Lindsay Lohan did lines of cocaine in front of a gossip blogger in 2009

I’ve gotten to the point where all of Lindsay Lohan’s cracktastrophes blend together. She is lump of crack. Her disasters all fold into each other until we merely have a black hole of narcissism, violence, crack-thievery, drugs and alcohol. But I was covering Lindsay’s shenanigans back in 2009, and I’m trying to remember what she was like then… pretty much the same as she is now, give or take some bruises and hundreds of thousands of dollars of lawyer’s fees. She was still a mess. She was still a disaster. One way to look at it is that she’s been in a holding pattern of addiction and stupidity for the past four or five years.

Anyway, back in 2009, Lindsay was hanging out with a gossip blogger named Nik Richie who founded The Dirty. He’s written a book called Sex, Lies & The Dirty. In the book, he details an incident involving Lohan in 2009. She was doing coke and acting like a crackhead. SHOCK. You can read the full thing here and here are some highlights:

A disheveled Lindsay Lohan snorted cocaine off her wrist in a bathroom during a paid appearance at a nightclub in Miami on New Year’s Eve 2009, according to a new tell-all memoir by controversial gossip blogger Nik Richie. In Sex, Lies & The Dirty, founder revealed how Lohan, 26, shamelessly snorted coke in front of him at Mansion Nightclub in Miami, Florida, while her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson deejayed. The incident, Richie said, left him freaked out because it was “too much, too real.”

“The PR girl opens the bathroom door for us to walk through and stands guard outside,” Richie, who is set to star of VH1′s Couple’s Therapy, wrote in the book. “It’s candlelit, but the light makes my pupils shrink. Lindsay goes straight for the toilet, pulling her dress up and sitting (no underwear) and one of her breasts is hanging out the top of the dress. I start to wash my hands and she asks me, ‘So, what’s your story?’ before doing an uneven line of coke off her wrist. “I say, ‘Nothing… just, y’know… partying.’”

He added, “I’m watching Lindsay do coke to my right, that pale tit hanging out, and it takes a couple of seconds to kick in that it’s intentional. I’m supposed to see this. She wants me to. And she’s doing more coke, raising her eye-brows at me like, ‘Want some?’ She sniffs. Snorts. She swabs a little in her mouth and I’ve heard about this kind of thing on TV and in the papers, but it’s different seeing it: the chick from Mean Girls doing blow on the toilet next to me. She’s not the same girl anymore. Something’s changed. She’s lost her way and seeing it is freaking me out.”

Richie said he was at the Miami hot spot because he’d been signed to appear alongside the troubled actress and Ronson for a “celebrity” appearance. Outspoken Richie, who is married to ex-The Bachelor winner Shayne Lamas, claimed he used the appearance to orchestrate a scenario to break-up Lohan and Ronson in a publicity attempt to break a “celebrity scandal” and “stir the pot.”

“Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan are the ‘it’ couple right now,” he wrote, “and in a stroke of genius, Justin Levine books Sam to deejay Mansion in Miami — not necessarily because he likes her as a performer, but because he knows that if Sam’s there, Lindsay is going to be there, too.”

He writes that Lindsay was booked $25,000 as the headliner and Sam was also paid, as was he.

Added Richie, “Sam is cueing up songs in her headphones and smoking a cigarette. Lindsay and I are drinking, watching Sam. It’s dark and kind of boring. I’m thinking that if I hit on Lindsay (who actually looks decent tonight) that Sam will go nuts and they’ll get in a fight. There’s a PR chick that we’re supposed to talk to if we need to use the bathroom, so I tell this girl that if Lindsay needs to go, make sure to grab me so I can go too…. Eventually the PR girl is telling me that Lindsay is going to the bathroom, so I sidle up to them, ready to navigate the stairs and hallways. Lindsay takes my hand, leading the way through the dark.”

When the pair returned after the bathroom rendezvous, Richie said he purposefully spoke to Ronson, in an calculated move to make Lohan jealous.

“I walk myself back to the DJ booth where Sam is smoking a cigarette, cueing the next track up on her laptop,” he wrote. “Sam shrugs at me like, ‘Where’s Lindsay?’ So I get up close, up in her ear and say, ‘She’s doing coke in the bathroom. That chick is crazy. How do you put up with it?’ Sam says, ‘Ugh! I knoooooooooooooooow,’ in a girly way I didn’t think she was capable of, but other than that she’s cool and down-to-earth, sort of like a dude.

“We’re chatting in the DJ booth, laughing and giggling over Lohan drama, then Lindsay comes back and sees the two of us. She’s wiping her chest off because someone spilled a drink on her during the walk back. Lindsay sees Sam and me getting along (I’m basically hitting on her) and flips shit. Sam asks her, ‘Babe, are you okay?’ motioning to Lindsay’s wet chest. Then Lindsay is yelling, ‘I can’t believe you’d f–king cheat on me like that! What the f–k?!’ I try to intervene, telling her, ‘Lindsay, I’m not going to f–k her. She’s a lesbian. It’s cool.’ She doesn’t even bother trying to talk to me. Lindsay turns to the nearest security guy and yells, ‘Get this f–king guy out of here!’ before she turns back to rip into Sam some more, causing a scene.

[From Radar]

Richie says that he eventually went back to his hotel, only to find out that Lindsay and Sam were staying at the same hotel, in the room above his, and that they argued and threw things all night. He says that Lindsay had to pay the hotel $13,000 for all of the damage she caused.

So, do you believe this story? The Dirty traffics in some original and questionably sourced gossip, for sure, and while I side-eye this dude in general, everything he describes seems to be keeping in line with what we’ve heard about Lindsay a million times before. She throws drinks, smashes mirrors, starts fights, does lines, then crack-wails. Rinse and repeat.

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  1. Joiq says:

    I believe him. True, people that submit to The Dirty could be sending in false stories. But when it comes to Nik, I don’t believe he’s bluffing, or would have any real reason too.

    • Roma says:

      I completely believe Nik. Look at the teacher/cheerleader who tried to sue after he posted about her having an affair with her underage student. She denied it over and over – only to admit to the affair in court.

      I think the Dirty is a lot of things but Nik seems to stand by what he posts.

      • ST94 says:

        That’s not what happened at all. He “reported” back in 2009 she was a slut who was sleeping with the entire Cincinnati Bengals football team and had STDs. (Libel)

        She denies this, and the case is still on going (retrial). The stuff with her student happened well after (2012) that and Richie had no part in it.

        The guy’s a scumbag and a misogynist plain an simple.

  2. Amelia says:

    At this moment in time there doesn’t seem to be any reason not to believe this dude. In terms of Crack shenanigans it’s quite tame; she’s only hurting herself in this case.
    If there isn’t an automobile involved, then I count that as a win.

  3. brin says:

    LMAO@ Lump of crack…perfect description of her!

  4. anoneemouse says:

    So shocking. Said no one. Ever.

  5. Sara says:

    He sold a different story at the time, no mention of coke in bathrooms. I totally think Lohan is capable of this but i also think Nic is capable of sexying up the story to sell some books. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Afterall this is a man who attempting to promote a book at the back of partying with Lohan once.

  6. Maria says:

    i generally dont believe that guy, same for CDAN.

    i guess he used a story like this because its really believable, to sell his book.

  7. andy says:

    Nik is trash. Blohan is trash. Samantha is trash.

    Lindsay does coke.

    No news here.

    • Tommy says:

      I dont think samro is trash. She seems to keep a low profile and is quite funny and well informed on her twitter.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        Lindsay actually settled down for a while after she started dating Samantha. (E.g. That photo of Lindsay passed out in a car in a grey hoodie happened before they hooked up.) I think Samantha was steady and sane and good for her.

        I think Lindsay was not good for Samantha, however, and eventually the inner Cracken burst its bonds and Samro had to flee for her life.

  8. neelyo says:

    Wouldn’t the story be more shocking if she DIDN’T do coke in front of someone at a club?

  9. elceibeno08 says:

    Many people have to deal with addiction every single day of their lives and they don’t become jaded and shameless like Lindsey. Some addicts do become jaded and shameless like Lindsey but they at some point WAKE UP. They look at themselves in the mirror and say “I am going to stop doing this to myself”.
    Those people get help, they try to kick addiction out of their lives. When is Lindsey going to stop and change? WHEN?
    Her shamelessness has surpassed the limit that any human being with a shred of dignity would tolerate. How long does she think she will be able to keep up her ‘lifestyle’?

  10. Wendy says:

    I am no lindsey lohan apologist. But this man comes off looking worse than lindsey lohan. He states that he wanted to break up lohan from ronson that night. Tries to make ronson jealous by hitting on lindsey and then when that doesnt work he hits on ronson and lindsey goes apeshit. Well, we all knew lohan has a drug problem that is hardly news, so whats enlightening is that some of these “bloggers” or clubheads go into these situations looking to provoke lindsey and presumably make money out of the situation. It sure puts a different light on the recent psychic episode and so on.

  11. Mauibound says:

    Her lifetime movie about Liz Taylor was on yesterday, I thought to myself, can’t be that bad right? O God, it was awful! Besides needing eye bleach, that’s time I can’t get back!

    • Ms.Smurf says:

      Ugh, right…I saw it about a year ago online. The sad thing is, as someone who had watched a bunch of crappy, cheap lifetime movies for a while at my ucles, this one would’ve fallen into the not absolutely terrible pile if it hadn’t been for her. Grant Bowler did pretty good for it being a little movie and not having anything from Lindsey…..everyone else was good except her.

      The only scene I even remotely found her okay in was the scene when they are both sitting in chairs, being interviewed, both dressed in black and she’s crying saying she knew that Richard still loved her because of the quote he had on his grave or something like that……..that was ruined by her inflated face and lips, and the fact that she sounded like a 70 year old chain smoking grandma.

    • Nina W says:

      I liked how she made no effort to act like Liz. She looked like Liz in the wigs and costuming but that awful voice, shudder.

  12. Amy85 says:

    Why is this news? Everybody knows she was on drugs and she and Samantha always had huge fights back then. I don’t why this is being covered by blogs as if it’s big news

  13. NerdMomma says:

    His story is actually so believable it’s not even interesting. I mean, we knew all of that already. He sounds like a massive tool, trying to “orchestrate a breakup” and all. Plus I’m surrrrre he’s so innocent that seeing a girl do coke in the bathroom was just shocking to his delicate sensibilities. Right.

  14. Miamiboy says:

    While i can see lohan doing something like this. I side eye nik account of events.So many of the details of this story are plain wrong or spiced up to sound scandalous. For instance to miami residents its well known that Sam Ronsons half brother owns The manison, the club this allegedly took place. So while Lohan clearly added to Ronsons currency she didnt need Lohan to be booked at her brothers club. The rep whom told him Lohan smashed the hotel room is said to be justin levine, Adam levines, brother who is actually good friends with Lohan. Honestly this sounds like Nicks “interpretation” i would take it with a pinch of salt since he is looking to make some $$$.

  15. Sara says:

    Lindsay is a menace to society, but generally the only person she hurts on purpose is herself (or her close friends). Nik is disgusting trash who has purposely ruined the lives of innocent people all over the world just for his nasty website.

  16. logan says:

    Oh please Lindsay Lohan has probably done lines of cocaine from a dirty bathroom floor. No shock in this story.

  17. epiphany says:

    …In other news, sources say the Pope is Catholic…

  18. magpie says:

    This guy is sleezy and his website is trashy. Yes, we know Lohan does drugs, but he was trying to mess with her for his own gain.

  19. AngelaH says:

    “but other than that she’s cool and down-to-earth, sort of like a dude.”

    Seriously? I had to read this twice because I thought that I couldn’t have possibly just read that. This guy is gross.

    I had to get that off my chest. Now I guess it’s back to talking about diamonds, designer clothes, interior decorating and pantyhose. You know, like a dame.

  20. Yelly says:

    Nik Richie for the win. Fing love him, cannot wait to read this book.

  21. Gossip Garl says:

    And why is he/she telling now in stead of 2009.MAYBE she woul’ve got the help she needed then.

  22. Ms.Smurf says:

    just read on the Dailymail that Helena Bonham Carter will be playing Elizabeth Taylor in a BBC drama about the year before Richard Burton’s death- when they did that play together. sounds interesting.

  23. Annie says:

    This guy is a trashy asshole. I dont believe that he is truthful. Thats not a defense of LL by the way i just dont think this guy is credible.

  24. Happymom says:

    Why would any one pay good money to read about this trash? Of course she was doing drugs in bathrooms. Of course she was fighting with her girlfriend. And of course-she’s always hanging with shady people with their own sordid stories: and he’s an example of the quality of company she keeps.

  25. Chloeeee says:

    its weird because I hate the dirty. Nik is so sexist, degrading, harsh etc. that I want to throw up. yet the one episode I saw of couples therapy (admittedly to watch the trainwreck that is Doug & Courtney) he and Shayne seemed much more level headed and normal than I would think. So I wonder which side is closer to his real side. Regardless though he needs to calm down the sexist comments.

  26. HappyJoyJoy says:

    So, basically saturday night for her.

  27. emma says:

    sounds legit… but he was playing the game too? ugh, what a terrible life to live.

  28. Hakura says:

    She has no shame. It’s not hard to believe she’d be so brazen as to do lines & expose boob in front of someone who’s job is to write scandals about celebrities.

    May have been her realizing everyone already knows, so may as well just do it. Or the more likely already smashed or tweaked, lowering inhibition.

  29. OhHai says:

    Did Lindsay get cheek implants?