Ryan Phillippe is a cheater and a liar

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Ryan Phillippe is not only a cheater…he’s a liar.

I believe that men who dump their wives and leave their kids are jerks. I am sure there are reasons. But most of the time there is one reason and her name is Tawny.

It really makes my WT blood boil when guys like this try to put on a “nice guy” front and act like victims. If you want to be a creep and abandon your responsibility, then just do it. But don’t come back after the fact and act like it was something out of your control.
Ryan Phillippe is trying to “spin” his version of his impending divorce by going on TV’s Extra this week.

In the interview with TV’s Extra, airing this week, Phillippe says, “This is the most difficult time in my life. It’s unfortunate when you have kids … but I signed up for this and have to deal with it. I don’t read the magazines or watch the shows. … It’s hard when people follow me to my kid’s school.”

Gag me. He probably doesn’t mention that he brought this on himself by cheating on his wife. I am going to be very interested to see his whining interview on the Extra.

It looks like he’s also been making the rounds of some of the magazines, he also talked to TEEN PEOPLE about this difficult life. Gag me with a chainsaw. What a great role model for teen girls! Marry a great guy like Ryan!

Reece Witherspoon is darling. I hope she moves on to a nice guy.

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  1. Angelika says:

    I’m totally with you in that case! It’s a shame and a pity that Ryan is just as all the other jerks out there cheating on their wives, not being able to take the consequences and not being able to deal with the harsh critics they get from the press and the whole, wide world in general.

    I love Reese, and her kids are adorable, and I’m sure she’s gonna be fine! I’d like her to end up with Joaquin Phoenix now =P

  2. Iva says:

    What I find amazing is why everyone is so mad at Ryan, yet people like Brad Pitt and Jessica Simpson don’t get the same type of critism. Is it because Ryan and Reese have children together and it’s much worse when a spouse cheats when there are kids involved versus no children involved.

    Again, another double standard.

  3. Angelika says:

    I’m mad at Brad Pitt, too. And Ethan Hawke. Guys like these. It’s even harder when kids are involved, of course, but cheating is cheating, so shame on all of them, if you ask me!

  4. pip says:

    bottom line is – if you’re gonna cheat, and you know if you’re a cheater type or not, then do not lead women on or marry them and especially do not ever have children. Shame on them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    while i do think it’s awful for a man to cheat on his wife, especially if there are kids involved, i don’t see what was so awful about that quote. it sounds like he’s trying to continue to support his kids, not abandon them as White Trash Mom is claiming.

    i don’t know, i’m all for the celebrity gossip and harsh critisism, that’s why i’m here. but i think that was too much.

    i feel like if there are kids, that’s when we should leave them alone the most. regardless of whether he cheated, losing your family is still difficult i’m sure.

  6. KIM says:

    I wasn’t aware that Reese had confirmed that Ryan cheated on her and that was the cause for their split. Is it a fact that he cheated or is that speculation?

  7. rosenothorns says:

    Hey KIM, I was thinking the exact same thing. Remember too that we don’t know these people personally. All we know is what’s been reported by the media. We can’t possibly know what difficulties they may or may not have had in their relationship but based on the tabloids/blogs some of us are eager and ready to believe that Ryan is a cheater – Maybe he is but does this make him a bad father? I think not. He really seems to love his kids and for what it’s worth he must have had some good qualities or Reese would not have fallen in love with and married him. Whatever the circumstances of their split, Reese seems like a trooper and she seems to be doing fine. Life goes on.

  8. Alex says:

    I’m sorry, rose, but if Ryan (or any other guy) is a cheater he IS a lousy father! Because he is clearly not putting his children above all else as he should be. A man who cannot think through to the often inevitable outcome of an affair is selfish AND stupid.

  9. julie says:

    yes alex, i TOTALLY agree. If they cared about their kids, they would not cheat. I am SO TIRED of people saying oh kids will get over it and everyone move on and the guy gets a new family and if they are lucky the old family gets some input from him, but usually they are forgotten. If society would make it A BAD THING for these men to abandon their families, then maybe they wouldnt DO IT so much. I am so glad im not a celebrity and my childrens pain and disgust over their father was not all over the media.

  10. KIM says:

    WHOA Man haters, let’s relax for a minute. For all we know Reese could have cheated on Ryan so does that make her a terrible mother? We don’t know why they are splitting so don’t automatically assume he cheated. Maybe they have grown apart and decided that divorcing is best for them and their children.

  11. Bex says:

    I agree with the comment that we don’t know these ppl personally, so it’s hard to judge. But I just gotta say:

    Baby Butt!! Too Cute!

  12. julie says:

    Uh oh, I just noticed that there is another julie poster. julie, I’m julie too. How shall we rectify this? I don’t want other posters to think that we’re some kind of double personality schizo.

    And Bex, I disagreed with you re Michelle Rodriguez, but I TOTALLY agree here. I love baby butt (especially the dimply ones)

    As someone that has come from a split home, may I say that there is such a thing as an awesome dad regardless of lack of monogomy. Some people aren’t suited for the married lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t offer your kids all the love and support in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support cheating, but they did get married VERY young. There are few of those that last.


    Ryan cared more about his penis than his family.

  14. Alex says:

    First of all, Kim, I’m not a man hater. Why do you need to twist what I said into a blanket opnion about an entire gender? Second, whether either one or both of them cheated (or not), I stand by my remarks about putting your children first. Whoa yourself.

  15. Misz. Kira says:

    What’s amazing is how so many of you are stating that the man’s a cheater like its a confirmed fact. Neither of the parties involved have confirmed or denied this. All this is tabloid fodder, you know the same one’s who continually say, Halle is pregnant, Demi is pregnant, Madge is divorcing……….

  16. frewtloop says:

    Why is dimply fat cute on a baby’s bottom and not on mine? THATS the burning question here!

  17. disco says:

    has to be said

    ol reese looks like a hardcore – handsful beeeeeeeeeche

    not that im supporting mf rp

    always 2 sides.

  18. gavin says:

    Sorry to say, but reese w. is not the innocent that she makes herself out to be.

    Its hard to remember back, but I do remember back to the cruel intentions days, and the crew that worked on the movie said reese seduced him (nothing wrong with that) and got him to marry her by getting preggers.

    She did it by cozying up with his mom and ryan is a momma’s boy.

    No excuse for his cheating, but I hate that we will all bash him. She is really awful and controlling. Puts on a nice smile for the public. But behind closed doors she completely emasculated him.

    He used to hang at cat and fiddle in hollywood and she would be calling every five minutes to order him home.

    Sad for all involved. Too bad they could not have worked it out. He is really not a bad guy overall. He was young, had not quite sowed his oats. Hard for all.

  19. luigi says:

    I don’t see how Ryan Phillipe is being irresponsible to his kids. If he was actually cheating I could see that would affect them badly, but there’s no confirmation on the rumour. Also, I seem to recall a few days ago that he and Reese went together to see their kid’s play. That looks to me like two responisble parents putting their troubles aside for the sake of their kids.

  20. Cyndi says:

    Please, Ryan is 4 yrs older than Reece, who was barely 21 when they married. As if he had no free-will in marrying and fathering 2 children with his wife.

    Reece should have listened 2 her parents, he’s a weak man who thinks having a wife that’s richer and more famous equates with screwing other chicks behind her back.

  21. kailie2 says:

    I don’t think that Ryan cheating was the reason why they split in the first place.. it’s so easy, clean, black and white to say “he’s a cheater therefore a bad man and a bad father, period”. Life is not that simple. They got married because Reese was pregnant and they were both very young–maybe they were not suited for each other very well? He made a valiant effort to be a good husband and a good father, always stood by her side as she collected various awards, always happy to play second banana–don’t you remember countless photos of him with the kids, taking them to school, birthday parties etc? Back then he was a perfect father and now he’s all bad because he’s trying to move on after his marriage fell apart. Maybe it is indeed mainly his fault (we really don’t know what happened), but I think that cheating in general is a symptom that something else is very wrong in the marriage-I don’t particularly like either one of them and I don’t condone cheating, but Reese strikes me as very controlling, emasculating personality. I was waiting for him to do something stupid mainly because you could tell he had no balls left in this marriage. They both tried therapy and counseling and it didn’t work. That doesn’t make him a bad father. Him having a girlfriend NOW doesn’t make him a cheater. Reese filed for divorce months ago stating that their marriage “has fallen apart irretrievably, without hope of reconciliation”.. why should he be faithful to her now?

  22. I realize my opinion is harsh about the fact Ryan cheated but I do think that when you have kids it’s important to do all you can to keep it together. Dating around is not a good way to do this. I know that there are good dads that are divorced but I think the jury is still out on Ryan P.

    Regarding the issue of him cheating, there was a report from celebitchy from 2/4 that RP was seen with a 19 year old on a date.

  23. luigi says:

    Regarding the issue of him cheating, there was a report from celebitchy from 2/4 that RP was seen with a 19 year old on a date.

    What’s that got to do with anything? It’s been three months since they split. If men who date women much younger than them are scumbags, then I guess I’m a child of a scumbag.