More random pictures, documents and videos from Paris Over Exposed

Now that I’ve done a little research, I’m convinced that Joe Francis is behind, which is currently out of commission. The domain was registered in 2003, and even if it was sold or whatever, who buys an existing domain when they can create a new one that’s just as catchy? Francis mentioned the site several times on Howard Stern, and the wording on Joe’s Girl’s Gone Wild website is suspiciously similar to mailings sent out to Paris Exposed Subscribers.

The captions to the photos on the Paris Exposed site were written by someone who does a pretty good job of identifying the people and circumstances in the photos. It’s easily obtained information, and the people are moderately famous, but it seems to me like they had at least some insider information.

Regardless I have some more of Paris’ journals and stuff that I may as well publish before it’s even older news than it is now. I’ve included some of the captions so you can see what I mean.

People are wondering where the outrage is over Paris’ racial slurs in both her sex video (which I’m like the only person who hasn’t seen) and the videos available on the Paris Exposed site. Despite the fact that Paris is sometimes naked and doing drugs, let me tell you that it’s really hard to sit through an entire Paris Hilton home video. They’re also poorly organized on the site, which is down now anyway. There are so many videos there that I was loathe to tackle them. I tried to make UrbanDK do it, but he had some clever excuse.

The racial slur video is up at CelebWarship.

Here are some other paris videos from the site.

There’s news that Nicole and Paris are no longer paparazzi targets. They’re so over-exposed that their stock has plummeted.

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  1. Toubrouk says:

    Do this is just me or Paris Hilton is slowly turning into a Socialite-Society STD?

    Here’s my point; Did you all remember the mess caused by the cellphone Paris lost a couple of years ago? Many A-List celebrities found their phone number on the net. Talk about annoying!

    This is worst. In that locker space, there’s was picture of naked people and drug-enjoying people other than Paris Hilton. Since all those people are from the socialite lifestyle, they will all have to cope from the release of those pictures. do they will see Paris under the same light after or will she became “Persona Non Grata”?

  2. KIM says:


  3. FF says:

    Whoa there Kim, calm down, unlock the caps, and retire to bed early with the hot beverage of your choice.

    It’s the internet, we know how to turn it off.

  4. KIM says:

    Well I’m sorry but this is just too much- I mean how many pictures of her and her gross friends do we need to see? We get it- she’s nasty and we all wish she would fall into a deep dark hole and never come out. There has to be other stuff out there to post than this same old crap.

  5. Toubrouk says:

    Kim, I am sorry to inform you this but I believe we are about to withness a huge train crash in “ParisTown” in the following months.

    With the tons of photos who will be released on the market, their price will crash and any third-grade rag will be able to pay for them.

    we are in for a lllloooooonnnnnnnngggg ride! 😉

  6. Iva says:

    I hope the skanky photos/videos keep coming, hopefully this will finally bury the slut once and for all so that we never have to see her face again.

    Although with her PR machine, I’m sure there will be a good explanation forth coming for all of this – see she is really not a slut with herpes, and she’s not vulgar or a racist nor does she really do drugs..I mean come on this was what 2 years ago, she has so changed.

    I’m happy that she is finally being exposed for what most of us have known – she is a skanky slut with absolutely no morals to speak of – I hope her parent can look themselves in the mirror and be proud of the job they did in raising her!

  7. Other Karen says:

    Nicole’s and Paris’s papparazzi stock are going down? Great for Nicole (she wasn’t too happy about it), but bad for Paris–Paris’s career depends on cameras following her everywhere.

  8. KIM says:

    Yeah well hopefully Paris is going down and it’s not for Joe Francis or anyone else- hopefully she will just crash and burn and we can stop seeing her ugly nasty skanky face everywhere. I know that people are glad she is getting exposed in these pics and videos but is anyone really surprised? I mean we all knew this was what was going on anyway.

  9. crepette says:

    I dont know if paris is nice or not… something tells me she is ultra nasty and vindictive. The only way Paris could EVER go down is if (god forbid) she was paralysed or in a disfiguring accident so that she couldnt do her ‘perfect’ thing anymore

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I am with you CB on Joe Francis. He seems likes the kind of guy who would sell nude photos of his mother to make a $1. I just don’t see him being a victim, only a victimizer.

    Paris has gone through BFF’s like water. She is going to run out of willing participants as the other smarter people stay away from her and potentially being exposed in her rif-raf scandals. Even her sister stays away.

  11. Seriously says:

    Presumably all the people in these pictures with Paris have lots of money and they are all at least in their twenties. Why are they always shooting birds like little twelve year olds? There’s the one pic of Joe Francis with all the little sluts and everyone of them are shooting birds. I find that juvenile. What am I talking about? All the pics are juvenile and just plain disturbing!! I hope this finally ends the Paris Parade!!!!

  12. Toubrouk says:

    The “Paris Parade” will only end when Paris Hilton herself will try to pull a PR move trying to look like an offensed virgin in a two-piece sober, designer suit that cost more that my yearly wages.

  13. Alex says:

    Thank you Paris. Go away now dear.

  14. Marco says:

    Oh, Paris come on to suck my dick

  15. largirl says:

    Huh…in three of those pics Nicky and her BF (?) are wearing Nebraska Cornhusker jerseys. I wonder what affiliation they have?

    …curious Nebraska girl