Is Howard K. Stern behaving suspiciously after Anna died?

Howard K. Stern’s behavior in the hours after Anna’s death may be considered odd by some, but it’s not much of a change from what he was doing before Anna died. Instead of flying back to the Bahamas where the infant daughter of his supposed lover was staying with his family, he sailed back on a new boat he recently purchased with Anna. Once in the Bahamas, he promptly snatched back the mansion that Anna borrowed from a peeved ex boyfriend.

He also got paid big bucks for his first exclusive interview after her death.

The new boat and sail back to the Bahamas
Howard and Anna had just purchased a 40 foot sport yacht they called “The Cracker,” which they were in the process of outfitting with flat screen TVs and fabrics selected by an interior decorator. The last owner of the ten year-old boat said that Anna like the fact that there were two bedrooms. Instead of flying from Florida to the Bahamas, Stern sailed back on that new boat. It seems odd to me, but he may have wanted the solitude.

The high-paid interview
People are ripping on Stern for selling his story right after Anna died by submitting to an interview with Entertainment Tonight to be aired tonight, and undoubtedly dragged out over the week. This is no different from Anna and Howard’s behavior after Daniel’s death, in which they sold his last pictures to a photo agency. In fact Anna and Howard held a “commitment ceremony” in order to sell the pictures before they could even be bothered to bury Daniel, who was finally laid to rest 39 days after his death.

Howard told ET that he wouldn’t let Anna’s mom, who is now in the Bahamas, even see her grandchild, and said “As long as I have a breath in my body, that woman will not see Dannielynn.

He was said to be upset and crying a lot, but that didn’t stop him from cashing in on her death right away.

Snatching back the borrowed mansion
After Anna’s death, G. Ben Thompson, the rightful owner of the mansion where she was squatting in the Bahamas before she went to Florida to defend her daughter’s paternity, had the locks changed on his estate. It appears he had no legal right to do this, as Stern promptly had them changed back and filed a complaint with police over missing items, which included computers and art in the house.

The wedding scheduled for two weeks out
In the interview with ET, it is casually mentioned that Howard and Anna were playing a real for-keeps wedding that was to happen just two weeks after Anna died. It could just be a coincidence that Anna died before that wedding happened, or maybe she was trying to avoid it, subconsciously or not.

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  1. kailie2 says:

    Planning a wedding? My first thought after I heard about Anna’s passing was “don’t let this creep near the child”. Sorry but I don’t believe one word he’s saying. I think he’s weird at best, creepy and dangerous at worst. I always felt that the “commitment ceremony” they had was at his urging and she was too weak and drugged out of her mind to resist–I mean, her son wasn’t even buried yet! I doubt that the child is his but she’s in line to inherit the money and that’s why I’m worried for her. Why did they move to the Bahamas in the first place? It’s just all too convenient: Anna was a drug addict, died of a “broken heart” over her son’s death etc. etc.

  2. countrybabe says:

    I agree with you on this one Kallie, They supposedly moved to the Bahamas because what he was doing, is legal over there.
    1)Putting his name on the birth certificate.
    2)The child would be a Bahamian citizen
    3) Hiding fom legal jurisdiction here.
    His motive is the money, but I wonder if he really fooled Anna into this-she wasn’t this dumb.
    I saw this pictures yesterday, is it recent?

  3. revlon10 says:

    Howard K. Stern is a PIMP
    *Lets start with the reality show to exploit her for money
    *Than the Trimspa Baby the loss of weight she had an interview on cnn a couple of years back and when they asked her what she ate she couldn’t answer and was high as a kite
    *The deth of her son, I say he did it to get him out of the way, maybe he even got him on the drugs to keep him from seeing clearly
    * The issue with the baby we all saw the show we new she was not attracted to her, but now has so much dirt on her he can control her like a puppet. to put his name on the birth cirtificate and now a fake wedding and now planning a wedding why was she always in need of money? How much was his take.
    *Why if you have a 24 seven Lawer by your side also “lover” how come is was alway in some legal mess like evictions.
    *And now he took back the masion?
    way want baby wih mother/nanny in the states even if she was out of her mind on drugs you and the suppoded farther and lawer should know better, and it would also help her with the loss of her son.
    Howard is Americas #1 PIMP
    I feel is is responsible for two young deaths and now trying to take this motherless child away form her true family. If I were a judge I would not give him the child even if it were his, too many deaths around him due to drugs and too many lawsuits.

    This story is better than fiction. you couldnt write this stuff, Im sad over her and her sons death because through the years I found her story so fascinating.
    My prayer is that her daugher will hind the peace that her mother did not find in this lifetime and a very safe and normal life with lots of love, and only know her mother and brother for the best of times.

  4. Gigohead says:

    My message to Mark Steines…grab that baby and…run..That baby is in deep trouble

  5. Anonymous says:

    …and Revlon 10 – some of those prescription drugs had his name on it. Not only is he a PIMP but a drug pusher as well.

    Hope he falls off of his sailboat and drowns. What a creep.

  6. idontknow says:

    I just don’t trust this guy, at all. I’m really not a person that cares about peoples looks, but his face disturbs me, now he’s all over the news crying and what not, and I have to look at his face. Everything about him disturbs me.

  7. gg says:

    I think he’s less of a conniver and more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kinda sleazeball. I could be wrong, but it looks to me the Daniel thing was just idiot judgment from all 3 of them, and so was her death. Her shows and tv appearances alone detail the fact that there was no one with any maturity anywhere around.

  8. some guy says:

    a boat named “the Cracker?”

    It’s just too easy. *insert joke here*

  9. m. says:

    Hey, I read today that one of the reasons ANS was in Florida was to have surgery on one of her breast implants, and that what might have given her flu like symptoms is an infection from the plastic surgery.
    Anna was taking a whole schmorgasborg of pain killers and combining it with lots of other medications. A lot of her meds were taken in liquid injectible form, which explains why no pills were found in her stomach.) In ANS hotel room they did find a lot of bottles of prescription drugs..all the bottles but one were in her name. The suite she was staying in housed 6 people.
    As far as selling personal crap to Entertainment Tonight, the two of them did it for years. Most recently, Anna sold a movie of her being given a c-section during birth..complete with her drama queen shreiking antics..
    -that earned her a payola from ET of 500k.
    Howard was at Anna’s beck and call. Anna was completely self-absorbed in an almost retarded way, and expected everyone to wait on her.
    Howard is sleazy, but i don’t think that he killed her and the son. even if lets say it turns out that howard is the bio dad, im sure that it will always be questioned. There is no guarantee that the baby will inherit a dime from the elderly mans fortune.

  10. spinach quiche says:

    Anna Nicole Smith and Howard were the first to exploit the whole “reality tv” craze. the more dramatic, the more T & A the more money.

    nowadays it seems like everyone and their mother wants to look like a porn star.

  11. spinach quiche says:

    Howard and Anna Nicole were the Bonnie and Clyde of reality tv.

  12. m says:

    hey cb, i read your articles out of order….after i went on about that all of the details of this disaster, i saw that you guys completely covered it.
    mea culpa

  13. oh no says:

    Why oh WHY is ET defending this sleazeball? They say the same crap over and over and the video they show is days old.

    Judge Judy summed it up nicely last night on Larry King. Basically Stern is a liar and a possibly a killer, and he is stalling the paternity case because he knows he won’t win. Then he’ll have nothing, not even a roof over his head, because he was nothing but a hanger-on, using Anna for his sole support. Oh wait, last night his sister did say that their parents were supporting him as well. What a great catch, that one.

    I’m very disappointed with ET and the whole gang. I hate to say it but Nancy Grace and Larry King are providing more accurate and sensible information every night. Everyone should boycott ET until they come to their senses and stop this shameless and stupid defense of Howard K. Stern. They are going to look very foolish when the paternity tests are done.

  14. gg says:

    HKS is toast. He is hiding things. I almost feel sorry for him. but, naah, riding on druggies’ coattails is a dangerous business.

    I’m dying to know who the father is.

    I do feel really awful for Stern’s family members though.

  15. marlene Sandford says:

    Haward The duck Stern left his DAN on the brim of his drinking cup on the witness stand on 2/21. When Larry Birkhead took the witness stand next he made a grab for the cup. Nice going Ace. I like your style.
    I really think the judge is in on what went down with the cup thing. We have to remember that the duck Howard was in the Bahamas and he would have never came back to the states if he knew the judge was going to ask him for his DNA. So he made a deal the loser, if you come no DNA test would be force on him. I just wonder if it is legal what they did, maybe the condescending mouse Kuby could clear this one up for me. When one of Larry Birkhead’s lawyer went up to give him that bottle of water that’s when the cup Stern was drinking from disappeared. That look on Mr. Birkhead face really made my day.

  16. mr. correct says:

    Before Mr. Howard K. Stern exits forever to the Bahamas at the end of his grand plan…yes, the one which began at the time Larry was exited from Anna’s premises (along with all of her lifelong friends)and she moves with Mr. Stern to the only place which would honor his name on the birth certificate, especially after her son (the heir) dies (in the Bahamas. LOL). ON and on and on…DannieLynn stays in Bahamas while Anna dies here. You betcha. Strike up the band, the orchestra is playing and all the rulings are going in Howard Stern’s favor. I hope DannieLynn does not have sids, but maybe the best remedy for that would be to ARREST this man in Florida for Manslaughter 2 as he (the controlling unemployed slimeball that he is) allowed Anna to die on his watch. If he really cared about her as much as he keeps saying he did; why did he allow her to die at the most appropriate time for HIM! Circumstantial evidence (videos, photos, chain of events, friends, family, and timing) will convict him in US, but never be accused in Bahamas. Put HIM in jail before he takes asylum to bury his “lover”.

  17. Sam Morris says:

    KEY POINTS – Stern testified that there had not been any drugs of Methadone around Anna Nicole Smith in the last five months, since her son Daniel died.

    That testimony by Howard K. Stern was a lie. Prescription medication found at the scene, inside the refrigerator next to her bed at the Hard Rock Hotel, included the stimulant Provigil, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the powerful pain reliever Vicodin, and the morphine-like pain reliever Methadone — a lot of Methadone.

    In testifying to being the father of Dannielynn, Howard K. Stern stated he is the father, according to the laws of the Bahamas. That was a clear message, that he had done some research on the paternity laws of the Bahamas.

    Reading the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahams, CHAPTER 130 dealing with paterity, states that the father is the name on the birth cirtificate and states there is no need to search for a father, when the father named on the birth cirtificate can be located. No blood tests are required to locate a father, when the father named on the birth certificate is living and can be located.

    If you read the will of Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. Stern is the one who benefits from her death. The will is the road map to murder, a double homicide and possibly more.

    Howard K. Stern has the cunning and courtroom posture of Theodore Bundy with a mixture of lies and defiance similar to Scott Peterson.

    In the Bahamas, the father of Dannialynn by law is Howard K. Stern. By the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole Smith were legally married at sea on a boat with a Bahamas minister, which is very common practice in the Bahamas. The commitment ceremony, held on the high seas, is a legal binding marriage in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

    The will of Anna Nicole Smith, which was completely manipulated and crafted by Howard K. Stern, making him the sole beneficiary, will hold up as a legal will in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

    Regardless of the language in the will, by the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Howard K. Stern is considered the surviving spouse of Anna Nicole Smith and is entitled to inherit her entire estate.

    That little wedding commitment ceremony held on the boat, out on the high seas, was done for a reason. It was part of Howard K. Stern’s master plan.

    Howard Stern planned this entire plot from the very start of his relationship with Anna Nicole Smith, when as her attorney, Anna told Howard she wanted to die young like Marilyn Monroe. That’s when Howard realized it would be more profitable for him to step aside as her attorney and remain as her confidant, but not before he had crafted the will of Anna Nicole Smith.

  18. 3 cute cats says:

    I find it amazing that Anna decided to basicaly steal Larry Birkheads baby away ( never share custody) and then in a twist of whatever HER SON was taken away from her. mmmmmlet me see…..what goes around comes around.

  19. marlene Sandford says:

    Anna nicole was on Methadone maintence and her little Dannielynn tested postive for the drug and had to be weened off the methadone. you can’t just go cold turkey with meth, the pain would be very severe. She over dose in the early 90′s on perk’s and put herself in a durg induce coma. After that near miss she got clean. When Howard came along he got her back on the the juice but this time it was methadone a form of man made heroin. Withdrawal from methadone is so painful that you could pull the old bell and the bone trick on anyone you get hook on it. That’s how Mr. Stern was able to be up her rear end 24/7.

  20. monika says:

    check out

    lots of good stuff on that site too…howie is guilty of a lot of things.

  21. Vicki says:

    Howard K. Stern is the only one that Anna Nicole trusted. She was a smart woman that made her own decisions. I believe that Howard did everything according to what Anna wanted and she wanted him to be by her side. I believe that they had a close and intimate relationship and he truly loved her, Daniel, and Dannielynn. The others, especially Virgie Arthur are only after her money. Howard should raise the baby as that is what Anna wanted and really that is all that matters.

  22. Trish says:

    In my opinion, HKS provided the drugs that killed Daniel Smith. Anna Nicole was depending more and more on Daniel for his opinion and advice on her career and HKS could see his meal ticket disappearing. Anna supported HKS for eleven years – he should be ashamed of himself. The Bahamian authorities should insist that HKS take a lie detector test about both Daniel and Anna’s death with one of the best from Scotland Yard or the US. HKS, in my opinion is a blood-sucking leach.

  23. Mark says:

    What a sad, typical story of drug addicts and their pusher. Why are we glamorizing this behavior? They are all poor examples of positive contributors in society. All three should be six feet under. I wonder who is going to drug up Howard so he can join the other two losers who’ve died…

  24. Docsdoll says:

    I happen to like the guy, and for the babies sake I hope that she ends up with Howard. Everyone wants to butt there noses in everyone elses business why people just mind there own business worry about them selfs and whats going on in their own lives it would make the world a lot better place. There is so much hate in the world today and its only going to get worse. jealousy is a sickness…..