Justin Bieber finishes up his London shows, tweets about being ‘blessed’

Here are some of the now-infamous photos of Baby Bieber in the middle of a world-class temper tantrum on Friday in London. Baby Bieber had spent the night in a hospital because he was so “out of breath” at his concert (hours before he had been wandering around London in a gas mask, for what it’s worth). Fame/Flynet writes about these photos, “Good morning, Mr. Grumpypants! An angry Justin Bieber has to be ‘restrained’ by his body guard to keep him from attacking the photographers waiting outside his hotel…” I love the use of “restrained”. Super-bitchy. Poor baby! He needs a diaper change and a bottle. I think he got them too, because his concert on Friday night (his final of a series) went well:

It’ll take more than a fainting spell to stop Justin Bieber! The 19-year-old pop star took the stage for his final concert in London on Friday, March 8, despite still feeling “a little short of breath.”

“U just gotta smile sometimes,” the “Boyfriend” singer wrote on Twitter Friday, pointing out that he’s trying to stay positive amid his dramatic week across the pond.

“So while I have seen some crazy stuff it is all smiles,” he continued. “Im gonna get some rest and keep doing what i love. Entertain all of u. thanks.”

And, based on his reaction to his final show shortly after his performance, the singer was amply rewarded for his perseverance.

“Still a little short of breathe tonight but was an incredible show,” he wrote. “London fans go hard! 4 SOLD OUT O2 shows in a row!! #BLESSED.”

Bieber gave his fans quite a scare during his concert on Thursday, March 7, after the singer fainted midway through the show and had to leave the stage for 20 minutes.

“He left the stage for 20 minutes, then came back and finished the show,” his rep told Us Weekly at the time. “He is now on his way to a doctor to get checked out and see what is wrong.”

Though a reason for the singer’s sudden collapse has not yet been revealed, Bieber has already been back up and running on social media to let his fans know that he’ll be just fine, posting a shirtless photo on Thursday.

“Getting better,” he wrote after the incident. “Thanks for everyone for pulling me thru tonight. best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love.”

[From Us Weekly]

I kind of like this moment in a celebrity’s inevitable breakdown, where the wheels are just starting to come off the bus and it’s still a question as to whether the people around the celebrity (his sycophantic yes men) will actually step up and help the celebrity, or whether the celebrity will just get to crash and burn. At this point, I don’t know what’s going to happen with Bieber. He could go either way. Either this disastrous London trip will serve as a wakeup call that something is wrong, or this will just the first stage in what will be progressively worse behavior. We’ll see!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. kixendawn says:

    That top picture makes me laugh every time. he literally looks like a sleepy baby being picked up and put in his car seat! Hilarious.
    Someone needs to step in and slow Justins ‘roll’. Too much too fast seems to be turning him into a little punk. His ‘friends’ back in the states dont seem to helping the matter right now either.

    • Bex says:

      Ha ha, me too that top picture is priceless!

    • SusieQ2 says:

      Lol! I thought exactly the same thing when I saw that pic!

      And the second pic: ‘Nooooo! I don’t wanna sit in my car seat!!’

      What an idiot…

    • Selena says:

      I know right?! I thought exactly the same thing when I saw that pic. He looks like sleepy/angry toddler who just shit himself and needs a diaper change. Hush little baby….

    • Abra says:

      I love that he’s all vicious-like and his bodyguard looks like he’s putting no effort in restraining him. He’s all “Ain’t nobody got time for this.” and tossing him with one arm… little wimp lol

      • melina says:

        Μy favorite pic is the last one! It is like the bodyguard and Bieber are caught in the act! Bieber really enjoys it!

      • Selena says:

        Are you saying that my super masculine and heterosexual Justine is power bottom? How dare you? Stop it! You are crashing my dreams! He is my future husband!

    • Auruor says:

      It’s funny you mentioned that, because when I saw these pictures the first thing they reminded me of is my cranky 8-month-old twins. They have a cold right now and they’ve been making this little grumpy squished-up face all weekend right before they start wailing…

      Maybe Biebs needs a nap and a little snack.

    • LurkeeLee says:

      hahaha, yeah that top pic is so funny you would think it’s not real, that someone photoshopped it as a joke. What is with the 1994 cap? Is that the year baby biebs was born? Too funny.

    • greentiger says:

      My husband and I thought the same thing.
      Total toddler losing his pants while squirming outta daddy’s hands.
      Even the perspective of the shot makes Baby Bieber look so tiny.

      All fun aside, its sad to see it happen to these young kids. No one around to support him and get him some help.

      • booboocita says:

        Agreed — he needs support. Someone get the lil’ tyke a sippy cup and a baggie of Cheerios.

    • Lily25 says:

      The top photo is an instant classic. Justin will never live it down. No matter how tough he tries to act.

      • TG says:

        I know really. I agree with everyone that top pic, especially he looks like the toddler he is being put back in his car seat and his diaper is falling off. I can’t believe his people haven’t tried to pull a beyonce and get those unflattering pics removed. Of course all photos of him are unflattering these days.

    • QueenFreddie says:

      Oh my goodness …. LOL!!!

  2. turningviolet says:

    The Biebs was meant to have recorded an interview for a UK Saturday night tv show (presented by ‘Ant and Dec’, the darlings of British tv, so not a small deal) but apparently didn’t make it. A fair bit of sarcasm about him on the show last night – not a good end to his PR week in London.

    My 12 yr old daughter loves him, despite my many efforts to tell her otherwise. His tween fan base, sadly, is still going strong.

  3. Miss M says:

    “He needs a diaper change and a bottle.”

    I find interesting that “he’s seen crazy stuff”…Is he hallucinating?

    • j.eyre says:


      Clearly he’s hallucinating – he seems to think he’s just that important.

      Wouldn’t you have loved to see the bodyguard “unrestrain” him? I imagine he fights like a gnat.

      • Miss M says:

        @J.eyre: I love the bodyguard restraining the toddler Bieber and putting him on his car seat, :) . Bieber is so edgy, I would be scared to see him unrestrained.

    • Sarcasmo says:

      Surely that was supposed to be “been doing some crazy stuff,” right?

      Toddlers shouldn’t tweet.

  4. Liv says:

    Meltdown in 3, 2, 1…

    It’s actually pretty sad. His family and friends are selling him out. Someone to the rescue!

  5. Victoria1 says:

    Can we ban Bieber stories for a bit? He’s a class A douche who needs to go sit in time out. His type makes be nuts.

  6. Mac says:

    The Biebs is about a shot of tequila and a couple of joints away from being locked up.

    If he wants to bolster his street cred he should just continue to do it on Twitter.

    Is that snot coming out of his left nostril?

  7. MrsBPitt says:

    I guess I don’t get the Bieber hate…I know that he is an immature, pretend bad azz…but he is still very young and yes, too much, too fast, can do a number on these child stars…I can’t imagine being that young when he had his first mega-hit and having everyone kow-towing to me and telling me how amazing I am…It’s almost inevitable that they will become screwed up…I don’t think this will end well…I believe we are looking at the new Lindsey Lohan!

    • pfeiffer87 says:

      I know right – when I was 18 I was trying to grow my bangs out and was in general a awkward, uncomfortable hot mess. Can’t imagine having people with cameras following me around 24/7. I probably would have died of embarassment/awkwardness or both.

      • pinkerton says:

        As an 18 year old I’m always offended by these comments, please don’t do us the disservice of reducing us all to Biebers immaturity levels. Have you seen his instagram? No 18 year old who wasn’t a narcissistic twat would post what he posts. He has no ability to be self reflective and its a bad trait regardless of age. Sorry but biebers recent actions really are a reflection of his character and not his age. He is just a douchebag.

      • Erinn says:

        I know how you feel. I get the Taylor Swift/KStew “They’re 22/23 that’s how all 22/23 year olds act”. I’ll be 23 in May, and am currently trying to buy a house, and plan a wedding, and am out of school working in my chosen field. Sucks to be labeled in the same category as people who are clearly more immature than you are at the same age.

      • pinkerton says:

        @Erin I know right its such a stupid excuse. Oh well they’re young and stupid. It’s condescending to the max. We are actually adults capable of taking responsibility for our actions and majority of us know better then to f$#k a married guy with kids. so people should really stop saying it and basically implying we are all immature idiots that are slaves to our every impulse. As for justins behaviour all I can say is that as a fourteen year old I would have known to behave better so he really gets no pass from me.

      • erika says:

        yeah pinkerton and others….thanks for making that call, i know ive ripped hard into him and it’s easy to forget how many stellar young folk there are out there….my nephew included and he was an unexpected pregnancy for my single sister at 22, so, but love and good parenting (ummm hi biebs mom????? earth too????) count a lot.

        yeah young ladies of CB!!

    • BeesKnees says:

      I see what your saying, but from what I hear Justin has been an immature brat for a long time. Three years ago, he played that Maryland State Fair and some state troopers were working security for him. He was throwing water balloons even though they had asked him to stop and hit one of the troopers. I know some of the people involved in the incident and they said he was an ungrateful brat. I think as the years have gone by and his fame has rose, he has just gotten worse. Being a brat in the first place is good when mixed with that kind of fame and money. He is looking like Britney 2.0 or Lohan 2.0 these days!

    • Mr.Smurf says:

      I saw this video last night, when I was looking at paparazzi videos of various celebrities. If this is the correct instance, the paparazzi was heckling him (as usual), and he got out of the car and said “What’d you say!”. He repeated it like five times, while his bodyguards were trying to get him back into the car.

      Those paparazzi are jerks. I mean, I didn’t think I could see worse people. There was this one video that they actually put on youtube. They were waiting for Jennifer Garner to come out of an appointment with her kid, but were talking about her and Leonardo DiCaprio. According to them, she was a bitch because she got mad at them the other day (the dude said he thought she was going to hit him). They all (there were three of them) hated Dicaprio because the only time they could get his picture is either at an event or at a sports game. They were calling him every name in the book, because he goes out of his way to either avoid them, or cover his face. Another video I saw, they were in a parking garage waiting for him. They were literally running along side and in front of his car, all the while yelling crap at him.

      I would seriously hate to be a paparazzi. I’d be the one who wouldn’t say a word, or I’d be apologizing the entire time. I think if I ever saw a celebrity at a grocery store or anything, I’d go out of my way not to even look at them. I would just be embarrassed. I certainly wouldn’t heckle them or anything, even if I hated them.

      Anyway that’s my two cents.

  8. insomniac says:

    I was pretty sick of all things Bieber, but that first picture of the guy dropping him in the back of the car like he’s a cranky toddler throwing a fit is never *not* going to be funny.

  9. Po says:

    I don’t think anyone tells him no and they’re not going to start now.. This to me looks like poor parenting. He probably would have been obnoxious with or without fame and money.

  10. The Original Tiffany says:

    There are so many “GOLD” moments for me in this video. It starts with this…

    Beiby leaves his hotel in London and pushes everyone while hiding in his shirt. The hilarity??? Watch closely. There is NO ONE outside his hotel waiting to mob him. There are literally about 4 people standing around and he spazzes out like a hoard is waiting. There are no huge crowds of fans, but he likes this, he likes making a scene.

    His sweatpants in the first picture. Really??? I thought he hit his apex with the blue leather diaper past his ass, but I think the sweats take the cake. Pulled all the way down. Good Lord.

    Please let his 15 minutes be over. Please?

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Seriously. The saggy diapers are NOT scoring him any points on his whole “Mommy wow, I’m a big kid now!!” schtick. Bwahahaha

  11. Cody says:

    Justin needs to take a year or two off, go home and chill, because he has missed his teenage years. He probably has earned enough money to do so.

    • Dutch says:

      Don’t be so sure, remember the lesson of TLC. Record companies charge up and coming artists the costs for the media blitzes and promotion, he’s sharing songwriting credits (and the money that comes from them), he’s gotta pay his “team,” etc. In the end, he might clear a penny of every 99 cent music download. Artists like him make their money doing shows, and even then singing/dancing extravaganzas like Justin is expected to stage do little more than break even because there is so much overhead.

      • Zoid says:

        Considering all his cars and his 10 million dollar home, I don’t think he’s hurting too hard.

  12. gemmaa says:

    I don’t like Bieber and am loathe to take his side in this but some reports have the paparazzi goading him and saying terrible things before *Justin Attacked* ;) There are two sides to this story I believe.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Did you watch the video? Clearly he hunched over and ran INTO everyone for absolutely no reason. There was no one there, yet he pulls his shirt over his head and runs into the photographers. There was no reason for it and they shouted at him because he was being a douchenozzle.

  13. Ally says:

    Pap pic of the year for me so far, I’ll never tire of it.

    It’s hard to muster up compassion for his inenvitable crash when there’s so many kids on the streets without food, warmth and family.

    I watched a news report earlier on the growing problem of modern slavery, it’s heartbreaking ….so no Baby Bieber and all his millions doesn’t deserve pity.

  14. Live_laugh_love says:

    So thats why my 4 year old daughter likes him they’re the same age

  15. elceibeno08 says:

    I agree. His management team better sit down with him and come up with a plan because he is making too many mistakes lately. Smoking a joint, sizzurp drinking, Selena dumped him, throwing up on stage, , showing two hours late to a concert, wearing diaper pants, wearing a gas mask, acting like an immature 14 year old.

  16. Turtle Dove says:

    when there was Baby-mama-gate awhile back, I stood up for the kid. It seemed like he was being taken advantage of.

    Now…. I can’t find anything in his behavior to defend. He’s acting like an entitled, d-bag idiot. He comes from Stratford, Ontario, not some urban ghetto. Quit trying to act “street” and tough.

    Selena is coming out looking like roses compared to ^^^this one.

  17. Tiffany says:

    I posted this on his other thread. Why is he getting angry at the same media he used to become successful in the first place. I might have a bit of sympathy for he if I did not always read about the crap he post on Twitter and Instagram.

  18. EscapedConvent says:

    Oh my God, that first picture is hysterical. I thought the same: “He’s being lifted into his car seat, in his jammies, all cranky!”

  19. megsie says:

    Generally my reaction to this obnoxious little twit is a good eyeroll and perhaps a disapproving shake of the head. But now that an implosion seems inevitable I can’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy. This poor idiot boy simply doesn’t have the intelligence or life experience needed to protect himself from the parasites and vampires. For how long will the celeb machine be allowed to suck kids dry then spit them out? It’s just one Lohan after another after another …

    • HappyMom says:

      As long as their parents sell them? People are putting their kids into this cesspool-it’s disgusting.

  20. Lizzie K says:

    >>I kind of like this moment in a celebrity’s inevitable breakdown, where the wheels are just starting to come off the bus and it’s still a question as to whether the people around the celebrity (his sycophantic yes men) will actually step up and help the celebrity, or whether the celebrity will just get to crash and burn.<<

    Not wishing it on anyone, but I'm expecting crash and burn. This kid's out of control, and nobody can put the brakes on him at this point. I also sense a feeling in the air that he's over, like Lady Gaga. Time's up for the megastar routine.

  21. A Fan says:

    Are we surprised? Shouldn’t be.

    This is what happens when you take normal (albeit annoying) developmental teenage narcissism and experimental stupidity, and multiply that 500 times (money, power, god-like adulation, no boundaries, no limits, free rein, supreme entitlement).

    The worst is yet to come…

    • Asdfg says:

      So true!

      • TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

        Exactly, and not to be political but all this rightwing whining about oh those dreaded libs in the media/hollywood; – please, the capitalist entertainment industry is about MONEY, the politics are mostly a sideshow – this douche is a product, and when he implodes they’ll be plenty more to sell – and the music industry won’t give a rat’s ass about him.

  22. Jane says:

    One question…where in the hell are his parents? Even though legally he is an adult, he still has the mindset of a 5 year old having a temper tantrum.

  23. aud says:

    I’m so hoping that this brat ends up broke and on a “where are they now?” show in 10 years.


  24. Asdfg says:

    L O L @ the pics!

    What happened to Mariah Yeater? Did she get a dna test from Justin?

    Look at his behavior! Back when the baby scandal was going on he was a good kid, above the influence and look at him now!

    I remember his PR team made her ( Mariah Yeater ) look bad! Even if Justin’s not the father of her baby he probably slept with her! Prick! xP

  25. Sarcasmo says:

    So, he’s out of breath performing his shows, but not too out of breath to throw temper tantrums in his down time?


  26. lady mary. says:

    i guess the paps yelled smthn really nasty at him to get him all angry and shit ,i guess thats why he reacted out so bad ,paps can be really nasty to get u all hot and bothered just for a couple of pics ,he should learn by now not to act all angsty ,rarely anyone justifies or supports any celebs action these days other than rabid fans who are teeny tots

    • Jane says:

      The video is on TMZ, and yes the paps, did set him off. However, Justin was just acting like a petulant child throughout the whole thing. He looked like a blooming sock monkey trying to attack the paps who egged him on. Bloody hysterical!

      • MixerUpper says:

        That’s not what I saw. The paparazzi was standing there, trying to get a picture, and Beiber plowed into him. The guy said watch it, got annoyed, and told him to ‘F-ck Off’…Beiber then went all whinge on the guy.

  27. Mira says:

    The first picture is the first time I’m seeing Justin all straight up. He’s always hunched, so yeah that’s a good picture of what a non-hunched Justin looks like.

  28. skuddles says:

    Somebody needs a time out! Like a rest-of-his-lifetime time out. This testy tyke needs to fade away like all the other kiddie has-been celebs who couldn’t handle their shit.

  29. Alexandra says:

    Every time I see these pictures, I can’t help but think of that awful movie “Little Man” with Marlon Wayans. The resemblance is uncanny.

    • Eve says:

      Right? I’ve been saying that everywhere I post (which is, actually, only CB and Pajiba).

      When I first saw that picture, I thought it had been photoshopped from a LiTTLEMAN’s scene or still.

  30. ashes says:

    He looks like a red smurf!:-D

  31. Ruyana says:

    He’d better be careful about his “Ima fight you” threats. I’m a 70 year old granny and I think I could take him in a fight.

  32. erika says:

    omg!!!! that pic is a screen saver!!! I LOVE IT!!!! he looks like a saturday night live player, when they did those sketches w/ adult comedians playing little babies….except, he looks like a little kid!!!

    “ohhhh shushee’s now wee lil bieber, where’s your binky gone? Ohhhh hush now lil baby don’t you cry….lil twist is gonna lend you some weed to get high….

    …and if that weed don’t make you soar…scooters gonna buy you a stuffed dinosaur….

    and if that stuffed dinosaur is a bore…you got enough $$$ to buy yourself a whore….

    and if you cant get it up for that whore…there’s a fireplace in hotel room you could bake some smores…

    and if…..

    • OhMyMy says:

      Oh erika…good one. You got me cracking up here.

      And if that stuffed dinosaur is a bore…classic!

      Here’s a snippet to add:

      “you can remind us all you were born in ’94!”

      • Mr.Smurf says:

        Hey, hey, there’s no reason you need to diss all of us born in ’94. We need to come up with a new calendar and numbers for douchebags, so they don’t eff up anyone’s birthdays or ages.

      • OhMyMy says:

        Mr. Smurf:

        I meant no disrespect to your age group.

        I was just commenting on the silly hat he’s wearing. Is that a thing now?

      • Mr.Smurf says:


        Re: his stupid hat
        I hope not! I don’t know, I live in a pretty quiet area (upper peninsula of Michigan), and no one I know wears stupid hats like that unless it’s actually winter. Who knows, it could be in the cities/urban areas.

  33. I.want.shoes says:

    Love that 1st picture. And that bodyguard of his is HOT. But maybe it’s just because I am picturing him slapping the cr@p out of Baby Biebs.

    • erika says:

      bodygaurd is mine…all mine. i called hit a hottie days ago! but really, if he’s got a british accent to tote, i’m all in!!!

      ..plus, he appears to have stellar parenting skills too, just look at the way he handles children!!!

  34. oivey says:

    He showed up 2 hours late to a concert when a bunch of little girls had to leave before he even hit the stage because it was a school night. I know the paps are pieces of s*** but that’s why the paps are goading him. He’s a little a**hole.

    What would have been funnier is if the bodyguard had let him go to see what would actually happen.

  35. april says:

    Baby needs a time out.

  36. OhMyMy says:

    When are his fifteen minutes up?

  37. Carly says:

    I remember about 3 years ago a breakfast TV host here in Australia was shocked by baby Bieber’s behavious during their interview with him and he recalled this incident that happened when they were interviewing
    him…..Justin was 16 at the time and told one of the TV crew to not “f$cking touch me again” when the person simply put his hand on his shoulder to steer him into position for the interview. the TV host commented at the
    time that he has an angry little kid an it would be interesting to see if he went off the rails!!

  38. lady X says:

    And of course Lil twist or who ever his new little rappers friends are … crashed his Fisher Karma and is now driving his Range Rover all over town …
    Justin Beiber .. Young Super Famous and Super Rich .. it is the gift that keeps on giving

  39. Sapphire says:

    He’s a whiny little bitch with only an ounce of talent as an entertainer. Every 5years or so, the music industry has to come up with a teenage heart throb that fades or implodes. NEXT!

  40. phlyfiremama says:

    The looks on the bodyguard’s face are hilarious. It’s like he is saying “FML!! All of my years of training/working out etc. and I get stuck with THIS?? So…embarrassing, really.”

  41. Nemesis says:

    His bodyguard is so freaking hot.

  42. Jack says:

    lmao im laughing hard from this twats pictures! some of the comments keep me laughing!!

  43. Hope says:

    I just have to say that I have been suffering from some serious tooth pain the last week (going in for a root canal tomorrow) and these pictures were the first time I laughed in days. So thank you, Baby Biebs, for being a petulant man child. You made me smile. Now go take a nap, I’ll wake you up when Yo Gabba Gabba is on.

  44. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    And here, ladies and gentleman, we have the embodiment of the “man child”. I would put my last penny on this spoiled brat never growing up. His poor minders must have a helluva time of it.