January Jones in Chanel at the Met Gala: alien-fug or punked-out amazing?

OK, I think we shall name this post “The Remainders”. Because we totally missed them early this morning when we were culling through the photos. Which speaks volumes about the fashion you are about to see. Let’s start with January Jones in Chanel… the dress doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a pretty dress and I’m surprised she got her hands on a Chanel for the Met Gala. BUT THE MAKEUP. She looks like she’s about to suck out our souls. Is that punk?

Alexander Skarsgard was there! I bet he was catnip to some of these ladies. Ten bucks says Cameron Diaz was trying to stab that with her spiked belt.

Livia and Colin Firth were there! There weren’t many photos of them though. I’m sure Livia’s dress is recycled or sustainable. It’s really pretty.

Damian Lewis and his wife Helen. I LOVE her dress.

Jessica Biel in Giambattista Valli. This is terrible! Justin Timberlake didn’t want any part of it so he didn’t even walk the carpet with her.

Chelsea Clinton looks SO MUCH like Hillary here.

Kerry Washington in Vera Wang. EH. I’ve seen her look so much better, and this doesn’t work on any kind of punk level. Overall, she just looks cheap.

Kristen Dunst in Louis Vuitton. Not the best, not the worst.

Sienna Miller in Burberry (sorry we don’t have a full-length photo, but it’s nothing special). The jacket is unexpectedly enchanting.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Gina says:

    Haha poor guy standing a step above Alex and still being way shorter than him

  2. tifzlan says:

    I actually quite liked Jessica Biel’s dress. It looks so delicate! But i can’t decide if i’d like it more without the tights/leggings thing.

  3. Kassandra says:

    January is giving major David Bowie vibes……I think I like it

    • judyjudy says:


    • Faye says:

      I was just about to say this! I loved her contrast of Chanel dress and David Bowie makeup/hair. It really emmbraced the theme of punk and couture.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s funny, I was thinking she’s trying to be the next Tilda Swinton, so…same difference.

    • J. says:

      I love it. If more people dressed like this, I’d actually give a shit about these fashion posts.

    • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

      Why so much hate for JJ. Love her. Some folks are not people persons (from all accounts she is not) but they are still good/great/mediocre entertainers or actors.

      On another note, my Husband – that’s right husband – Colin looks delectable. 🙂 I love that Brit.

      PS – I like Damian even though his mouth turns me off.

  4. Spaniard says:


  5. epiphany says:

    I don’t like January Jones, but at least she, like Madonna, made some attempt to embrace the theme of the occasion. Did the rest of these women not understand the point of the gala was to go punk?!?!#BORING

  6. Lee says:

    I’m surprised an actress like January Jones would intentionally make herself look so unattractive. She looks ghastly. So, yes. Alien-fug.

    I kinda like Jessica’s dress, even the leggings. Spidery-punk.

  7. Thiajoka says:

    I think January pulls this off and looks great–she definitely got the theme right. Kerry is too classically beautiful to wear Vera Wang in my opinion–not sure what they could have done to punk her up without it not looking right on her. I agree that Chelsea looks like Hillary as she gets older.

  8. marie says:

    Alex always looks good in a suit and tie.

    The guy standing behind Jessica is far more interesting than anything she’s got on.

    I don’t like that color on Chelsea.. but Helen’s color is gorgeous.

    • V4Real says:

      Forget the fashions; I’m just wondering if Miley and January bumped into each other. Meow!

  9. Eleonor says:

    I think January Jones, Jessica Biel and Sienna Miller were perfectly in theme.

  10. Shelly says:

    Sienna looks fab.

  11. Ag says:

    January looks great! I’m no fan of hers, but giving credit where credit is due. 🙂

  12. Talie says:

    When i saw January’s face… she really scared me! Holy sh*t! That is some death-eater realness. Haha

  13. DeltaJuliet says:

    Dick Winters is married to Narcissa Malfoy? GTFO!

  14. TheOriginalVctoria says:

    JJ did EVERYTHING right!. It was dramatic without being tacky. Even though muly husband Colin brought his mistress to the gala as opposed to me, bish looked great. Chelsea, classy. The black cape is as punk as she’ll go. I would like Jessica’s drss so much more if I didn’t know how much if a try hard she is. I can picture how it all went down from selection to the night of. Sienna, yes. KIRSTEN MAH Boo, looked lovely.

  15. BooBooLaRue says:

    hee “the remainders” is spot on!

  16. Faye says:

    January got it exactly right; she acheived the balance of punk plus couture. I know people love to hate on her, but she gets credit for last night, I think.

    The rest of the women here were either eh or pretty and unrelated to the theme.

    It’s funny, because to me Chelsea (why was she there?) really resembles her father very strongly.

  17. neelyo says:

    I know January Jones is always touted for her beauty but this look proves that she’s no natural. It just brings out the Karl Malden aspects of her nose.

  18. rashers says:

    I really couldnt care less about the dresses. If it covers your butt and makes you feel good, who the hell am I to be talking. (Especially when I am typing dressed in my pajamas!).

    What I AM interested in is if Miley gave January a beat down or atleast the bitch-eye for Liam saga. And were Liam and January playing footsie all night? Were they spotted heading out off to the bathroom……together? These are the things that matter to me.

  19. Stubbylove says:

    January’s makeup is awesome – she can pull this look off and not look like she’s a tryhard. Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton could rock this makeup as well. The rest of her outfit and styling is a bore though. Jessica and Sienna look freakin’ stupid.

    • Thiajoka says:

      Dear Lord, you are right! Why didn’t Cate or Tilda attend this? More interesting all around and would have been to die for.

  20. T.Fanty says:

    Helen McCrory’s dress is gorgeous.

    • ncboudicca says:

      I have a complete girl crush on her because she always looks so stylish and age-appropriate. I don’t see a lot of her, but every time I do, I want whatever she’s wearing.

  21. Marty says:

    I wonder if January and Miley ran into eachother? Awkward!

    • mslewis says:

      I doubt it. People arrive at different times, the venue is too big and there are people to prevent this type of thing. Plus, I doubt they were invited to the same after-party.

  22. Nev says:

    Sienna shoulda been hotter!!!!

  23. Emily says:

    January Jones and Sienna Miller and that guy Sienna is with looked good.

    Everyone else… why did they go to a costume ball wearing the same stuff they’d always wear? Except Jessica Biel. At least she tried. But I can’t judge her clothes because she’s married to one of the biggest douches ever to live, and that’s all I can think about when I see her.

  24. Rachel says:

    I like Kirsten Dunst’s dress a lot. I think she could have made it work with the theme with some accessorizing. Instead she didn’t accessorize AT ALL.

  25. smee says:

    J Jones looks like a cross-eyed Ke$ha!

  26. Ginger says:

    Hmmm first time I have EVER been intrigued by January Jones

  27. lucy2 says:

    I kind of like Kirsten’s. And while I give credit to January for attempting something, it still looks so creepy to me.

    Ahh, Skarsgard. Nice. And I like Colin Firth’s wife’s dress too.

  28. Dim says:

    January looks like Matt Smith here.

  29. emma says:

    january’s eyes seem like something a punk in the late 70’s would have around their eyes, so kudos for that. BUT it’s the MET gala- so you have to schnazz it up a bit!

  30. geekychick says:

    AAAAAAAH! I haver to admit, JJ’s dress is AMAZING! nd totally theme appropriate!

  31. xxx says:

    January looks terrifying! The dress is actually really boring but some of the detailing is cool I guess. The makeup is unflattering and scary, but very high fashion. I think it’s more glam than punk but it gets a pass.

    Jess looks really washed out which is weird for her but… even though the dress is kind of ugly, and it is a leggings/dress combo which I never like… I think she tried and it is genuinely punk influencing fashion and I think she looks pretty good. I don’t love it, but she’s so much better than so many other people there.

    Sienna looks fantastic, as does her man with his safety pins. Now THAT is how punk is influenced high fashion! And I love how she contrasted the punk jacket, hair, and accessories with a very simple, plain, sexy white dress. I really like that.

  32. Ashling says:

    I’m surprised January went for this look. I think she rocked it. So men don’t dress for the theme? The guys are all wearing normal suits. Not that I mind. Alex…mmm

  33. Ally8 says:

    January wins this one. Punked-out amazing!

    How have she and Skarsgaard not been a thing yet? She’s just his type.

  34. F5 says:

    Try Hard JJ..

  35. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    January looks awesome. She had the guts to go for it – and it worked.

  36. wendywoo says:

    Helen McRory!!! Aka Damien Lewis’ wife and the most AMAZING actress. THAT was a PERFECT Anna Karenina.

  37. Sashor says:

    January Jones reminds me of Darryl Hannah in Blade Runner with the eye makeup….

  38. taxi says:

    Did Chelsea get confused & try for a girly Dracula? That capelet isn’t punk & doesn’t go with her dress either.

    Sienna looked good with the jacket & hairband.

    JJ didn’t really hit punk vibe to me. Her black triangles are off just enough to make her look cross-eyed. I hope she did those after she put her kid to bed so she didn’t scare him half to death.

    Helen McC doesn’t get any punkpoints either, but the dress is pretty. Biel’s mullet is odd & lace tights dont help. I love KW but her dress isn’t expecially anything, even pretty. Kiki’s too-deep V just emphasizes the fake boobs.

  39. Jennibee says:

    Jessica looks perfect for the occasion. Punk isn’t supposed to be pretty, it’s supposed to be edgy and against the grain. If everyone loved it it wouldn’t be punk.

    JJ’s makeup and attire are great too.