Jessica Simpson to star in new Baywatch movie

Looks like Pamela Anderson is too old to play herself in an upcoming Baywatch movie – because Jessica Simpson has been cast in the leading role!

A source said: “Jessica really caught the eye in The Dukes of Hazzard film last summer. She was the unanimous choice for the Baywatch role.”

Jessica, 25, will play a heroic lifeguard on Venice Beach, California — and may even copy the slow-motion running that made fellas such a fan of 38-year-old Pammi in the Saturday evening show.

In a further blow to Anderson, producers want David Hasselhoff, 53, to reprise his role as Lt Mitch Buchannon.

Meanwhile Jessica may have lined up another role for herself by purchasing the screen rights to a Jackie Collins novel, Lovers and Players. It is said to be one of Jessica’s favorite books. We’re impressed that she reads.

The steamy book ‘Lovers And Players’ follows the story of a billionaire’s exploits, along with his three sons and Liberty, a waitress who is 19 years old.

The insider informed Britain’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ newspaper, “Jessica says the role is perfect for her. She’s hoping it will showcase her as a serious actress.”

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