Ed Norton, 36, dating 18 year-old costar Evan Rachel Wood

Ed Norton and Evan Rachel Wood starred in 2005’s Down in the Valley together, and if the latest Gawker stalker reports are true, it looks like they’re dating:

“Saw Ed Norton and Evan Rachel Wood at the AMC on W 34TH ST last night around 8pm. They were holding hands and looking cozy while they waited for soda and candy in front of us. He paid for her diet coke and M&Ms but got popcorn (“NO BUTTER! MAKE SURE THERE IS NO BUTTER!”) for himself. We saw them again on the sidewalk after the movie kissing and smiling at one another. Isn’t she like 15? They stole the taxi my boyfriend flagged down for us. Assholes.”

“Just saw Edward Norton having lunch at the Spotted Pig at the next table over. He looked really hot and was laughing a lot, talking into his phone. He seemed really friendly and talked a lot to the waitress. A few minutes later Evan Rachel Wood sauntered in looking pissed off. She gave him a hug, sat down, and was bitchy to the waitress. I left before they did but she seemed really unhappy with her salad.”

Sounds like they make a rude couple.

Thanks to ONTD for putting this together and finding these pictures from their Interview magazine spread.

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