Puff Daddy and T.R Knight exchange words

Night time ain’t the right time for T.R. Knight. That poor little pudgy faced boy just cannot catch a break these days. Wannabee alpha males seem to thrive on the Knightly smack down. That was the oft told Knight’s tale once again – this time at the Rolling Stone/J-Timber pre-Grammy party. Yet even in this self-same party, open to Cocoon and Mickey Mouse club fans alike, Piddly Duffs could not go along to getalong. Page Six had the details

A spy said, “Puffy was supposed to sit in the same VIP area that had four tables – two were for him and two were for the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ cast. But he was very, very late, and there are a lot of ‘Grey’s’ castmembers, so T.R., Kate and Sara were at a table set up for Puffy.”

Combs’ bodyguard was a little heavy-handed.

“This guy goes up to T.R., Kate and Sara and started demanding – ‘Get out! Get out now! Move it!’ – T.R. was furious,” our spy who was in the same VIP section said.
The spy added that Combs and Knight exchanged words before the “Grey’s” cast were led away to another table.

And as we all know … exchanging words for the Grey’s Anatomy cast is half a step away from a throwdown and rehab. Chandra Wilson will beat you down with her SAG awards for a split infinitive. Katherine Heigl used to be an alien on Roswell so Duff Piddly and Co. need to watch out — she can phaser beam the heavy hands right off any bodyguards that try to mess with her buddy T.R. Another side of the controversial story was conveyed by:

a pal of Combs’ [who] said, “Listen, if they were moved, it wasn’t because Puffy told [his bodyguard to move them]. He wasn’t aware of what was going on – he had a great time and didn’t realize anyone was upset.”

This version in suspect insofar as Puffy has to date no recorded pals, a deficit of friends, but an embarrassing wealth of lackeys, yes-men and umbrella holders. The record does, however, show that he is extremely capable of being unaware of what’s going on while silmutaeously having a great time, looking like an asthmatic mole in designer shades, not realizing anyone is upset and providing actual proof J-Lo can make a good decision.

It’s the kind of effortless multi-tasking that’s made him the Puff Daddy we all P Diddy-serve.

pics via poster.net and imdb

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  1. Mairead says:

    Can someone please explain to me the point of Puff Pastry??? Seriously? What use does he have other than keeping thugs in gainful employment, exploiting every diamond mine in Africa and generally looking like a spoilt brat?

    Anyone who annoys that useless twat is a hero of mine.

  2. m.a. says:

    I agree. Puffer-wuffer-ding-dong-diddy, or whatever he is calling himself, these days, is a waste of skin.

  3. DogRunner says:

    Still having a hard time getting over his dog hair coats.

  4. tmi says:

    not since his true love fat albert died, pi ttiful daddy has not been the same.
    he even stole a police song to serenade his fatness- every breath you take.

    with all of the timless comtributions blacks have made in the world of art and music, is there no embarassment over a scrawny retard stealing everyones music and calling it his own? taking something like, say a smokey robinson song and yelling over it, yea yeah yea yeah ugh ugh oh ya yea yea yeah yo yo yo yo muthafuckah yo. this is some retarded shit.
    exceptionally retarded rap music is to this decade what boy bands were in the last.
    he needs to be banned.

  5. yo mama likes me says:

    puffy do rag needs those tables so that he can find more girls wanting to play hide and snake with him. he doesn’t care that his girlfriend just had twin baby girls, additions to the 13 yo old son they have. maybe his girlfriend doesnt care either so long as she is living in the black barbie mansion in new jersey.
    diddy needs to stfu and die.

  6. frewtloop says:

    duff piddly! heHAW

  7. Clarimonde says:

    I cannot understand 3/4 of he way these UrbanDK articles are written. They make no sense!

  8. UrbanDK says:

    ahhh but that last quarter is worth the whole dollar …

  9. Clarimonde says:

    If you say so. I think your writing lacks clarity. You are trying too hard to be clever and are really losing the point in your sentences.

  10. UrbanDK says:

    Thanks for the input … I find your commentary humorless, priggish and dull. Vive la difference …

  11. declanium says:

    seriously, what has Puffy/Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/whatever done recently?

  12. Girlygrrl says:

    Dear Mr Puff n’ Stuff:
    Please stop making bad music, cheesy clothing and committing acts of public assery, in general.
    I don’t enjoy being embarassed for you and other overpaid, overexposed, overhyped celebrities. So please, have a “puff(y)” and mellow the f*#k out, eventually. you too, will get a place to sit!!

  13. gg says:

    Puff Pastry! hahaha!

    UrbanDK I get all the references and think you are funny as all getout. Love your writing.