Winona Ryder admits she recites her ‘Heathers’ lines when it’s on tv: awesome?

Winona Ryder

These are photos of Winona Ryder out and about in Manhattan earlier this month and while attending the opening night of Orphans (the Broadway play that is unfortunately best known in gossip circles as the production plagued by Shia LaBeouf bitchfighting with Alec Baldwin). I realize that Winona has been, for all intents and purposes, back on the Hollywood radar since her scene-stealing turn in Black Swan, but it’s still seems like a novelty to have her back in feature films that are widely available in theaters. I still don’t know how Winona was so summarily blacklisted for so many years after one shoplifting incident while Lindsay Lohan is only finally finding herself at a loss for roles after several years of (to borrow a term from Kaiser) crack shenanigans.

Currently, Winona Ryder is promoting The Iceman, so she’s been giving interviews to several outlets. Here are some excerpts from her recent talks with HuffPo and Parade. She’s so adorably dorky:

Is she picky with her roles? “Well, I mean, who knows, really? I think there was a time when — and every actor will tell you — there’s a time when you’re sort of at the height of everything and people will tell you that you’re offered everything. You’re kind of under that impression. And then, years later, you find out maybe not. Or that they offered you something that you never even got told about.”

Is she loving her career resurgence? “Well, I think I feel … I don’t want this to come across the wrong way, but I do feel like a bit more selective. I’m not saying that I’m being flooded with offers all of the time. The way the industry is now, where if you decide you want to take some time off and go to something else, it’s not as easy. Back then, I was able to do that. I was able to do it a few different times in my life. I was able to slow down — I was able to do other things I was interested it. But, now, with the Internet and this sort of instant access — which is a whole other conversation.”

She’s wary of journos: “I have been misquoted, even just in the last week when I was doing the junket in LA, someone asked me something — and it was very sort of casual — and they were talking about me and the ’90s and they said something about ‘take its toll,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, you know.’ And then I see this headline, ‘It Took Its Toll.’ So, you never know. The other one that was my favorite, my dad sent it to me because I never go on the Internet that much, ‘Winona Ryder Wants To Be In a Philip Roth Movie’ … and I wasn’t talking about an adaptation. And I actually maybe shouldn’t have said that because they were asking me about films.”

25 years on from Beetlejuice: “That is crazy. And it’s weird because I still feel, weirdly, very close to it. I just got an email from Tim [Burton]. I think there’s a nostalgia going on for that era, or something. But I do feel like Lydia, that character, really, if I hadn’t done that role, I don’t think I would have ended up an actress.”

In response to the journo’s love of A Scanner Darkly: “Well, gosh, it thrills me to no end that you brought up that movie. That makes me so happy because I think that’s such a great, brilliant movie. And you’re absolutely right. I was like not … I was in San Francisco, I was doing work with City Lights — doing a whole thing. And I wasn’t wanting to — and I got that call. It was kind of a no-brainer and it was [Richard] Linklater.”

Does she watch her old movies on tv? “Well, yeah! Now they’re considered golden oldies, which is awesome. I was watching Little Women recently, and I didn’t want to get up for fear of missing something. And Heathers is like my own Rocky Horror Picture Show; I recite the lines when it’s on. It may seem odd, but I think it’s because they’re really good movies.”

[From HuffPo and Parade]

I can’t blame Winona for being unable to resist reciting her Heathers dialogue whenever the movie starts playing on TNT. It’s one of the most quotable movies in my recollection with gems like, “Great pate, mom, but I gotta motor if I wanna be ready for that party tonight,” “Tomorrow, I’ll be kissing her aerobicized ass, but tonight, let me dream of a world without Heather, a world where I am free,” and “Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.” Great stuff.

Winona does seem truly grateful to be back in Hollywood’s good graces, doesn’t she? I think she’s here to stay for good.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder

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  1. T.Fanty says:

    That makes me SO happy. Heathers is a truly great film.

    ETA: how amazing does she look? She hasn’t aged at all.

    • Thora says:

      Sure she has. Look at her neck in the second photo. Loved her in Night on Earth though. I watched it again recently.

      • Ally8 says:

        Um, there are tendons in there and the skin moves? That means ‘ice floe time’ for you?

        She looks beautiful and interesting, and not with that godawful qualifier “for her age”.

  2. neelyo says:

    It seems a little Norma Desmond-ish to me.

  3. Veronika Knowles says:

    Why are you pulling my dick, Veronika?

  4. lady mary. says:

    She looks so happy and pretty in the first two pics ,reminds me of the old wino ,good for her ,i hope she gets plenty of good roles

  5. Mrs. Peacock says:

    How very!

  6. marie says:

    Well, f-ck me gently with a chainsaw.

    Awesome movie.

  7. Nanz says:

    “Reality Bites” was on Showtime yesterday. She was in some really great films, Little Women being one of my favorites. I need to have a Winona movie marathon soon.

    • Just Me says:

      I watch Little Women with my daughter atleast once a year. Love this movie!

    • Natasha says:

      OMG I love that she watches her own movies! I loved her as Jo in Little Women. Seriously what a good movie that was with some amazing actors. I still watch it every time its on tv and still cry every time Beth dies.

      • Apsutter says:

        Me too! Poor Beth…the music they play when the housekeeper is putting the petals on the bed wrecks me. And I mentioned below how I always weep at the ending with Jo and Fredrich

      • Natasha says:

        Eeekk, yes the petals that is always where the tears start and the end, in the rain, love it! Going to have to have a Winona marathon some day soon!

    • Launicaangelina says:

      I am totally all about a Winona Ryder marathon! Heathers is my fave. Reality Bites, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Edward Scissorhands, I could go on…

    • Maya says:

      And The Age of Innocence! Her May Welland was so stunning with a kind of quiet strength to her.

  8. sarah says:

    Of course she does, EVERYONE recites the lines from Heathers when it’s on!!!

  9. Maya says:

    She’s still so beautiful. Winona Forever!

    Oh, and she quotes Heathers? Well, fuck me gently with a chainshaw.

  10. Just Me says:

    I love her. I am so glad she’s back.

    Tight rolled jeans & big hair? Not so much.

  11. eileen says:

    Yay Wino! She makes me want to go scrounge my Docs and babydoll dresses out of my 90’s boxes and watch Reality Bites! Do a post on Bridget Fonda too and I’ll throw on Singles!

  12. Rhiley says:

    I think she may do well with a show like Weeds or maybe a smaller, recurring role on a show like Girls. I would also love to see her in a film opposite Helena Bonham Carter directed by Tim Burton. She could also probably pull off a Wes Anderson film at this stage in her career.She has done some really great movies, not just Reality Bites and Edward Scissorhands, but also Mermaids, How to Make an American Quilt, and Lucas. I hope she avoids period pieces though.

    • Natasha says:

      Mermaids!!! How could I forget that one? Was one of my faves. Don’t forget Dracula too, that was a good one. And Age of Innocence and Little Women….my god she was everywhere in the 90s

  13. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Where is Mort?!?!

    AWESOME. Wino 4 Eva.

  14. mkyarwood says:

    I am not entirely sure it was all blacklisting. There is some suggestion that her shoplifting was related to other breakdown issues/trying to get off pills/secret rehab. You know. The REAL way to do a comeback.

    • Az says:

      I think she had problems and she walked away. Much like Samantha Mathis did.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I think so too. I have really missed her and am thrilled that she’s back. I hope that she has tremendous success. She is one of the few people that, every once in a blue moon, I would wonder about. Was she doing well? Was she getting herself together? Was she happy (I hoped so)? At any rate, I am glad that she’s back and I hope that whatever she took time to confront/figure out, that she has. So much more important for her to be mentally and physically healthy than to be pushed (even by herself) back into a limelight that she isn’t fully capable of handling. I sometimes liked to think that although I might never see her in a film again that she was living in the mid-west somewhere doing local theater, growing her own vegetables, and hooking up with the locals. Strange, I know 🙂

  15. bettyrose says:

    I recite lines from Heathers just because it’s a day ending in Y.

    • Az says:

      Right? I’m always trotting out, “Because you’re an idiot.” and “You’re beautiful.” I just love her delivery on those. Deadpan. “Lick it up baby. Lick. It. Up.”

  16. annaloo. says:

    YES. More of this. Winona can do no wrong at this point.

  17. Shelly says:

    Love it! Heathers was on tv yesterday, so I just watched it again. I miss Winona!

  18. Shauna says:

    I loved Heathers so much. Gonna need to watch it again soon.

    Anyone else think she looks a little like Sandra Bullock in the last picture? Just me? Ok.

  19. Apsutter says:

    I LOVE Little Women! I watch that version all the time and I always cry like a baby at the end when he says his hands are empty and then she takes his hand in hers and says “not anymore.” I honestly couldn’t love Winona anymore than I already do.

  20. ernie says:

    Welcome back Nonie. Please stay.

  21. Trisha M. says:

    And I would like to add to all of the above that I am TEAM WINONA RYDER. Screw her ex-friend Gwyneth Paltrow, the prettiest most popular girl in Hollywood. She’s a real life Heather. She’s the in-crowd, friends with Beyonce and Cameron Diaz. I’d rather be friends with Winona Ryder—the same way I’d rather watch her movies!

  22. Kimmy says:

    little women and mermaids….two of my absolute favorites. I’ll watch either when they are on tv or Netflix. Wino forever!

  23. Emily says:

    I still don’t know how Winona was so summarily blacklisted for so many years after one shoplifting incident

    And Polanski was never blacklisted at all.

    No, I will never, ever let that go. And it is why I don’t go to movies any longer. Even if they star Winona Ryder.

  24. Samigirl says:

    “I love my dead gay son!”

    That is all.

  25. KellyinSeattle says:

    Other young actresses should take note from Winona because she is sooooooo gracious and unpretentious.

  26. mandygirl says:

    Love Winona! I hope she has a big comeback. I loved her in “Little Women” but also in “How to Make an American Quilt.” She’s in so many movies that I like.

  27. paranormalgirl says:

    I adore Winona Ryder. And “Little Women” is one of my favorite movies.

  28. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Heathers was my favourite movie as a 16 yr old, I lived and breathed that and Twin Peaks.Christian Slater, Greetings and Salutations yum. I guess he was too hot to last? Was anything ever that good? Like do kids nowadays get creative succor from Teen Mom and the Kardashians? Sigh. Glad she is doing well again, she paid her dues and then some when you think of all the atrocitites commited by Lohan et al in comparison. I love her sunglasses in the top pic, she looks like a beautiful pixie alien.

  29. Beatriz says:

    A Scanner Darkly is a really REALLY good movie, I highly recommend it!

  30. Onyx XV says:


  31. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I love her so much!

  32. Jennifer12 says:

    “Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?”

  33. Tulip Garden says:

    Don’t know if anyone will read this thread so late in the day but I have to say that it is lovely that Winona seems to garner love and plaudits from all posters. There is so much that “we” don’t agree on that it is refreshing to have one thing “we” can all fangirl about…Winona Ryder and deservedly so!

  34. serena says:

    I’m happy for her, I hope she’ll do more good movies. Alas, I would have loved if and Johnny hooked up at some point but I see that’s not going to happen.. now..

  35. SageM says:

    Can you guys believe I’ve never seen Heathers? Loved Winona in Age of Innocence, Dracula, Edward Scissorhands and Little Women. I’m downloading Heathers as we speak and will watch it tonight.

  36. xoxokaligrl says:

    She looks preety. Not so frightfully skinny. Ive missed her!

  37. ramona says:

    As a Heather myself, I find the film the one redeeming quality that allows me to live with a name I despise.

    And, as it must be said:
    “You look like hell.”
    “Yeah? I just got back.”

  38. crystal says:

    I freakin love her so much!!!!!!