Guess who was a disruptive, drunken, sloppy mess at a NY event this week?

A few days ago, I looked through these photos of Dina Lohan at the ROCK ART LOVE auction in NYC, and I couldn’t really find a story to go with them. I was considering just doing an update on where Lindsay Lohan’s trial is heading next week, but then other stuff came up, and long story short, I was like, “Meh, a week without Dina Lohan is a good week.” As it turns out, there was an interesting story that goes along with these photos. Dina Lohan was completely blitzed at this event, to the point where she was disruptive to the auction. Because of course.

It appeared Dina Lohan was trying to compete with potential bidders Carlos Slim Helu, the world’s richest man, and Cuba Gooding Jr. at the Rock Love Art Ball on the lower East Side Tuesday. Turns out, she was just drunkingly flailing her hands in the air during a charity auction.

“There was a dinner and it’s safe to say that Dina was drunk by the end of it,” says our spy. “She said the self-serve steak on the table was the best steak she had ever eaten. And when someone would receive an award, Dina would start clapping and stand up, the only one in the room standing.”

Our eyewitness says by the time the live auction came around, Dina was off to the races, “clapping and raising her hands in the air.”

“This prompted the auction leader to call out to her, ‘Ma’am, I have to remind you, when I see your hands above your eyebrows it means that you are bidding.’ She told her to stop jiggling around.”

Dina, spotted getting wine refills during her meal, was also seen laughing to herself and getting a neck rub at the table. “A massage therapist went up to her table to chat with her. The next thing you know, Dina is getting a neck rub with her head down. The massage therapist said Dina had a lot of tension in her neck and is probably stressed out.”

It was rumored that daughter Lindsay would be attending the event with mom, but she was a no-show.

Between cocktails, Dina did tell Confidenti@l she’s busy working on her memoirs.

“It’s totally cathartic, but my kids are like, write the book already. So I think it’s time. I’m doing it more for my children than for me to shed light on what really went down when Lindsay was little and what she had to deal with,” she said.

“It’s actually my life story, not about Lindsay and not about my ex. … I’m from A to M. … I guess I’m at M at this point; I don’t know. Not at Z yet,” she explained.

[From The NY Daily News]

Sometimes I actually have moments of “God, I have no idea how Lindsay ended up such a raging dumbass.” But then I remember – Dina Lohan is the “good” parent. And this is how Lindsay’s “good” parent behaves. Like a drunken mess. Like an alcoholic who can barely slur out some nonsense about her memoir. That memoir is going to be co-written by Captain Morgan and Jim Beam. The memoir will be called “Rockette: Bluskghskj sleepytime coke dance kfsofh OPRAH.”

Would you like an update on the Lindsay situation? According to TMZ, prosecutors ended plea deal negotiations on Thursday and everyone is set to go to trial on Monday. It’s going to be a hot mess. The prosecution kept offering Lindsay deal after progressively better deal, and she said no to all of them because she’s linnocent and she doesn’t feel like she should be punished for anything!! Punishment is not for white girls with big boobs, remember! Lady Justice, don’t you know that she’s the star of Herbie Fully Loaded?!?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    That whole mess of a family is fully loaded.
    Yay…trial starts Monday, see everyone back here for some Cracktinis!

    • Sarcasmo says:

      The bar (and vodka vat) will be open, Madame.

    • mrs j says:

      Is she stealing crackie plastic hair now. Looking to Monday too. What is she going to write a out, how I turn my daughters into hookers and heroin addicts and became a fame whore myself

  2. lucy2 says:

    She must have radar for any event serving free food and booze.

    Since Lindsay has repeatedly rejected every cushy offer, I hope the prosecutors are pissed and really go after her. Followed by the IRS.

    • j.eyre says:

      Serve yourself steak? That line alone may make this post hotter than the one with the men in it.

      I agree she probably has a radar for these events – can anyone explain why she is allowed into them?

  3. DanaG says:

    Wonder how long it will take Lindsay to work out saying no to those deals was a mistake? I would just love the Judge to lock her up either jail or rehab for awhile. Should be an interesting week at least for those of us watching. As for Dina what a mess I can’t believe she is raising other children.

  4. smartyparty says:

    Dina’s face is holding up soooooooooo much better than Lindsay’s. Yes, it’s a fright, but it does not look like her face is about to fall right off the front of her head!

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      You’re right about that. The extensions are a little obvious, but she’s looking pretty great for age.

      Alcohol is a preservative.

  5. K-rock says:

    I swear if one more “celebrity” uses the word “cathartic” *growls*

  6. JL says:

    Now that prosecutors are trying to get former “bad behavior” from Lindsey into court, lets hope it’s only a matter of time before Lindsey goes to jail and Dina becomes the cheap Bar Fly she’s always been.

    Those two are SO ripe for a bust down.

  7. Mia 4S says:

    Is the trial going to be televised? Streamed? Damn I can’t take vacation right now; unlike LiLo, I’m busy at my job.

    Oh Mother Crackie was drunk and embarrassing? In other news, the sun came up this morning. Why did these people invite her??!!

  8. OrangeOprah says:

    She did appear to be fully loaded, but she can never top that Dr. Phil interview she did. “Is this thing on?” “Are we recording?” LOL Mother of the year right there.

  9. Cathy says:

    Ahhhh, such is the life of a crackenmother. I would think that she should be more interested in saving her house from foreclosure than going out and making a fool of herself. But commonsense does not run rampant in that family.

  10. Kiddo says:

    Why doesn’t anyone stage an intervention for this woman?

  11. janie says:

    Dina is a mess.. Intervention? Do u think she has ‘friends’ who care enough to help her? I’ve never seen or heard anything re: friends of hers. If she ate everything in site, does that mean she can’t afford groceries? She has kids at home? This is disgusting! Wonder how the foreclosure is going? Wonder if they have heat, lights, water etc? Wow.

    • Kiddo says:

      Well, even though she may be unlikable, and irresponsible, isn’t it still kind of sad that no one gives a sh*t? What about her other kids? Does she have parents who are still alive?

      • Sarcasmo says:

        I think Memaw Lohan is still alive, but don’t take that as Gospel, because I’m not sure.

  12. Sugar says:

    I don’t get what self serve steak is… Is it like self serve frozen yoghurt? I guess it’s my spring forward TGIFF brain not computing this.

  13. Kezia says:

    She’s always bleating on about “Doing this for the kids” and in the same breath “so you know what it was like for Lindsay growing up”….when she says kids she means just Lindsay, right? I get the distinct impression she doesn’t give a fig about the other three chumps. How neglected must they be if she’s focused all her energy on Lindsay and this is how she’s turned out.

  14. Wait, ready?
    Who, Dina, no way! It didn’t happen. Oh, you have pictures? Hmm, well, she’s just a CHILD barely at M in her life. She’s had it hard, cut her some slack. If she were in Mississippi none of these behaviors would be an issue. *hiccup* *mumble* *slur* Dr. Phil set her up.
    How did I do? lol Crack denial at it’s most Dina-licous!

  15. stellalovejoydiver says:

    Damn I had my money on Courtney Love(Edward becoming a dad must sting) or Shia laBouef.

  16. JH says:

    Dina looks younger and fresher than Lindsay at this point. Yikes.

  17. dorothy says:

    Why is this woman even at this event? She’s a nobody. You know sponsors at the event just cringe when she showed up. Constantly embarrasses herself and her family. What a self-important drunk.

  18. Diana says:

    “Rockette: Bluskghskj sleepytime coke dance kfsofh OPRAH.” That craked me up so much! Thanks for the laugh!

  19. Sarcasmo says:

    LMFAO @ “God, I have no idea how Lindsay ended up such a raging dumbass.” Made me spit out my coffee. Well played, Kaiser. Well played.

    And the hair is nothing short of tragic.

  20. Mr.Smurf says:

    Before I clicked on this, my first guess was Lindsey Lohan.

  21. Lisa says:

    Oh, this week only?

  22. guilty pleasures says:

    To those of you saying WO looks ‘fresh’ or ‘young’ please stop!! You are feeding the beast. We all recognize the sarcasm, but SHE won’t!!
    She looks horrible, inside out ugly. She is yet another sign of the apocalypse, with the Kartrashians, Courtney Stodden, Honey Boo Boo (best of the bad bunch).
    We are doomed.

  23. Bronson says:

    haha! look at those tacky-ass sally’s beauty clip-in hair extensions!

  24. Lala says:

    You would think these people would be know to everyone in the US as parahias. However,, Michael Lohan has attached to a company as a heavy hitter to raise funds from famous people. I ask myself how long it iis going to take for another scandal of fraud from this family

  25. Brittney says:

    “That memoir is going to be co-written by Captain Morgan and Jim Beam. The memoir will be called ‘Rockette: Bluskghskj sleepytime coke dance kfsofh OPRAH.'”

    Hahaha… you are amazing, Kaiser. YOU should write a book. I’ll put in my pre-order stat.

  26. JRenee says:

    Her hair is hideous…

  27. oh god just realized next sunday will be Game of Thrones season premiere and Walking