Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends to be featured in Playboy

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Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison of officially broke up in October, but things were rocky for quite some time. Holly shares that, as we all suspected, reality television break ups are timed for maximum media impact. Which is just the way we like ‘em. Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt are featured in a special edition of Playboy, to say farewell to the former girlfriends.

“I directed and produced the shoot,” Madison told Las Vegas Weekly of her own Girls Next Door cover shoot. “I’m really proud of that… I’m just excited to have shot and produced the shoot myself.”

Madison, who is now dating illusionist Criss Angel, said the photos were taken before she split from Hugh Hefner.

“We actually shot it in July,” she said of her photo session. “It was back before I got conservative.”

Us Weekly

Bridget Marquardt is also a little pissed at Hef too, for his bad manners. Not about these nude photographs, although selling your ex-girlfriends nude photos would be considered at least bad taste in most situations, but rather replacing the pictures of her around the mansion while she was still living there.

The 35-year-old beauty – who, along with Hugh’s ex-girlfriends Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson, recently moved out of the lavish house after splitting from the magazine mogul – claims Hefner, 82, cleared images of her away and put up ones of his new lovers, twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, with frightening speed.

When asked if she was finding the break-up hard to deal with, the Girls Next Door star replied: “The only thing I have remotely hard feelings about is that we weren’t even gone yet and all the pictures throughout the house were changed to the new girlfriends, and I thought, ‘That’s kind of rude’.

“But Hef is so supportive of the show and of me dating, we are closer than ever.”

Despite hinting that she is ready to embark on a new relationship, Marquardt insisted she is still single and is just looking for fun.

She added to Life and Style magazine: “I would say I’m single. I like some people, but I’m fresh out of the Mansion, and we haven’t been allowed to date this whole time, or not legally anyway. I’m not home much, and there are some people I think are cute and nice – no one famous or anything.

Sydney Morning Herald

I think one little phrase sums up this whole thing, “we haven’t been allowed to date this whole time, or not legally anyway.” Obviously the whole relationship with Hugh Hefner, and the career opportunities that spring from it, is a contract. All of the girls have at some point spoken about life with Hugh, and it wasn’t always flattering.

A few years ago law graduate Izabella St James wrote a book, Bunny Tales, about her time as Hef’s girlfriend. She wrote about catfights between the girlfriends, Hugh Hefner’s strict rules around the house, and that yes, they did have orgies once a week. Hef has Viagra on tap, and doesn’t do much except lie there. The girls aren’t forced to participate, but they are expected to go watch. Don’t pretend you weren’t curious.

Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson are shown at the Reality Awards on 9/24/08. Credit: WENN

reality awards 3 250908

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  1. elisha says:

    The new gals totally lack the charisma and aren’t nearly as interesting as Holly, Bridget, and even Kendra. The old GND actually had a pretty big female audience. It won’t now with these wet-rag twins. I can’t relate to them.

    I guess the Bridget break up is official now….

  2. CandyKay says:

    Just saw the mansion on a rerun of “Cribs.”

    It was really tacky – 1970s colors and furniture. Full of clutter. Low ceilings. Dark. An old man’s house.

    Perhaps he cleaned it up for the GND series, which I haven’t seen. But on Cribs, it didn’t look very appetizing.

  3. HEB says:

    Candy–pretty much the only thing that has been replaced since that Cribs–is the carpeting, they pulled it up and restored the hardwood. The rest of the dankness remains.

    I’m bummed about this, but what can ya do? Its annoying to see the old Party Posse Hef come back.

  4. Call Me Al says:

    I will miss the show. It really was kind of cute in an odd way. But when you really think about it, it kind of grosses you out. I liked Kendra the best.

  5. dr.grrl says:

    am i the only one who thinks it’s NASTY that hef’s new “girlfriends” are the same age as his sons???

    i must admit that i used to watch the show a few years back, but it seemed to jump the shark and just be the same.

    too bad that hef lost the a couple of women who really (seemingly) cared for him during his twilight years and replaced them with bimbettes who can’t appreciate it all (lifestyle, playboy history, old things , etc)

  6. daisy says:

    I don’t think it’s nasty that they are so young but i DO think it’s nasty that they are sisters. gross, even if your sister is hot. gross. shes still your sister.

  7. glads says:

    I believe Holly loved Hef so much. I also think that Bridget was the most real person who cared for Hef. I don’t feel any passion from Kendra, she only seemed to be in love with Hef’s $$$$ for her comfort and convenience. It’s so sad that Bridget did not become the no. 1 official girlfriend to replace Holly.

  8. lorrie says:

    im so sad that this has happened, i think he didn’t think about thier feelings at all. i loved them 3 girlfriends, and i wish bridget especaially all the best as she came across as the most potentail. the twins are horrid horrid young girls that just wanted the fame and money and they broken up realationships. i hope it doesn’t last long as they don’t deserve it

  9. Brooke says:

    I haven’t finished reading Izabella’s book yet, but I have read the book that Jill Ann Spaulding wrote. Jill and Izabella seem to say the same things about Hef and the girl fights. They say that twice a week Hef holds orgies with the girlfriends and sometimes visiting girls. He basically just lies there and they take turns with him, even if they are menstruating then the number one girlfriend stands by with a towel to wife him off after each girl gets through. They don’t even use protection. YUCK! Oh, and while all of this is going on gay male porn is playing on both of Hef’s big screen TV’s. There is more that I can’t even write on here, but you get the idea. The girls get allowances of $1000 a week and free salon care such as color, cuts, nails done ect. I think all of this is true considering both girls are telling the same story. I think I’m gonna buy the new Hef bio, but I bet it won’t be as telling as the others considering that Hef had some control over what was wrote in it. I read that Hef is no longer throwing parties at the mansion, how long before his new girlfriends get tired of all that? I think the whole no more parties is because he doesn’t want the girls meeting other guys and moving on, just like what usually happens. It happened with Kendra and Holly, so why not the new girls. I think the new twins and the other new GF’s are not pretty at all. It looks like the older Hef gets the less picky he gets. His son’s are what 19 years old now? Why doesn’t he turn the mansion over to them and let them start learning to run the magazine and start training them to take over? They are still young and then we’d have a whole new generation of Playboy, but instead of a dirty old man being the boss it would be twin cute 19 year old men. Hef should start thinking of his legacy and his legacy is his children and if he doesn’t watch out he will have nothing to leave them. The one thing I do not understand about his GF’s is that they seem to date other people on the sly, but yet they are still obligated to sleep with Hef, if Hef feels up to it. Wouldn’t their BF’s get mad at them? At first I thought the girls were just getting paid to pretend to be his GF’s, which they are, but I didn’t think they actually had sex with him, obviously I was way wrong. Still, even if his life is repulsive it is interesting. It’s funny that I just watched the movie with Anna Farris about her living at the mansion, but getting kicked out cuz she was too old and it is so telling. Because that seems to be what really happens. Bridgette hadn’t even left Hef yet, but he was already replacing her with new girls, when logically she should of been moved up to number 1 GF, but since of her age (I’m guessing), she was kicked out. I wonder what the girls get to take with them when they leave? I just hope these girls can actually find men that will have them after being Hef’s GF’s. I know in Izabella’s book she was talking about dating an un-named high profile Hollywoood man and he really liked her until he found out she had been Hef’s GF and then he broke it off with her. So, I’d think that H,B, and K would have the same stigma and problems attatched to them. Oh well, I bet when Hef finally croaks that all of these girls will write tell all books about their time at playboy.

  10. Brooke says:

    OOps I meant wipe him off…

  11. sportske says:

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