Miley Cyrus’ new singles with & Snoop Lion: awful or not too bad?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been busy posting Twitter pics to her heart’s content in recent days even though she swore up and down that her account was only about the music now. You might notice in the above photo that Miley (who is kissing her hairdresser and not wearing her engagment ring, but whatever) is wearing a pair of tiny shorts that don’t even come close to covering her booty. Sure enough, the Mail has photos of Miley shopping while wearing these shorts, and her butt cheeks are totally hanging out for all to see. I get that Miley lets her booty do the talking as a means of attention, but this is just unsanitary and gross. Cover up the cheeks, Miley.

But enough of that — let’s get back to the music too, so to speak. Miley has just recently participated in some musical collaborations that are geared towards changing her image and getting people pumped up for her upcoming album. It’s not a bad idea, really. A few years ago when she tried to abruptly act sexy for her Can’t Be Tamed tour, everyone laughed at her obviousness in trying to break free from the Disney shackles, so easing into an adult image by teaming up with other artists is a pretty smart tactic. Also, Miley doesn’t possess a very strong or versatile singing voice, so riding on others’ coattails might help push her along a bit. The tactic has certainly helped Justin Timberlake, who managed to put out a ridiculously mundane new single (“Suit & Tie”) and album, but since he’s touring with Jay-Z, everything will turn out great for him in terms of dollars. In that same spirit, Miley has just been featured in’s new single, “Fall Down,” and here’s an audio-only clip of the song:

It’s not that great, right? Miley sounds completly autotuned, and her lyrics are pretty dumb: “Boy you’re like an elevator ’cause you always pick me up / boy you’re like my doctor when I’m sick you always stitch me up / You could be my DJ I’m your record come and mix me up / boy just be my lollipop lemme lemme lick you up.” Still, this is the same kind of mindless crap that will end up on Top 40 lists and play on repeat at my gym for months.

In addition to the above example of mediocrity, Miley has also recorded a single (it’s a few weeks old by now) called “Ashtrays & Heartbreaks” (which as a song title reminds me a whole lot of Tissues & Issues, Charlotte Church’s ill-fated attempt to establish herself as an adult pop star in the UK) with Snoop Dogg/Lion, and it’s … not very good at all. Give it a listen if you so dare.

Oh, and one more thing. Miley tweeted this photo that came from a new “Family Guy” episode, and apparently Stewie Griffin is using Liam Hemsworth’s photo for his passport. Nice touch, and I guess this means that Liam and Miley are still banging even though they probably postponed their wedding. Good for her, I guess.

Liam Hemsworth

More Miley Twitpics:

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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26 Responses to “Miley Cyrus’ new singles with & Snoop Lion: awful or not too bad?”

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  1. AmandaPanda says:

    the one is crying out for a remix – if they can find someone big to do that it’ll be fine

    the other one – massive meh. but snoop has struggled to make anything commercial for awhile now (bar the katy perry hook up, which was more about her than him)

  2. ds says:

    Snoop’s less horrible then that other one… I feel so old now ’cause I can’t understand why on Earth anyone would listen to a song like the one by

    • yoon says:

      Eh, I don’t think it’s an age thing. I think it’s a taste thing. I never liked Will.I.Am, even when I was in my teens. He’s just useless.

  3. Becky says:

    Wow, Miley’s singing voice is just like her talking voice. I really wanted to like it, but it’s terrible on all levels, though I’m tone death and not too eclectic when it comes too music….

    • Hakura says:

      This is not a ‘boast’ on my part, but I was told I have ‘perfect pitch’.

      I can assure you that it is horrible.

      • Jenna says:

        Another with perfect pitch here – in my case, it’s handy when I need to get instruments tuned in a hurry and don’t need a tuner (other then myself) but it ALSO means I never ever ever sing in front of people (alone in my car/shower/kitchen cleaning? Yes. In front of anyone other then the cats? Not a chance. I’m pretty sure it would violate several laws as well as ethical no-nos towards people who can’t get away in a hurry) because I know where the note is and know I’m not hitting it right.

        Shame Miley doesn’t have that same genetic twist because… wow. That’s. That’s…. I’m going to just go with painful as the kindest possible option. It’s performers like her that make me wish I could turn OFF the perfect pitch thing because listening to this auto-tuned near MONO-tuned mess is giving me a headache. Back to instrumental music for the rest of my day!

      • Hakura says:

        @Jenna – Omg, IKR?! I’m the same way. My singing voice isn’t too bad, I just never really sing, so you kinda lose what you had until you practice again.

        Live performances/recordings are always un-enjoyable because like you said, you catch every last little freakin’ twang & flat note, leaving you wincing & wondering how the hell everyone around you somehow didn’t *hear-that-bc-it-was-SO-OBVIOUS*. xD Nice to know I’m not alone in the blessing thats more like a curse x3

      • Jenna says:


        How weird but totally lovely to start my Monday knowing there is another person out there who winces along with me at concerts. (I have a lot of older friends who are ahead of me in the spawnage game and, when a recital of said offspring threatens to force me to attend, I finally found the perfect way out… I now always – and in front of the child in question so they can’t refuse – say that I’ll go get the icecream and pizza to celebrate the performance… and ‘sadly’ have to miss the actual event while I procure the goodies. It was either that or risk bursting into either painfilled tears or hysterical giggles when their wunderkind performed!) It’s handy enough at times but more often then not I just wish I could bang it off.

        A few years ago Katy Perry came to the Akron Ohio area and performed acapella a few of her songs on the radio… I dang near drove my car off the road when she started singing.

        Anymore, I tend to keep headphones on when I’m out an about and either listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or instrumental music. Causes far fewer migraines.

      • Beatriz says:

        I have a question: In your opinion, does Rihanna sing worse or better than Miley? This has nothing to do with the subject, it’s just that I’ve always found Rihanna singing ability terrible (and because I’m a nosy f*** xd). I don’t have a single musical body in my bone, so I’m curious.

    • Hakura says:

      @Beatriz – I’m stumped on that one. I can’t tell if saying Rihanna is better because she *is*, or if she just seems to be because Miley’s high pitched nasal voice grates on my eardrums no matter what note she’s on. x_x

      @Jenna – Yeah! I usually keep it to myself not wanting to sound like a bragging idiot. You’re totally right it can be a blessing or a curse, & it’s great to know you’re not alone in it. :)

      LOL, that’s the ultimate wince-inducer. You know just by being there that your ears (& mind) are about to be assaulted. Great fun when they drop an instrument or knock something over. BANG-CLASH-FLAT NOTE-HEAD EXPLODES. That’s a great way to avoid performances w/o hurting feelings. I know parents are proud, so always want to showcase how amazing their child is… But it can get carried way when you end up pressured to do something you don’t want to in order for them to do that.

      A little surprised KP is that awful. I knew she screwed up sometimes, but have never heard her sing live or w/o editing.

      • Jenna says:

        @Beatriz – while it’s all a personal preference thing in the end and completely subjective… as much as it pains me to say it, I think Miley might actually be a better singer. (But Rhianna is on my running playlist because her team picks better – to me – music choices.) Well, before she screwed her voice with smoking so much anyway. When she doesn’t strain and attempt to prove how much of ‘liberated sex fiend’ she is, she CAN find a note. Rhi – take all the fillers and background stuff out? No. Just… no. Her voice is shockingly thin. Miley, if you stripped everything, got rid of her overwhelming need to ditch the Disney princess world by going ‘bad’, does have some basic skill that could go somewhere interesting. Don’t see that happening though.

        @Hakura – yeah, I was shocked about KP. I ~thought~ I had a pretty good grasp of what folks sound like outside of all the computer processing but I was completely shocked at how truly terrible her voice was that day. Pitchy as can be, breaking, bad breath control (I play predominantly wind instruments and my husband, before becoming a computer programer actually was formally trained in Music Education with a minor in Voice, mostly Opera. So I’m a bit of a nutter on proper breath control.) and she did that awful hesitation filled search for the note where you can tell she knows she isn’t there, tries to wobble between the two, but ultimately gives up and decides she’ll just split the difference and sing ~between~ the notes hitting nothing. Hell. And it was playing through my car system by way of my iPod hooked in, so I couldn’t get it to turn off OR down. I think it’s one of the reasons she goes SO bubble-gum computer trick with her music. People expect special effects and tricks with that – so it isn’t weird or seem out of place. Makes me sad oddly, like she suddenly realized she isn’t all that great of a voice so she better figure out how to dazzle with the rest.

  4. Amelia says:

    The song will probably do alright in the clubs once it’s been remixed into oblivion as Amanda said. But I seriously could barely recognise that as Miley’s voice.
    I don’t know whether her voice is so weak that they felt the need to completely warp the hell out of it, or if it’s an ironic hipster thing.
    *hipster eye roll*
    “Oh my Gawd, you just- you just don’t *get* it, it’s about how we’re all losing our voice, like, we’re losing our *identity* amongst all the capitalism junk that, like, everyone buys into.
    Buy organic. Peace out.”
    Hipster rant for the day – done.

  5. binbin says:

    I spent the first half of the song waiting for miley to start singing…. I thought it was all,
    I dont remember her voice being that deep

  6. Dee Cee says:

    They totally stole ‘disgusting concept song..’ in a dulled down.. draggy dull version from Paris Hilton’s Stars are blind.. or PARIS HILTON IN JAIL (Stars Are Blind Parody) – YouTube and I suppose she might sue, and she still misses her chihuahua ..

  7. Pixie says:

    I listened to both the songs…and they’re not the worst i’ve ever heard but they’re definately not the best! i’m not sure who miley’s trying to be/who she’s trying to prove something to but it’s getting kind of embarrassing now. these songs sound nothing like her!

  8. kt says:

    I liked her back porch session songs. She sounded a lot better, I really enjoyed Jolene.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Her voice is so twangy! It sounds ok in country music, but in pop (or Billy Idol covers) it just sounds awful. Makes my shoulders creep up to protect my ears.

  9. Hakura says:

    While my previous complete disdain for her has softened over the years, I’m sorry. But the girl just gets on my nerves. Especially her voice.

    You only have to listen to the WILL-I-AM song for like, 45 secs before you’ve heard the entire song. The 2nd one? Just, no.

  10. kim says:

    Song sucks and I’m starting to think does too. Ok I’ve thought that for a while. Can’t decide which is more dumb: this song or suit n tie?

  11. Migdalia says:

    Miley Cyrus did not take a page out of Rihanna and Britney Spears’ book about transitioning into being an older mainstream popstar. They don’t try to be anything other than a performer. Britney is notoriously autotuned, but she makes up for that with her choreography. Miley is too much of a try hard and her voice is terribly out of shape. She should have been working as hard on her voice and dialect as her body :-/

    • Hakura says:

      For me, a lot of my dislike (& other’s, I’m sure) is caused by this ‘sudden persona change’ out of nowhere. It always says this to me: “I’m way cooler than you. Aren’t you jealous how sexy & wild/adventurous I am? No? Well, your boyfriend does, he told me last night >=) ”

      Which… is enough to annoy anyone, really.

  12. Psyren says:

    Miley’s voice grates on my nerves but I’ll admit my head was nodding on the Will-I-Am song. The beat’s good, if completely generic, and it’ll probably do well in the clubs.

    The second one is actually pretty good. Would’ve been better without Miley and that voice. Do your thing Snoop Lion.

  13. Agnes says:

    I’d totally listen to the first one at the gym. The other one – meh.

  14. Appleve says:

    The was so so.
    The second was headache

  15. Jules says:

    Both songs…big old BLECH!!. Damn, where are the great female singer/songwriters these days???. Joni Mitchell, Chrissy Hynde, Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, etc.,. Also, I think Miley should read Chrissy Hyndes advice to chick rockers…especially the “don’t try to look fuckable…You’re in a rock band it’s not fuck me…it’s fuck you”. Okay, I know Cyrus isn’t in a rock band , but still, if she’s really serious and all “about the music” then prove it.

  16. Kate says:

    Miley cant sing. That Divas appearance where she sang the Billy Idol track was excruciating. NEXT!