Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes fighting over Suri?

Tom and Katie sure looked happy at Jada Pinkett Smith’s party on 2/9, but recent tabloids have them fighting over various issues related to Katie’s newfound independence.

Last week we reported that In Touch was calling her a nag, and the February 12 issue of Star claims that Tom is livid over the fact that Katie wants to take baby Suri on a three month film shoot with her.

They also claim Tom wants another baby right away, but that Katie is putting him off in favor of trying to get her career back on track. Tom is even trying to control Katie’s career and is rejecting potential roles for her, but Katie isn’t having that:

Sources say Katie, 28, is coming out of her shell and asserting herself. And after more than a year on hiatus, she’s even returning to work, having just joined Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah in signing up for the crime caper Mad Money, which starts filming in Shreveport, LA, this spring. Naturally, she wants to bring Suri with her, but Tom has other ideas. “Tom is very angry about that,” says the source. Why? [Tom] will be busy running a movie studio, United Artists, back in L.A. and can’t afford to spend much time in Louisiana…

“He’s going to make sure Katie has a security force and Scientology minders with her,” says the source. “He’ll visit Louisiana some, but when he’s not there he’s going to be sure he has eyes and ears listening in for him!” (The couple’s rep denies this story.

Where Suri will be living this spring isn’t the only issue the couple is fighting over. For the last few months, Katie’s been reading scripts, but, says another insider, “Tom rejected everything! They were either not good enough or not hit-movie matieral.”

[From Star magazine print edition, February 12, 2007]

This could be true that Tom and Katie are fighting over her career and where Suri will stay, but they seem to be keeping up appearances well as usual. If Katie is breaking out of her brainwashed shell, there are bound to be some problems between them.

One thing Tom is no longer in control of is his young bride’s height. CityRag points out that Katie no longer appears shorter than Tom like in their wedding pictures, and seems to be wearing heels in these latest candids.

Thanks to for these pics and Sammie’s Effluvia for the story.

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  1. kikistar says:

    I miss the ‘old’ Tom, when he wasn’t such a macho sicko husband and that people talked more about his movies than his abusive control over his wife…
    Poor Katie. At least it seems she starts to reject that.
    When will we see ‘Tom Cruise the great actor’ again???

  2. gg says:

    Not everybody thinks he is such a great guy/actor. Anyway, what in hell is she wearing?? That thing with the black beads and Reebok stripes on it is beyond hideous!

  3. Hey, is Tom wearing makeup?

  4. tomkatbombastic says:

    she should leave him for god he is a nerd like the mini vanili now they are going to make a movie of the check the new at

  5. kailie2 says:

    How awkward is this closed mouth kiss? His crooked teeth always freak me out–it’s like his entire jaw is shifted to the side. Her outfit is hidious, btw, but at least she’s not pretending to be a midget anymore.

  6. Shelby says:

    man, she’s got him. do whatever a guy says for a while, bear his offspring and then get married… not bad. genius

  7. mimosa says:

    Why does she insist on dressing like a grandma?

  8. MizLiz says:

    I think Tom picks out her wardrobe. Notice she never wears anything colorful or sexy. She made a real bad bargain there, I don’t care how big the (future) payday is.

  9. suki says:

    I knew a couple who acted much like these two. He always had to have his hands on her, have her sitting in his lap, making out when anyone was taking pictures, etc. – they were creepy, as are Tom and Katie to me. Needless to say, they are also now divorced.

  10. frewtloop says:

    What a couple of dorky nerds – they’re perfect for each other.

  11. Sorcha says:

    Agent Bedhead – I thought the same thing: is he wearing blush? My God, he is! He’s wearing muthaBLEEPing blush!

    And just how wee is he, exactly? He’s only half a head taller than Jada, and she’s *tiny* – and she’s probably wearing heels, to boot.

  12. Kiwi says:

    Katie looks sick and tired of smiling. He sure is creepy. That constant touching thing…….ugh…..