Kate Moss to pose for Playboy’s 60th anniversary issue in January: tacky?

This is the new cover of Vogue Australia – it’s a pretty shot, but it’s a reprint from a previously published Vogue UK photoshoot. Kate Moss continues to photograph beautifully… in fashion editorials. We’ve passed the point where Kate always looks stunning in candid photos. In candids, you can see Kate for what she is – a nearly 40-year-old smoker who loves to party and have a good time. I’m not saying that she looks rough or anything, just that there’s a difference between street shots of Kate and magazine photos.

Interestingly enough, Kate has decided that now is the time to pose for Playboy. There were rumors about this percolating a few weeks ago, but now it’s for sure – Page Six says Kate will appear in the January issue of Playboy to celebrate their 60th anniversary (and her 40th birthday).

Kate Moss is set to take it all off for Playboy. The British fashion model, known for her pin-thin androgynous body emblematic of the heroin-chic look of the ’90s, is due to pose nude for the magazine’s January issue.

Web reports first surfaced earlier this year that she was going to pose in the buff for the iconic men’s title. But last week, her hairstylist Oribe Canales let it slip that Moss in fact completed the shoot and that he was on set to style her hair.

Moss is expected to appear on the January cover to coincide with Playboy’s 60th anniversary and the beauty’s own 40th birthday. Fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shot her for the issue. We’re also told Moss has commissioned artist Chuck Close to create a work based on the images from her Playboy session.

Moss has previously appeared naked in various fashion shoots and advertisements for David Yurman and suntan lotion St. Tropez. A rep for Playboy had no comment “one way or the other.” Reps for Moss didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

When I was covering a Cindy Crawford story a few weeks ago, I was reminded of how Cindy was the first big model to ever do Playboy. Back then, it was a HUGE deal and Cindy started a trend – many other major models followed in Cindy’s footsteps and did Playboy too. If I remember correctly, Herb Ritts did Cindy’s shoot, and Hugh Hefner gave Cindy a lot of control over which images were used and how they were used. I would imagine Kate got the same kind of deal – Kate chose Mert & Marcus and she probably got to choose which shots were used too.

As for whether Playboy is too “downmarket” for Kate… I don’t think Kate gives a crap at this point. She’s turning 40, she’s still cool, she’s still working constantly, she’s still having a good time, and if anything, Kate’s coolness is going to rub off (rub ONE off?) on Playboy.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN and TFS.

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  1. dorothy says:

    Haven’t we seen her naked enough? I mean, is it really anything special anymore?

    • Jalopy says:

      I agree. This trick shucks her clothes for pics quarterly, this is hardly a big deal.

      If playboy is looking for sales, shes the wrong model anyway. Shes a gay designers model (unusual face, boyish body), not a straight mans model (conventional beauty, VS type) . Cindy was exactly the straight mans fantasty.

  2. bns says:

    I love her.

    • LadyJane says:

      I love her too. I can’t help it. But she is kind of mean in real life. She is sort of an insecure bitch.

      • bns says:

        This doesn’t surprise me. Naomi, Kate and Linda Evangelista have always struck me as stuck up bitches, but I still love them as models.

  3. Dutchy says:

    She is still a gorgeous woman!

    • Veritas says:

      No, she isn’t. She never was and never will be.

      • MOPine says:

        agree! met her in person and she is NOT attractive. bad hair, bad skin, bad teeth and a bad attitude. she was mean and snotty and stank. i suspect the playboy photo shoppers will be on double duty for her shoot.

      • Jade says:

        I agree!! I don’t wanna see this walking stick naked.

  4. She’s my favorite model of all time. A true icon.

  5. Nev says:

    LOVE IT!!!

    can’t wait!!!

    Collector’s Item fo sure!!

  6. dorothy says:

    She’s beautiful, but haven’t we seen her naked enough?

  7. Cam S says:

    Hugh Hefner letting his daughter run his company and the internet will be the end of Playboy. Putting Kate Moss on a cover, proves its on its last leg. Sorry, but I actually used to even like looking at Playboy (back in the 80’s). Playboy was always better than reading my Mom’s Cosmo where the models all looked half starved. Playboy girls always looked healthy, natural and girl next door type of woman. Until all the fake boobs.

    I’m not of fan of Moss, sorry. I always love Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley. Their bodies looked much healthier, and toned. As an insecure younger woman, they influenced me greatly.

    • KAI says:

      Hefner’s daughter was the President from 1982, and Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer from 1988, until she left the company in 2009. The current CEO is Scott Flanders.

  8. dcypher1 says:

    She dosent need playboy, playboy needs her.

  9. Dedrie says:

    She’ll just plod along in her career making tons money with little effort, party anywhere with anyone who doesn’t greatly offend .. with no worry to what is happening in the world, beyond her comfort, stays cool and doesn’t give a small hoot what anyone thinks.. forever..

  10. lisa says:

    playboy seems so budget now. i’m not sure why she want any part of it.

    i dont blame holly hefner so much, i mean you can see hoo ha everywhere today. you dont need a special magazine for it.

  11. xxzeon says:

    SUPER HOT!!!!!! kate is, has been and (for at least another 10-20yrs) will be!!!! One of the sexiest women alive!!!!! So, to all those “PRUDES” who say things like “haven’t we seen her naked enough already”…I say: F-U///you jealous piggy!

  12. BooBooLaRue says:

    It’s okay to say she looks rough. She is rough.

    • Hautie says:

      Amen. Her nose looks like it is one good cold, from falling off after a hard sneeze.

  13. marie says:

    I say go for it, why not?

  14. Khalesi says:

    it amazes me how after all those years of hardcore partying, drugs etc, she still looks fantastic and chic.

  15. Mandy says:

    It’s not like she hasn’t posed nude before. I don’t see any big deal here!

  16. Hautie says:

    I wonder if Playboy has had a girl in their magazine, without fake tits, in the last 25 years.

    If there was a real effort put into the image of that magazine. They would stop using all the plastic made girls.

    With the botox faces and pumped up slug looking lips. With the blown out, too blond hair and 10 pounds of extensions.

    Step back and start looking for girls who still have their natural parts.

    There are oodles of gorgeous girls out here.

    It is time to bring back diversity to that magazine.

    • Kiddo says:

      Or to most anything in Hollywood.

    • Veritas says:

      Check out PMOY 2007 Sarah Jean Underwood. All-natural and small-breasted back them. I have my doubts now.

    • Becky1 says:

      Yes, at least Kate Moss doesn’t look plastic. I’m not a fan of Playboy but it’s nice to see that they are featuring someone without fake boobs.

    • Waif says:

      this. so tired of everything u mentioned here. well, not even tired as i never liked it anyway.

  17. RHONYC says:

    (rub ONE off?)


    hahaha! i see what you did there. 😆

  18. Tiffany says:

    I am a Kate Moss fan so I will more than likely buy this issue. There, you got my attention.

  19. Kelly says:

    Hate to be a naysayer, but I DO NOT see the attraction here. She makes me a little ill when I think if her all the drugs and then her kids. Ugh.

  20. atrain says:

    Kate is an icon in fashion. Most readers of Playboy wouldn’t be familiar with her, or could care less about her. I love her, but she’s really not Playboy’s type – shouldn’t they be courting Kate Upton-types instead?

  21. b-rox says:

    Ummm … what is with the tip of her nose in the Vogue cover picture? It looks like a photoshop layer fix didn’t get deleted. [shuts one eye and squints to see if she is imagining things.]

  22. Boom boom says:

    playboy is dead beause Hefner allowed his preferences for blonde -fake breasted women to dominate the magazine for so long . Not to mention, so many exposes havd come out that thd playboy mansion is stale and outdated – hardly the fantasy of a hip bachelor mecca that it once embodied in the 70’s snd 80’s.
    Once the internet put t and a , and sex right on our hands, we could see that vaginas and tits didnt look like the photoshopped crap playboy kept spewing out .
    I think that playboy always exceled at providing good interviews and a forum for couples to broach sex and bounderies , likes and dislikes . As a feminist, I dont feel that the magazine helped womens liberation as high hefner proclaims.
    There was a time that it did help open up a sexually repressed culture , but now its all our culture has and is so Playboy is not risque and instead of being hidden in a closet is left out on the coffee table these days . call me a prude but I wish that we had some mystery left to sex and the female body .
    I am all for Playboy putting a small breasted woman on the cover of their magazine, I think more women will be buying this than men . Part of me feels that Playboy should be geared more toward women for their sakes to go up . Maybe it could actually become thd model of feminism that Hefner idealizes .., shoot put some big girls or small breasted girls on there .

  23. Kim says:

    Tacky. When will women realize posing for Playboy is not empowering, its degrading any way you slice it.

    • Liz says:

      Amen to that. It’s empowering only in that you are guaranteed the approval of dudes who want to see you naked.

  24. Turtle Dove says:

    “I’m not saying that she looks rough or anything…”

    I’ll say it. Every party and cigarette is showing on her face. Plus, we’ve seen her lady bits tons of times over the years. Nothing special at all.

    The only thing worth seeing in this pictorial will be how much they airbrush her face, sun damage and cellulite.

  25. madchen says:

    It’s impossible for her to take a bad photograph. I bet she’s doing it for grins. It’s not like she needs the money or exposure.

  26. Bee says:

    I’ve never seen what the big deal is about this model. She has a weirdly angular face, and one of her eyes is going off in the other direction, which is all I can see when I look at her.