David Gandy loves Paul Newman, Steven McQueen: ‘What has happened to men?’

These photos of David Gandy are from a week ago. I’m sorry I missed them! You know how I love all things David Gandy. I love his little lisp. I love his haughtiness. I love that he compares himself to Gisele. But mostly I just love his eyes and his hair and his body. These pics are from the Chelsea Flower Show last week – David was looking particularly yummy. I don’t think he has an official girlfriend these days either. Huh. Somebody (me?) should get on that.

Anyway, since it’s the day after a holiday, I just thought we’d check in with David and see what he’s up to. He’s given some recent interviews which I found interesting, including a cover interview for Shortlist. Here are some highlights from the Shortlist piece:

Gandy on 16-year-old Gandy: “I was nothing to write home about. I was a bit chubby and had no idea about fashion. I was playing every sport under the sun, so I just dressed in a utilitarian way. Cricket gear, football gear or a tracksuit; there was no time for fashion… I was very shy as a 16-year-old. I still am. Puberty is a horrid time. I was slightly bigger because I had puppy fat, then I shot up to 6ft 3 and got skinny, then I got broad. It was a weird development.”

His first car: “When I was 17 I had a Ford Fiesta 1.1 Ghia. ‘The Beast’, as we called it. The guy who owned it before me put aftermarket electric windows in, so you had to press the button and bang the door to get the window to fall down. I was on a date once and the passenger door was broken, so my date had to climb across me to get out, but then the other door broke. She climbed out of the window. I thought, “This isn’t happening.” I told my dad he was ruining my chances of ever getting laid.”

Becoming a model: “I had just graduated with a degree in marketing when I won the modelling competition on This Morning. My friends said they’d sent my pictures in – I thought they were joking. Modelling wasn’t seen as an aspirational thing back then. It wasn’t a manly job. Fashion is kept very elitist – most people’s only tangible link to male modelling is Zoolander. The preconception that it’s all up its own arse. There are plenty of those people, but my motto has always been work hard and be persistent. Nowadays, people don’t seem to want to work from the bottom up. I came from university and did five or six years of catalogues.”

Modeling: “Modeling is like acting. The photographer knows what they want, and you have to portray that. But you can’t use voices like an actor can – you have to do it with a look. One look.”

His famous Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue ads: “I didn’t want to be known as ‘The White Pants Guy’ forever, because that would drive me round the bend, so I started thinking about how I could make my name outside of it. But I’m hugely grateful to Dolce & Gabbana because, before the Light Blue campaign, male models were skinny and androgynous. I adopted a ‘go big or go home’ mentality and decided to bring back a sense of masculinity.”

Male style icons: “I love Paul Newman. There is an element of me that thinks, “What has happened to men?” Someone emailed me this great thing the other day: a picture of a young kid from a boy band: 16 years old, hair flipped over. And beneath that a picture of Sean Connery as Bond, cigarette hanging out of his mouth. And it said in big letters, ‘Men: what happened?’ When I look at Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, James Dean and Sean Connery, it’s a question I ask myself.”

His parents: “Mum and Dad are retired, but they’re still the hardest working people I know. Everyone in my family is self-employed, which probably says something about the family mentality; that control thing. They’re proud, but in a subdued way. I’m in the only industry where women are more powerful than men – and earn about five times as much. My dad still finds that hilarious.”

When fans go too far: “A girl superimposed my head on to her family portrait and came to my agency saying I was her long-lost brother. It was during Men’s Fashion Week, so she could get the timetable and know where I was going to be. Luckily my driver was ex-Scotland Yard and dealt with it.”

Why he doesn’t have a Twitter: “I don’t understand that world of ‘Look at the restaurant I’m in’, ‘look at my car’, ‘look at the beach I’m on.’ And why do high-profile people complain about press intrusion, then tweet where they are and complain about being papped? But then, the biggest stars often don’t tweet. Daniel Radcliffe said, “Why would anyone want me to tweet? I haven’t got anything interesting to say.” Straight away, I liked him.”

His other passion: “I love cars. I’m having a classic Mercedes 190SL restored and fitted with a bespoke, five-piece leather luggage set. I also ski. But these days I look at a double black run that I flew down at 24 and think, “Nah, I’ll have a bit of lunch.” Self-preservation kicks in at 27 and you realise you’re going to hurt yourself. It just hasn’t happened with my driving yet.”

[From Shortlist]

Gandy has another interview in Scotland-on-Sunday from last week too, which you can read here. It’s a decent piece, and he’s mostly talking about branding and how his life really isn’t that glamorous and how he works to raise the profile of male models in an industry where women hold most of the power. I do like him, and I think he’s an intelligent, interesting guy. But I also think he’s probably high-strung and anal in real life. Tightly wound, if you will. Which means he and I would probably not work out in the long run. We would just nit-pick each other to death. Mm. I would nit-pick him all night long. Sorry, what?

Photos courtesy of WENN, PR Photos.

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  1. T.Fanty says:

    I can’t remember who it was that described him as Dean Gaffney’s hot older brother, but that is *all* I can ever see now.

    • Anna says:

      Funny thing is that name doesnt mean anything to me either! I am sort of meh on both of them (just googled), looks-wise.

    • LAK says:

      Me too. It’s completely ruined the Gandy for me.

      On a different note, he must have been such an awkward looking teen because he has an old, very masculine face (as opposed to a pretty, delicate boy face), age just makes him better.

  2. marie says:

    I dunno, I’m not feeling these photos..

  3. brin says:

    Thanks for the early morning biscuit tingle!

  4. Regina Lynx says:

    I really think he should legally change his last name to ‘Candy’.

    David Candy. (And I bet nobody has never thought of that before! *hides self*)

  5. Nev says:


  6. Bianca says:

    I’ve got a thing for the dark hair + blue eyes combination…

  7. Mirella says:


  8. Anna says:

    I have never looked at this guy twice before, and when I saw his name in the feed I was like ‘WHO?’ but having read the piece, I really love what he says about celebrity. The whole ‘don’t Tweet your location and then complain about lack of privacy’ commandment deserves an epic AMEN.

  9. Gwen says:

    He sounds smarter, than I thought he would. Nice :D

    • Ella says:

      “I’m in the only industry where women are more powerful than men – and earn about five times as much. My dad still finds that hilarious.”
      Smart? Really?

  10. Anmelt says:

    How many models say they were awkward looking and then suddenly grew into their looks? I am quite skeptical ha ha.

    • Jennykins says:

      I wonder if it comes with being so damn tall?
      Thats if im being nice. its more likely because people don’t like hearing “naw I was hot even then”

  11. Dawn says:

    I think he is right especially when it comes to men. Steve McQueen is still so very cool but let’s face it he is so last century as well. All the guys he mentions are. Talk about being dead on about twitter. Tweet pics of this and that and then get pissed off about not having any privacy. Duh.

    • Rumorhasit says:

      He’s dead on about the men. I’ll see your Steve McQueen, and raise you Robert Mitchum, or even John Wayne for that matter…it is last century, it has to be…what’s out there these days? Belieber? Clooney? Leo?
      No thanks.
      Paul Newman, for the win.

  12. Mauibound says:

    Every time I see the Gandy, it makes me miss hot guy Friday so much!!!!

  13. Leigh_S says:

    One Look!?! ONE Look!?!

    I can’t believe he referenced Zoolander and then threw in the “One Look” comment. That was HILARIOUS!

  14. truthful says:


    I almost licked my computer screen, let me bring it down a few notches, whew.

    HE has the blueprint for perfection, he’s studly w/o even trying.

    I like his intense stare and he’s right about male actors, love me some Steve McQueen, gritty and fine as wine.

    I want David to dare me to do things..


  15. Joanna says:

    why does he have all his clothes on in mos t of these pictures? that’s just not right!! i’ll take a threesome with him and hugh jackman. anybody else?

  16. anon says:

    In the words of Phoebe Bouffey from “Friends,” after looking at Brad Pitt and then looking up to the sky as if to talk to God,
    “Well Done!”

    This many is YUMMY!!!

  17. Amanda says:

    I agree. Male actors these days just aren’t what they used to be.

  18. Nerd Alert says:

    Ugh, I don’t like cowboys or all that macho shit. Half the time, it’s just an act to impress other men. The other half the time, they’re backwards misogynists.

  19. Jen says:

    Sometimes I think folks like to look back with a great deal of nostalgia and only at the characters that were played and not the actual person. McQueen is the king of cool and Bullitt is the coolest cop ever and I love his films. But he was also a bit of a jerk in real life. He used alot of drugs and cheated on every woman he married. His first wife said, “He sleeps with blondes and marries brunettes”. Newman, loved him to death, but he also said he regretted being such a lousy father and let’s not forget he was very married when he got together with Joanne. Of course, he redemed himself after they got married. Not just to pick on these two, but I read alot about them. I don’t know much about Mitchum and I never liked John Wayne.

    So, being a “man” is more than smoking and beating someone up in a movie. Some of today’s actors are pure crap, true, but so were many stars in the past. Though, the twitter stuff is absolutely true.

    • Chordy says:

      ITA. I give an eye roll to anyone who’s waxing nostalgic for the masculine ideals of past generations. Our leading men are way better than the leading men of the past, as long as you’re looking at them with a woman’s eyes. They got Steve McQueen, Sean Connery, et al. Hot dudes who treated women like shit. We get: Chris Hemsworth, Asgardian god and loving father and husband; Ryan Gosling, with abs not even photoshop can emulate and a strong voice for female empowerment in the entertainment industry; beautiful scamp RDJ who can’t stop talking about what a badass his wife is; Chris Evans, all lips, muscles, and neurotic emotional exploration. I mean, we could go on and on. I like that the leading men of today have to have a more complex relationship with the violence they portray.

      • Cel says:


        Excellent post – agree with everything you said!

      • Myrto says:

        Seriously. I hate this “where have the real men gone” crap. Sean Connery? Steve McQueen? Really? Those are the guys he admires? Mysogynistic assholes? (I’m excluding Paul Newman because I love him and he was a decent guy).
        I’m not sure all the leading men are necessarily better nowadays but at least there is some diversity when it comes to what “masculinity” means. And that’s a good thing.

      • Lucy says:


  20. Jules says:

    HOT!!! And I totally agree about the real men disappearing.

  21. Emily says:

    There were plenty of boy band-types in Paul Newman’s heyday too. People who criticize the present by referring to the past really need to learn something about the past first.

    We only remember the memorable people. But there have always been crap movies, crap actors, etc. I bet anything that in 50 years, people are going to be saying exactly the same thing about 2013 being so great and why can’t things be like that now, though there’s no way of knowing which of our actors they’ll like best.

    Also, the idea that boy band-types somehow preclude Paul Newman-types is utterly ludicrous. It looks like more panic over teenage girls having any influence on pop culture. This panic has been going on for well over a century at least too. Oh no! Girls with sex drives and a tiny bit of power! Society is collapsing!

  22. Happy21 says:

    I really like him! Not just what he looks like. I like that he actually has a brain in that gorgeous head of his.

    And yes, real man are slim pickins now. There aren’t enough of them. Even men nowadays TRY so hard to be tough (the tattoo craze) but they are all just pussies.


  23. Loira says:

    And thenwe have Justin Bieber, a young ideal running inside his house because a big man is coming to talk to him about his irresponsible driving.
    What happened to other type of idols? I do notthink he was speaking from a real character/personality point of view.

  24. Ruffian9 says:

    Call me Cruise, but this guy….doesn’t do it for me. His looks are too ‘in your face’ for me, if that makes any sense at all…

  25. Beatriz says:

    Sigh Paul Newman. Him, Marlon Brando and Robert Duvall are my forever crushes, I’m going to marry the shit out of these men in my next life!

  26. Scavenger says:

    I had no idea he was 6’3″.