Jane Fonda admits that she does cleanses: does this make you like her less?

I freaking love Jane Fonda. It’s just a knee jerk reaction I have to her now, I’ll admit it. After she owned up to plastic surgery, talked about having sex at her age (75 now, can you believe it?!) and admitted she’s fit because she has money (in part) I was like “yeah, she’s awesome.”

Plus I used to work out with her VHS tapes back in the day, she can do leg lifts like no other. So it’s somewhat sad for me to hear that she does cleanses, but they don’t sound as extreme as other celebrities and she’s not promoting anything! (Like Goop or Salma Hayek) Jane told Hello! Magazine that she eats real food during her “cleanse” period, she just keeps it simple and whole. Here’s more, thanks to the Daily Mail. (This story came out earlier this month, but I just saw it over on Skinny vs. Curvy and it’s news to us!)

After struggling with eating disorders for most of her life, Jane Fonda says she has at last ‘made peace’ with her body.

The 75-year-old has twice-daily yoga sessions and recently went through a week-long cleansing regime, avoiding all dairy products, red meat, wheat and coffee.

However she claimed she has given up her quest for a perfect figure, saying: ‘For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress.

‘I have spent time in therapy, written books that have helped me heal – as well as helped others.

‘For me, healing meant understanding that “good enough” is good. We don’t have to be perfect.’

The actress, who won Oscars for her roles in the 1971 movie Klute and Coming Home in 1978, took on the role of fitness guru in 1982 with the release of an aerobics tutorial which became the most successful fitness video of all time.

But she later revealed she had suffered eating disorders from the age of 12, veering between a series of food binges and purges.

Although she was spotted tucking into a greasy cheeseburger at an Oscars after-party, she insisted she is still devoted to healthy eating.

‘I started the year with a week-long cleanse – no coffee, dairy, red meat or wheat,’ she told Hello! magazine.

‘Instead I had lots of juices, vegetables, chicken and fish, oats, beans and cleansing teas.

‘I’m still basically eating that way now, and will probably never go back to coffee. I eat fish, especially salmon and tuna, three times a week. This is really good for older people.’

Miss Fonda recently released a yoga DVD for the elderly – her 27th fitness tutorial – with her partner Richard Perry, 70.

She said: ‘Yoga makes me feel great, alive, awake, and as we get older it’s important to stay flexible and strong, which yoga helps with.

‘I’ve had a knee and hip replacement and had major back surgery last March, so my ability to do a full lotus position, for instance, is reduced. But I do this DVD with my boyfriend and it is totally safe.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I mentioned this in one of the recent “Goop deprives her kids” posts, but my mom eats like that. She’s around 10 years younger than Fonda, and my mom went gluten free and she doesn’t eat red meat either, so I get it. She did it on her doctor’s recommendation and improved her health and lost weight.

In Jane’s case she’s still eating oats, chicken, fish and such and she’s only doing it for a week! She was seen eating a burger too as the DM mentions. It sounds very do-able and not she’s depriving herself. She’s eating solid food, she’s not subsisting on maple syrup and cayenne pepper or some powdered shakes and calling it a “cleanse.” Plus as mentioned she’s not selling us anything, she just telling us how she looks so damn great. I may try that.

Jane Fonda is shown at the Berlinale on 2-7 and 2-8 (she’s holding up a pic of the photographers) and at The Oscars and VF Oscar party on 2-25-13. Credit: WENN.com and FameFlynet

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  1. rundee says:

    I don´t get why this is a big deal to you?
    I´m a vegetarian who dislikes coffee (yikes), so I guess in your book I´m in a constant state of cleansing?

    • Celebitchy says:

      Maybe just because she calls it a “cleanse.” It has such a negative connotation because celebrities take it too far. I thought I did explain that it wasn’t that big a deal and was different than the cleanse stuff we normally hear about.

      • Rita says:

        As long as she’s not wearing Oscar red carpet fashion while she’s “cleansing”, I think we can look the other way on this one.

        btw-Is that faux fur she’s wearing?

    • Shaz says:

      Yeah, that’s not even a cleanse, just healthy eating. Calm down junk food junkies 🙂

  2. RHONYC says:

    she’s tots inspiring.

    i’m about to start a Master Cleanse to prep for an island vacay.

    she’s preaching to the converted. 😉

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      I lived in Los Angeles for 8 years. Trust me, nearly everyone gets a ‘high colonic’ out there.

      Did you ever see the 1991 Steve Martin movie “L.A. Story?” He parodies a lot of things specific to L.A. (freeway shootings, ATM robberies, free ‘colonic’ with lunch specials, earthquakes) it’s a great movie.

      Cleansing is, and has been, just something very germane to the sun-kissed health chasers of Southern California.

  3. jennspeedyu says:

    I never liked the commie traitor!

    • Dap says:

      Here we go…again. That was fast…

    • Kaye says:

      Wow. It didn’t take long for the Fox News trolls to show up!

      I wish more people had protested the Vietnam war like Jane Fonda, it might have kept Americans from rushing (guns blazing) into Iraq ten years ago today.

      • MSC says:

        I believe you can protest the war all you want, but you can still support the troops. The common soldier does their duty, it’s the politicians who start the wars. A soldier trains for battle but prays for peace. People, especially some celebrities, seem to forget that the reason they are able to run their mouths freely and do whatever they want is because of the hard work of our U.S servicemen.

        What I find appalling about Jane Fonda was the fact that she had the audacity to publicly state that the American POWs were liars when they discussed the torture they endured. However, I find it odd that she was anti war, anti military but she openly embraced the Black Panthers, who during the 60s-70s were known for their violence.

    • Suzanne says:

      Come on people..give it up already…if you knew what your own government had done behind closed doors..you’d have to condemn everyone…She was young and stupid..weren’t we all at some point? Give her some credit…she’s done a lot of good things too..and damn..I think she is drop dead pretty..and in great shape.

    • I think... says:

      This comment gives away your age… shh.

    • cowbulls says:

      I have no problem with people disagreeing about any USA involvement in any military action BUT to betray our troops is unforgivable. If you did the research into her anti-war activities, you would agree that she belongs in jail for treason.

  4. gloaming says:

    Oh I used to ‘feel the burn’ too. Her videos were brilliant.

  5. kelly says:

    Why would it? She’s not Gwyneth Paltrow ! Her body her rules and obviously what she’s doing is working – she looks great !

  6. sirsnarksalot says:

    There’s a difference between a “cleanse” and eating healthy. She’s eating healthy. She shouldn’t call it a clease because to most people now that means liquid starvation.

    Oh, and I love her.

  7. Specialp73 says:

    Regardless of money, she looks amazing! If I had the means to do what she does, I’d do it too.

  8. Cody says:

    It is not just Hollywood into the cleanse it seems everybody is getting into it. For me, I just had a Colonoscopy a few weeks that was enough of a cleanse for me for awhile.

  9. DeltaJuliet says:

    She looks amazing in that yellow dress. I wish I looked that good (and I’m almost 40 years younger than her)

  10. Lisa says:

    Cleanse in this sense means clean eating. I really like her and I don’t know why. I was born in 1988, at the end of the era of her fitness craze, and I haven’t seen too many of her movies. I like her honesty.

  11. mkyarwood says:

    I think it’s the ‘Master’ cleanse that gives this concept a bad taste for some people. I cleanse all spring and summer long because my garden is in full swing. I eat all the cake, cheese, things with butter and delicious coffee with whipped cream and chocolate shavings in the wintertime, then I pretty much just eat raw and vegan in the summer. No coffee, just iced herbal teas and flavored waters and whatnot. I like to think we’re kind of supposed to do that, tho.

    • RHONYC says:

      it’s weird b/c i too eat heartier in the winter then lighter in the spring/summer.

      i’m a carnivore, but am pleased that i learned how to make raw & vegan recipes last year. 🙂

  12. Miss Jupitero says:

    That’s a cleanse? I guess I am always on a cleanse then, and I am just eating what I like. If this means I will look like Jane at 75, whoopie!

  13. I think... says:

    She looks better than Lindsay Lohan. C’mon Lindsay, get better.