Angelina Jolie demands script changes to “Salt”

Angelina Jolie
In a month or so, the Brangelina brood will most likely relocate from Berlin to Los Angeles so Angelina can start principal filming on Salt, an espionage thriller she signed on to several months ago. Angelina’s casting was a minor scandal considering she replaced everybody’s favorite Xenu on a Zebra, Tom Cruise. Obviously, some necessary script changes needed be made. Angelina Jolie is good, but she can’t play a character named “Edwin Salt”. But the changes that have already been made aren’t good enough for Angelina, and someone at the studio is already leaking negative info to Britain’s Daily Mail.

After replacing Tom Cruise in a new movie, Angelina Jolie is determined to have the film made her way …or not at all. Cruise was to have played the title role in Columbia’s spy thriller Edwin A. Salt.

But negotiations broke down and Angelina, 33, was hired instead, leading to a hurried change of title to Edwina Salt. No sooner had her casting been announced than Angelina, according to a source, ordered it to be changed again, to Evelyn Salt.

Now the actress is demanding a script overhaul by top screenwriter Brian Helgeland, an Oscar winner with L.A. Confidential, who is involved in the project.

‘Angelina is determined to make sweeping changes before filming starts,’ I’m told.

‘She’s demanding the writers improve the dialogue before she sets foot on set.’

Sources say Angelina envisages Evelyn Salt as a rival to the blockbusting Bourne Identity series, starring Matt Damon.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Demanding” that a character’s name be changed from Edwina to Evelyn doesn’t seem that hardcore. Evelyn is a pretty name, and more current than Edwina. The only Edwina I’ve ever known was the character of Edwina on Absolutely Fabulous. Great, hilarious character, but not the name for an espionage thriller’s heroine. And could it be that many of the script changes are simply changing the character’s gender?

As far as trying to make Salt more like the Bourne series, it just seems like it’s in the studio’s best interests. The Bourne series was not only a huge financial win for everyone involved, but the series also re-wrote what action films could be and should be. Everybody from the producers of the James Bond movies to Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have cited the Bourne films as the best way to make a politically and entertaining “current” action film. I seriously doubt that Angelina is the only one involved in Salt who is trying to make the film more like the Bourne series in style and substance.

Angelina Jolie is shown at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button premiere on 12/8/08. Credit: PRPhotos

Angelina Jolie

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  1. Alexis says:

    This is some bad joo joo man. I smell a stinker.

  2. Kim says:

    Sorry but Angelina does not strike me as a female heroine that crowds can go watch time after time like Bourne. Even the action packed wanted made only $135 million, what makes them think that Edwina/Evelyn is going to bring in $600 million. This is a joke. Angelina is on the down. Unless the character is changed in the sequel. Charlize Theron would have been a better cast.

  3. 88modesty88 says:

    LOL, yes, Edwina is kind of a crappy name for an action heroine — just like Lara…

    I don’t think the name change (to Evelyn, I mean) was necessary, but I’m looking forward to a female Bourne!

  4. andy says:

    Angelina is one of the best out there to pull this off. I can’t wait.

  5. insidescoop says:

    I think we can all be in support of an action movie being revised to make the dialogue better. It usually seems an afterthought to the explosions, car chases and gun fights.

  6. bite me says:

    remember Ean Flux, Charlize can’t pull it off

  7. 88modesty88 says:

    I don’t think we have to shoot down Charlize to boost Angie — I like them both. And Charlize wasn’t at fault in Aeon Flux — the script was…

  8. bite me says:

    i wasn’t doing that i love charlize, never saw the movie, just the box office results

  9. Randi says:

    Brad and Angelina and the kids have been in LA since early December, Brad went back to Berlin from LA after the LA TCCBB premiere for a couple of days to complete his role, but he has been back since Dec 17th. Of course script changes were needed, and this story was in Variety and the LA paper weeks ago. Salt is to begin filming in early March in NYC I think.

  10. 88modesty88 says:

    Cool, bite me (lol @ your name)… I have to say though, I love many of the flicks that are considered bombs.
    One I can think of off the top of my head is The Long Kiss Goodnight. It sucked — box office wise — but I thought Geena Davis and Samuel L Jackson rocked that movie!

  11. Randi says:

    Also I agree as to Charlize, the script was awful and she did the best she could. She and Angelina are both great but you can only do so much with a terrible script. Charlize was also injured doing the filming. Not the most pleasant experience for her.

  12. geronimo says:

    Lol! Did she *demand* or just *ask*, kaiser?!

    Why not do whatever’s possible in advance to give the movie a fighting chance? Films really need to fight hard now for audiences so the less crap that’s allowed to get through, the better. Not too sure about the film itself, not a Bourne fan (I know they’re really good, just not my taste) so action heroes, unless they’re bringing something completely new and creative to the table, leave me kinda luke-warmish.

  13. neelyo says:

    This isn’t out of the ordinary. Stars do it all the time. I recall reading how both Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts had to have the script of STEPMOM go through their own teams of writers before filming (it didn’t help). I don’t think it’s a good idea for most actors to have that right, but they do.

  14. Kaiser says:

    Exactly, Geronimo. I read it and thought “Why all the drama? It’s a friggin’ name change.”

  15. geronimo says:

    K – completely OTT. If you examine it objectively, it’s probably all part and parcel of just trying to get the best possible credible movie from the available material. And it’s probably not just AJ either. It would be an integrity issue if someone else were involved, it’s AJ so it’s diva drama! Hey ho.

  16. dr.grrl says:

    i just hope they don’t shoot edwina in the same vomit inducing shakey cam a la bourne….. tooo much!!

    every time i watch those movies i need to take dramamine.

    i luv AJ, and think she’ll do a great job as lady spy type action mama… that’s her M.O. and she does it well (IMO)

  17. truth-SF says:

    dr.grrl: January 5th, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    i just hope they don’t shoot edwina in the same vomit inducing shakey cam a la bourne….. tooo much!!

    every time i watch those movies i need to take dramamine.

    i luv AJ, and think she’ll do a great job as lady spy type action mama… that’s her M.O. and she does it well (IMO)

    You’re right dr. grrrl, I think most of her dramas, although well acted, doesn’t do well with audiences is because ppl (especially male audiences) thinks she’s sexy, and perfer her in action movies where she kicks ass as oppose to acting all demure and passive, since she gives off that “strong, sexy, powerful woman who won’t let any man put her down” aura.

  18. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    i agree that she’s great in action roles, but didn’t she say recently (for the millionth time) that she was “taking a break” from acting to be a full time mom? or was that just for sound bite’s sake?

  19. DD says:

    I hope she bulks up this time if she’s going to play an action hero. She looked believable when she played Lara Croft, not sure if she could pull that off with the anorexic look she’s been sporting of late.

  20. keltilass says:

    She did take a break. What sand hole has your head been in? lol

    I read where she cut a lot of lines for Fox in Wanted also, simply because she didn’t believe the character would talk that much. Doesn’t seem a big deal to me. It’s not like she’s new to acting, she knows what she’s doing.

  21. kate says:

    i think the resaon the bourne movies work is because the audience is finding out everything along with the jason bourne. for those who don’t know he is an agent with amnesia who doesn’t know who he is or why people are trying to kill him. it’s a great big jigsaw puzzle and i think the movies are very smart. this one already sounds kind of dumb…will angie snap a man’s neck while wearing a corset a la “mr & mrs smith?” maybe she should bail out now!

  22. aleach says:

    i thought they were going to france to live a quiet life or something?

  23. Bina says:

    No, no, no – it’s EDINA in AbFab. Edwina sounds like a character in some E.M. Forster novel!

  24. Codzilla says:

    aleach: We can only hope.

  25. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    what break was that keltilass? did i blink or something? her words – not mine – were that she would take a break to raise her kids and stuff. i think the oldest is, what, 7? i guess i’ll go put my head back in a “sand hole” now

  26. monica says:

    i think they mean that she’s taking a break right now… i mean, we haven’t “seen” her in over two weeks.
    that’s a long time for her. in dog time, that would be like… three months already.

    will have to see how the movie does but i think from the look of things this past year, she and brad may be losing their appeal.

  27. Baholicious says:

    Dear Ms. Jolie,

    It is called acting. You play a character that someone else has created and written for. Just because you don’t like the name and don’t feel it suitable for you, remember it’s not for ‘you.’ It’s a role.

    The book character is Edwin A. Salt, so Edwina Salt makes sense. Evelyn does not make sense. You might as well have asked for Elizabeth, Eliza or Eugenia, that’s how far off the mark ‘Evelyn’ is.

    Your request for the name change is trivial and petty and driven by your own personal aesthetic. It contributes nothing and you’ve made the request because a) you’re Angelina Jolie and you can and b) you’ll probably get your way.

    Maybe if you paid more attention to your acting instead of seeing roles as extensions of your personal vanity project, you may have more credibility among people who actually appreciate cinema.


  28. debra77 says:

    All of this is such a lie.. If you are a fan then we already know about the script changes…This is not a new story. The information about Helgeland guy or someone else bring brought in is old. This happened weeks ago. If you are a JJB poster then you know the truth. The first story stated that the Studio did not like the script and felt that it could be better. They wanted the rewrite. They were hoping for a female Bourne and are excited because after Wanted they knew that Angie could pull it off. This is just an attempt to put out something negative about her before awards time.. We have never heard a story about Angelina being difficult or demanding on a movie set. On the contrary all reports I have heard and read say how prepared she is, and how professional she is. What a shame that a lie has to be printed to knock someone down. She and Brad have been MIA.. so now the lies start just before they start their Red Carpet appearances. She is a professional.. A lie will not change that truth. It is 2009 lets stop all the lies. When there is not story about Brad and/or Angie… Try not to make one up…

  29. Faye says:

    I agree with Baho, Angelina jolie great in action movies, I saw Wanted, she sucked!!! Any producer who wants their movies to do well should not cast Jolie or Pitt. They have both gone downhill and there is far too much controversy and bad feelings against the famous “DUO” Of course she can’t stay home and be a full time mother, she can’t cook, probebly dosen’t clean, she’s no good at that role either but sure likes to play the part. Why don’t you have 10 more kids and hire 20 nannies? Jolie is used to getting her way and watch out if your in it. She will change the script, steal your husband (yes you can steal someone’s husband) without even thinking twice!! Angelina Bones Holie!!! I hope she dosen’t get her way and gets FIRED and they actually find a real actress to play the part. What about the chic off the Martix, she’d be awesome, not Holie!! Please anyone but Holie!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. debra77 says:

    Oh and about her taking a break… She said that she had a movie starting in Feb or March, and would take a year off after that. She has not worked since doing Changeling. She did Wanted and Changeling back to back.. That was over a year ago…so this movie will be her only film work since then.. Yes she is a woman of her word.. She also said that she would consider a role during that break if something really special came up, or if she would have the chance to work with someone she really wanted too… Example…Clint Eastwood.

  31. CoCo says:

    The only roles I prefer Angelina in, are action roles… Ala Lara Croft.
    I think she could totally pull it off. Just my lil opinion.

  32. raven says:

    Brian Helgeland co-wrote LA Confidential, one of my all time favorite films, with Curtis Hanson. If he is involved and she has asked him to punch up the script, it will probably be very good. She works very well with other artists. You don’t hear a lot about problems because people like working with her.

    I think this has the potential to be a very entertaining film and if it turns out to have sequels, I’ll be excited. If you don’t like her work, just stay home.

  33. irl says:

    This praying mantis and her man have no acting range. they can play limited parts within a very limited range – therefore they suck.
    Totally agree with Faye above. . .. . .They have both gone downhill and there is far too much controversy and bad feelings against the famous “DUO” Of course she can’t stay home and be a full time mother, she can’t cook, probably dosen’t clean, she’s no good at that role either but sure likes to play the part. Why don’t you have or buy 10 more kids and hire 20 nannies?

    Seriously. . . ever hear of Mia Farrow? There’s a woman who did it all for the kids she adopted not the photo opps!

  34. NotBlonde says:

    Telling an Oscar-winning writer to change a script as an actor? Wtf? She’s an actress. She gets a script and performs the character. Do your JOB Angelina. And a name change? Please. You are not a writer. The writer will change the name if the studio/director/producer says so. You are, in my opinion, a shitty actress. Go do your bad acting and forget getting into the writer’s chair. She isn’t even known as an actress who knows what she’s talking about. Daniel Day Lewis could maybe change a script. Clint Eastwood could. Meryl Streep. Judi Dench. I mean shit, she’s barely had a career compared to those men and women and she’s demanding script changes?

    If the movie needs rewrites the writer will do so at the behest of the studio/director/producer. People who actually have clout in that arena.

  35. Bodhi says:

    These sounds like perfectly reasonable requests to me. Everyone knows that movies are a collaboration between many, many parties & that changes are made all the time. The Daily Mail seems massively OTT to me.

    Edit: AJ is an Oscar winning actress, lets not forget…

  36. Sickitten says:

    Baho, love your posts on here and look for them. You are wise and always see the real deal. Gotta side with Jolie here. Edwina is a horrible name and she is right for wanting to change it. Just because the original character was Edwin does not mean we need to feminize it to Edwina. Would you have said the same thing if the character’s name was Gertrude?

  37. irl says:

    Waaaaaay back in 1999 she won that Oscar – it was only cuz the other nominees were weak too.
    She won by default cuz she sucked the least outta the list.

  38. Codzilla says:

    Baho: Your letter is spot on.

  39. monica says:

    just because you win an award doesn’t mean you deserve it. AJ in particular can really only carry action films (when she is not too deathly thin and nasty to look at) and crazy characters. she wasn’t even that good in kung fu panda but it was cute.
    i agree that that year (1999) was a weak selection year but i have to say that angelina was very good in girl, interuppted playing crazy.

  40. Faye says:

    LMAO…good one Monica

  41. aleach says:

    youre right, angelina is an oscar winner…for playing basically HERSELF in a movie.
    so…ya. try again.

  42. prissa says:

    Baholicious – loved that letter!!! ;0)

  43. Bunnicula says:

    I love Brangelina threads. 😀

  44. Bodhi says:

    Try again? At what, spelling properly?

    Dislike her all ya want, but she does have an Oscar. And, again like it or not, she does have credibility in Hollywood.

    I don’t think that she is the “Greatest Actress Ever” or even anything close to it, but she has talent.

    Disclaimer: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion & the above is just one example of such. Carry on.

  45. Kelly says:

    its time for here to pay here do’s. and do a shitty blockbuster. Just deal w/ it Angelina.

  46. Kelly says:

    i mean her and her ha ha

  47. katyalia says:

    She does not have an Oscar for writing.

    Is Hegeland by that logic encouraged to jump in and do a few cameos as Salt? You know, if he thinks that Jolie does not deliver the lines as he intended them?

    Be happy for her that she made it out of the supporting actress corner to an action movie lead, but please do not confuse that with having credibility.

  48. Bodhi says:

    Did I intimate that she has an Oscar for writing? I don’t think so.

    I’m neither happy nor sad for La Jolie & I’m not confused in the slightest. I’m not a professional when it come to critiquing an actor’s career (duh) & (again) “I don’t think that she is the “Greatest Actress Ever” or even anything close to it, but she has talent.”

    Her credibility has been proven, not only by her Oscar, but by the myriad of respected directors/producers/ writers clamoring for her participation in their productions.

  49. NotBlonde says:

    Her Oscar, as everyone will tell you even people who like her, was for playing herself at the time. She was nutty as hell back when she won that.

    The only reason why people clamor to have her in their movies is because she’s guaranteed to bring a lot of publicity to the film.

    The woman is not a respected actress. She’s respected because of her charity work and her devotion to helping children around the world. And that is really admirable. But she is not, in my opinion, a very good actress.

    The thing about her is that she never manages to get past her looks to actually play a character. You never forget that you’re watching Angelina Jolie. Unlike say…Cate Blanchett. She’s gorgeous but you forget after awhile that you are watching her. Even Julia Roberts turned into Erin Brockovich. But Angelina Jolie is held back by her looks. She doesn’t even have a distinctive voice.

    Of course, all of that is merely my opinion and what I observe. I’m not a fan of hers, clearly, but I have seen movies with her in them and she’s always been a bit forgettable. I didn’t even know which character she played in Kung Fu Panda until the credits.

    But yea…in my opinion, writers are writers and actors are actors. Do your job and shut it.

  50. me says:

    I really hope Brad Pitt does not marry this woman….she is clearly disturbed. 1st marriage-mr.miller, they wed with his name written on her shirt in blood…She was very wild wild and liked to use knives in sex. She has an old bairly visable scar on her jawline..needless to say..DIVORCE, oh yes then there was the bi sexual period of her life, hmmmm THEN the
    2nd marriage- Billy bob was with long time girlfriend until, him and jolie played in a movie together and he left his girlfriend for jolie, they walked around with a vile of eachothers blood around their necks eww. oops
    again divorce, this happened after maddox was adopted, oh yes then again, this time the guy dosen’t leave his long time girlfriend, he leaves his wife.
    Does anyone know the meaning of all thoes tattos?? death in Japanese, and all sorts of crazy stuff….her own father said she has mental issue’s but at least they are talking now. as a teenager she cut herself as well, wanted to work in a funeral home, ummm something does not seem right with this woman but then again maybe it’s just me. KARMA comes around sooner or later

  51. ANONYMUS says:

    50 : you really hope….

    and you ? what do you do in your live ?

    If Brad really want you don’t f… whith your whife or husband ? what do you mean ?

  52. ANONYMUS says:

    people keep cool in 2009

    PEACE please don’t hate

  53. Baholicious says:

    Hi Sickitten: Yes, I would because the film is an adaptation of a book and Edwin A is the spy’s name. That’s why I’m saying Evelyn makes no sense. They can call her ‘Edie’ for goodness sakes if Edwina rubs her the wrong way so much.

  54. keltilass says:

    I doesn’t take pulling your head out of the sand for long. Just reading a few things other than tabloids. 😉 I was joking with you, sorry you didn’t get it.

    debra77 explained it quite well.

    Oh and before anyone jumps on her for KFP, that job took her all of one week.

    The only thing I’ve seen her really busy with since becoming pregnant with the twins is her required promotions and her charity work.

    People will find fault when they wish to find fault, based in fact or not.

  55. gia says:

    i just think she is a horrible actress. i dont care about her personal life, its not like she is kicking puppies on her off time…
    i care about her skills as an entertainer & they are seriously overrated. the camera loves her looks, thats about it.

  56. Jenna says:

    So Angelina, in real life, would push an already mentally disturbed person over the edge and force them to commit suicide? Just by egging them on?

    Wow, points for her.

  57. MissAce says:

    she does not cease to repulse me. her acting is horrid and looks twice her age.

  58. Katya says:

    WOW! how is this newsworthy? Every actor worth their salt [no pun intended] is going to make sure a film they work on has a tight script. Angelina is a superb actor and a consummate professional. That is why Amy Pascal said she had been begging AJ to work with SONY ‘for years.’ AJ’s manager probably gets 30 unsolicited scripts a week. Angelina was never known to care about scripts much and that is why she had some clunkers, but Brad is around now and he is just the opposite. All great actors know a script is key. LOL!!! Anyone who thinks Angelina or Brad is “going down” needs a new brain.

    BTW: Charlize Theron may be a good actor but she is not fun to work with.

  59. monica says:

    nice to know my comment about AJ admitting in a video to hurting animals did not get posted. she said it, not me…geeze.

  60. Codzilla says:

    monica: Can you try and post that comment, again? You’ve peaked my curiosity.

  61. Celebitchy says:

    re: the supposed Angelina Jolie admitting to hurting animals video
    Have any of you people who cite this video actually seen it? She says that she fed a rabbit the wrong kind of lettuce and that it died, and that she wasn’t aware that there were certain types of lettuces that can kill rabbits and she felt bad about it. Yes, it was hard to sit through because the video was boring, but it was in no way sensational. There was a super stoned woman talking forever and Angelina was agreeing with her and being chatty. The part about the hurting animals was Angelina saying she accidentally killed a rabbit with the wrong kind of lettuce. How is that abusing animals? You are repeating secondhand information you have no idea about.

    -edit- here is a link the video if you want to see it. I am not sitting through the entire thing again. Now that I re-read the Sun’s account, it was more about how their pets had died or something. It wasn’t really an “abusing animals” discussion.

  62. vdantev says:

    Suck it haters, she’s a thousand times more fab than your 9 to 5, soccer mom, Rice Crispy squares, PTA, Friday nights watching ABC, Corona-guzzling, repeat the next week, pitiful existences ever will be.

  63. monica says:

    you know…the quote started out as a joke to gi who said something about it’s not like AJ is out killing puppies or something and i said but there is a video out the to something of that effect.
    i guess some one found it offensive even though, hello, we all are on the internet and you could just as easily google it.
    this is from gawker. com
    She’s worse than Paris Hilton, who got in trouble for neglecting her many chihuahuas—and worst of all, young Jolie, filmed rambling on in what the Sun calls a “drug den,” thinks her forgetfulness is really cute, grinning sheepishly as she recounts the pets she’s killed over the years: “I had a dog and I ended up beating him, and he got sick and… I’ve hurt so many—I am just not a good animal person… I had a rabbit that died, too… a cage fell on him…”
    …there is a video too.
    the beating the dog thing is sick.

  64. Codzilla says:

    dante: Why the hell do you get so goddamn nasty about AJ? So what if some of us don’t find her as “fab” as you do? Back the f*ck off.

    monica: If she truly said that, then she’s a cow.

  65. aleach says:

    hahah codzilla i love you.

  66. monica says:

    codzilla…she must be a cow then. all you have to do is google it and it will pop up.
    i may be rehashing second hand information but at least my information is corrent and straight from the “cow’s” mouth herself.
    it’s a good thing there are other gossip sites/ news sources to back up statements with.
    a lot of people are excusing her behavior because she was “young” but this is the first sign of a socio and mental problem.
    we all kknow the AJ love her is ridiculous but sorry to burst your bubble…she has issues.

  67. monica says:

    p.s. … the vidoe posted by celebitchy is not the only video of this incident out there.
    another one goes in to details.

  68. aleach says:

    bodhi said “Try again? At what, spelling properly?”

    chill with that already, will you guys? you get what i was saying, dude. no need to correct everyone’s spelling & grammer. we’re on a GOSSIP site.
    i get annoyed by that shit too, but just

  69. vdantev says:

    dante: Why the hell do you get so goddamn nasty about AJ?

    My questions back to you would be: 1. What did I say that was so nasty ? All I did was list activities in some people’s lives. 2. Did I hit a nerve? 3. Why do you follow her exploits so much if you can’t stand her?

  70. Judy says:

    Her looks are bad?? Go look in your own mirror lol It is always the over weight hags that cut down Aj looks LOL

  71. Codzilla says:

    Dante, if you honestly can’t see the nastiness in your initial post, then there’s no hope. And as none of the activities you listed apply to me, the only nerve you hit was the one that thinks brutally insulting a bunch of people you don’t know anything about is incredibly rude, at the very least. Also, if clicking on the occasional AJ-related story qualifies as “following her exploits,” then I do it to see the commenters hit back and forth in froth-oozing-from-mouth fashion. And at times, make a comment of my own. Because really, without the dissenters, these AJ lovefests would be so painfully dull.

  72. RAN says:

    Sure Judy, and you know that… how?

    Edit – Dante, I have to agree with Codzilla. You were ALL over Oprah and her charitable efforts (although miniscule compared to her wealth), but let anyone mention something negative about AJ and we hear ‘suck it haters’ (insert eye roll here). I normally don’t challenge you because, for the most part, your comments amuse me, but this is an obvious double standard.

  73. Bodhi says:

    Damn, Aleach, that was days ago. I felt like shit & was crabby about it. But I got over it. I don’t hold grudges, especially when it comes to idiotic internet arguments

  74. NotBlonde says:

    I don’t know about some people, but I’d rather have a 9-5, have children who play soccer with other children, make Rice Crispy treats with said children, belong to the PTA helping my children’s school, watch Friday night shows with my children and perhaps enjoy a Cerveza every now and then (although what that has to do with a soccer mom is beyond me)…than have to have security following me around, lead a rootless existence, never have any privacy and not give my (future) children some stability and a reliable schedule.

    Some people do not want to be celebrities.

  75. RAN says:

    Dante said on the Madonna/Lourdes thread:

    “Almost as classy and mature as rising to the defense of a total stranger who couldn’t pick you out of a line up if you were on fire. It’s gossip, not Action News at 5. Deal with it.”

    Dante, this was the quote I was looking for earlier, but I also ran across the Oprah thing. Just wanted to clarify my point. You’ll criticize others on one thread for defending a 12 year old child, but on this (and other AJ/BP)thread(s), you become that 12 year old child.

    Ease up dude – you’re hilarious without the stupid stuff.

  76. aleach says:

    bodhi- hey girl (or guy??) i just saw that comment today. i didnt look at when it was written. but no hard feelings at all. im not trying to have a petty argument. i just think the constant grammer-police are a little much, thats all.
    still bff?? haha..joking…not meant to be creepy lol

  77. leelee says:

    I have all faith in Angelina. Just look at Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Tomb Raiders. She can kick butt and look sexy at the same time in movies. I think she could pull off a Bourne type movie. I love all three. I would love to see her in one.

    You would think that with all the background she has the execs and writers wouldnt mind making changes here and there. Its not like she is rewriting the whole script. Obviously if she even took the role the movie was worth doing. The fact that they replaced a male role with a female is amusing. Especially since it was Tom Cruise who did the Mission Impossible movies.

    It says a lot to take a movie mean for a male lead and want to change it for a female. They must have faith in her.

  78. Codzilla says:

    Thanks, RAN. (I’d make a smiley face, but it’ll send me to mod limbo.)

    NotBlonde: Excellent point. I agree in full.

  79. Oh Yeah says:

    For those haters saying Angelina Jolie is on the down maybe you haven’t read the this:
    Annual survey by Quigley Publishing Co.
    snce 1932 has asked movie exhibitors to vote on the 10 stars who brought in the most business.
    1. Will Smith
    2.Robert Downey, Jr.
    3.Christian Bale
    4. Shia LaBeouf
    5.Harrison Ford
    6.Adam Sandler
    7. Reese Witherspoon
    8. George Clooney
    9. Angelina Jolie
    10. Daniel Craig

    So please stop posting LIES.

  80. Bodhi says:

    Aleach~ No worries. And I’m a girl 🙂

  81. mindy says:

    there she goes again, demanding like a spoiled rotten b****….

  82. Gear says:

    In an attempt to be bourne again Hollywood is again looking at yesterday and walking backwards into another expensive production flop. Original, not hardly. Edwina Salt, how about Polly Pepper Bourne Again. Ahhh Ahhhh Ahhh Chew.

  83. vdantev says:

    I normally don’t challenge you because, for the most part, your comments amuse me, but this is an obvious double standard.

    Which just shows I don’t bother to pay attention to what I post half the time, because this is all just internet junk food anyway.

  84. jenho fans still bitter over a divorce that is not even their own.

  85. i wish jenho anuston wuould just go away

  86. Megan says:

    I’m SO sick of seeing this talentless person’s face on every other movie billboard. ENOUGH already! Please go and take care of your children and be a MOTHER.