American Idol returns with new judge, Kara DioGuardi, and “bikini girl”

Bikini girl video

American Idol’s eighth season had its two hour premiere on Fox last night with auditions from Phoenix. It featured new judge Kara DioGuardi as the fourth addition to the panel. The show was the same formula we’re used to and it was entertaining if a bit slow in parts. I found singer songwriter DioGuardi a little underwhelming. She fit in unobtrusively, which is probably what they were going for, but I couldn’t get a clear read on her personality. She was nice like Paula but without the sincerity. I found myself fixated on her bad hair extensions and wondering if she thought they looked ok.

Kara’s mini feud with “bikini girl”
At one point DioGuardi insisted on singing the same song, “Treated Me Kind,” “Vision of Love” as a much-talked about contestant dressed in a bikini, showing that she should put some swing in it and looking surprisingly competitive. It seemed kind of immature and aggressive coming from a grown woman and the audition went downhill from there. Paula got up to defend DioGuardi when the skinny contestant insisted she sang it better. The girl could sing pretty well but I just couldn’t get over the ferret faces she was making along with her attitude. Randy and Simon voted her through despite Paula and Kara’s objections.

Kara’s would-be stalker
Given the tragic suicide of a stalker outside Paula Abdul’s house, producers should be wary of letting anyone audition who seems unstable and is fixated on one of the judges. There was a young girl dressed in a cowboy hat and short skirt who said she was a huge fan of Kara’s. She brought in a big binder full of songs she wrote and went on at length about how she wanted a singing career. The girl couldn’t sing and was wacky to say the least. These auditions were taped before Paula’s “fan” committed suicide, but it seemed thoughtless that the scenes featuring that contestant were included. Producers should have learned their lesson after letting Paula’s stalker through. Maybe this girl was harmless, but those type of contestants shouldn’t be encouraged.

Other highlights of the show included a super deep-voiced guy, an intelligent nerdy guy who could sing that Simon didn’t want to get through for some reason, an effeminate guy with a surprisingly good voice, and a guy with a misspelled “Sexual Chocolate” tattoo on his back. There was also a rockabilly chick with incredible talent, and a blond woman who came to the auditions alone and had a strong unique voice with a warble. A bubbly normal-looking contestant who sang just as well as the bikini girl, in my opinion, was told by Simon that she must have been let through based on her personality. She ultimately got a pass to the next round after a tense few moments.

The night ended with a somewhat inspiring tale of a blind guy who taught himself music. The way that contestant was hyped seemed kind of hackneyed, but that’s how Idol does it. The guy was a talented singer, but he picked the slow Billy Joel song, “And So it Goes” and you couldn’t really tell from that single sample if he had enough chops to make it through. He was given a golden ticket and made it to Hollywood, though.

American Idol continues tonight with another two hour audition special. We’ll be watching, even as we roll our eyes like Simon.


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  1. Wif says:

    I couldn’t bear the pissing contest between Bikini Girl and DioGuardia. Lame.

  2. mel says:

    I’m surprised they let this chick audition. She was skanky and really couldnt sing all that well. I dont think she will make it further in the competition.

  3. mojoman says:

    Of course Simon will let the bikini girl in, hellooo…
    and no surprise he doesnt like the geeky guy (even with a great voice), cause he isnt sellable. Such double standard.

  4. The Third Eye says:

    I’m sorry, but that sucked. The new judge is annoying, to say the least. Her attitude is 10 feet in front of her. Who hired that beotch? And the contestant is a slutty moron; however, I liked when she jumped up & down. Her kiss with Ryan Seacrest proves all the more what a flaming homo he is. She’s obviously not his type.

  5. dude wtf says:

    Yeah i have to agree. That girl pretty much pulled seacrest out of the closet. IDK what guy who wouldnt want to kiss a cute girl in a lil bikini?? I think that she sang OK, not horrible but not great either. I think that new judge kinda overreacted. its not like she was completely off pitch. I guess she doesnt wanna be outshined :/

  6. mE says:

    Is the song “Treated me kind” or “Vision of Love”?

  7. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks mE, it’s “Vision of Love” and the title is fixed now.

  8. Tia says:

    Um hello The Third Eye !! a flaming homo?? how rude and pathetic!! who the f*** are you? ..and who says that anymore? Learn to speak with some intellect and have some class. IGNORANCE at its finest !! eww

  9. Gigohead says:

    Looks like Ryan kissed a girl..and he didn’t like it. WOW!

    I do think the judge has a great voice and sang the song much better than this bikini bimbo. She will not go past the second round. Sorry. She can come naked and she won’t make it. I heard some good voices this year.

  10. Brown Sugar says:

    If I was Ryan I wouldn’t have wanted to kiss her. Do any of y’all know where her lips have been. That is nasty she could have something.

  11. GimmeABreak says:

    The new judge let a silly little bikini clad girl get her goat. That must have been embarrassing for her. Or at least it should have been! I love that Simon let bikini girl thru just to piss of the new judge…whatsherface.

  12. GimmeABreak says:

    By the way…why do we care if Ryan is gay or not?

  13. barneslr says:

    It’s Vision of Love. And she sang it poorly.

  14. NotBlonde says:

    No one really cares if he’s gay or not; it’s just fun to speculate. He insists upon proving that he isn’t gay, which I personally find hilarious. Most guys don’t bother with it. But the way he pulled away from her was very “ew, gross…girl germs!”.

    And flaming homo is a perfectly legitimate term. It is not derogatory. My gays (i.e. male gay friends) tell me the only derogatory term is “f*g” when spoken by a homophobic moron.

  15. GimmeABreak says:

    @NotBlonde: Thanks for clearing that up about Ryan ;O) I was sort of curious.

  16. mushroom says:

    bikini girl is so “extra”.

  17. Mike says:

    The new judge is horrible. I absolutely can’t stand her.

  18. Mike says:

    The new judge is very insecure. I can’t believe she had the arrogance to try and outsing the bikini girl. I just don’t like Kara at all. I hope they decide to get rid of her.

  19. Jaclyn says:

    That girl looks like such a skank!

  20. Christa says:

    I don’t get a very good vibe from Kara. I liked it better when it was just Paula, Randy, and Simon

  21. aleach says:

    ya this girl SUCKED!! but did have a nice body so…props to her on that…i guess…
    but the very very best part was seacrest trying to give the blind guy a ‘high five’! ahhhh haha i was laughing my ass off like “wtf is this dude THINKING?!”

  22. Gigohead says:

    from what I saw tonight, bikini bimbo has no chance. She will be knocked out in Hollywood.

    The young mom (who survived a tornado and had three kids) from tonight has what it takes to be the next American idol.

    The young widower also had a great voice.

  23. Christina X says:

    I watched this last night and was reminded of why I don’t watch it anymore.

    This is what’s wrong with the music industry. Right here. For a minute, I almost forgot why I hated Simon Cowell, and now I remember. What a shallow f-ck.

    She’s pretty from the neck down. I’m not sure if anyone else agrees with me, but all these girls on reality shows who wear bikinis in public are overcompensating for their busted looking faces with their “hot” bodies. Bullshit.

  24. Miranda says:

    Bikini Girl was the epitome of someone searching for 15 minutes of fame. She had such an attitude that it made her mediocre performance unbearable.

  25. Gina says:

    Christina X, loved your post.

    I don’t like the new judge. She’s so full of herself and furthermore, she made herself look more stupid by also singing. Who hires these people?!

    I think American Idol’s ratings are dwindling down. This is their 8th season and due to all the troubles in America, the popularity of the show just isn’t cuttin’ it anymore. With the addition of the new judge, it’ll make viewers tune into something else more entertaining… like CSI. Now THAT’S a good show.

  26. Christina X says:

    The thing is that the new judge obviously lacks common sense.

    You can tell by Bikini Twit by her attire (or lack thereof) and behavior that she was obviously seeking a reaction, and the new judge let Bikini Bimbo get the best of her by reacting to her so strongly. If she pretended to have not noticed that she had a nice body and a skimpy outfit, she wouldn’t have screwed herself so hard.

    I think about half of the nation rolled their eyes at her. Can’t blame her for that, except that by trying to compete with her made her appear sort of jealous, and let’s face it, we ALL know that Bikini Twit liked it waaay too much.

    I’ve got to give the new judge credit where it’s due and say that she’s more believable.

    Paula Abdul: Well, it was bad, but I’m going to sugarcoat my opinion and let you down easy.
    Randy Jackson: What’s Simon thinking? Whatever Simon says I agree with!
    Simon Cowell: I’m a shallow, run of the mill “mean” judge with a British accent.

    Let’s face it, if it was anyone else who wasn’t a girl in a bikini, Simon Cowell would criticize them without the bat of an eye.

  27. Kim says:

    I agree with most of the people, in saying that Kara is full of herself and is a see you next tuesday. I liked it better also with just the 3 judges. Kara jus overreacts to much and I hate people with drama. That bikini girl was pretty nasty, who honestly goes to a singing competition dressed like that, it’s only for attention but I believe and this is my opinion only that Kara was pissed and jealous possibly because Kara thinks she’s better than her and other people. I think if everybody gets sick of the new judge they will begin to tune out and I know that maybe if she still is on next year the rating will go down. They need to find someone with a little more maturity and someone that most people can relate to because we want to see someone with a little more common sense and more experiences.

  28. lannie says:

    I HATE this woman. She’s beyond irritating, and it feels like she is on the show to hear herself talk, not to mention her obvious jealousy of younger more attractive girls.

    AI please go back to the old school 3 judges

  29. Maria says:

    She is totally insecure, annoying and constantly looking at the camera. Hello? You must be new to this then….Get rid of her please. I’m starting to give up on Idol. Why did the producers ruin a good thing?

  30. Patricia Burrows says:

    I can not stand this new judge, is a jelous, bucked teeth biatch, that loves to hear her self talk! shut up and go home. Paula is sweet, and is always ready to compliment someone. Please go back to the original three jusdges, i will not watch if you don’t. If you must add a new judge, please don’t add someone who acts they know it all.. get someone with more maturity.

  31. Simon C. says:

    I like Kara, as an extra large toilet cleaning brush……..that is, if you could keep duct tape over her mouth and a bag over her head……..uhhh, wait a second, I think I’ll take the regular toilet cleaning brush instead. She has ruined what was left of Idol.