Ireland Baldwin, 17, signs with a modeling agency & seems pretty well-adjusted

God, can you believe that Ireland Baldwin is already 17 years old? I feel so ancient. I still remember when Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger brought their baby home and Alec promptly celebrated by RAGING at some paparazzo sitting outside of their house. In her 17 years on this earth, Ireland has been at the center of her parents’ divorce drama, custody drama, and Ireland was of course the recipient of Alec’s infamous “Rude, vile little pig” voicemail. But beyond the drama, Ireland has grown up to be a lanky, leggy 6’2” blonde beauty who seems to as well-adjusted as can be expected. She seems to have a sense of humor and her wits about her. And now this lovely, tall blonde girl has signed with a modeling agency and she will begin her career!

Things are definitely looking up for lanky Ireland Baldwin these days! The 6’2″ daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger has officially signed with IMG Models and Two Management, she shared with fans on Twitter earlier this week.

“Officially working for @TwoManagement and @IMGmodels!” the 17-year-old blonde beauty tweeted on Tuesday, March 5. “I’m blessed, happy, and ready to WEEEEERK.”

Baldwin will be joining the likes of such household names as Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, and Chanel Iman in signing with the agencies. Her own mother, 59-year-old Basinger, signed with the Ford modeling agency at age 16.

In December, the mother-daughter duo enjoyed some quality time together in Hawaii, and Baldwin revealed just how much she admired her mother.

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman in the entire world,” she captioned a gorgeous vintage photo of the actress. “You are the most influential and inspirational figure in my life, and I’ve always looked up to you and no one else.”

“Mom, you still look like you’re 17 and it’s kind of embarrassing standing next to you,” she continued. “Hopefully someday I will adopt your cheekbones and your overall beauty…Inside and out.”

Baldwin will soon have a little mini-me half-sister to mentor herself — dad Alec and his new wife Hilaria announced earlier this week that they are expecting a baby girl.

“Alec and I are overjoyed that we are going to be welcoming a little girl into our lives,” the 28-year-old yoga instructor told Extra on Thursday.

[From Us Weekly]

That’s nice what Ireland said about her mom. It feels like forever since I’ve seen Kim Basinger anywhere! I like to imagine that Kim raised a well-adjusted young woman, and I’d like to think that Kim told Ireland that she couldn’t model until now, because you know that modeling agencies have probably been swarming Ireland for years. Hopefully, Kim prioritized education and self-reliance and all of that. Hopefully. I’m including lots of photos from Ireland’s Instagram, and I glanced through her Twitter too. That’s why I’m saying she has a sense of humor and she seems like a cool girl. She genuinely seems like a cool girl. I hope the industry doesn’t chew her up.

Photos courtesy of Ireland’s Instagram.

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  1. EscapedConvent says:

    Wow—is she tall & gorgeous! As a short person, I’ve always thought it would be such fun to be 6’2″ & walk around scaring the hell out of people—I mean misogynist men.

    • Nina says:

      I’m 5’10” and I love getting into an elevator with a bunch of short men when I am wearing 4″ heels. That small act of passive intimidation always makes me smile inwardly, especially since I am such a compliant people-pleaser in all other respects.

      • Hipocricy says:

        LOL. You and me both !

        I have been 5’8.5″ since the age of 15 and that’s when i started putting 5″ stilletoes.

        As a teen going to school, i absolutely love when standing up in a bus and looking down most men…i love that my petite model like frame but tall height, tall legs in stilletoes intimidate them.

        I also love to get an eye contact with those 6’2″+ males…there is something sexy when you in a room full of people who are f…it’s like ‘i can see you, can you see me ?’….lol

      • NoMoreBull* says:

        @ Hipocricy

        ‘As a teen going to school…’

        Seriously, girl – maybe you’d be better served putting those 5” stilettos away and concentrating on some study while you still have time.
        The horrible grammar and spelling in your post kind of highlight the serious need of some book time, before you get too far in life where you depend solely on your height and looks, not your brain.

      • Hipocricy says:

        @ No More Bull

        Here is a four times college graduated with an MBA in Corportafe finance & Industrial Location whose english is her 4th out of 6 after French, lingala, dutch, spanish and portuguese who also own her own business as a project manager in SAP FI and finance and has several assignements for different european groups.

        So no offence, but you should consider taking your own advice, going back to school and don’t assume that everyone who is tall and beautiful rely solely on one’s physique or that english is everyone’s motertongue.

        And not to sound insulting or arrogant like you have been but apparently reading books didn’t give you common sense, basic intelligence nor politeness…

      • truthSF says:

        Damn Hipocricy, I was going to defend you against that judgmental prick…but you sure set her straight, lol!

        Congrats on all of your accomplishments, we need more women like you for our future generation to look up to.

      • Apples says:

        Nina, you’ll never see this but, I Loved your post!!!!

    • Schnauzers!!! says:

      Wow she is so beautiful!! Thank goodness she looks like her Mom!!

      • Moneypenny says:

        I actually see more of her dad in her. She is pretty.

        I’m 5’11 and it is fun to be tall…except when looking for pants or shirts.

    • sashavice says:

      @ Hipocrisy

      I think you meant slim or tiny when referring to your tall, slender frame. Petite means short in the fashion world. You are not petite 🙂

  2. marie says:

    what a sweet message to her mom, she’s a pretty girl

  3. Ginger says:

    My goodness that girl is gorgeous! and so tall…she seems destined to be a model. She strikes me as someone who can handle herself so I think she’ll be fine in the industry.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Well, Kim Basinger is a very beautiful woman; plus, Alec Baldwin was always a smoking hot man, raging issues aside, so I guess I should have expected their offspring to be so pretty and tall…. and yet for some reason I was surprised. Uhm.

      • Gine says:

        I was too though–let’s face it, a combo of Kim’s and Alec’s features could go really, really wrong. It looks like she got the best of both of them, though

      • Amy says:

        I am a little, too. Wow, she looks like her mama’s clone!

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Am I the only one who thinks when Ireland is all dine up, she looks a little like Jerry Hall used to. The top photo especially.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        Good call – total Jerry Hall back in the day.

      • Adrien says:

        She looks more like a Swimsuit model than high fashion model coz she’s very athletic. She’s more Rachel Hunter circa 1986 than Jerry Hall.

  4. Hannah says:

    6’2”, really? Wow!

    • flor says:

      Exactly! I don’t even think Alec is that tall to begin with.

      She’s gorgeous and seems fun on Twitter. I wish her the best of luck on her career.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Good luck to her. Hope her mom continues to keep her grounded.

  6. Eleonor says:

    I’ve checked her instagram, she’s got a killer body, definetly has some chance as a model.

  7. Mr.Smurf says:

    Ok, serious question….Am I the only one who finds pictures taken in a mirror, with the phone visible, stupid?

    Ireland is really pretty, and not just generically pretty like Kristen Stewart or Giselle. If she has talent, she’ll go far. She doesn’t seem to be too worried with being famous, from what I’ve seen of her.

    Oh to be over 6 feet, instead of 5’2!!

    • Karen says:

      No, you’re not the only one who finds selfies taken with the phone visible stupid. Use the turnaround feature, people. Is it absolutely necessary to get your whole body in the photo? There’s too much narcissism with kids these days. (Yes, I’m old.)

      I had no idea Ireland was 6’2″. That’s almost a foot taller than me. Good luck to her. I hope she remains well grounded.

      • Isa says:

        I think sometimes it’s nice to not just have a photo of just your head. I feel dumb asking someone to snap a photo of me. I think I have one or two photos like this. I guess I’ll just stick with taking photos of my kids or cats or meals.
        At least Ireland has no shortage of photos of herself.

    • Spooks says:

      Off topic, but I always thought Gisele was quite ugly.

      Ireland is very beautiful.

      • Adrien says:

        That’s what I thought too about Giselle until I saw her in person. Her face is smaller not equine-like at all and is very stunning. Some of VS models (won’t mention who) are just plain-looking in real life.

    • TG says:

      I too think self-photos taken either in a mirror or with the phone visible look tacky, trashy and just plain trashy. Some of my friends at work do on-line dating and every single profile on there is full of stupid looking photos like that. Do none of these people have friends willing to take a pic of them? Also, it indicates a high level of vanity or narcissism as well.

      That being said, other than the top pics where she looks like a cheap porn star, this girl is gorgeous. I was so curious about her height that I checked both her parents IMDB and Alec is listed as only 6′ so that means 5’10” and Kim is listed only at 5’6″. Where did she get that height from? Amazing.

      • Me Three says:

        Thank you! Thought I was just being a bit snarky today but when I saw those top two photos, I immediately though Courtney Stodden. I actually think she’s a pretty girl but I don’t think she has a model look. I guess if you have two famous parents, you can be a model. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be tall and thin and blond!

    • Carolyn says:

      Hehe young people are so self-absorbed. I also find pouty selfies ridiculous.

      • TG says:

        @Me Three – I thought of Courtney Stodden too but didn’t want to use her name because I don’t want to give her any press. I have also stayed away from the kartrashians since I don’t want to give them any attention.

      • Mrs Odie says:

        Well adjusted? She’s so in love with herself she can’t even look away from the screen when taking self photos in a mirror. I’ ll bet she’s a selfish, entitled little pig.

      • Mrs Odie says:

        Well adjusted? She’s so in love with herself she can’t even look away from the screen when taking self photos in a mirror. I’ I’ll bet she’s a selfish, entitled little pig.

  8. stellalovejoydiver says:

    IMG is prob the best model agency out there, everyone wants to sign with them, they have the best connections and are really pushing their models, even models who already gained success and name recognition, change to IMG, so congrats.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Plus creeps like Uncle Terry won´t take advantage of her, because Baldwin would tear them a new one.

  9. Eve says:

    *scratches head*

    I guess I’m the only one here who finds her average looking (for a model).

    • Aussie girl says:

      She has the model “look” but no “it” factor for her face. Killer bod though.

      • Christina says:

        Agree, Aussie girl. She’s a lovely looking young woman by normal standards, of course, but I honestly couldn’t pick her out of a lineup of tall young blondes. She certainly lacks that special something her mother had, and has.

      • Isa says:

        She will make a great model. She may not be a “supermodel” but very few of them are.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Not for this generation of models, ahem.

      She is more suited for commercial stuff, even though a lot of VS models do HF, and she is a lot more outstanding than a lot of them. Hopefully she will never end up as one of Leo´s catalogue girls.

      • Eve says:

        Being hired by Victoria’s Secret is certainly the most important requirement to become his girlfriend.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        I wonder what Alec would have to say about that – it would be interesting to hear his view points on why Leo chooses only VS models for gfs. Dude is good in interviews.

    • CC says:

      ehhh, we all know why she landed her gig, and personal (read model-like) attributes aren’t the deciding factor.

      • kibbles says:

        Exactly. Millions of pretty 17-year-old girls out there who would love to have a chance at being a model or actress. She got signed because of nepotism. The end.

    • Miss M says:

      @Eve: I agree with you. She is pretty, but average looking for model. If I recall well, last year there were photos taken from her along side her father and she did not look that tall. Unless, Alec Baldwin is taller or was wearing lifts…

    • flor says:

      Nowadays, you don’t need looks to be a model. The standards have been raised too far and if you are a size 0, you get jobs, basically.

      • Isa says:

        I agree with you Flor. Most high fashion models are ugly or plain. Tall and skinny are the most important factors.

    • F5 says:

      Same here.. nepotism and nothing else…

  10. Lulu says:

    Beautiful girl. I only hope she is able to stay physically and emotionally healthy in the cut-throat modeling world.

    • Tania says:

      100% agree. She is very beautiful, I hope she isn’t brought down by idiots telling her she isn’t “x” (thin, unusual, skeletal) enough. She is gorgeous with an awesome body, but in the industry today, there is so much pressure to be different and skeletal, I hope she doesn’t succumb to it.

    • Layale says:

      I hope so, too. Especially have that rant Alec gave her some years back calling her “little pig”. I hope she doesn’t end-up with any eating disorder/s.

  11. Eleonor says:

    Wow you can tell who her parents are only looking at her!

  12. NerdMomma says:

    “…and I’ve always looked up to you and no one else.”

    Did anyone else read that as a dig at Alec?

    • Dirtnap says:

      That’s how I was reading it, too, @NerdMomma! I kept thinking she would clarify, as in, “You are the WOMAN I most admire” but no clarification was made. I wouldn’t blame her though for not giving props to her vile pig of a dad, especially in her mom’s birthday tweet.

    • Cazzie says:

      Yup, that’s how I read it, too.

      I wonder if she’s giving her father some side-eye about the trophy wife.

      Must be kind of weird to have your only sibling be 17 years younger than you…

      • Mr.Smurf says:

        Ha, the funny thing is I have an uncle who had a kid when he was in his twenties. Fast forward to his mid forties, he’s married and my aunt wants a kid. It takes them a few years because of fertility issues. My big cousin and little cousin are exactly twenty years apart, born on the same day.

        My mom calls my uncle ghetto because of this. If I was Ireland I’d be giving the side eye too. She seems very famewhorish. I mean, if I married a celebrity, especially one who was so much older, do you think I’d be courting the press? Nooooo, I’d do my best not to even gets pictures taken.

  13. gg says:

    She looks great but seems pretty full of herself. Are cellphones turning all young women into insufferable narcissists?

    • aang says:


    • DeltaJuliet says:

      It’s not just the young ones, although at least you can say “ah well, they are young”. It’s when I see the women my age, and older, doing it that I want to smack someone.

  14. L says:

    As amazing at being 6’2 is-isn’t that tall for a runway model? Don’t they aim for the 5’8-5’10 range so the sample sizes all look the same?

    • Tessa says:

      Not to be nitpicky, but I think it’s more like 5’9 – 5’11. 5’8 is actually on the short side for a runway model.

      • Meggie says:

        Average is 5’8-5’11-over 6 feet is pushing it (Karlie Kloss) and only a couple under have made it big (Kate Moss, Laetitia Casta both being under 5’7″) A lot of models fudge their heights in either direction.
        My sister in law is model gorgeous and is a videographer for fashion week-would have been a model until she reached her full 6’4″ height and the doors shut.
        I do think Ireland has model potential, she has a great blank slate which is what models should ideally have and her parents name def helps but she will still have to prove herself. Especially with fashion main stream being (unfortunately) dominated by celebrities.

    • KCO says:

      Once you reach 5’11”, you get to the point where wardrobe, ESPECIALLY samples, do not fit and arent long enough. 6’2″ is too tall to be a normal working model. UNLESS, they want to throw her on a Special booking board, or Celebrity board…

  15. Dee Cee says:

    Living well and mentally stable attitude to greatly vex her totally different, creepy-jerk father..

  16. Talie says:

    She’s very naturally beautiful, but 6’2 is crazy considering Alec and Kim aren’t even close to being that tall. Karlie Kloss is that height as well, so I think she’ll do okay.

  17. ojulia123 says:

    She’s stunning!!

  18. Micki says:

    I find her mum better looking.
    Ireland is young and fresh looking though and I wish her luck and long successful career

  19. GoodCapon says:

    Dare I assume she was conceived in Ireland? 😉

    She looks like Elizabeth Hasselbeck in the 1st photo. But OMG, she’s 6’2?! are you ******* kidding me?!

  20. Tessa says:

    6’2″? Man, that’s tall. She seems tiny in these pics. It’s weird.

  21. mkyarwood says:

    Good lord. I wish the genetically blessed would go get degrees and learn 14 languages in addition to modeling, tho.

  22. Lisa says:

    Holy shit, if I were 6’2, I’d run the world. /Jeal short girl.

  23. RHONYC says:

    2 things.

    i liked it better when she just went around all tomboyish-like and didn’t pull a Willis’ sisters and go for the attention.

    she’s cute, but her mom at that age was ‘stunning’.

    jussayin. :mrgreen:

  24. Joanna says:

    Beautiful girl! wish her the best!

  25. Jenna says:

    Dayum, 6’2?!?!? I still maintain that I hate standing at 5’10, so I can’t even imagine adding that 4 extra inches of heel height daily. Oy. She is a very pretty girl though.

    • RHONYC says:

      oh, i’m the opposite. i loooooove being 5’10”. i’ve always relished looking alot of tall men square in the eye. ha! 😀

      • Jenna says:

        LOL Nah, especially since I can’t seem to find a lot of men that are taller than me. Preferably at the 6’2 – 6’5 range. The legs are good though. 😉

      • Isa says:

        I’d love to be 5’8-5’10. And keep my weight.

    • Tiffany says:

      One of my good friends is 6’2″, and I am always trying to make her see how awesome that is. She mentions the challenges of things like pants and shoe size, but I point out how her height to width ratio is so amazing! There are soooo many ways to be beautiful and so many types of men (and women) who will appreciate it.

      • Jenna says:

        Finding long pants is a problem at times; though for a tall girl I’m only an 8.5 when it comes to shoes. The weight thing is a small plus too.

  26. Ramona Q. says:

    Don’t be jealous of a woman who is much taller than 97% of men. Chances are you will tower over all your boyfriends which is weird and not a turn on (for the girl) IMO

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Wow. (umm…a**hole much?)

      Confident men actually love tall women. You, dear, can have all the misogynistic, easily intimidated leftovers.

    • dagsohyoumeandogs says:

      Don’t cry for me, darling. I’m Ireland’s height and have never had trouble attracting or dating men of any size. Ended up marrying a handsome, 6’6″ man who loves me and my height. My mother is 6’1″ and married the love of her life ten years ago. He’s 5’7″ and they adore each other.

  27. Hoya_chick says:

    I think she is very pretty. And will probably make a great model. She looks so much like Kim! Her twitter and Instagram are filled with pics of her and her bf. She is 17 so that’s to be expected. But it seems like a lot. Like going to Hawaii with him. I would never be allowed at that age to go on a solo vacay with my bf. HW is a different place though.

    I wonder how her relationship with Alec is nowadays? They don’t seem to spend alot of time together with him being based in NYC while she is in Cali with her mom. Plus now that he has his new golddigger wife and satellite family things could be weird. I saw that she had tweeted that she was feeling alienated from her family and that her bf was her family now. Could be teen angst or something more serious?

  28. anneesezz says:

    There was a model on TV who basically said she was just very lucky because she did nothing other than hit the genetic jackpot. That’s all models have done. Why people worship them like they did anything to acheive this status is beyond me. They are simply tall and skinny. Some runway models aren’t that pretty. Most who have tried acting have failed miserably proving they have zero talent. My daughter is very tall and thin but I would hope she would strive to be more than a walking clothes hanger.

  29. Kiddo says:

    She’s very pretty, but not as gorgeous or smoldering hot as her mother was when she was young.

  30. Memphis says:

    6’2!? Damn! I’m jealous. I’m a shorty who always wanted to be tall!!

  31. MiMi says:

    Didn’t Kim once suffer from agoraphobia? I hope that’s not the reason we haven’t seen her around.

    • Happy21 says:

      Yes! I was just going to say that she was/is agorophobic so that was why we may not have seen much of her as of late.

  32. Wow, what a beauty! 6’2 IS pretty tall for a model though, out of the current crop of top high fashion models I think only Karlie Kloss and Frida Gustavsson are that tall… Hopefully Ireland will still be successful!

  33. JH says:

    She looks soooo much like her Mom. Gorgeous girl.

  34. Fabgrrl says:

    Gorgeous girl! I think she would be a signed model even if she werent Kim and Alec’s daughter.

  35. Jayna says:

    I don’t think she’s 6’2″.

  36. Mayday says:

    I think she will be okay, both of her parents are so active in her life that I find it hard to believe she could get up to too much no good before they caught wind of it.

  37. claire says:

    She is not 6’2. She’s probably about 5’10. I mean, check her out. That’s not at all a 6’2 body.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I tend to agree with you but how tall is Alec Baldwin? She’s definitely taller than him when wearing flats:

      • skuddles says:

        OKit, I read that Alex Baldwin is 5’11” so looking at the pic in your link, I’d say yeah, Ireland appears to be 6’2″.

        Boy, talk about revealing body language in that pic; they do not appear to have a very close relationship …. and that comment to her Mom about how she’s the only one Ireland has ever looked up to – a definite zinger at dear old Dad.

  38. lisa says:

    a lot of models are downright ugly if not very plain in the face. she has good “blank slate” features. i can see her being a working model even without famous parents. actually, without rich parents, she might have been modeling for the past 3 – 4 yrs already.

    somewhere dina lohan is very jealous and doesnt know why.

  39. I appreciate, cause I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  40. dread pirate cuervo says:

    She got all of her momma. Beautiful girl.

  41. Mirna says:

    I’m pretty sure Ireland was adopted. But she looks so much like Kim Bassinger. Time to google.

  42. KellyinSeattle says:

    6’2? I’m 5/9 and with heels about 6″1″…I LOVE IT!! Go, Ireland!

  43. connie says:

    I think she is beautiful! I follow randoms on IG and came across her. The Baldwin genes are strong..her cousin haylie is also stunning. Maybe even moreso…
    I think both will have good chances of making it in modeling circles

  44. JC says:

    Thank God for Kim. Still, I’d imagine one could only be so well-adjusted when you have a raging asshole like Alec for a father.

  45. rightgrrl says:

    Gorgeous girl! Reminds me a bit of a young Jeri Hall.

  46. teri says:

    Gorgeous just like her mom. Dad in my opinion is a pig and bully.

  47. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    She needs better styling to not look so cheap. Yikes.

  48. CG says:

    I’m pretty sure Ireland suffered from a fairly serious eating disorder in the past. Hopefully modelling doesn’t set her back.

  49. Patrice says:

    Hmmm. I don’t know about this. Whenever I see a series of ridiculously posed mirror pics on or from someone’s IG account, major red flags pop up in my head. But good for Ireland for signing with an agency and becoming an actual, REAL model. God knows all those duck faced, 1/2 dressed, “selfie” mirror pic taking fools on IG already think they are! So, so much UGH with all that. I can’t even.

  50. Felicia says:

    Beautiful and fresh but not as stunning as Kim was back in the day. I’m very curious about her relationship with Alec now. I was horrified by the “little pig” message he left her years ago. But I have friends who brushed it off and said their parents had lost their shit with them before in a similar manner. :\

  51. mccoy says:

    she has the perfect face and body for runway. Supermodels are known for their faces. Runway models are blank slates for designers to drape their ideas upon. She will never look like the same person in each fashion show.

  52. Tinkerbell says:

    I’m pretty sure I ran into her at a grocery store when I was in California recently. I saw this beautiful tall girl and when she turned around her face looked just like her moms. She was tall, but I didn’t think she was 6’2″ though.

  53. vvvoid says:

    Holy god she’s gorgeous.
    She’s so nubile and blonde, her hair is the perfect blonde, and I am not even a big fan of blondes.
    Also, why so much shade of this thread? So many snarky, bitchy comments about how she’s “cheap” looking or too tall or vapid because she’s a model, yada yada…I HATE accusing people of being “jealous” but it sounds like there are quite a few very jealous people posting about this 17 year old girl.
    So she’s beautiful, she hasn’t done anything wrong. So what if she wants to model? Angelina Jolie is like Mother Teresa to a lot of people who post here and she modeled around Ireland’s age.

  54. vvvoid says:

    She is a complete 50-50 of her mother and father. In the photo with the dog she looks like SUCH a Baldwin.
    She got her father’s cheekbones instead of her mother’s. She got her mother’s lips. Eyes are her mother’s but they look like Alec’s also because her cheeks contour her eyes in the same way Alec’s do.
    I’m the same way, I take after both parent’s equally. I think it’s interesting when a kid takes after one or the other parent more in a very obvious way.

  55. citygirlsf says:

    The two pics at the top are HORRIBLE. She looks old and porn-ish. She looks like a different person in the other pics…so fresh and lovely.