Winona Ryder on the cover of Interview magazine: stunning or dated?

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder covers the May issue of Interview Magazine and looks deathly lovely in all of her pale beauty. Isn’t it nice to see a Hollywood actress who is embracing her natural skin color instead of coloring herself orange? The styling is also very lush and decadent as well, and this very much reminds me of the 1990s-era Winona that we’ve been missing in movies until about a year ago.

Winona is still promoting her role in The Iceman, which opened this past weekend to respectable numbers in limited release. In the movie, Winona plays the wife of Richard Kuklinski (played by Michael Shannon), who killed more than 100 people for both sport and for hire before he was arrested in 1986. Kuklinski’s nickname came from his method of freezing his victims after death so that law enforcement had a more difficult time determining when the victims had died. In this interview, Winona talks about how difficult it was to prepare for this role because it was all about pretending not to know what was going on with her character’s husband. Here are some excerpts:

Winona Ryder

The challenge of her Iceman role: “This was something that I’d never done before — this genre, true crime — and my biggest fear was that there would be something romantic about it. I could not watch all of those interviews with Richard Kuklinski that are on YouTube or do a lot of research, because what creeps me out even more than the guy himself is the fascination that other people have with this kind of violence. I mean, I get it, but I also see it as repulsive, because this was not a guy in a situation where this guy was war-torn and it was kill or be killed. He was straight-up murdering people for a lot of money.”

Prepping to play the wife of a serial killer: “I just went through the script with a Sharpie and blacked out all of the scenes where he was killing people and the ones that I wasn’t in where things were happening that she wasn’t aware of. I thought about the wives of people like Bernie Madoff and even about ‘The Sopranos.’ But I didn’t do a lot of research, because if I had, then I think I would have played it in a way that the director did not want me to play it. I just went through the script with a Sharpie and blacked out all of the scenes where he was killing people and the ones that I wasn’t in where things were happening that she wasn’t aware of — or maybe she was aware them, but was choosing to be in denial about them.”

Upon further reflection: “On some level, she had to have known, and so I think she does bear some responsibility, and that was something that I tried to infuse into the character — a sense of greed and of, like, ‘Baby, you better go do what you gotta do, because I want to buy my Valentino suits.’ It was very important to me to show that she was not this naive, wide-eyed mother. She wants to live the way they’re living. There’s also a scene where the girls come into their bedroom and Deborah says the thing about how there are too many people in the world for God to care about all of them. That’s actually a horrible thing to say to your kids . . . While I know that a lot of people refer to her as a victim, I don’t. Maybe she didn’t know that he was, like, shooting people in the face, but to have stayed with him for that long, she had to have known on some level.”

[From Interview Magazine]

I think Winona is correct in that her character must have known (at least to a degree) about her husband’s actions, and it’s hard to feel sorry for a woman who knew she was married to a very bad man and never questioned where the money was coming from or why so much of it landed in her husband’s hands with seemingly little effort. That’s part of why I never could feel sorry for Bernie Madoff’s wife, Ruth, either — because there was so much willful blindness involved in her way of life when, in actuality, a lot of people were getting hurt.

Mostly though, this Interview cover feature is about these pictures of Winona. Even though she’ll always be a 1990s goddess, I do think that her look is timeless.

Winona Ryder

Photos courtesy of Interview Magazine

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  1. siobhan says:

    She looks beautiful.

  2. judyjudy says:

    She’s gorgeous.

  3. mkyarwood says:


  4. Itsjustblanche. says:

    Gorgeous but too photoshopped.

  5. lady mary. says:

    Beautiful Winona,she hasnt aged a day ,feels like its a shoot for Edwardscissorhands ,and we are gonna see johnny and wino walk down red carpet ,ah! nostalgia

  6. Tessa says:

    Stunning, but not really true to what she looks like these days. That’s Winona from the 90’s in those pictures.

  7. Rumorhasit says:

    I hope she comes back in a big way. Dracula was just on tv a few days ago, and It reminded me just how much I miss seeing her as an actress. Her role in Black Swan was too small.

    • LilyRose says:

      A few months back I saw her in the Age of Innocence and Little Women. She has great screen presence.

      • Lemony says:

        I loved both of those movies so much!
        And Christian Bale as Laurie? My teenaged-self could not handle it.
        Oh crap….I’m tearing up just thinking about the scene where Jo rejects Laurie..
        *sniff, sniff*
        Damn hormones! 😉

      • LilyRose says:

        Oooh yeah, I am a total Balehead (though I hate the term, I love that man) He is my Cumby is alls I’m saying.

      • Rumorhasit says:

        I completely forgot the Mack daddy of all Ryder movies, inspiring a ton of decent rip offs to include Mean Girls, Jawbreakers etc…the one the only Heathers!!! With the other Christian….

  8. LadyMTL says:

    I’m not crazy about the 2nd photo (the one with her hands in her crotch) but the cover is stunning. Photoshopped or not, that woman has amazing bone structure.

  9. marie says:


  10. Agnes says:

    She looks gorgeous in the first one

  11. geekychick says:

    I miss this kind of stars. She is beautiful and interesting and had great roles. And I’m not even from generation that adored her in her “prime”(I hope her prime comes again)!

  12. Deb says:

    Wow she looks amazing

  13. katie says:

    beautiful, beetlejuice winona forever! 🙂

  14. k says:

    I know this is a nasty thing to say, but she feels like a breath of fresh air from the over processed, over bleached, over styled Gwyneth et al.

    • geekychick says:

      +1! No matter how much Goop betrayed her, I bet she’s fuming at the fact that Winona is obviously OK (and honest) with herself, something GOOP obviously isn’t. Don’t let me get started on GOOP’s looks (which are fine, but to me she looks like a typical American “high class” princess with thousands of $ invested in it); opposed to unique, timeless, (seemingly) authentic Winona.

    • kibbles says:

      It is definitely possible for Winona to make a major comeback in Hollywood and eventually win an Emmy, Golden Globe, and/or Oscar, if that is her goal. However, I don’t really think she is setting her sights on accolades. She’s just happy to work on one or two projects a year and being content. She is probably in a much better place right now than Gwyneth who remains insecure about her looks and weight and is in a clearly unhappy marriage.

      Gwyneth has gotten where she is through fame whoring and nepotism. Her career sank after she won the Oscar for Shakespeare in Love (a win that a lot of people still believe was undeserved). She has only received a lot of attention because of her Goop PR campaign, ridiculous comments about shaving her pubes and giving BJs to her angry husband, and her role in Iron Man which any Hollywood actress between the ages of 25 and 40 could have played.

      Winona is choosing meatier albeit smaller roles for her comeback and I think that is a good way to go for Winona. She was never a fame whore and if she ever wins another acting award, she will win based on her talent and performance, not a PR campaign or payoffs made by the Weinsteins.

  15. serena says:

    She’s gorgeous.

  16. bns says:

    So gorgeous, as she always has been. I just read the full interview and it’s really interesting and honest. It’s refreshing since magazines always put the same 5 actresses on every cover with the same boring answers.

  17. Quinn says:

    I just hope it annoys Goop how great WR looks!

  18. Nicolette says:

    She looks great!

  19. Ashling says:

    She looks amazing!

  20. Jamie says:

    Ahh Wino – keep it up babe, I’ve loved you again since Black Swan

  21. DreamyK says:

    Gorgeous. And all this talk about Winona and Johnny Depp reminds me of the song by Julie Brown “Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun”….I did it for…Johnny. Heh

  22. Chrissy says:

    More Wino please! She’s really something different from all the other actresses then and even now.

    You can’t think of the 90s without thinking about Winona. Iconic.

  23. j.eyre says:

    I am so glad she is back.

    I want to see that film. Chris Evans is getting good notices for it as well.

    • LilyRose says:

      Have you seen A Scanner Darkley? It’s a very interesting film, visually and conceptually. She is great in it. I like that her come back is one focused on smaller supportive rolls. I was a Wino apologist and am happy to see her get back to acting.

  24. Ai says:

    I only like the first cover photo. The other two are slightly off and don’t leave a good impression for me for some reason

  25. dcypher1 says:

    Long live the 90s goddess. I will always be a wino forever. Shes gorg. And she can actually act. And she never homewrecked anyone like a certain actress she has also worked with. Not saying any names. So what if she stole from a fancy department store we forgive u.

  26. Ellie66 says:

    She looks amazing! What a beautiful woman! I’m glad she’s back to acting!

  27. some bitch says:

    She is absolutely stunning.

  28. Jayna says:

    I am sick of the tanorexic actresses who can’t be seen once without a tan, even in a movie that’s in the winter in Chicago (Jennifer, I’m looking at you), and I love seeing Cate Blanchett, the stunning Rachel Weisz, etc., in movies.

  29. Gabrielle says:

    She looks amazing!

  30. blaize says:

    She looks beautiful. She looks like a vampire here.

  31. Nev says:

    great cover!!!!!

  32. Dawn says:

    She looks great. And she has always been a good actress so I hope to see her in more movies.

  33. BengalCat2000 says:

    Winona’s back & GOOP is on her way to Lifetime Movies!

  34. K-MAC says:

    stunning!!! I have missed her

  35. Jen says:

    This is why you stay out of the sun, ladies.

  36. She really is beautiful. I hope her career will be amazing from now on, she deserves it.

  37. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    I read a blog somewhere very sympathetic to Winona about how she was a typical child star exploited by her parents and the movie industry, including the claim that her paleness derives from h natural blondness, that her parents dyed her hair and brows black to accentuate her pale other worldliness, and that Depp messed with her head and her heart and left her broken. Anyone care to comment on the truth of this?

    • Diana says:

      I’m sure the stuff about Johnny Depp being a grade A douchebag is most likely true.

  38. Lisa says:

    I think she’ll always look dated because she’s the face of the 90s for a lot of people and her style has stayed the same. She looks good, but I don’t like the shoot.

  39. c'est la vie says:

    She looks stunningly beautiful – unlike Goop who is supposedly (according to People) beautiful.

    Love the fact that she’s acting again.

  40. ladybert62 says:

    She looks like a vampire.

  41. emma says:

    I don’t know why you keep asking if everything with Winona is dated. She’s working it!

  42. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’m going to rent Little Women tonight. She’s impossible to look dated because she’s timeless and has some class.

  43. DAFFY says:

    U GO GIRL!!

  44. Nikita says:


    Kim gets famous with her tape
    Reese will go on with her career after "do you know who i am"
    Tom C. with his crazy jumping on a couch
    Kristen S. with her cheating
    Britney and her headshaving scary behavior


  45. L says:


  46. Mazunte says:

    Wow! She looks so sexy! Winona forever!

  47. A says:

    How can a face be dated? So I guess Brooke Shields face is also dated since she was “the face of the 80s”. C’mon.
    Winona has a timeless beauty and she looks great for her age, in fact, she looks younger than her age and I say that after I’ve seen pap pics of her with little to no make up.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I don’t think her face is dated, I think it is the commentors who are dating themselves by saying that is her “90s face”.

      She has clearly aged (you can see the sharper cheekbones, etc.), she has just aged very well. I think it is a good thing that she hasn’t tweeked her face so much that she looks like a different person.

  48. A says:

    She was unique and (today) mysterious in a way no starlets or actors of today can be.
    You could take your beat up car from Utah and drive to Hollywood and be on a set as an extra the next day.
    Today there is so much red tape everywhere and Internet(!).

    Anywhose…Young actresses today all look the same to me.
    I can’t tell the difference look-wise between Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Carey Mulligan and some other generic looking blond, skinny white girl that i’m forgetting.
    And not only that, they lack charisma and that special umph, yes, even Ms Lawrence.
    Hollywood is so dead now. Just remake after remake and the same ol’ faces.

    • ??? says:

      Well, Hollywood has been “dead” or at least dying for a much longer time than that which encompasses the new generation of star(let)s you’ve mentioned above.

      Winona is lovely as can be — always has been. And she definitely falls into a category of much more interesting actresses than those currently rising.

      But I’ve never thought of her as some phenomenal actress and timeless figure who will go down in the pantheon of Hollywood’s finest. Those types occur very, very rarely.

      I’m happy for her, though, if she makes a comeback with which she’s satisfied and content. I liked her back in the day.

  49. Aria says:

    Winona should be #1 MOST BEAUTIFUL in People Mag not Goop. God!I miss her so much. The world needs more Winona and less Goop.

  50. Loira says:

    Timeless beauty and a good actress. Much better than yes, than goop.
    I hope to see her around a lot more. If her face is “dated” , so would. Everyone born durin the 1967-1975 period… A lot of beautiful women, and that os not fair. That would not happen to male actors.
    Their handsomeness does not get “old”.

  51. We love you Winona!

  52. Mary says:

    beautiful, but arent most vampires 😉

  53. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Stunning looking woman. <3

  54. Dana M says: