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33 Responses to “Britney Spears loses her sh*t, hair, includes pics and video”

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  1. Pecarrie says:

    Just because shes human it doesnt mean people have to be so fierce and wish she woould ‘die’- for crap’s sake how full of hatred are some people??? What for? Can’t you divert that energy to something more productive than hate?

  2. lexi says:

    woah. well, every girl, including myself has been to the breaking point where we despise our hair and cry about it and even want to shave it off to start over anew…. BUT WE DON’T ACTUALLY GO THROUGH WITH IT!!!! oh poor girl, i’m afraid she’s going to slit her wrists or take 500 sleeping pills over the weekend. i’m no britney fan, but i am a christian, and don’t want anyone killing themselves — especially when 2 little babies are involved…

  3. Pecarrie says:

    Hey! NO more complaints about her ratty hair!
    but shes obviously in COMPLETE distress. Only women who are really agitated do that… unless it was a well thought out idea. But her life hs been far, far from calm, so I go with the former….!

  4. xiaoecho says:

    Poor Brit, she had to be at the end of her rope. Extensions anyone?

  5. Meaghan says:

    Poor BRitney, I think the papparrazzi need to leave her the fuck alone for a while, shes going to have a break down like mimi, and no matter how much everybody say they hate her, shes a human being and does she really deserve to be treated like this? She needs to escape for a while, just looking at her is distressing.

  6. KC says:

    Wow. I have always been a huge Britney critic since the beginning, because her “musical talent” is nil. She’s been nothing but a well-paid stripper ever since she hit her late teens. I knew eventually there would be some backlash, but this…wow, I can’t help but feel really badly for her and her children. Where is her family? Her mom needs to get on a plane stat…Britney obviously needs emotional help. The really ridiculous thing about it, though, is that once she gets herself clean and gets some emotional help (hopefully that will happen), people will still buy her worthless comeback album and I’ll still have to hear her crappy singing. Please, people, don’t continue to buy her crappy music and continue to enable her…she needs to find another line of work. Open a baby boutique, Britney, and sell cute baby clothes in LA or something. Somebody please rescue her two kids ASAP….I am really worried about them.

  7. Toubrouk says:

    I guess this is the point when someone need to step in and wisk her away so she can take a emergency break. We can say a lot things against Britney but I just can’t see someone self destruting like that. Let’s hope that some “Yes-Men” in her organisation will make her see the light and lock-her up in Rehab soon.

  8. Kel says:

    YES!!! You go Britney! Okay, I shaved my head before and it was very freeing; however, when I did it I, too, was in a fair amount of disrtess. It is clear homegirl needs a break and people to just let her be. She will find her way, but it is not going to be easy.

  9. Pecarrie says:

    It’s lie ‘a load to drop’ when the load is too big– less hair, less to think about. And for a woman, he appearance is a big maintenance issue, and a big barrier to self esteem, so if those are constituting the load right now, it’s OFF WITH HER HAIR!! 🙂

  10. vdantev says:

    Cue angst-ridden angry suicide episode in 3….2….

  11. Alex says:

    Is anybody else starting to get an eerie Anna Nicole deja vu with these latest antics?

  12. DivaStar says:

    To all Britney Spears fans, ya’ll still think she just having fun? Looks like this train wreck is getting ready to crash.

  13. Liz says:

    good for her, i hope the next step is cleaning up her lifestyle, prioritizing her personal life and focusing on being a mom & a musician. If lack of vocal skills should be a crime, then tell that to the likes of Madonna!

  14. gg says:

    mebbe she wanted to make sure nobody got a hair sample?

  15. chic mommy says:

    Brit is just acting like a rebellious teen. Shaved head, tattoo. What’s next? She is about five minutes from becoming a motor cycle mama.

  16. kailie2 says:

    I don’t think she’s cleaning up or being a rebellious teen or this is just a phase. I think she’s in an acute state of distress, possibly close to a mental breakdown. I fear she’ll take too many pills or do something else equally destructive. She’s fast reaching a breaking point. If she doesn’t get help RIGHT now, I’m afraid we’re watching a trainwreck like Anna Nicole. I’m no fan but why can’t someone help her? Where is her mother?

  17. las says:

    i hope she dies. honestly. she’s a waste of space and her sons would be better off without her. boo hoo.

  18. Viv says:

    I think her head looks like shit. What happened to her comeback?! And why’s she still wearing that Star of David. WTF, how contradictory.

  19. bitch slapper says:

    Poor poor Britney! She just wants to flash her chooch & pass out in public in peace, like any other anonymous trashy slut. Of course, she could just, you know, stay home with her children in her luxurious mansion, thus avoiding her fame issues altogether, but what fun is that?

    Britney’s “problem” is rather obvious. She is a talentless whore who was mainly notable for having a hot body. Her hotness is gone & she realizes that minus that, she has nothing else to offer. So she’s acting out in a desperate search for the attention she claims to despise yet actually craves.

  20. Ginny says:

    I feel bad for her breakdown, but man, she can’t pull off the bald thing. She looks like a chubbier, less pretty and defined Natalie Portman. Her ears are weird, too. Only a few people can pull that look off, and she isn’t one of them.

    Someone needs to step in and force her to start fixing herself up, before she does something much more destructive to herself or her boys than just shaving all of her hair off. Poor woman, that she would have no one in her life that means enough to her to listen to.

  21. Poor Boopie says:

    Ah yes……. I see the clown car that is Britney is now full speed ahead down Mental Breakdown Highway……

  22. Jeannified says:

    Man, I wonder when Child Protective Services is gonna step in…K-Fed may end up gettin’ those babies after all and a fat payout to boot! She’s losin’ it! No biggie for the head-shave, but biggie in the way it was done and how she’s acting. Mamma Spears (Lynne) had better step in, and FAST!

  23. Jeane says:

    She needs to check into rehab, clean her act up, spend soms time with her kids and get out of the spotlight for a while.

    In two years she’ll make a superhot comeback album with 12 songs about how she’s so much wiser now and that it only made her stronger and one song about how much she loves her kids.

    Then she’ll go on Oprah to tell her story and inspire young women everywhere!

  24. Mariah says:

    KC, i toatly agree with you! i am worried about Jayden and Sean too…those poor kids! sure they will grow up rich with all the material items they want, but that doesn’t make up for their irresponsible dad and emotionally disturbed stipper mom!

  25. Toubrouk says:

    I guess I can hear the train wreck comming…

  26. Maria says:

    Yet again the media are making a huge issue out of what ? A shaved head and some ink done. Good for Britney ! Shaved my head once, was a fantastic liberating experience, not negative. If people do not like Britneys new look, thats their issues to deal, thinking we should all be looking like sheep with no individuality.

  27. Jeane says:

    Oh please. It doesn’t look like she’s doing it to show her individuality. She looks very disturbed in these pictures.

  28. AC says:

    maybe her hair will grow back healthier?
    Someone help that girl.

  29. Gabby in Fl says:

    Brit is out of control like so many other tramps in Hollywood. They are not “all that” and they can’t handle it. Tough CRAP. Get some damn morals! You are parents for GOD’S sake! God forbid you kids turn out liie you. So some repect…God Bless you all.

  30. marina says:

    umm people i heard that she shave her head for attention and mostly bacuase she wants to seel her hair fofr 1 milloin dollars cuz she is runing out og money

  31. latasha cook says:

    I thinh britney is just so tired and fed up with everyone judging her about every little thing she does. I think she is a very good mother. nobody ever takes the time to watch and take pictures of the positve things she does with her kids. So thats probably one of the reasons she shaved her head bald i mean i probably would of too. And MR.Kevin Federline trying to be Mr. NICE GUY now dooesn’t deserve to have custody of is kids. He might have you guys fooled but not me. he doesn’t even win a point for me He’s just playing an act for now until he gets those kids wich is nothing new considing he has three kids with the other woman or whtever the hell her name is. but what imtring to say is everybody just needs to leave her aone and find someone else to pick on besides britney.she’s a mother and she deserves to be treated like one. i’m a mother to im 16 years old i have a baby boy that is six months old his name is adam and another one on the way and is due october23rd 2007 ofthis years ad me and my babies father have been together for almost 4 years now and were engaged and happy. well all I have to say is good luck to britney and the years to come. WE LOVE YOU SINCERLY Latasha and Adam! thanks for your time.

  32. stefany says:

    shes fucking retarted. end of story.

  33. giannig says:

    what was see thinking of. was it for charity?? apparently see is with some brummy bloke now – must be after her money or looking to sell a story