • Sarcasmo says:

      ROL has a story that Barbara might be leaving, too, actually.

      Appears to me they’re re-vamping the show. Or cancelling it, one of the two.

  11. Jane's evil twin says:

    I don’t buy she is getting canned for her beliefs because the whole reason she was asked to join is because of her beliefs.She probably wanted more money or just got a better opportunity and her people are putting that out there because it makes her look better than the truth.Whatever who still watches The View?

    • Me Three says:

      She wasn’t hired for her political views. She was hired to represent the views of the 20-30 somethings which she never did! They lost lots of young viewers when they hired her but were afraid to dump her in the political climate of the time.

      • Jane's evil twin says:

        Sorry Me Three but no.You’re wrong, she was hired because she was a conservative and they wanted women from all different points of “view”.If they just wanted someone young and blonde they would’ve picked a thousand other girls that auditioned.I think she was offered her own show like Joy has.There is no way that all of a sudden she is too right wing.She is not even as conservative as she used to be.

    • Me Three says:

      Sorry Jane, but with all due respect, you are wrong. I watched the View when it first started. I was in the demographic they were shooting for–the 20 somethings. They were replacing Lisa and Debbie. They introduced her back then as their “young” women’s voice…that’s what Lisa and Debbie were. The political stuff didn’t come into play until she’d been on the show a bit. They had many people guest host as a trial. All of them young and none of them political.

  12. Nev says:

    Joy is the best!!!!

    I hope she lands up on another show/channel somewhere.

  13. Jayna says:

    Praising Ann Coulter? My stomach just turned. She’s a disgusting human being who says inflammatory things just to get attention. She’s wretched and is factually far off a lot of times. I turn the TV if I see her. She was so hateful the night Obama won reelection, spewing nonsense, instead of an intellectual conversation. She is a joke. I turned on Joe Scarborough the next
    morning, and as a Republican he was gracious and very reflective on what went wrong for the Republican Party and had Repubs and Dems on
    for a great postelection discussion.

    Elisabeth was so extreme for years and so judgmental that I couldn’t stand her. She was under the spell of the likes of Sean Hannity and
    Rush. But the last two years she has become more open-minded and way less judgmental in
    general or should I say less rigid and more relaxed even about marriage and children. She came
    across so stringent before.
    Her pro gay rights stance is admirable. She was gracious when Obama won unlike Fox having a meltdown that was embarrassing. Maybe she’s starting to watch Morning Joe where there
    is openminded dialogue between Republicans and Democrats and not just getting her info from the likes of Rush.

    So for a show that has opposing views I
    don’t see the problem. It has Republican viewership. Their producer is Republican, Bill. The show is mostly about celebs anyway.

    Getting sacked for that now when I find her more likable I don’t get.

  14. MrsBPitt says:

    Can they please just cancel this horrible show…I have tried to watch this show over the years, but can only take a few minutes before I have to change the channel…

    • Blood&Sand says:


    • Ainsleigh says:

      I can’t watch The View for more than a few minutes. The talking over each other drives me crazy. I could tell Joy had her fill. She’s going to be one happy lady to move on to something new.

      • Sonia says:

        Ditto! I prefer to watch grown ups have conversations, not a bunch of immature shrill obnoxious women talking and yelling over each other.

    • skuddles says:

      I agree – AWFUL show!! Listening to a bunch of loud, mouthy, rude people squabbling non-stop is not my idea of entertainment. Cancel it already!

  15. Emma13 says:

    Thank you Kaiser for not bashing Ann Coulter even though you disagree with her politics. I read so often about how much of a “stupid bitch” she is and what not (not on this site, just on the internet in general). I know this is impossible to get rid of, but I can’t stand either side who says stuff like “republitards,” “teabaggers,” “liberal-loons,” or “libertards” it’s defeats the purpose of having a mature conversation about differing views. Bring on the debates! Just be respectful.

    I hope the view does bring on someone who has a differing view than the others because that’s kinda the point of the show. At least I thought it was. I don’t suggest someone like Ann because she can be too much though.

    I tend to lean conservative as far as government control over us goes, but have a firm foot stretched to the left on social issues.

    • Jayna says:

      Ann Coulter is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. She is far from dumb, but she is souless and hateful in her dialogue on politics. For the Republican Party to become the great party it once was, the Ann Coulter types need to go. I am surrounded by Republicans and I don’t know one, far right relatives or more moderate Republican friends, who likes her.

      We need a two-party system, because that is what is best for our country and keeping both partes in check. But people like Ann,so extreme in an unlikeable way, just turn off people to the Republican Party even more and is, sadly, what seems to be more representative of the RP and why until that changes, there won’t be a Republican president again. I have watched her enough to see she is getting worse with her inflammatory remarks and discussions, and any astute observations she might have have been clouded by the worst part of her. She is the female Rush Limbaugh of the RP.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      Emma 13: I like your post. It sounds very fair to me, but I just cannot hide my disgust for Ann Coulter. Her views are too extreme and unkind.

    • Seagulls says:

      Ann Coulter really is not very bright. She also seems unnecessarily nasty and shrill. People who go out of their way to get a rise out of people really bug me, and that’s her entire shtick.

    • Thiajoka says:

      Yes, by all means, leave the name-calling to Ann Coulter.

      I actually do agree with you, though–I think most Tea Party members are practically lunatic/extremist or, at the very least, very misinformed, but I think it’s ridiculous to spatter my opinions of them with silly and childish names.

    • Emma13 says:

      Everyone made really great points. She doesn’t represent the party well and The View should find someone who does unlike Hasselbeck apparently did or someone like Ann would, orrrr maybe someone who doesn’t really side themselves with any party? I don’t know if they already have that on the show. Again, I don’t watch it.

      I forget who said it but yes “shrill” definitely describes Ann, and I’m not a fan by any means. I don’t really care for anyone who is so far any direction. I just liked that she wasn’t bashed in a distasteful way. I like clever insults. Not very good at coming up with them myself, but they’re fun.

      Btw I love the word “shrill” it isn’t used nearly enough.

  16. lady X says:

    I think this show should hang it up … I love love love Whoppi on it … but it gets boring … and they do not always know how to have intelligent and adult debated..
    Elisabeth is not the brightest bulb but they need people with different ideas… If everyone is going to be a left wing liberal it will get boring real fast …
    Like her or not she at least kept the show some what interesting

  17. janie says:

    I’m so glad she is leaving! She is the most obnoxious woman! I’ll start watching again.

  18. Winnie says:

    I used to write a blog about The View and today is the only day since I quit years ago that I wished I still had it. This story would have given me so many page views. 🙂

  19. The Original G says:

    I think the show has been over for sometime. It’s had it’s day. I find Whoopi as annoying as Hasselbeck these days.

    Hasselbeck was annoying and snotty and has done little to justify the the lucky break she got being cast on the show in the first place.

    Mark my words, she’ll milk the idea she’s being silenced for her politics rather than own up to her lack of likeability.

  20. Megan says:

    ok I don’t agree with her but I really wouldn’t call her extreme, I mean she is a republican but she isn’t Anne Coulter here.

    Plus I thought that was the point of the show to get different views. Now if the reason was the audience found her shrill and unable to voice her view in an affective way I’d say yes that is true. But I would never call her “extreme” and I am a liberal.

  21. LAK says:

    Joy is 70yrs old??!! I need to rethink what a 70yr old woman looks like. She looks amazing however she’s done it.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      I was telling myself exactly the same thing. I cannot believe she is 70 and she looks that good. Barbara Walters is 82 years old and she looks amazing also.

  22. SusieQ2 says:

    And it took them nearly 10 years to reach this conclusion?

  23. elceibeno08 says:

    Even though I am pretty liberal myself I wouldn’t wish that Elizabeth lost her job. I don’t like her but I wouldn’t want her to lose her bread and butter. Now, Ann Coulter is evil. That woman’s political views makes my skin crawl. I actually hate her for being an intolerant, homophobic, racist right-wing witch.
    She feeds the fears of the ignorant aka Fox News watchers. Some experts have called out her statements for being inaccurate. She is smart all right, but her articles and views many times don’t pass the test of fact checking. There was one time when she almost got pied in the middle of a speech like Anita Bryant did years ago. Ever since then I dream that she does get pied while I laugh my head off.

    • Jayna says:

      Spot on.

    • Garvels says:

      Actually Ann and Joy are friends. Ann uses intense sarcasm to get a reaction that promotes controversy and book sales like any pundit.

      • Zoid says:

        Intense sarcasm?
        Uh, no.
        More like intense hatred.

      • garvels says:

        Zoid………..and the left does not use the language of hate??????

        I actually have seen her debate and I would say she backs up her points with facts and she uses provocative sarcasm to drive the point home. The media always picks up the one liners but they never show the full context of her argument.

        I personally think she should lose the sarcasm because this takes the focus off of the actual points she is trying to make. I believe she actually loves it when the left attacks her……..it enables her to sell alot of books.

      • Trillion says:

        There’s simply no equivalency of Ann Coulter on the left. She’s been invited, not once but twice, to speak at the RNC. The establishment of the party condones her. Name anyone on the left with that kind of visibility and party acceptance who speaks with her level of crass vitriol.

      • Zoid says:

        Garvels, where on earth did I say the left was the bastion of truth, knowledge and perfection? Anne Coulter is a foul woman. I don’t care what side she belongs to. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between sarcasm and spewing hatred. Focus on that point please instead of trying to deflect the argument to my political views, which you don’t even know.

      • Garvels says:

        Zoid-sorry if you have taken my comment the wrong way….but I truly believe Ann’s aggressive over the top rhetoric is in reaction to the strong censorship coming from the left. Ann is fighting back. It is not hate.

        Universities,mass media and Hollywood seem to be telling people what to think and if you think differently or have conservative views like Ann,then you are mocked,insulted and isolated. I truly believe that is why Ann uses such over the top rhetoric teamed with a defiant attitude. Plus it sells books and Ann is no dummy.

      • sunny says:

        Garvels- I suppose her take on the 911 widows was supposed to be sarcastic. My widowed aunt who is struggling to keep her apartment and keep her son in a decent school would respectfully disagree. I suppose her unapologetically calling the president the r-word was sarcastic as well. I have a relative with downs syndrome and autism. I work with a population that has both intellectual/developmental disabilities and persistent mental illness. The r-word, regardless of your education, is an oppressive word, outdated even in clincal terms. I do not condone hybrid “tard” words, but then I’ve never heard them from respectable commentators. Even after a very well worded education on the word she chose, Ann Coulter still stood by it. This is not sarcadm. This is a very brief glimpse at a persistent pattern of total disregard for others. I am horrified you would defend her speech as “sarcasm”. Absolutely horrified, and I pity your ignorance.

      • Seagulls says:

        @garvels: I do not think that means what you think it means. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship

        There is no “left wing media.” And one might wonder, instead of assuming there’s some giant anti-Right Wing conspiracy, why so many creative people (Hollywood and entertainment) and intellectuals (academia) are liberal or Left Wing.

  24. Cody says:

    Don’t worry Elizabeth will land on her feet and up with her own show on Fox news.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      Elizabeth is not mean enough to be a host on Fox News. Elizabeth still has a heart. I can’t say the same for many of the hosts on Faux News.

  25. Syko says:

    I don’t mind her right-wing views, even though mine are the exact opposite. I do mind her expressing them with shrill whiny-baby dumbness.

  26. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Brandi Glanville or Jenna Jameson would be a fun addition to the show.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      Jenna Jameson? LOL You’re kidding right. A prostitute as co-host of the view! Women or men who get paid to have sex on screen are prostitutes. I don’t judge them but I am not going to give them a talk show either.

      • Seagulls says:

        Technically, they’re pornographic actors.

      • Dutch says:

        So what do you call the women and men who have sex off-screen to get in movies and TV?

      • Zoid says:

        If you aren’t judging them why shouldn’t they be on the talk show? My prerequisite isn’t their previous work, it’s whether or not they are intelligent.

      • Yasmina says:

        Actually they’re ‘sex workers’ and that’s legitimate work like any other job. You shame them, which is a form of judgement. Instead of shaming them, u should demand better work conditions and autonomy for the workers. You or I may not agree with doing it ourselves, but it’s not our place to judge for other people who consent to working in any industry. If anything, try shaming the bank execs who created this financial mess, and contributed to the misery and poverty of millions. They hurt people, sex workers dont hurt either of us. So I no issue in asking any sex worker to host.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        @ Zoid: What I meant by “I don’t judge them” is that I believe everybody has the right to earn a living however they choose. I am not going to persecute porn actors or try to shut down porn. But pornography is not a commendable profession either. Let Jenna Jameson be okay, but don’ t put her on a pedestal either. she is not a good role model for anybody.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        @ Yasmina: Are you saying the Oscars should create a ‘best porn actress’ award category? If porn is just a another acting profession how come they don’t actually have an award for it at the Oscars, or the golden globes, etc.?

      • elceibeno08 says:

        @ Dutch: people who have sex off screen to get jobs and tv shows are called Kim Kardashian.

      • Zoid says:

        I agree that this is hardly a career to aspire to, but I don’t see how it’s any different than half of the HWood getting where they are on their back. The only difference is porn is public. None of these woman are known for their intelligence, or previous scholarly careers. It’s a talk show. The public seems to have a strong opinion that porn girls are trash. They aren’t prostitutes. I would never go into the work but I don’t think they should be shamed for it either. The View would hardly be putting them on a pedestal. So what, if they did porn and want to leave it for a more prosperous career (such as a talk show) they aren’t allowed to because they should be ashamed of their past work?

      • sunny says:

        Actually Jenna was (last I heard there were some substance abuse issues) quite intelligent and articulate, as well as a pretty savvy businesswoman who presented before congress. Besides, with as much scandal in hollywood and washington as there is I can hardly fault someone who has been so open, and took control over their career. If she has been able to work through her substance issues, I would love to hear her point of view.

    • Sandip says:


    • jwoolman says:

      I agree with Sunny – Jenna Jameson is quite intelligent and articulate and is interesting so my guess is that she would add quite a bit to the discussions on all topics. I wish she had found some other way to make a living, but she had her reasons. She also seems to be a kind person in real life.

      • Seagulls says:

        About the only reason I wouldn’t want Jenna Jameson on the View is because I’m afraid it would be a slide toward the Seth McFarlane-Spike TV – gross out shows that are meant to attract immature boys. Just when I think so,etching is safe, down it goes this rabbit hole.

  27. bullpin says:

    Joy is 70? Well she looks great.

  28. Feebee says:

    I stopped watching for several reasons but EH was the main one. I love good debate but EH was incapable of it. She totally lost me when she became a mouth piece for the Bush administration. Faithfully reciting their talking points but unable to elaborate or explain reasoning because she didn’t know what she was talking about.

    It will be interesting to see the replacements. They’ll need to be substantial to give the show more than a bump of interest.

  29. Me Three says:

    The View was not political in the beginning. I was 21 when it started and watched when I could. Elisabeth replaced Lisa Ling. They hired her because she was supposed to represent the views of young people in the 20-30 range. All she managed to do was turn off my generation. We stopped watching.

    Frankly, I’m tired of everything in this country having a political bent. I don’t think they should pick someone who is conservative. They need to pick a young and funny woman who knows what it’s like to be 25 and in debt up to their ears.

    I don’t know about everyone else but when I sit down with my girlfriends we don’t talk about politics. I’m a proud liberal but I’m burned out on the constant right versus left stuff on our tee vees and radio. The day President Obama won re-election the US media began talking about 2016. It’s ridiculous and I for one am tired of it!

    • Garvels says:

      I agree….I am so tired of seeing both sides vilifying each other with worn out talking points and straw men arguments. You rarely see thoughtful discussion….all you hear is arguing.

  30. Sheridan says:

    They should hire Meghan McCain and Brook Shields. Barbara needs to retire. If you ever watch The Talk….they don’t yell over each other. Sometimes for up to five minutes…I can’t hear one word anyone says on The View…because they are all talking/yelling at the same time. Whoopee says she has never watched The Talk…..maybe they all should and take a lesson.

    • Garvels says:

      Megan mcCain ugh…….
      Brook Shields would be great.

    • Chordy says:

      Ooo Meghan McCain would actually be a great choice. She would attract a younger audience, she would still be representative of conservative views, and she’s capable of engaging in respectful and meaningful discussion with people whose views differ from hers. Plus she speaks very eloquently on the subjects of body acceptance and the increasingly difficult beauty standards being placed on women, and that’s a conversation women really want to be having right now.

      • garvels says:

        I actually have seen McCain speak and she has a real problem with stringing sentences together and the only reason why she is on anyone’s radar is due to her father the fossil from Arizona. I think she makes Republican’s look bad because she is an idiot and that is why the left would like to showcase the fool as representative of the Conservative,Republican movement.

        Brook Shields would be a great choice because she can speak to issues in a clear, concise, nonthreatening manner that appeals to both left and right and young audiences. Brook is quite witty and extremely talented.

    • Megan says:

      those are good choices, and I totally agree with Barbara Walters retiring. She is just out of touch with well the world and its painful to watch her on the show.

      Isn’t that one Bush daughter suppose to be pretty good talk show host, she has the show with Chelsea Clinton right?

      I mean if you want to continue with the politic aspect of the show, then they do need to have a Republican even if I don’t agree with their POV its how the show can work.

      Now if they want to get away from the politics then I don’t care who they bring on. But BW needs to go.

      • garvels says:

        Actually Jenna Bush would be a good choice if the View is looking for a more conservative view. I believe Jenna is pro-choice and pro gay marriage. I think she is very likable…even though I am not a fan of her father’s policies.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        @garvels – I agree. I was thinking Jenna Bush would be great too. Conservative, intelligent and seems pretty open-minded. Maybe even Ivanka Trump would be an interesting choice for the younger sector. She is very likeable.

  31. Ann says:

    Behar looks really great! I love her!

  32. Auruor says:

    I’m at a loss for how anyone could consider Ann Coulter a bright, shining light for conservatism. The woman is spiteful, cruel knee-jerk partisan who twists facts to suit her warped worldview and openly trades in misplaced hatred and outrage. She is not doing the cause of conservatism any favors. She scares the hell out of me.

    I don’t mind Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She means well, in any case, and I can’t criticize that. We’ll see if this is actually true.

  33. bea says:

    EH was/is a total hack. Someone was obviously feeding her the right wing claptrap that she spouted. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t memorize it very well and god forbid she went “off script”.

    I don’t believe that “the people spoke” after NINE freaking years of stupidity and commentary from an ex-Survivor cast member. Something else has to be going on with The View bc I would think EH leaving would make Joy B. stay on the show. The end is near for Baba Wawa, so I’m sure they’re looking for a new crew.

    Good riddance. She really worked my nerves any time I laid eyes on her.

  34. Seagulls says:

    I used to watch the View when my son was a baby (and had seen it on the random day off, too), but Elisabeth was just painful to watch. Everything had to be made into a point, and she always acted petulant and like no one at the table was listening to her. It got to be too much and I haven’t really watched it since.

    Also, some of the things that Sherri Shepherd says? About the dumbest things I have ever heard. If anyone is a Community fan: they should replace her with that Sherri Shepherd lady from Community (whose name is Yvette Nicole Brown and who sounds on DVD commentaries like someone I’d love to listen to on TV! )

  35. Sandip says:

    Barbara needs to be replaced. She can’t keep up with what is going on a perfect example is when Lily Tomblin was on recently and Barbara was really off. Elizabeth just repeats the GOP talking points and has no ideas of her own. Joy is cool, I could see that she wants to leave on top and do something else.

  36. A Fan says:

    View or no view, her voice gave me a headache.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      She is almost a voice twin to Kelly Ripa – awful high pitched whiny voice that almost sounds as if on the verge of screaming.

      • workdog says:

        Kelly Ripa annoys me to no end; she’s self centered, condescending, vocally irritating and the sooner she’s gone from tv the better, imo. Whew. Can.not.stand.her.

        EH hasn’t matured in her presentation of her viewpoints; she’s still teary and defensive rather than calm and firm in her facts and viewpoint. It never comes across well to handle a situation that way. Are the rest pillars of theirs? No, not really, but Joy did attempt to present it with, if not humor, but a less hysterical reaction. Honestly, I don’t watch more than occasionally and only when someone I want to see is on there as they.drive.me.nuts.

        Ann Coulter? There really aren’t words to describe her…more’s the pity.

  37. Issa says:

    Little late to let her go isn’t it? Wonder if they fired her for others reasons but are and came up with the obvious excuse? No worries she will get her on show Fox. Don’t agree with her political views but she should be allowed to express them. The only thing she did that I disagreed with was raving about her gluten free diet. Leave those things private because people are diet gullible and will self-diagnosis an intolerance.

    • jwoolman says:

      Have to say that you really do have to “self-diagnose” food allergies and intolerances as well as various environmental intolerances. Most are not the fatal kind or the type that reliably are diagnosed by lab tests (too many false positives and false negatives). Doctors are only consultants and have very limited time and vary considerably in knowledge and experience and cleverness (I can read the medical literature myself, even translate it for a living on certain topics including immunology, and used to teach and advise pre-meds)- we do need to be our own detectives for many chronic problems. For adults with non-fatal allergies and intolerances, the most reliable approach is to eliminate and reintroduce while keeping track of changes in symptoms. Infants and children are trickier because they can’t observe and express themselves very well, so I can see why parents rely on lab tests (although their children should do some self-testing as adults for the less hazardous allergens). Going gluten-free is not all that difficult for an adult for a trial period, we don’t have a minimum daily requirement for wheat etc. Intolerances vary considerably in intensity and annoyance level (not everybody who does better with no or less gluten is celiac). It really helps to find out what effects dietary choices have on us, so we can decide what to eat when (e.g., there are some foods I avoid under stress or when sick) so I’m a big fan of experimenting. One friend was afraid to test herself despite annoying chronic problems – she was afraid she might find out that she was allergic to some common food she really liked. I reminded her that no one would have a gun to her head, she could continue to eat the allergenic food if she wanted, but knowledge really is power: she would be able to experiment to find out how often she could eat it without annoying symptoms and when it was best to avoid it. Or she could decide she would rather have the symptoms and keep on eating it as usual.

  38. diva says:

    Good! They should have gotten rid of her years ago. Nothing wrong with Elisabeth having a more right wing opinion. Her problem was she was extremely judgmental, never wanted to hear others opinions, pulled up random useless “facts” to argue her points and wasn’t very bright.

  39. d b says:

    I agree with Kaiser. Part of the View’s gimmick is to discuss issues from different viewpoints. I like Hasselbeck as a person but she’s never been particularly effective at articulating her point of view–instead she’s shrill and righteous. So I also think she canned because of that, and not her politics

  40. LurkeeLee says:

    Oh yes, I want to watch a bunch of old lefty hags drool over Obama every day, NOT.

  41. OrangeBlohan says:

    She should have been let go a long time ago. Her comments about Erin Andrews when she was on DWTS were so totally stupid. I don’t care what her political views are, but she just sounds so shrill and ignorant. When she starts talking, it reminded me of a small dog yapping. Also, I think she is lying about her approval of gay marriage. When she first came on the view and gay marriage was being discussed, she rambled out something about what was next, people would want to marry animals?? Way past time for her to go.

  42. sammy says:

    When reached for comment, a rep for the show told Us in a statement: “Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of The View and has a long term contract.”
    Is this supposed to be a rebuttal?? If the US article is false, why wouldn’t they simply say she is staying put and there’s no truth to the rumour?? Their response seems opaque.

    • suzanne says:

      *Gasp*!! If I didn’t know better, I would think that you were questioning the integrity and accuracy of US Weekly! They triple check EVERYTHING before printing and use reliable sources all of the time.

  43. Starlight says:

    I am not surprised. That show is very biased and irritating to watch.

    • Starlight says:

      How about the others that are too leftist. They don’t get kicked out too? She was the only one that kept the show balanced and she got kicked out? I don’t understand the point of this topic.

  44. Thiajoka says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever known Ann Coulter to be referred to as “intellectual.” LOL.

  45. Andrea says:

    I was in college when Lisa Ling was on (my boyfriend at the time got me into it) and I agree, once she left and Hasselbeck started, she no longer representated my generation. I am 32 now and I haven’t watched the show in years because EH grated my nerves (yes I am liberal, but I really wanted to hear someone speak for my generation, her views and discussion on jobs etc did not AT ALL).

  46. Debbie says:

    Her voice is comparable to finger nails scratching a chalk board in my opinion. I just couldn’t take much of her. Good she’s leaving, but doubt I’ll watch anyway since Joy is leaving. Joy was really the only reason I ever watched the show. Love her humor.

  47. Starlight says:

    They should just close the show.

  48. Starlight says:

    Ann Coulter speaks the truth. Does it hurt?

    • Trillion says:

      This is my favorite clip of Ann Coulter “speaking the ‘truth'”. Yes, it does hurt.

    • Issa says:

      Shes a hack. Dates more Democrats than Republicans and runs in liberal circles. Its well known in the belt-way she is playing the part to sell her books.

    • sunny says:

      People like you terrify me. Absolutely terrify me. I have plenty of conservative friends I can have a spirited debate with, but if you think ann coulter speaks the truth, there is no spirited debate that can be had. There is no compromise, no compassion, there is no learning. Its like listening to rush limbaugh, and it truly makes me want to cry. I would encourage you to watch other programs than Fox, though I’m sure you will say that you do. I wouldn’t believe you.

  49. elceibeno08 says:

    Here’s the link to the video of Ann Coulter ‘almost’
    getting pied.


  50. april says:

    I will miss Joy. Elizabeth not so much.

  51. Dawn says:

    I am sure she will land on her feet so I don’t feel so bad for her. And I didn’t like her because of her views it was more the lack of respect she would show to those who did not agree with her. The talking over people and so on. She will land somewhere at Fox I just know it.

  52. Pop Will Eat Itself says:

    Maybe they should replace her with a moderate like Ann Coulter.

    But seriously the right does seem to have an abundance of waspy blonde women on TV. Having one less can only be a good thing, yeah?

  53. barbara says:

    I hope it’s true, please let it be true! Since Rosie left, I don’t enjoy the show as much, but with Joy gone why watch. Now if Hasselbeck is gone I might reconsider.

  54. Apsutter says:

    Now if they can just kick off Sherri I’ll start watching it again. I agree with most of you gals, they need to find someone in their mid-20’s to represent us younger women.

  55. Felicia says:

    Can’t believe Joy is 70! She looks great.
    Regarding Ann Coulter being a more intelligent representative of conservative views than Elisabeth.
    Sure she is, but that’s a pretty low bar. Coulter isn’t dumb so much as she’s shallow, hateful and inflammatory. As someone upthread said, she’s a female Rush Limbaugh. I can’t think of a really good female representative of conservative views in Elisabeth’s age range but if they are willing to go a little older they should get Laura Ingraham. I bet they’ll hire someone younger though.

  56. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Good riddance!

  57. LittleDeadGirl says:

    They could axe all of them. I’ve seen about three episodes and didn’t see one intelligent thought uttered. They are all really embarrassing, especially to women.

  58. Starlight says:

    How about the leftists on that show. Are they going to be kicked out too?

  59. CM says:

    Firstly, I think this is utter nonsense. I apologize in advance for my rant, but I think Elizabeth Hasselbeck is being scapegoated, so I must speak out. Truth be told, the networks are scrambling to re-vamp their daytime lineups, because… this just in…cable and the internet are taking away their viewers. I started watching ‘The View’ when it first aired. I liked Barbara Walters in one-on-one interviews (no one could make ‘em cry or send a hardball question at them from left field like she could) and I liked Meredith Vieira, too.
    I fully expected them to keep the show somewhat lighthearted, but to ask the tough questions. But watching it was disappointing. Barbara didn’t add anything. She seemed to be there only because it was ‘her show’. Meredith seemed to want to engage in more in-depth discussions, but had to ‘dumb it down’, because we women can’t handle ‘serious issues’ so early in the morning. Star was opinionated, but her ‘tellin’ it like it is’, ‘I’m fat and happy’ ‘I don’t need a man to complete me’, platitudes got old really fast for me, when she avoiding confronting anyone who wasn’t a pushover or easy target, lied about getting gastric bypass surgery, and made the show a telethon for her wedding. Joy I thought was funny, but it didn’t seem to me that she made an effort to be really informed about all guests/topics in general, just the ones she thought had value. Debbie Matenopoulous felt like someone who was ‘thrown in’ to get the appeal of Gen X, but who really wanted to be an actress. I liked Lisa Ling, when she was part of the panel, and I liked Rosie to a certain point, because Rosie was at least unafraid to say what she thought, but I think Rosie had a tough time taking orders from Barbara. Poor Lisa had to contend with ABC wanting its own version of the ‘Spice Girls’, to try to pander to every demographic, and ended up not wanting to be there, since there could only be ONE intelligent journalist, etc. on the panel.
    So as a result, the show has been a constant work-in-progress with all the ladies failing to ever really mesh, and the show doing too many things, and none of them well. If I wanted to see women yell over each other, criticize each other’s viewpoint, be condescending, kiss celebrity ass, offer regurgitated beauty tips, and somehow NOT manage to provide any meaningful insight while discussing a topic, I’d watch ‘Keeping up With the Kardashians’.
    I wish Elizabeth well. It couldn’t have been easy being the only Republican on the panel, when Republican has come to be synonymous with ‘nutball who lacks intellect and clings to their fear of gay marriage, abortion’, etc., etc.) I did like ‘The Look for Less’, so I think she’ll pop up somewhere on the tube…probably on Fox News (sigh). This, if you ask me is the real problem with ‘The View’, and sadly America. We’d LOVE engaging in discussions that don’t require any real change of thought, assume that the OTHER GUY’S the moron, and that distract us from issues that really matter. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to write my Congressman about the use of drones for surveillance purposes on citizens who are SUSPECTED of wrongdoing…

    • Pop Will Eat Itself says:

      Chist what is it Fox and their army of waspy blondes? They’re like the news and current affairs equivalent of the bikini clad model next to the ratchet set.

  60. Merritt says:

    Elisabeth’s problem wasn’t that she was conservative, it was that she couldn’t give decent arguments. And when she felt like she was backed into a corner, she would cry her way out of the argument.

    I’ve never really been a regular watcher of the show, but did watch if they were interviewing someone I like.

  61. jwoolman says:

    I doubt that it was her actual politics that were involved, maybe just that they’re in for a major shakeup and so they’re looking for a different group. So she may not be as likeable or as interesting as they think they need, but that’s not due to her opinions. You actually want real diversity in opinions for good conversation. But viewers need to feel comfortable with or interested in the conversationalists or else they’ll start channel surfing. She’s also been there a long time, so making a change isn’t so startling no matter what they claim the reason is.

  62. palermo says:

    I read several “blinds” that said Babs got mad at Elizabeth cause she told the truth, that Frank Langella gave Babs chicken pox, and fired her for that. She was always more conservative than the other women.

  63. laura says:

    To me, she has no personality or charisma.
    Plus 35, really??? she was 36 two years ago???

  64. Lisa says:

    But who is she going to mention she’s gluten-free to now?

  65. picopink says:

    I am watching the View right now, and Barbara W. said that Joy is leaving in August, but the rumors that Elizabeth is being let go because of her extreme views are false. She said that they appreciate her opinions and that she has a long term contract and that Elizabeth is not leaving. Hmmm, wonder if they are just doing damage control or has it just been a rumor?

  66. Dave says:

    She’s only “extreme” and “right wing” compared to those other harpies on the show. I’m actually glad she’s leaving because she’s too stupid to articulate a true conservative point of view. She’s a Republican like Meghan McCain is a Republican – which is to say “she’s not a Republican”. Between them, they might have half a brain.

  67. NeoCleo says:

    Have you REALLY listened to Anne Coulter. Good lord! The woman is extreme and she is not at all fact-based. Just a nasty-@ssed woman full of vitriol.

  68. lisa says:

    if the show didnt bother with political guests or topics beyond the intellectual capacity of all the hosts, it shouldnt matter. no one on that show has half a brain. whoopi is one of those people who denies we landed on the moon. sherri thought the world was flat. joy is too close minded to learn anything. barbara keeps them all because they make her look smarter.

  69. Hambone says:

    Coward, nothing cowardly bigot!

  70. Dee Cee says:

    [Blind Gossip] Everybody is lying about the casting change on this TV show! Here is the inside story:

    One of the stars of a TV show leaked some personal info to the press about a famous actor. Bad move.

    The actor’s friend, an industry powerhouse who works with the star, was shocked when they found out that the star was the leaker. They couldn’t believe that the star would be so indiscreet and so disloyal! So Powerhouse promptly fired the star. OK, well not exactly fired. But Powerhouse told Star that their contract “will not be renewed.” In television, that’s basically the same thing as being fired (minus all the legal fuss).

    Because the show doesn’t want a big controversy about cast member changes (which has happened before), everyone is pretending that it was Star’s decision to leave the show, and that Powerhouse is very sad about it.

    Ha! Those are both lies. Star would never have left such a cushy job voluntarily! However, they made an unforgivable mistake by crossing the Powerhouse and being disloyal, and they are now paying the ultimate price for it.

    Live by the big mouth, die by the big mouth.

    TV Show star: Elizabeth Hasselback
    Powerhouse: Barbara Walters
    TV Show: The View
    Actor: Frank Langella
    Extra — Actor’s Friend: Whoopi Goldberg
    Baba Wawa just said that Elisabeth is not leaving and wasn’t sure how that rumor got started.

  71. Dee Cee says:

    Apparently Joy leaked infected Frank Langella kissed Barbara and gave her chicken pox.. ‘shingles’ that kept her hospitalized after she fell.

  72. Dk says:

    What’s disturbing is that it seems anyone with an opposed political view to liberalism is intentionally being either kicked off or censored or called racist. What’s sad is americans still believe in the 2 party system when both sides are lobbied by elites. A perfect example of American ignorance is the fact that both Obama and Romney were financed by the very banks who looted our economy yet their are die hard obama supporters still. Ses like the establishment is always trying to silence anyone who is opposed to the elite picked puppet placed into presidency.