Robert Pattinson’s Dior ads are so hot, Twihard panties will literally catch fire

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were photographed separately over the weekend! OH NO. That must mean that they’re breaking up!!! Twihards, pay attention! Only your sparkle-covered prayers can reunite them! Yeah. Kristen was photographed in LA, driving her mom’s Toyota pickup truck, presumably running errands or something. Rob was spotted at LAX yesterday, carrying his own bag and looking pretty scruffy. He’s either going to film Mission Blacklist or Queen of the Desert. I don’t know? He just wrapped on The Rover a few weeks ago, right? So he spent several weeks in LA, reconnecting with his Trampire and now he’s leaving her again. Hope she doesn’t get bored. Maybe that’s why she’s driving the truck? More room to spread out if you want to bang a married director on the flat-bed.

Meanwhile, have you heard all of these idiotic stories about how “hot” Rob’s new Dior ads are going to be? All of the tabloids keep playing it like Rob and a bevy of hot models are basically having an intense orgy in a commercial, and that Kristen is really upset about it. Does anyone believe any part of that? A source told The Mirror:

“Rob has had to explain he was in an extremely difficult position when the advert was shot and that he didn’t mean to go as far as he did. But Kristen said she didn’t blame him after what happened. She said she would have done the same thing considering what she did behind his back. Kristen’s yet to see the advert’s final cut, but she’s been prepped by Rob ahead of its release.”

“It’s going to be the biggest and most talked about advert of the year – especially with all the Twihards clambering over each other to see the finished result. The advert is sexually charged. Robert is topless for part of it and kissing the model with tongues. He looks very much into the girl he stars alongside. Rob and the model are in a swimming pool making out and he’s seen giving her a blow-back with a cigarette at one stage, too. The advert was shot when news of Kristen’s affair was released and Rob agreed to sex things up. There are scenes where Rob is chasing the model around town wearing a mixture of Dior jackets, shirts and suits – and there’s clearly a lot of chemistry between them. There’s also one scene where R-Patz takes part in a foursome and writhes around in bed with three models in various states of undress. But nobody is sure whether this will make the final cut. It’s a no-holds-barred advert and very sexy for a fashion house like Dior.

“Kristen will be livid when she sees the advert. Dior are thrilled with it however because they know how controversial it’s going to be. It’s the talk of the fashion world right now and has been one of the most eagerly awaited adverts for years.”

[via The Mirror]

Yeah. I guess the Dior people are putting that out, hoping that a bunch of teenage Twihards are going to get all hot and bothered at the thought of shirtless Rob in bed with a bunch of models? While I think Rob is pretty and he seems like a sweet guy, he has the sex appeal of a turnip. I would imagine the Dior commercials will TRY to make him seem like a sex God, but I have significant doubts as to whether he’ll be able to pull it off.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. aims says:

    I’m officially done with Robert. I can’t pretend love someone who doesn’t have any self respect. So, sadly I’m walking away from this one.

    It’s been real Rob.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, I wish him the best and I think he’s truly a good guy, but the way he let himself be treated by Kristen all these years, plus still being with her after everything she did is very disappointing to me. And a huge turn off. Women get called out all the time for having low self-esteem and not “respecting themselves” but as Rob shows us, men are very capable of that as well. And it’s sad to see. You deserve better, you are better than this, you’re too good for her.
      But… He needs to realize that on his own. So I’ll move on to actors with much more exciting careers and movies that actually come to my theater and get great reviews and date awesome women, than support someone with an awful bratty girlfriend and a string of indies that nobody sees/will remember/likes.


      • aims says:

        I feel the same way. I do believe he’s a good guy, truly. But, the fact that he can be disrespected in such a public way, and seems to be ok with it is a problem for me. It’s not just him, but anyone who has been treated badly in a relationship and stays with it, is hard for me to take. Because I believe nobody should ever have to deal with disrespect, abuse or any bad treatment in a relationship, ever.

      • Claire says:

        You sound so bitter Annie. I think Rob has a very promising career ahead. He obviously has a plan. Working with great people on small independent movies, in order to hone his craft and get some critical acclaim. Whatever you want to say about Cosmopolis, it got him great reviews for his performance. I’m interested to know who these talented male actors are, you are now going to follow? I’ll stick with Rob thanks. His personal life is a mess, but there aren’t many in Hollywood that aren’t. He’s gorgeous, has a great personality and wit, down to earth and apparently has a great deal of humility. I’d take that over some of the other cookie cutters any day. Your loss.

      • Anname says:

        +1 Claire. Annie has been saying she is done with Rob for months now. It amuses me because I get flack for my 2-3 positive comments on Rob, but posters like Annie’s and other’s multiple comments are perfectly acceptable.

      • Annie says:

        Just because I liked someone once doesn’t mean I still have to be obsessed with them five years later, especially when the most exciting thing to ever happen to them was being publicly cheated on. His career is BORING and so is he.

        Robert Pattinson doesn’t have the status or credibility his fans think he has. And Cosmopolis? Nobody cared about that movie. How much money did it make at the box office? And good reviews? What’s its status on Rotten Tomatoes again?

        I mean at least his career is not in the gutter with Kristen’s. He IS employed afterall. But there’s more exciting careers to watch from guys that are really having note worthy movies and consistent, solid performances. He takes what he can but that does not mean this is the best he can do. Fans still like to pretend Bel Ami didn’t happen. How quickly did they get over Water for elephants and Remember Me?

        Rob is in the league of Zac Efron with shitty movies that get less than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes and 18 dollars in the box office, with a few critics saying maybe he’s not so bad but not being truly blown away. Those are not good reviews. The big boys are out there snatching the potentially award winning projects and/or box office gems, acting next to actual A-listers, making people pay attention. And these guys are Robert’s age or close. Look at Eddie Redmayne starring in Oscar nominated movies every year. Every year.

        Kristen Stewart aside, Robert Pattinson has not delivered good material for me to consider myself a fan. I’ve lost interest and I truly don’t think he can do better. He’ll be forgotten before he’s 30. 5 years and waiting for one good movie. Just one. He’s incapable. I can name at least 5 good movies Andrew Garfield has made in a shorter period.

        Sorry guys, but it’s time to wake up. He won the lottery with Twilight but he’s nothing special.

    • jamie says:

      I threw in the towel back in October. This just isn’t the guy I found so entertaining in back in 2008. We used to be able to go weeks/months without him being papped. Now it’s every other day. He used to hang out with a group of low-key friends he’d known forever. Now he tags along with his cheating girlfriends and all her desperate wannabe actress friends. Sad.

    • Jan says:

      Can’t you people get off Rob’s back. His choice of girlfriends is not our business, so why do you even talk about it. I think Rob is very sexy in his love scenes and this ad will be no exception. He looks vry good on camera and oozes sex appeal when he is acting. Rob is a good guy, say nice things about him for he deserves it. It’s not just teenage girls that like him. He has millions of fans of all ages.

      • jamie says:

        He’s a celebrity, so how he chooses to package and sell himself is relevant to his career. And right now, he’s selling himself as someone who looks unattractive, has no backbone, is desperate to take part in as many photo ops as possible, and who has no problem with his girlfriend cheating on him and then parading around with her non-stop. If you want to pretend none of that matters and no one cares, fine. But right now, the average person on the street knows 2 things about RPattz: he’s in Twilight, he stayed with a girl who publicly humiliated him. That’s not a good place for a “hot” 27-year old actor to be.

      • aims says:

        Yes he does ooze sex appeal. Yes he’s a cool guy, all valid and reasons why I like him so much. However, as I’ve stated above, as much as I dig him. I simply cannot stand or tolerate crappy treatment. So he is an adult, and he can certainly date whomever he wants. I on the other hand, don’t have to support his decision, and won’t be paying to see his movies. And that a tough decision for me, because I am so fond of him.

    • trish says:

      oh jesus christo, you sound like a spurned lover. Don’t project your issues onto him about not having self respect. Maybe he doesn’t, maybe he does, I have no idea. But this sort of fan attitude where you think you know what’s better for a stranger than he does says a hell of more about you than it does about him.

    • A says:

      Me too. I like my men with man cards.

      I also can’t with boys who have to spray on their abs.

      • c'est la vie says:

        I think the sparkly dazzler has lost his “sparkle”.
        I wonder if he’s looking for that and to get his man card back. So not happening.

        He got extremely lucky with Twilight. That’s it.

    • Claire says:

      @Annie I apologise, but I couldn’t bring myself to read your comment it was so long! You are very much entitled to your own opinion, but I will say you are wrong about two things. Rob isn’t on par with Efron, he’s doing much more interesting work, there just is no comparison there.. Cosmopolis was fresh on RT, but I think you know that (63% if I’m not mistaken). It’s still early days for Rob, he’s choosing interesting and varied roles. I work for a very well known film mag, he’s impressed quite a few of my colleagues and that’s no mean feat. If he can do that, he can win more critics and male movie goers around. This is what he needs to concentrate on at the moment. Fan girls are fickle, as you yourself have demonstrated, he’s trying for a broader fan base. I hope he succeeds.

      • shelly says:

        “Fan girls are fickle, as you yourself have demonstrated. ”

        Yes, fickle indeed. Well said, Claire.

        He said he would be happy with just 1% of the Twilight fanbase following his career. Obviously some so called “fans” fall off if he doesn’t go for the obvious roles or doesn’t do what they want him to do in his personal life. He is probably sighing with relief that some crazies are losing interest in him now ;)

    • Ally8 says:

      @Annie, also “Bel Ami” could have been great (a supposed heartthrob in a period-piece social climbing romance) and he made it suck. Barely a blip on the box office.

    • Janet says:

      He’s a nice guy with a pretty face. Period.

  2. Jules says:

    He’s totally unattractive. Yuk.

    • erika says:

      he is but looks a hell lot better w/ buzzed hair…sadly he kind of reminds me of travis alexander in those pics…the jodi arias victim….

    • T.C. says:

      I have never got what is appealing about him. Nice guy but unattractive with those creepy carpet thick eyebrows, bent nose, bug eyes, flat face and big hips. I think the Twihards bought hard into Summit’s brainwashing that Robert Pattinson is the best looking man in the world for Twilight.

  3. T.Fanty says:

    “The sexual appeal of a turnip” is officially my favourite line of the day.

  4. Loop says:

    This cuckold is not sexy at all.

  5. Annie says:

    Lol and in real life he has a neckbeard and picks his daily clothes from the dirty laundry pile.

    I wonder what Kristen feels that she has nothing on her plate. Not now, not in the horizon. Use this time to go to college, girl! You need a more sophisticated vocabulary because the cussing in every sentence you utter is tacky.

  6. LoL says:

    Pretty? I don’t see it.

  7. Jocelyn says:

    He is not sexy at all. He isn’t even attractive.

    The only time I thought he was good looking was in Twilight.

  8. MojoRising says:

    Rob HAD sex appeal, but KStench put it in her bong and smoked it.

    • Annie says:

      Yes!!! I remember how hot he looked right before Twilight came out and on his first visit to Cannes. And then when they broke up and he promoted Cosmopolis. Wow… Best he’s ever looked. Perfect hair, skin, tan, clothes.

      Then as soon as he’s back together with her there’s the neck beard again, the homeless clothes and the general air of misery.

      You reflect on the outside how you feel on the inside!

  9. Tig says:

    Fav line for me is lie flat in the flat bed, or words to that effect.

    IMO- there are no ads- this gossip has been circulating for a while. Disagreed w/ the lack of sex appeal tho- cleaned up in a suit he is very sexy. Again, different strokes for different folks- have a great Mon!!

  10. OhDear says:

    Sigh. I get that he needs to make $$ and that Dior needs to get something out of the deal, but people need to stop trying to make Pattinson happen. Particularly since he whines about being famous (though to be fair to him, his fans can be cray cray).

    • Lou says:

      Make Pattinson happen? Okay then, he has something like four movies lined up with acclaimed directors, a Dior deal about to launch. Why do people on here, think that because his girlfriend cheated on him and he took her back, he’s a worthless idiot? He has a lot of fans who happen to think he’s pretty hot. They aren’t all Twihards, I hate Twilight, but I think Rob is gorgeous. He dresses down and is pretty scruffy at times, but put him in a suit or style him for a photoshoot and there isn’t anyone better IMO. I happen to find him very sexy. Oh and Fassbender has a neck beard too, but I guess he’s exempt!

      • OhDear says:

        Since when have I mentioned Stewart in any of this?

        His people are trying to push him as some big star lead actor-type. He’s probably a decent guy and all, but (1) he doesn’t seem to have what it takes for those roles and (2) more importantly, he doesn’t seem to WANT to be a big star.

      • Annie says:

        To be honest, all Rpattz fans are a bit too obsessed and deluded when it comes to his looks, talent and status. It’s not limited to the Twihards, who by now have moved on to other things and were always about Twilight anyway. Robert’s fans are incredibly deluded. I know his own fanbase well and I know they see him like an A-lister with an Oscar nomination in the horizon and with the most exciting career in young Hollywood, but his career is nowhere near as impressive as Andrew Garfield’s, Joseph Gordon Levit’s, Shia Labeouf’s, Eddie Redmayne’s, Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Gosling’s, etc. He’s more at a Zac Efron, Max Irons, kind of level. So no, he’s not really going to happen, as in, being a highly respected A-list actor. And especially not as long as his non-Twilight movies continue to bomb at the box office. He really has not proven himself.

        I saw Cosmopolis and he seriously looked like he didn’t understand his lines. Then I read an interview, and yes, in fact, he didn’t get the script. He keeps doing this “intense acting” face that he does in Twilight too, like he’s sniffing dog shit and that’s his angry face. That is some Tom Felton school of acting right there. It’s just… Not at the same level like some of his more successful peers.

      • jamie says:

        @annie I mostly agree with you. His fans don’t have any real sense of what’s going on with the rest of young Hollywood and how he’s really NOT A-list or as sought after as guys like JGL or Channing Tatum. But I still think he’s getting opportunities that go beyond the Max Irons/Efron level. For better or worse, he’s still working with Cronenberg, Herzog, Michod…these are REALLY sought after directors. And I do think he was really good in Cosmopolis. I’m not really a fan anymore because his life is so embarrassing and depressing, but I’ll admit that I’m curious to see how some of his future projects turn out.

      • TinyPixie says:

        I think he’s about on Efron’s level. Zac gets a lot of work but nobody really pays attention. He’s not good, but he’s been able to work with some high level people.

        Same with Pattinson. Michod is a one time director so the jury is still out on him. Cronenberg hasn’t made a good film since A History of Violence. A Dangerous Method and Cosmopolis were both awful.

        Some of the other stuff he has lined up: Mission: Blacklist sounds like straight to video and I CERTAINLY don’t think Sparkles has it in him to play T.E. Lawrence so if he were smart he’d drop out of that.

        Otherwise most of this stuff is strictly B-list and not very appealing.

        But his fans continue to delude themselves that he’s a great actor and his resume is just filled with A-list Oscar caliber stuff. Ryan Gosling he is not.

      • kay says:

        Funny, I remember when Joseph Gordon Levitt was just a teen actor from a tv sitcom call Third Rock. It was a series of critically acclaimed indies that got JGL the roles he has today. Same with Channing Tatum and the B movie Step Up now he is a big time star. Robert just got out of a silly teen movie. These indies are a good step in the right direction. James Franco changed from a teen hearttrob to a serious actor with 127 hours. The same could happen for Robert.

        Garfield is going to be seriously typecasted with the role of Spiderman. Same for Christopher Reeve no matter what he did after Superman. He was always Superman.

      • Chrissy says:

        Andrew Garfield is able to more than hold his own on broadway against Phillip Seymoore Hoffman (death of a salesman) and has already been nominated for a golden globe. Won theatre stage awards. He is a quality actor that will have a long career even if he fades from a Hollywood because he has the skills to go on stage.. As for JGL he was never as closely associated with one thing as Rob is with Twilight and more importantly JGL have never had this tabloid fame. He was not known for his private life at all he he is known for his work mostly. Rob is more like Zac Effron. Zac choses good directors and actually i think he comes off looking better because he is happy to not be the lead, he plays a lot of smaller character parts in his post teen hearthrob phase. Rob wants to be the lead in all movies and often times he bites off more than he can chew and looks a subpar actor.

    • Another Ann says:

      Let’s look at this objectively. The fact is, it’s far too early to say he’s not going to happen. He may, he may not – but at age 26 and just starting to emerge from the mammoth shadow of Twilight, he still has a shot at establishing himself. Most actors don’t hit their stride until their 30′s. The actors you named all have a few years on him, except for Shia (and his career is a damn mess right now). And most of these actors have just started to gain acclaim in the last couple years, after a long time in the trenches.

      Someone mentioned Channing Tatum earlier. Noone knew who the hell he was when he was 26. And all of a sudden, in his 30′s, he’s a star (and not because of his stellar thespian abilities, either). It happens. The right movie, the right role comes along and everything changes.

      Pattinson has a tough road ahead, trying to work his way out of YA franchise typecasting. It’s going to take a couple years and a few different roles for him to get beyond that association. It will actually be interesting to see if he can pull it off.

      • Raz says:

        Lol no gosling and gordon levitt has not been in the trenches. What are you talking about? Gosling had an academy award nomination back in 2006 for half nelson. He did that nazi film and got loads of recognition when he was in his early 20′s. Same for levitt who did stuff like mysterious skin when he was very young. I recommend you all to see that movie. I dont think pattison has done any work that is even close to the quality of these guys.

      • Jay says:

        Raz, All spend time in the trenches. It’s how they learn. Gosling was in Breaker High and the Mickey Mouse Club. He didn’t suddenly show up and start getting awards. JGL was in 3rd Rock & then I don’t know where he went for years but I’ve only noticed him in films for the last couple years so I’ll assume he was in relatively obscure indies

  11. Stacy says:

    Holy crap, I thought I was the only one who didn’t find him attractive! It’s good to find kindred spirits, lol.

    Maybe if he looked like he bathed once in a while he would look somewhat appealing. He just looks like someone who rarely bathes and probably stinks to high heaven. It’s the same reason I don’t find Brad Pitt sexy.

  12. Daisy Mae says:

    Don’t confuse Twi hards with the Rob-sessed. The latter are the ones always talking about their dripping wet panties over their Golden Boy.

    • Annie says:

      And they stalk and post his every move on Twitter every single day. I have not seen a single actor account on Twitter that is as updated and obsessed as any Rob account and he has three major accounts that basically post THE SAME THING AT THE SAME TIME. Sorry but that is just too much. “He’s at this bar in NYC! Read this awesome fan encounter from an hour ago!! See the 356 HQ pictures of him at an airport!! Someone famous MENTIONED him!!” and you read the interview and is like, a single line. Nothing important is ever said.

      He’s more of a fetish to these people. Kind of like a hobby, like knitting or riding a horse, but less productive. Total waste of time.

      • Daisy Mae says:

        Most of the celebrity media don’t know he has a cult like following. The Robsesseds will LOVE his new sexy model Dior ads–if this turns out to be true.

      • shelly says:

        @Annie – Why so bitter about an actor who by his own admission isn’t doing it for the main movie star appeal / popularity but to make small interesting movies like Cosmopolis? He is living his life under a microscope and for all that seems level headed enough without becoming jaded or crazy like some celebs. I am sure you will be all over his acting and movie choices if he had dumped the trampire. Too bad for some that he didn’t. I believe he is astute enough to know his image is taking a huge beating right now but he keeps marching to his own beat for some reason. That takes courage. I also don’t like KScrew AT ALL. Wish he would move on and soon. But I am not going to let that color my interest in the movies he is involved in. I like that his choices are so varied and he is obviously happy how it is shaping up so far. Not a bad place to be in for a young actor who has had no classical acting training like Garfield and others. Yet he is catching the eye and interest of some directors who are considered as best in what they do. This is what will lead to longevity in the industry.

        For a guy you consider as a wimp/ bad actor you are pretty obsessed and are able to go to all his fan sites and check how up to date they are. That is hilarious and sad. Why bother? Some actors that you mention like Max Irons (who was touted as the next Rob Pattinson – yeah right :roll: ) are probably envious and desperate to get a fraction of his popularity.

        I believe Rob knows what he is doing. He probably couldn’t care less about some of his “fans” jumping ship just because he is not doing what they want.

        Good luck with your new celebrity obsession. Bye! :D

      • Miss Bennett says:

        Annie never said that she went to all of his fansites. Checking a few Twitter accounts can’t take more than a few minutes out of her day. That hardly sounds like obsession to me. Her opinion differs from yours, but that doesn’t make her wrong. One might say that your defensiveness makes you the one who is obsessed. Good luck with that.

      • shelly says:

        To Miss Bennet – I made a couple of posts here and my position is in the minority here in the sense I like Rob. We have posters like Annie who goes on and on and on and on spewing negativity and you think “I” am obsessed?! :lol:

  13. Rabia says:

    His sex scenes in Remember Me and Cosmopolis were pretty hot, though. As long it’s not cheesy and stale like Garrett Hedland’s YSL ad…

  14. dunzo says:

    This Dior ad seems to be very boring, in a “high fashion try sooo hard to be sexy” way. Rob is gorgeous and seems super nice, but I can’t picture him in a steamy ad (a la Askars in the Calvin Klein campaign film).

    • Minx says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Sparkles seems like a nice kid, but he’s no ASkars in the ‘walking sex on two legs’ department. Not enough to pull off the kind of advert that Dior seems to be pushing.

  15. Green Is Good says:

    The Trampire sucked all the hotness out of Sparkles.

  16. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Oh my God! I CAN’T WAIT! *faints*

  17. dahlianoir says:

    P0rn chic is sooooooooooo… Wait, it never was a good idea. Isn’t he supposed to sell clothes? Dior isn’t selling condoms last time I checked.

  18. Elceibeno08 says:

    Come on ladies be nice, just think of the sensations Rob’s beard can make you feel ‘down there’.

    • Apples says:

      Hmmm. That ~worked~ for me…

    • Annie says:

      Exfoliation is a marvelous thing ;)

      • bunny says:

        Gals u pips shld gve hm a brk, mst of u tke ur bfs bk afta dey cheat on u countless tym n he’s jt returned d favour ch most guys cnt do, d only -ve thg dere ws dt a marriage ws brkn n dts d collateral damage 4 a married man ho is unwise! Robsten r young n single so let dem learn 24gve

  19. Lolly says:

    Pattinson & his trampire are the biggest phonies. They claim they’re anti fame yet won’t hesitate to take multi million dollar contracts which will give them even more exposure & fame. I can’t with these two hypocritical idiots. My bathing sponge has more sex appeal than this pasty limey

  20. Eleonor says:

    To me the hottest campaign ever is the Dior one with Jude Law and the “bad things with you” song. The hotness.

  21. TinyPixie says:

    Sparkles has never had a good body so the shirtless stuff sounds quite dreadful. He doesn’t have any sex appeal so I have no idea what Dior is thinking.

    He walks around looking dirty and greasy, so why is he hawking a fragrance? As somebody said up thread, why are they trying to make him a leading man? It’s just not going to happen.

  22. Tig says:

    To posters above- I am on board with JGL praise- love seeing him in about anything. But while Rob does have a bat s##t crazy following, I think it’s unfair to say he is washed up at 27! The concept of A listers is pretty much going the way of the do do anyway- there isn’t an “A” under 40 today- Channing Tatum is appealing and thank goodness has a healthy sense of self, but his most successful movies are ensembles- they aren’t Channing Tatum movies. Ryan Gosling is fine, but he isn’t the blockbuster type ( don’t get me started on N Sparks movies!!)- Andrew G is talented, but outside a comic book franchise- who goes to see him for him?

    I agree that Rob’s most recent choices are not wide-release films. I do hope Hold on to Me gets made,tho. I wish Logan L would get more attention- now he back in Percy Jackson movies playing a 17 yr old! Oh well-

    • TinyPixie says:

      I’m no fan of Channing Tatum but he had 3 huge hits last year and Magic Mike was pretty much his movie from start to finish. And his movies made A LOT of money. He became a bona fide star last year.

      Sparkles may be doing small, indie stuff but they all lose money. Same with Kristen Stewart’s movies. They actually do so badly, they don’t make their budgets back, don’t make their P&A back. For such loud fanbases, that’s a very interesting factoid.

      Stewart and Pattinson seem to be in the same boat, career wise. Their fans think they are special snowflakes, making small indie films that will make them ‘credible’, get them good reviews and help them separate from Twilight. I hear the same arguments from both camps. But I don’t think outside of that small group, people actually take them seriously as actors (or go see their movies).

    • trish says:

      a lot of the people saying he’s washed up are spurned fans of his who want to see him fail now cause he doesn’t date whatever fan approved girl they’ve chosen for him and want him to “pay” for his disobedience.

      Most nonfans just find him boring like a turnip. But you can smell a spurned fan 10 miles away, cause they are so adamant about seeing him fail “without them” cause he’s not doing what they want.

      Classic fan behavior as any ex-hearthrob can tell you from Ricky Nelson to Donny Osmond to the Jonas Brothers. But the creepy part about Rob’s fanbase is that unlike other idols, his fanbase are grown ass women.

      • TinyPixie says:

        But in the end it’s a small cult who seems to be drinking the Kool Aid. The Robsten fans, the Sparkles fans, the Stewart fans, the anti-fans. It all takes place in this little orbit.

        Outside of that orbit, frankly, Sparkles and his girlfriend are non-entities.

      • trish says:

        not exactly. He’s a liability on several levels post-twilight and twihardness, but he’s also ahead of most actors in terms of success by scoring a big franchise at all. He’s not a nonentity, he’s a postfranchise kid, and some sink, some swim, and some dog paddle. All three are possibilities, and even if he just farts around doing indie movies from now on, that’s still considered a better path than orlando bloom for instance who took a more commercial route and peaked too soon.

        He doesn’t need to be the next ryan gosling to succeed.If he can carve out any semblance of a career postwilight/franchise, that is considered a feat.

      • mainland says:

        @ Trish LMAO at your comment. You are right, its not the teeny bopper 12 year olds that act like lunatics, is the 30, 40, 50, and 60 year old grown women that are the WORST.

      • TinyPixie says:

        Actually, Orlando Bloom and Hayden Christensen are probably the best examples I can think of where Patz will probably end up.

      • trish says:

        trixie-actually, orlando went a more commerical route post-franchise, which is why he peaked. Rob seems to be doing small er things with more supporting roles, which is the more conservative route that many of taken. He won’t peak too soon, but he could just settle in the dust too, it’s all a crapshoot.

        mainland–remember when those group of older lady fans were trying to petition one of rob’s movie studios for a premiere to insist that Kristen stewart could not attend? God, you gotta love the crazy, Lainey reported on that awhile back.

      • mainland says:

        @ Trish…. OMG I had no idea that happened. Robert wasn’t even a blip on my radar until the scandal, anything before that I am clueless about but am not one bit shocked at the audacity of some of his fans.

    • Hannah says:

      TIG are you delusional when it comes to Robert. He is just not a great actor.. Just to remind you Jennifer Lawrence is 22, age has nothing to do with it. Ryan Gosling was nonimated for an oscar at Robs age. Literally every actor that was mentioned has a string of noms and award wins. Apart from zac effron and tatum, in whose company it seems most natural to place Robert.

      • Tig says:

        JL won her Oscar, and and as she so aptly put it” Harvey, who did you kill for this?”. Goop has an Oscar, too- and who’s talking about her acting skills now? I like JL- but let’s not pretend her performance in SLP warranted an Oscar, bec it didn’t.

        There are always prodigies in every field- Rob clearly isn’t one in acting. Again, that being the case, doesn’t equate to bring a total failure, either.

      • Tommy says:

        Tig, what i dislike about your posts is that you bring legit talents down to defend pattison. That to me is blind staining. You dont have to bring gordon levitt and jlaw down just to defend your crush on pattison. Pattison seems nice and charming but its hardly worth stanning for his acting talents. Lets be real.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Tig says that Rob clearly isn’t a prodigy in acting…Don’t know why you are calling her a “stan” when she is just playing the middle of the road. IMO, she is saying that he isn’t washed up but he isn’t the most talented actor ever, either.

      • Mi says:

        The age has all to do with it.Young actresess have more opportunity to get the Oscar nom,bacause directors/producers choose them as the partners of older men,and older actors are getting the best roles,because directors(middle-aged men)are interested in portraying the life and experience of older men.Also members of Academy are old,white men so they like movies about themselves.Look at age difference between Jen(she is playing a widow at age of 21)and Bradley,and also look at age of Oscar male winners and female winners from this year.

    • Sita says:

      No one goes to see pattison for him either tig! if they did all his movies outside twilight wouldnt be flops. gosling may not make big blockbusters but he gets critical praise. rob movies doesnt make money AND he gets no critical praise if he continues down this road he will surely destroy his career.

      • Tig says:

        It’s the “either/or” tone of these statements that to me are a bit off- Either Rob gets critical acclaim/films make enough money to bankroll a country OR he’s done- like within the next 6 wks. I can appreciate that RG is now a “big deal” in that a lot of folks now know who he is/appreciate his talents- but it took him a while to get there. He didn’t have some exp date stamped on his head-which is the impression some leave on this site re Rob.

        The thing is- with his bankroll, maybe he turns into a hobby actor-LOL!

  23. Marta says:

    Celebitchy , You win today:”he has the sex appeal of a turnip”"+++

    • Suzeque says:

      Why is Rob blasted for dressing “down” and having a beard but other celebs are not. Johnny Depp (whom I love) looks mostly homeless and dirty but he is celebrated for being gorgeous and hot. I saw pics of Jon Hamm this weekend and he was dressed just like RP but no one seems to mind. And most of all, Fassy is never criticized for looking dissheveled and he oftens sports a beard and dirty (and I mean stained) shirts.
      I do think RP is a nice looking man and from everything I read he’s a good person – I don’t happen to be obsessed with him but I admit to crushing. :-)
      Just wish you guys weren’t so rough on him….it hurts to read such vile things about someone you admire. I suppose I shouldn’t come here, right? I’ve tried not to but I keep coming back like a

      • another nina says:

        Oh come on – you keep returning ’cause at the back of your mind you realize that we are not entirely wrong about Rob…
        BTW, Kaiser actually likes him and Rob has plenty of fans here, including myself. We just believe in tough love. we credited him with high expectations and so far he’s only responded with disappointments…And I agree that he is utterly bland. So, hopefully he’ll stay away from romantic roles.

      • nina says:

        why did people credit him with high expectations though I sorta wonder. I like the guy, but I think what made everyone like him so much was that he was really pretty while being sorta goofy and charming and articulate. Not cause he was some brilliant actor. So he hasn’t made anything that was that great so far-big whoop. I just don’t get this tough love angle of many of his fans, like he needs sheparding.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        They are just giving their honest opinions. If it hurts you to read criticism about Pattionson, perhaps you need to take a step back?

  24. shannon says:

    i used to think he was so hot back in the summer/fall of 2008. it’s been downhill for me ever since then. i don’t mean to sound like a twi-hard (and i’m sure this has already been pointed out), but I think that truck Kristen is driving in the same truck she booted from the Twilight set.

  25. Janet says:

    I hope he doesn’t look as bad in the ads as he looks in those photos. He looks like something growing on the side of a tree trunk.

  26. Tig says:

    @ Tiny Pixie- not every movie Rob was in has done badly- but none were Twilight, bec how often does that level of success hit? Seriously, Gordon-Levitt had his bike messenger movie tank, and no poster is suggesting his career is over. That what I find odd- why is any movie Rob is in held to some financial threshold that no one else seems to be?

    OT- a bit of a rut here- but does anyone know why they did a second Percy Jackson movie? I didn’t think the first did all that well, and looks like its been entirely re-cast. I love Greek mythology, and thought the books were a fun read.

    • Chrissy says:

      @tig cant compare JGL to rob. i am not anti rob but SGL is considered a legit talent who is sought after by big block buster directors like Nolan and quirky indie directors alike. I think we have to be realistic in saying that rob is not considered a talent like gosling, garfield or JGL etc. And he is not as commercially succesful ( outside of the franchise ) as someone with lesser acting talent like Tatum.

      • Tig says:

        Guess we can keep flogging the dead horse! Channing’s break out year was this past year- and the big one was MM- and he was hardly the only draw in that one! JGL had been acting since forever- I was stunned to see him as a child actor in the 80s re-vamp of Dark Shadows (BTW – what happened to Ben Cross???).

        All that being said- I give Rob credit for picking his roles- at least the ones that are starting filming/-
        about to film. The easiest route for him to go would have been romantic dramas, and he’s avoided that. How this pans out remains to be seen. It’s a shame he isn’t as deliberate in his clothing choices-LOL!

        BTW- no one is interested in Percy Jackson but me??? Boo hoo!

      • Tommy says:

        Tig,what great part are you talking about? Bel air was awful, his acting dismal. The elephant film was pretty bad too. Cosmopolis is the only decent film but its hardly one of cronenbergs best. Slim pickings. If Rob is lucky he will have channings career, none of them can act but channing isnt trying to be arty he plays to his strength which is loveable, dumb hearthrob. Rob should do the same instead of this art house poser thing.

  27. Another Ann says:

    I do get a laugh out of people flailing over this (rumored) ad, or accuse him of selling out because of it. Newsflash – there has been NO announcement of Pattinson having a contract with Dior or any other designer. It is all speculation at this point. Now, he was spotted in New York awhile back shooting something – but it has never been confirmed who it was for or what the product was. Some rumors say fragrance, others say menswear. But this fanfiction that this project is the talk of the industry is just that – fiction.

    People need to wait and see what this is really about before either passing judgement or wetting themselves about it. The Mirror account is laughable, as well as being riddled with errors. They claim it’s for menswear, but describe it as a tv commercial with people rolling around in bed undressed. How would that sell menswear?

  28. Scavenger says:

    ‘Turnip’ away ladies/gentleman and leave him for the rest of us who think he is amazing. There are plenty that do. The number of hits and posts he banks on sites like this testify to that. What is annoying is the attitude that all his fans are only ‘twihards’. That’s just not the case.

  29. another nina says:

    Rob looks like sh.t these days. Here I said it. Now where is Anname?;)

    • Anname says:

      Hah, that’s funny! I just commented upthread how I get these bizarre shout-outs for my positive comments, but others who post tons of negative comments everytime are readily accepted. Ok then, here I am!

      Rob could look horrible today, great tomorrow – you never know with him. But he keeps me interested. Sorry if that offends the negative-nellies here.

    • nina says:

      he looks like shit cause he’s off the clock. It’s not like we see this kid on the regular or in person. He’s getting photographed buying cheetos to go with his pot brownies at home or being smelly at coachella. Most people look like shit at festivals, and I side eye the people who don’t to be honest. He’s pretty, he gets a little bloated when he eats too many pot brownies or drinks too much, but he can always clean up when it’s time to.

  30. scarlett says:

    I never gotten the hype over him. To me he always looked a little inbred. I think he will also age very badly..very English. Think Leonard Whiting and Hugh Grant.

  31. Beth says:

    The only thing I come away from these comments with is sadness for Orlando Bloom. I went through my Twi-Mom phase in 2009, whatever. But my Legolas phase will be lifelong.

    • Payal says:

      Oh god Orlando bloom, what a disaster, shame because I thinks he’s a nice guy. Not a good actor however

  32. Hannah says:

    Robert Pattison is as bad at acting as his girlfriend. But his stans are as delusional as her stans, as we can see from this post.

  33. K-rock says:

    “The sex appeal of a turnip” haha Kaiser I heart you!

  34. Mi says:

    May I ask about just one article that would not have mentioned the age of his fans?I mean what is the point?Is there any special age that allows a woman to be a fan?It seems men all of ages can be fans of spiderman,batman,iroman,superman and nobody trys to put them down or mocked,why this happend to the fans of actor that became famous playing in female driven movie and majority of his fans are women?Why nobody ridicule grow up actor (over 30 or 40) playing in PG-13 violent and idiotic fantasy/comic book movie?Why those movies are praised by male critics?Keep trying Kaiser with your sexistic comments.

    • Tig says:

      Actually, over the top fans of all genres leave themselves open to some ridicule- hello Star Trek weddings!- so nothing unique to twilight fans getting a bit of grief. I will agree with you tho that this franchise has been subjected to a weird degree of misogyny – the topic has been well commented on by folks much more articulate than I.

  35. marcy says:

    Does anyone else just get depressed looking at him? He’s like the embodiment of “I give up”. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like non-stop 2nd hand embarrassment, both because he’s been made such a fool of and just takes it, and because he’s still propped up like he’s some heartthrob when he’s actually…THAT. This is not attractive, either physically or mentally. Does he have any real support system at all?

  36. Original A says:

    I don’t buy the Dior contract. I mean, the rep from the fashion house denied it even. Yes, he is clearly not at the same level as Ryan…but there is plenty of room on the B list. He has some decent indies lined up, and unless all of them bomb spectacularly he will be okay.

    What’s ironic is that I think KStew is going to be the one who eventually ends it (looking at some of his former fans who go batshit over the fact that he is still with her). Yes, I know a lot of people say she needs him to be relevant (possibly true). However, as long as she is with him the rumors are going to dog both of them incessantly. I was on ONTD and there are some photos of her with a bunch of friends standing around a valet stand and then one of her getting into a car. Apparently, HL is trying to claim the driver (who was probably the valet) may be Rupert Sanders. Obviously, it’s not…X17 would have sold those photos for a ton of money to US if it was true, plus the fact that the valet stand is right behind her and her friends. My point is, girl is going to have to live with the Rupert Sanders thing for the rest of her life…but it’s going to keep being brought up all the time and speculated on as long as she is with Rob Pattinson.

    • Mi says:

      He did commercial for Dior,he was filming it back in December.Some fans were waiting in/outside the Astoria hotel in NYC and Robert told them he was shooting commercial.

  37. Tig says:

    @ Tommie- you mean Bel Ami? I am biased towards costume dramas, so I enjoyed it and his performance in it. I thoroughly enjoyed Water for Elephants- the novel was great, and Rob did a good job bringing Jacob to life. I thought it was a great movie adaptation, up there with “The Black Stallion”.

    Glad you enjoyed “Cosmopolis” and evidently were willng to give him another chance!

  38. aquarius64 says:

    HollywoodLife just put up a story that Kristen was coming out of a restaurant 4/21, after Rob got on his plane. She got into a car with a man that looks like Rupert. When asked Kristen’s rep said it’s not him but they didn’t say who it was. I swear her team is a bunch of idiots. They should know the paps & the gossip press are going to be on her when she is in the company of unknown men, especially when Rob is out of town. Now they are going to birddog her hoping to catch her in the act. SMH.

    • Original A says:

      Even ONTD thinks HL is reaching hard with that one. The full set of photos are on ONTD. She’s standing next to a valet stand chatting with some friends. A car pulls up (put 2 and 2 together and it’s probably the valet)…There were other photos of a another girl near the car. HL literally just took the one photo of her walking towards the car with the valet stand in the background and ran with a bs story. It’s not like X17 wouldn’t recognize that they had valuable photos if they really were of Rupert Sanders, and they would sell them for tons of money.

      I do think her rep is an idiot, though. Just say that it is the valet (likely) or name a friend, instead of just denying it was Rupert. Like I said before, I really think she’s going to end it with Rob. She’s going to have to live with the Rupert Sanders thing for the rest of her life, but people really don’t care that much about her. IF she ended it with Rob, the paps would stop bird dogging her constantly and some of the rumors would die down. She’d be less relevant, but at least there wouldn’t be ridiculous stories about her 24/7.

    • Tig says:

      Seriously? I looked at the photos after reading yr post- and isn’t it unusual for the valet to be on the passenger side inside the car? What pretty predictable are the folks so are thrilled it could be Ru-perv for the epic meltdown. Some posters were speculating that’s why Rob left- that he found out KS was sneaking around again!

      And she wants to do SW 2- just unreal!

      • Original A says:


        What are you talking about? The valet isn’t in the passenger side…that would make no sense. There’s a photo of the valet in the driver’s side pulling up to the stand and KStew walking towards the passenger side. That’s the “mysterious” photo that HL ran with. The photos start with her and some people standing right next to a valet stand. It’s pretty obvious that it is likely the valet. Do you really think that X17 would snap a photo of Rupert Sanders and not even know it? It’s their job to know stuff like that. I swear, the Rob stans, the Kristen stans, etc. get hysterical over the dumbest stuff. It’s why HL keeps printing that type of shit, because it’s guaranteed hits by the twi-hards of all stripes.

        I read an interview where Rob Pattinson said he was shooting a film at the end of April. There was another article that had a link to the production office of his newest film, Mission Blacklist, that said it would start in April. It’s so predictable. As soon as he leaves to film a movie, the tabloids start making stuff up again. Honestly, it’d be better for both of them to just split. HL would stop trolling for hits with articles on them…she would be less relevant, but she wouldn’t have ridiculous articles printed on her 24/7.

      • kingkayski says:

        If i’m not mistaken that guy looks more like Marcus ,Robs friend.He seems to be always with her when Rob is away,to baby sit her .

    • Another Ann says:

      Hollywood Life is the bottom feeder among US tabloid media, and that’s saying something. A troll (who apparently has issues with Kristen Stewart)fed them that story, and they ran with it, no questions asked.

      The funny thing is, the nutjob tweeted the “story” to every tab out there – TMZ, Perez, OK, etc – and everyone else ignored it, as it was so obviously a hoax.

      As somebody mentioned earlier, if a photo was snapped of her with Sanders again, the news would be EVERYWHERE – not just buried on Hollywood Life.

      • Original A says:

        What I don’t get is that why so many of their fans freak out over this type of stuff. I mean, it’s so obvious when you look at the full set of photos. I saw them on ONTD and X17. There are girls standing next to a valet stand, including KStew. A car pulls up to the valet stand, and KStew walks towards the car. One of the photos shows one of the girls KStew was talking with handing the valet stand guy some cash. It’s like duh, it’s a valet guy. Instead, all the fans argue like crazy and then some of them tweet the stuff to the tabloids.

        I really do think she’s going to end it with RPattz, which is probably for the best. The tabloids will back way off her if she isn’t dating him, and as long as she’s such a tabloid fixture it’s going to create some major problems for her. I can’t imagine she wants to spend the next year or however long she dates RPattz shrugging off ridiculous stories like this one. RPattz won’t have to deal with any of the silly speculation, either. He wants to do art house films, and the tabloids drudging into his life must be annoying.

  39. ali says:

    Trampire. wow how old are we?

  40. kingkayski says:

    Me ,i don’t have problem with Rob dressing down when he’s traveling or he’s on the down low,you have to wear whatever makes you comfortable,and he’s obviously comfortable dressing down.The man can literally bring it when he wants too and we’ve seen it too many times during his promotional duties,he brings it so good that even Ryan Gosling copies all the colorful wardrobes that Rob wears,so lets not even go there.When it comes to his career ,if he wants to lay low and just do his little indie movies,let him,he’s one of those actors who doesn’t really seems to care much if he get recognized as long he gets to work with people who do good movies and they appreciate working with him as well,according to his interviews that’s all that matters to him.He seems a down to earth kind of guy that’s why a lot of women in all ages adores him,obviously including me,now when it comes to his private affairs,i think that is solely his business.

  41. citygirlsf says:

    Just say NO to neckbeard.

  42. Tara says:

    Never saw any of Rob’s movies until catching a few minutes of cosmopolis on Netflix. The everything was so bad, including Robs acting, was so bad I turned it off. I do like that he’s making interesting decisions re the roles he takes. Based on his interviews, I thought he was a considerable talent who would shine once he hatched from the franchise and left it behind. I hope his acting in cosmopolis was the result of bad script and direction and/or that he finds a way to improve his acting.

    • JS says:

      Yet he got significant critical acclaim for Cosmopolis. For example, the Philadephia Weekly critic said “I can’t believe I’m saying this but Robert Pattinson was robbed”(of an Oscar nom). I’m having difficulty reconciling that with your statement that his acting was “so bad”. I agree the movie wasn’t targeted at a wide audience (it was Cronenberg, after all) but even if it wasn’t your thing, that doesn’t mean he didn’t act well in the role he was cast.

  43. GossipG says:

    And as Sparkle left,that evening ms.Snow White got in the car with Rupert…YUUUP the same one..AND YES its him, no1 else.

  44. Raz says:

    Robert is one of those actors with pretensions of grandeur imo. He doesnt realize he struck lucky with twilight and that it was mainly down to looks. He cant carry a movie and he cant act well. He need to packaged in a franchise or perhaps take a smaller part in an ensemble movie.

  45. Val5 says:

    a doormat can’t be sexy. it’s just incompatible. and he isn’t that beautiful anymore , his skin has aged, his eyes sunken and even his self-deprecating charm doesn’t go with his current age, he just seems a moron when he laughs constantly in interviews, or maybe he’s just drunk … I also think that if he did not happened until now, it is unlikely to do so in the future, I agree with someone who wrote that he did not has “it” in him. Rob became a fairground attraction, people laugh at him now and not with him , he made his choices in life, he must assume.

    • JS says:

      So, to summarise. You think Robert Pattinson is an ugly, weak, immature, ageing, moronic, talentless, charmless, alcoholic loser? A joke as well, yes? I’m impressed at the karmic purity of your contempt for the man. Did he party on your grave in a previous incarnation or something?

  46. Hurlygurly says:

    I am quite sursprised by reading all your comments. Haven’t anyone grasped the fact that he was away filming for 64 Days? Then they have met up a couple of times to show the World how much they are together. I mean are they really together???? All pictures, really all Pictures tells a completely different story compared to what the PR-team tries to sell in form of text in every single article about them. This is Hollywood. All make Believe… It’s a joke, an illusion and it will all end very soon.

  47. Hurlygurly says:

    And one more thing, the last two nights before he left LA this time they both spend separately. Kristen went to a restaurant on friday and to a lesbian bar on saturday. There are witnesses on both days. Go figure. What does that say to you about this Epic luuuv?

  48. kingkayski says:

    Rob is the kind of man who only get better with age,he’s the Robert Redford of this generation minus the talent,but he’s got room for improvement ,after all the guy is only 26.You can call him anything you want,but his hotness will never fade maybe until hes 60,that’s the reason why people follow his post around,they’re only sore because of Kristen,well what are you gonna do,the guy is in luuurrrrvvvee,lol!!

    • Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

      LOL this post makes me laugh, that his looks will not fade until he’s 60? Have you seen Roberts father? A cute older guy but hardly the stunner that you prophesy Rob to be. Rob is not going to be Sean Connery so I suggest you chill.

  49. Kristine says:

    I am such a sucker for unkempt scruffy beards. I have talked/forced my SO into growing one and gawd I love it. Oddly enough Robert having a beard does not do anything for me. I agree he has the sexuality of a turnip. Do not want.