Ann Coulter gets in a tense fight with the ladies on The View

Ann Coulter is doing the talk show circuit to promote her new book, Guilty. The face of unyielding warped conservatism has been alienating more people than usual, maybe because she’s just been invited more places. She had a somewhat hostile self-important exchange with Matt Lauer on “The Today Show” last week and her latest argument was with the ladies on “The View” on Monday. Ann couldn’t really deal with legitimate questions about her very polarizing political stance that single mothers are the root of the world’s problems and incite youngsters into a life of crime. She kept yelling and trying to make her point throughout the interview and pretty much alienated everyone.

Ann personally insulted Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd, both single moms, by going off about how single mothers are lauded by the media as victims when she thinks they’re the root of society’s problems. Whoopi asked Ann if she had children or was married, to which Ann haughtily responded that she wasn’t and it wouldn’t change the facts of her argument. Whoopi countered that if Ann did have children she would know more about what she was talking about. Even token conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck seemed to disagree with Coulter’s extreme stance, and asked her why she wasn’t complaining about the fathers who had abandoned their children.

Around 6:00 minutes into the video above, Coulter starts to get very animated and upset, saying “Can we just talk about how you attacked me when I wasn’t here?”

Whoopi countered “We are not attacking you, you wrote something provocative.”

Coulter added “You read my book aloud like you were reading Mein Kampf [Hitler's autobiography] and you just did [attack me].”

Barbara Walters offered to read a passage from Guilty and Coulter sneered “Read it like you’re reading Mein Kampf again.”

Sherri chimed in after Walters read the passage, “Nobody is attacking you, I just don’t appreciate the way you’re talking to her.”

Whoopi said at the end “Nobody was putting you down or attacking you,” and Coulter kept talking over her at the end making some point about Halle Berry. Whoopi got the last word in, with “you can dish it out, but you can’t take it can you?”

Controversy sells and that’s why this woman is getting press for her outrageous claims. She jumps to unwarranted conclusions from flawed statistics that fit her political agenda. Maybe less talk show hosts will be willing to talk to her after the way she’s been behaving. When she generates ratings, though, it’s hard to ignore the hate.

Doesn’t it seem like Hitler always gets brought up when people don’t have a valid argument? What’s up with that?

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  1. ER says:

    I can’t watch The View because Joy Behar makes me want to scratch my eyes out.

  2. Roma says:

    Maybe by bringing up Hitler Ann and Tom Cruise are counter promoting for each other? Maybe it’s a contest… who can give the craziest, nonsensical interview?

  3. Gina says:

    Ann Coulter is the antichrist. If you zoom in on her hair follicles, you can see the horns coming out of her head.

  4. Tia says:

    I love Joy Behar, she is soooo awesome. I love her views, how she communicates and how cool of a person she is.

    Ann Coulter on the other hand has to be one of the most disgusting, idiotic, stupid human beings on the planet. She talks about single moms but yet has never been married and has no children. She puts down every group of people she can think of. She must be super insecure to do so, that is very apparent. She needs prayer QUICKLY.. what a miserable poor pathetic terrible human being

  5. Annie says:

    I hate this woman.

    She is worse than the anti-christ.

    That woman has a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth and should be locked in a trunk, then thrown in the ocean.

  6. Holly says:

    I dont think there’s a single person who takes her seriously. People only line up to see what stupid thing she’s going to say next. I don’t think even she believes ALL of her tripe. I love what Whoopi said at the end, though. Ann Coulter attacks everyone viciously and without merit. Until she does so in the same room as those she attacks, like all single moms, then she has no room to complain about being talked about behind her back.

    The sad thing is, even Elizabeth had an incredibly valid point, about Ann not attacking fathers who abandon their children. Ann is a self hating woman who contributes to misogyny by making it all the woman’s fault when she has a baby. She acts as if every single mom somehow made the decision to be one. She acts as though every child of a single parent went on to be a criminal (I’d love to see the stats on that.) And she’s also conservative, which means she doesn’t support the very means by which women would avoid or fix the situation–birth control and abortions.

    She hates women so much that her personal beliefs would not only create single moms, but persecute them as well. Her logic astounds me.

    The only solution to what she perceives to be the problem is to sterilize everyone, make birth control mandatory, or somehow stifle off all human emotion, impulse control, and hormones until we’re all devoid of sexuality.

    She’s obviously a delusional psycho bitch with an epic chip on her shoulder.

    I’d also like to make mention of the fact that she’s dated a staunch Liberal for years. Says a lot if you ask me.

    Who wants to ask her if she thinks two gay parents would be better than a single mom and watch her head explode? Oh me, I do!

  7. bros says:


    great post

    who in the world has this woman been dating?

  8. daisy424 says:

    @ER, or stick needles in them, I couldn’t agree more.

  9. kate says:

    she needs to stop screaming and do some actual research on single mothers and crime. if we looks at single motherhood worldwide, we see some interesting data. for example, in the year 2000 single mothers represented about 30% of all births in the both the US and ireland. given the fact that both countries are similar in other ways if we use man coulter’s logic, their crime rate should be the same as ours, except it isn’t – ours is much higher. so easy to disprove her theories it’s laughable. as for her boyfriend wasn;t she dating bill mahr?

  10. A.J. says:

    Ugh. Whoopi aside, all of the old soggy cows on the View can get stuffed. I loathe Ann “The Man” Coulter as well, so make it a group date.

  11. Holly says:


    ‘Scuse me, she isn’t dating him anymore, but he was Andrew Stein, the former president of the New York City Council.

  12. neelyo says:

    It was fascinating seeing her take on a group of women. The men who interview her seem awed by her ‘sex appeal’ and will let her get away with saying anything. She was definitely playing up the victim stance more than she usually does, and wasn’t nearly as arrogant. And it says something about her lack of character that even rabid Republican Hasselback finds her repugnant.

    Behar and Goldberg obviously can’t stand her and looked like they were interviewing her against their will. And I loved that Whoopi said that to her about dishing it out. I’m sure that was the polite version of what she really wanted to say.

  13. Ohforf says:

    The only woman I loathe more than Coulter is that bitch Nancy Grace.

  14. GimmeABreak says:

    Joy Bitchar doesn’t like anyone who isn’t a flaming liberal. She’s a moron AND she’s never been funny. All she does is throw out jabs and sit back in her chair, shaking her ridiculous hair.

    On the other hand, Ann Coulter is her own worst enemy. She has become such a threat to the left wing media that all of her interviews are screaming matches. It’s annoying to watch. Almost as annoying as the worst show on the planet…The View.

  15. nancymary says:

    Just because you have conservative politics doesn’t mean you are evil, or a bitch. Ann C has much more to say in her book than her take on single mothers. it’s just that left gets hysterical about certain topics and takes remarks out of context or even context out of context. The view is the most Personal “I” show there is, so we should expect everyone to look at the world and explain politics by blasting back with such bon mots as “Well, I’m a single mother and so I know.” There’s more to Ann’s view than “The View” can ever handle.

  16. Michael D says:

    I love Ann Coulter. She’s wickedly funny. She might be more effective if she had a filter between her brain and her mouth, but then she wouldn’t be so amusing. Problem is, most people can’t get past her outrageousness to realize that she is correct 99% of the time.

  17. Zoe says:

    Great post Holly

    I’ve never heard Coulter actually prove a causal connection between single motherhood and crime, etc. How does she explain this?

    It seems AT MOST to be a contributing factor.

    She seems so angry at women!

    by the way, “da-nah-nah, da-nah-nah, dude looks like a lay-dee”

    and that’s not why she’s terrifying.

  18. Annie says:

    I’ve read her book: Treason

    And I’m sorry, the ones defending her…you guys must be off your rockers. She makes very few valid points and she’s a disgrace to women and conservatives everywhere.

    The things she writes, the things she says are deplorable and it sickens me that there are people out there who actually believe that she has valid things to say.

  19. gg says:

    I find her interviews obnoxious of course, but also eyebrow-raising at the amount of balls she has to just sit there and say some of her stuff. So I admit I’m entertained at least. lol. Probably not the type of entertainment she had in mind.

    That said, The View is a messy annoying cacklefest of the worst kind.

  20. anna says:

    I respect ann coulter. she’s the ONLY right-wing conservative who is as loud and horrible and obnoxious about her views as the millions of in-your-face-hate-spewing-intolerant liberals. And a big pat on the back to this b*tch for not kicking whoopi and joy’s teeth in for being uglier and more ignorant than a big splatter of diarrhea.

  21. Holly – excellent post!

  22. Leandra says:

    I didn’t like or dislike her until she said the 911 widows were a bunch of greedy money grubbers out to make money off their husbands’ deaths. Then I thought who is this idiot? I wish people would quit saying she looks like a horse because they are beautiful and gentle creatures, nothing at all like this crackpot.

  23. Holly says:

    @Anna, oh, its the liberals who are being hateful and intolerant…you say, with obvious hate and intolerance in your entire tone. Let’s not forget that the liberals aren’t the ones trying to legislate hate and intolerance by trying to deny gays the right to marry through constitutional amendments defining marriage.

    Ann Coulter is a hypocrite of the worst kind–the kind that uses Jesus as their shield. She says she’s a Christian first and hate mongering bigot second (“and dont you ever forget it!”) but if she was really a Christian FIRST, then the message of love, wisdom, kindness to strangers, and charity would prevail over her poison. Its sad that she shoots herself in the foot with her belligerent and overblown garbage. If she had anything valid to say, it gets lost in all her verbal diarrhea, and perhaps if she presented her ideas with a mediocum of respect, then people would actually listen to them, maybe even benefit from them. But that isn’t the point. The point is to drive sales–and she’s a big enough bitch to know that.

  24. Sickitten says:

    Anne makes some excellent socio-economic points and I understand some of what she’s saying. Don’t understand some of it but she’s obviously a deep thinker and educated and here she is with the likes of these uneducated twats. Journalism degree from the 70′s doesn’t count Barbara. Anne, cut your hair into a serious bob. Long hair like that looks ‘cheap’ after 35 especially if you have a long visage and never back down and let your voice stall. Anne ain’t cutting it. Need a serious looking woman who looks refined and can override and dominate a conversation and see both sides. I’m busy now, though.

  25. emily says:

    The biggest problem i have with Ann Coulter is not her views. She has a right to believe, and unfortunately say, anything she wants. Unfortunately, she expects respect and people to listen to her without giving them the same courtesy in return.

    I know people who have similar views (which personally disgust me) who do not like her because of the way she treats other people and her general religious hypocrisy.

    Holly, I agree with you 100%.

  26. vdantev says:

    The real power players of the GOP and the conservative movement see her as a joke with tits. End of Discussion.

  27. Bodhi says:

    Wonderful post, Holly.

    Mann Coulter is a vile, hate filled bitch.

  28. NotBlonde says:

    Emily I totally agree with you.

    I could not care any less about her views. She can say what she wants. And she can feel what she wants. whatever.

    But the way in which she presents those views is totally out of line. She does it for attention, of course, but holy crap. I’d rather be a nobody than be a somebody who is a somebody for being an insufferable bitch.

  29. Eileen Yover says:

    Call me naive-but how in the hell is this lady allowed in the public eye in the first place? Some hockey guy got kicked off his team for saying some shit about Elisha or whatever her name is, disc jockeys get dismissed for offending the black race….what’s so different about what she’s saying? She’s bashing single moms…some of the hardest working people out there. She needs her assed kicked.

  30. MSat says:

    Ann Coulter has lobsters in her vagina.

  31. paris herpes says:

    I’d like to call Ann Coulter so many bad words right now but I can’t. She just wanted to be hostile on the show so she can get attention. She is all about knee-jerk conservatism, it just doesn’t make sense anymore right now. She OUTDATED and OUTMODED!

  32. Blanche says:

    Ann Coulter has cooties.

  33. paris herpes says:

    Michael D…she’s not RIGHT, she just THINKS she’s right…and no one is “right” it’s just their opinion really. Ann may be intelligent (I’ll give her that) but she’s really disrespectful in general. Ann went into the View figuring she would be attacked and already on the offensive, so she set out to attack everyone she figured who would have a different view then herself, and then ended up alineating everyone around her. That’s just…not even smart or just not knowing how to argue with those who have different viewpoints then she does, she just attacks, attacks, attacks…I think she has really low self-esteem if this is all she does…

  34. Truth Seeker says:

    ahahaha. Cooties… can’t disagree with you on that one!

    Ann Coulter is a heartless bitch, we know this. She makes her mark on the talk show circuit because she knows it will put the limelight on her book and make people want to go out and buy it.

    Ann has made a lofty living off of voicing her opinions about lazy liberals. If anyone was stupid in this equation, it was the producers of “The View” for even putting someone as despicable as she on the show. So, really. Ann is not as stupid as we think she is. She knows exactly what she’s doing, when she’s doing it. She’s manipulative, calculating and a snake.

    Ann will eventually get what’s coming to her. Detestable conservatives like her always do.

  35. JaneSays says:

    Coulter serves no purpose other than to disprove the theory that only men have Adam’s apples. And I’d take great pleasure in punching hers through the back of her neck. She brings out the warm and fuzzies in me, that mAnn!

  36. kaligula says:

    @Leandra: thank you so much for defending the horses.

  37. Ned says:

    Am I the only one who finds it entertaining and good TV?

  38. Perla says:

    I just love it when mono-racial(?) people tell multiracial people (like myself) how to feel about their parents! She kept going on about How Barack Obama must like/identify with his father more, blah blah blah *eyeroll*

  39. MY MY says:

    Her shrill delivery is annoying. But the ignorance of Joy and Whoppie is disgusting. Facts hurt. I am a single mother. My child has suffered because of that and is not reaching full potential. I have watched the struggle and agree with Ann, Family is so important. Fathers are so important. I handed my ex Raising Cain. It talks about this issue in depth. Father refused to read it and ran off to have some fun. The stories I could tell about how it affected me and my child thus far are not pretty. Truth hurts. Whoppi sorry but single mothers are not the best thing. Woman need to understand this. Barbra sounded like a jerk when she asked what about a woman who wants a child and has the money. Money is NO substitute for a father. Family is power. Don’t let the government substitute for that

  40. Carolyn says:

    I think she may be the only person who can out-irritate the hosts of The View. It’s burning my eyes.

  41. Trashaddict says:

    There’s a difference between single mothers “not being the best thing” and being the supposed root of societal evils, dontcha know. MY MY, go easier on yourself, since your characterization of the baby-daddy says it all. At least 50% of the problem, and probably more, was his attitude. Some “single mothers” at that way by chance (widows, for example), not choice. Are we going to label them and their children too?
    MY MY, I don’t know how old your child is, but don’t give up on him/her reaching full potential. Expecting success for your child, even if you know what they’re up against, shows your belief in them.

  42. chessie says:

    Ann Coulter = C*NT

  43. SarahS says:

    Ann Coulter indeed does have the right to believe and say what she wants. We also have the right to dismiss her and her views if we find them ridiculous or unsupported by fact. I have never met anyone who respects her or her views. I do wonder how much of her public persona is just that, and how much is truly what she is all about.

    As a single mother for 12 years (yes, by choice, Ann; I was the one who filed for divorce), I can say without hesitation that my teenage son is thriving. He’s a solid 90s and above student, who does volunteer work, has a conscience, and is very sociable and polite, even to me. He has a good relationship with his father, who is not a deadbeat.

    Two-parent or one-parent household makes no difference if you do your JOB as a parent, which is to nurture and love your children, and prepare them to be functioning and productive members of society.

  44. gg says:

    Single motherhood is often unavoidable; yet at the same time, it’s also often totally avoidable. I think more birth control and options should be widely available to the public who cannot afford such, and thus wind up with ‘accidental’ pregnancies.

    Also opposed to the idea of having more and more children just to reap more tax refunds at tax time. I see this happening first-hand and it’s painful to watch. I hope Obama does something to help the perpetual cycle of unwanted children in the neighborhoods where it starts. If it continues unchecked, the US is going to wind up with more recipients than taxpayers.

    If taxes go up to support planned parenthood, I would so much rather support that than six more welfare babies who might grow up to be adults perhaps thinking that’s the only way to live.

  45. snappyfish says:

    She uses name-calling and hate filled speech to make her ‘points’. When one does this they are attempting to take your focus off their ‘facts’ and spotlight themselves. She has no point that is worth listening to as they are wrapped on hate and mysogyny.

    Why does she dress like a drunken slut? It doesn’t make her look provocative but rather tawdry

  46. GimmeABreak says:

    Well, well, well. She sure gets the comments!! I haven’t seen this many comments about anyone else on this site.

    Love her or hate her…she’s got us talking!

  47. Annie says:

    Well to be fair, Brangelina gets this many comments too. As does Tomkat. lol.

  48. mr pantz says:

    ann coulter needs to concentrate on what she does best; pulling a train with hannity, limbaugh and the rest of those conservaclowns and shut the fuck up.

  49. Ann Coulter has butt herpes. Yes, butt herpes.

  50. John Davies says:

    So if Ann Coulter is as evil as some of you say, then why didn’t she point out that Whoopi father left the family when she was very young. And that Whoopi was a drug addict, high school dropout, and had four abortions – one self-inflicted.

    Or mention Whoopi’s daughter. No father, got pregnant at 15 and now is on her third marriage.

    But yet it was Whoopi that asked Ann about her personal life to try to disprove the book.

  51. NotBlonde says:

    John Davies: whoopi is an example of how one can completely mess up their life but still come out ok. Her kid even screwed up her life, but she’s doing alright now.

    The point is that Ann Coulter is judging people who she has nothing in common with. Coulter is essentially doing what you just said she would do if she were as evil as we think by writing this book, albeit tangentially.

    Ann Coulter cannot write a book of personal anecdotes using shoddy statistics and draw conclusions based on correlations without ever being in that person’s shoes or having done the research herself. It is disingenuous and downright nasty.

  52. LondonParis says:

    @John Davies: She probably didn’t point it out because she isn’t aware of it, because Ann Coulter doesn’t make her points based on information,and she obviously can’t be bothered to check out a Wiki on someone. The sad thing is, if she spent as much time coming up with informed opinions as she does shouting drivel, she could be of great value to the Republican GOP.
    Not that Whoopi’s life has anything to do with Ann Coulter’s misogynistic, awful point. She is on The View daily, and she has proven herself to have valuable, insightful thoughts. Again, unlike Coulter.
    Even if Whoopi’s father not being in her life affected her choices- ONE case doesn’t not make a point. And certainly not one about SINGLE MOTHERS that you should tout on THE FRIGGIN VIEW.

  53. Joy says:

    @MY MY

    I think that you and Ann C. have a gross misunderstanding of single parentage. Let me explain for you.

    I was a single parent. My grown children are all married w/ children. They live in their own homes and have fulfilling careers. I tossed my ex when my youngest was still in diapers over 30 years ago. I didn’t have money, but I had strength, determination and my faith. (Which it sounds like you lack).

    Instead of bemoaning the fact that my ex couldn’t be faithful or even blaming myself for his lack of fidelity. I made the decision not to raise my children in a home w/ falsehoods. I also made sure to instill in them the code of “inspite of”. For my sons it was “inspite of the fact that your father is not in this house you WILL be a good man”. For my daughters it was “inpite of the fact that your father was not able to be so, you WILL NOT settle for anything less”.

    Another, key is to not go on and on about how bad you think the father is because that makes you (the mother look dumb for any marrying him in the first place). While my children were young I never spoke harshly against their father to them. In return, my ex did not avoid the home. He did come around and do the best that he could.

    The bottomline is…it’s not about being a single parent but about how you teach your child and the kind of love you give to them. If a single mother raises her children to believe that the father is not present because he didn’t want them then they invoke mental issues of self hatred in themselves. The same can be said about married mothers who feel neglected by their spouses or are too busy to take time out with their children.

    Parents as a whole should avoid using their children as their venting agent. If the father/mother does not want to be involved this is not something that should be hashed over in detail with an impressionable child. My children did not fully understand until they were grown that I really cannot stand their father. The first time we met my oldest daughter in-law she did not realize that my ex and I were not together.

    I for one would greatly appreciate all the problems of this world not to be laid at my feet because there are many who contributed. I know plenty of single mothers who have raised beautiful children and I know plenty of married parents who have raised nightmares.

    Wasn’t Jeffrey Dahmer raised in a two parent household? Just saying…

  54. elle em says:

    My father left 5 children (ages 3, 10, 10, 12 and 13) when he DIED. My mother did not raise any rapists or murderers. Will I buy (or even read) her book -NO!
    She just picks any topic at will that generates disgust and the sad thing is that she makes money off of it. I applaude the women from The View who stood up to her verbal diarrhea.

  55. kate d says:

    I cannot stand Ann C. However, she does make a point. Not all children from single mothers are in jail or up to no good, but a lot of women (watch “Maury” for example)do get pregnant when they are not really in a relationship with guys who have already 4 kids by different women. Why do they not use contraception? Because they think they can catch the guy with a child or want money from the dad or the state. The use children for their own selfish needs.
    In the UK they have the biggest problem in Europe with teenage pregnancy and no dads around. Why? These girls get free housing and money from the state.
    It’s different being a single mother after you are married and you get divorced because here the father normally takes a role in the upbringing. The statistics Ann C. uses, are from women where there was never a dad around, the only time he was around was for the conception! Kids need mother and father.

  56. Bodhi says:

    That makes no sence Kate D.

  57. mamacharli says:

    This woman is a classic example of why the rights we have fought so hard to keep are working for us as a people. We may hate what she says but will fight to ensure that she has the right to say what she wants.

    That’s the American Constitution at work folks! Ain’t it a beautiful thing to behold?

    I personally think she is way on the right side of being totally bi-polar in a non-functional way, her politics suck and her opinions are rediculous but I reserve the right to not buy her books or to change the channel whenever I see her face and that too is my constitutional right!

  58. mamacharli says:

    This woman is a classic example of why the rights we have fought so hard to keep are working for us as a people. We may hate what she says but will fight to ensure that she has the right to say what she wants.

    That’s the American Constitution at work folks! Ain’t it a beautiful thing to behold?

    I personally think she is way on the right side of being totally bi-polar in a non-functional way, her politics suck and her opinions are rediculous but I reserve the right to not buy her books or to change the channel whenever I see her face and that too is my constitutional right!

    By paying her the attention she so obviously needs we enable her to spout her moronic opinions and give her far more credence that she deserves.

  59. Bronson says:

    WOW. I never thought the day would come when I would actually agree with something Ann Coulter said…

  60. Amy says:

    I used to like Ann C. back when she could argue a point with the best of them. I also used to be a faithful viewer of the Sean-Hannity tv program. Ann was the only woman guest who could hold her own in that show. I saw even seasoned politicians and men of great verbiage squirm in their seats when under the spotlight of H&C. IMO the debates where fairly balanced bet. right and left. Then something terrible happened….Hannity and Coulter began to BELIEVE THEIR OWN HYPE. It got to the point that all their “views” were nothing than grandstanding. The more controversial-the better. The show lost substance and so did these two. I simply stopped watching the narcissistic love fest. I think Ann is enamoured by the sound of her own voice. It is a bloody shame really, I used to look forward to her no nonsense approach now whenever I see her I just cringe. Please come back to planet Earth Ann (and Hannity for that matter) I miss the perspecitives you shared!

  61. Transpoman says:

    Hmmm.. Five hairbrained bitches takin on Ann Coulter… All you dumbass twinks on here, have your heads up your asses !! Ann uses statistical facts, not Kool-Aid… Go back to your bon-bons and soap opera’s…

  62. Anastasia says:

    There are such people as television show producers. They decided to give Coulter (any publicity, negative or positive, is publicity) attention. So what were they thinking? Is there such a thing as quality control on American daytime television. The View is supposed to be a cut above what Jerry Springer was but Ann Coulter? What the hell?
    How on earth can a childless bigot express a view about single parents? One of the major reasons behind crime in any country, and for a higher percentage of crime to correlate with single parent households, is because of the fractured resources within that country. Very few children from single parent families make it unscathed. Not all become as successful as Barack Obama, and that is due to the poverty trap, the social distancing, something that Coulter is fond of doing.
    Authors like her are paid to cause controversy to sell books. I doubt that Ann Coulter’s motivation is anything more than money related, so it would be nice if she was honest about it. I wouldn’t read her books. She’d have to pay me to read her view.
    She is crass, and no amount of Ivy League education makes a bigot a decent human being. Ann Coulter is a twat. She is all about promoting hatred and maintaining divisions. She ought to marry a KKK Grand Wizard.

  63. Courtney says:

    Even saying the name Ann Coulter makes my skin crawl. Do they make such things a permanent duct tape? Well they should for her mouth!

  64. paul 78786 says:

    I do not get Ann Coulter.She just seems to have a need to be angry about anything,and everyone!
    Why is she on TV?I’d love to hear her debate Howard Stern.That would be hilarious!No one takes her seriously,not even Republicans!I hope she goes to Arizona and gets deported.