Hugh Grant Loses his Cool on TV

The endless dithery charm of Hugh Grant came to an abrupt undithery end yesterday morning. He is doing the early rounds promoting his new RomCom flick with Drew Barrymore Music and Lyrics. The Sun reports:

The star was on the BBC1’s breakfast show when presenter Kate Silverton asked him whether he would be getting hitched to wealthy girlfriend Jemima Khan, 33.
But the Four Weddings And A Funeral hunk, 46, angrily replied: “I can’t believe you asked me that. This is supposed to be a classy show, surely? I’m ashamed of you.”
When the interview ended he walked off the set muttering.

Lets admit – before we go any further — that walking off muttering is a complete and exhaustive description of every screen performance Hugh Grant has ever given .

Now let’s examine the reasons for the loss of temper. Could it be:

a) That his new girlfriend, Jemima Khan, the worlds best known Muslim divorcee, looks very like an unsuccessful Babs Streisand imitator who’s slapped on too much makeup … even for the dim lighting at her weekly Sunday gig hosting Gay Bingo in Brixton .

b) His far more presentable ex-girlfriend Liz Hurley is inches away from tidying up her post-Hugh life by marrying a far wealthier new glamorously Indo-German boyfriend. Insult to Injury – the Hugh replacement does not too bad a job at Grantesque 1980s floppy hair … a fast disappearing skill since Flock of Seagulls disbanded.

c) His Drew Barrymore co-starrer sounds like a total re-tread of his character in About a Boy. The story of the son of a washed-up song writer who can’t do much else. As if the pitch was “Its like Hugh Grant’s last decent movie –excepot he’s his own dad … with Drew Barrymore thrown in to make him seem less old. – We’ll keep the floppy hair though – same reason.”

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9 Responses to “Hugh Grant Loses his Cool on TV”

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  1. legless says:

    Bah, what an arse.

  2. Other Karen says:

    Holy overreaction from someone who’s not Star Jones-Reynolds. Unless it’s Inside the Actor’s Studio, they will always ask you about marriage.

  3. Cyndi says:

    who cares!

    btw….Jamima is NOT a Muslim, but Jewish. She was married to one of the best Cricket player in the world who is a Muslim!

  4. Fabiola Thing says:

    She coverted to Islam when she married Imran Khan.

  5. frewtloop says:

    Sheesh, she only asked him if they were getting hitched. Its not like she asked him what position he likes to bang his girlfriend in – now that would’ve been unclassy.

    I totally disagree about Liz and Arum (or whatever the heck his name is). Liz is no talent Eurotrash, heavily reliant on botox and collagen and Arum’s a sleazy ‘business man’ who cheated on his wife…

  6. kailie2 says:

    I’m also on Jemima’s side in this .. I think that Liz Hurely is a no-talent mediawhore. I read that while she’s dumped Hugh ages ago, she still tries to control his life. According to Hugh’s own words when he was still dating her, Liz is a total control freak obsessed with her own image. Not only that, but according to other reports, she can’t stand that Jemima is younger, thinner and richer than her. Liz made sure to assert her power over Hugh very publicly (one example: by licking his finger at a party both she and Arum as well as Jemima attended).. All in good humor, of course, but still! I can’t forget that when Liz saw Marilyn Monroe’s dress from The Seven Year Itch, she famously said “If I were this size, I’d kill myself.” B*&ch! Going back to Hugh–his overracting has surely something to do with one of them not wanting to get married.

  7. Greg says:

    Hugh Grant gets upset-who in their right mind cares! This is the same guy who likes to get blowjobs in cars from hookers and I think he accentuates his fucking accent!

  8. jess says:

    his girlfriend is gorgeous. put your glasses back on. i miss when celebitchy wrote all the posts.

  9. Sanjay says:

    Hugh Grant gets upset who in their right mind cares .