Video of Anna Nicole drugged out, pregnant, and wearing clown makeup

Bringing new meaning to the circus surrounding her death, Anna Nicole made a video tape in which we get to see her vacant drug-addled expression enhanced by clown makeup. She’s eight months pregnant with Dannielynn at the time and doesn’t understand cameraman Howard’s repeated question “Is this a mushroom trip?” She also has some kind of baby doll in a stroller. Howard tells her “This footage is worth money,” and she answers in a baby voice “Why? What footage?”

Since she’s barely able to function, I wonder how she was able to paint her face in a reasonable semblance of a clown? She must have done that before the drugs kicked in.

While it’s not really shocking to see her whacked out of her mind while pregnant, the makeup really adds something to the “footage.”

Yesterday RadarOnline reported about this video, and said no one really wanted to have anything to do with it – not because it showed Anna pregnant and drugged out of her mind, but because there were questions as to who owned the copyright. The guy shopping it around claimed it fell off a truck. Fox News was apparently satisfied with his claim enough to air it.

Supposedly there’s parts of the tape where Anna talks about how she wanted to die the first time she gave birth:

Radar has seen the video—intended for Smith’s blog, but never posted—which features the onetime Playboy Playmate discussing her fears about her impending childbirth a week before she entered the hospital. In it, she slurs that she suffered such a difficult ordeal giving birth to her first child—her ill-fated son, Daniel—that she “wanted to die.”

We’re sure to see the rest of this already annoying video in the days, probably hours, to come. We’ve already seen Anna having a C-Section, what else is left to gawk at? I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sex tape shot by Howard of Anna and the Bahamian immigration minister, who has since resigned his position in shame and probably doesn’t have much more to lose at this point.

Thanks to TMZ for this video.

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    God that is truly sad, talk about a candle in the wind

  2. pinknblack says:

    Aha. By “clown make-up” you didn’t mean gawdy or distasteful. You meant she was actaully made up as a clown.

    I really shouldn’t be laughing this hard.

  3. gg says:

    wow, that is maudlin and sad. The baby voice is the saddest. A grown woman whose profession is playing

  4. Kolby says:

    I cannot believe her child was born healthy & “normal” after all the toxins she poured into her body while pregnant. I mean, who does this? And how could Howard, the “father” of her child, allow her to do drugs while pregnant? It’s so sad.

  5. countrybabe says:

    It sounds like he kept her drugged up so she couldn’t see how ugly he was.

  6. Toubrouk says:

    This. Is. Simply. Disturbing.

  7. Fabiola Thing says:

    I cannot wait for the implosion!!!!!!

  8. trillion says:

    Howard K Stern is a fucking scumbag.

  9. Kiwi says:

    For me, gossip is about fun escapism, seeing how the other half lives, what they’re wearing, who they’re seeing, – just a bit of a laugh, and maybe entertain a dream or two of being there myself. But am I getting old, or is the gossip scene becoming sadder and sadder? Everybody is coked/drugged out and miserable, starving, there are innocent children involved, they’re all so damned depressed, it’s hard to take.

    It’s time we had some happy, salacious gossip, of the juicy, not tragic, variety.

    Bring on Tom, Nicole, Katie, Ben, Jen and Gwynneth on the red carpet next week. Let’s see who wears the ugliest outfit.

    Or have we outgrown that kind of simple stuff?

    Guess I’ll have to keep reading…

  10. Anastasia says:

    Kiwi, I know what you mean, I’m feeling the same way. I’ve been sort of ignoring the gossip lately because I can’t take how depressing it’s become.

    It’s just a big death pool.

  11. DogRunner says:

    Sounds like Howard Stern is trying to set her up – “is this a mushroom trip?” and “video is going to make money”. Definitely working some angle to get his claws on some of her cash.

  12. lyric says:

    A child applied the make-up to Anna Nicole…I saw it on tv and didn’t watch this one. Too sad. The child was terrified by Anna’s behavior as most people would be…but not HKS…as he laughed and talked about making money from the video. He should be put to sleep like any other rabid dog.
    I agree with the others that gossip lately is not really fun. Its more like a glimpse into the darkest places of people’s souls…but, here I am, reading and commenting.

  13. NotFair says:

    I’m more and more astounded that the baby was born without any problems. Its really hard to take for someone who tried IVF and failed that she should be so negligent but produce a beautiful baby girl…

  14. Spanky spank says:

    What kind of culture are we living in? It’s a serious question. As little as five years ago, you wouldn’t find this kind of thing up and classified as “news.” Mainly, because even the tabloids had, however small, some sort of class or sense of allowing someone to retain a certain amount of dignity – not so much because of who they were, but because of an “understanding” of who their audience was. Now? I don’t know . . which is worse? Our gawking? Or their sad existence? They report what they think we want to see. We peer because we are fascinated by those who are given “everything” and yet still somehow manage to be miserable and fuck it up. It’s tragically fascinating – giving us all a case of the rubber neck. But it’s different now. It’s taken a different, more macabre form. Look at Britney – it’s not fodder, it’s just sad. Seriously – it’s gotten unbelievably depressing (agreed, Kiwi!) You call this escapism? From what? And it’s only going to get worse. Soon enough we’re going to be exposed to OBGYN medical pictures of celebrities asking us to rate their brazillian waxes and it will be as natural as reading a NYTimes commentary on the Presiden’t wife choice of gown at the year’s annual diplomatic ball. We’re entering a world where everything will have become the norm – inclusive of celebrity mothers eating her young on national television . . .
    Somebody get me a whiskey! Or a labotimist – reading this shit is borrowing a hole in my brain.

  15. yes it's true. says:

    I still can’t get past the baby garble. A grown woman talking like a 5-year-old. A pregnant, stoned to the gills woman. horrible.

  16. AJ says:

    This is very sad. That poor little baby(Dani). These people are completely insane.

  17. Michelle says:

    This is really sad. I would respect Howard more (not that I do at all) if he had pimped her on a street corner at eight months preganat rather than to see what he is taking part in here. He needs to go take that big law degree he earned and get a damn job but he won’t…he’ll find his next victim and try to screw her for money too. Get a life Howard! The luckiest thing that could ever happen to that baby is for it to be proven that he is not her father and get it the hell away from him.

  18. amy says:

    Did any body see the beginningof the tape on youtube? she didnt paint her own face. Some little boy did.